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    Caves Walkthrough by volvox

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    		   	  The Caves of ZZT - Walkthrough
    				  by Scott Walker
    v1.0	First draft, completed 4-23-99.
    Final	Spell checked, adjusted to 80 chars wide, will not be making any more 
    Feel free to distribute this FAQ as long as it remains unchanged, but it may 
    be translated into other languages.  If you wish to use it or parts of it, do 
    not forget to credit me. 
    To solve the Caves of ZZT, you need four purple keys to grant access to the 
    castle. These keys are located in the forest, north of the forest, in the hall 
    of mirrors, and in the depths of hell. You can get the keys in any order.
    Getting Started
    	From the start, collect the torches and go south. Light a torch and 
    	work your way to the right. Go east.
    	Make your way through this cave while watching out for tigers. Shoot 
    	them all and collect the torches at the other side. There will also 
    	be gems on this side so be careful not to shoot them. You'll get more 
    	health points when you collect them.  Go north after doing all this.
    The Forest Key
    	Go east at the forest to the red key room. Go in and get the red key. 
    	1.  Move the first and seconds rows in the bottom group one space to 
    	    the right.
    	2.  Move the third and fourth rows in the upper group one space to the 
    	3.  Move the vertical arrow one space up or down and let the row push 
    	    you out.
      The Control Room
    	Go west and west again to the control room. Just run through the red 
    	monsters in the forest. You won't take too much damage and it will 
    	conserve your ammo.
    	Level yourself with the upper control on the left and start firing. 
    	You'll kill some monsters and eventually hit the control button with 
    	a bullet and bring theshield over. Once it the shield is over on the  
    	left, kill any remaining monsters in the central area. Get inside the 
    	shield and shoot the lower control button.  Move with the shield over 
    	to the left. Don't go too fast, or the shield may split!
    	Once on the other side, take the lower passage to the red door and get 
    	the yellow key. Just go as fast as you can both way and you shouldn't 
    	get shot. Use the yellow key to unlock the yellow door at the top of 
    	the room. Go north.
    	You'll need to collect all the gems in this room, but you can't shoot. 
    	Think Pac Man and use the energizers to your advantage.  Go north.
      The Sucker Puzzle
    	What ever you do, DON'T go through the spinners to the key! You will get
    	stuck.  Do this:
    	1.  Push the row in the upper left box one space left.
    	2.  On the lower left, push the first column up one space.
    	3.  Push the row in the upper right box one space left.
    	4.  On the lower right, push the first and third columns up one space.
    	5.  Push the middle row left or right one space.
    	6.  Go around top and push the middle column down five spaces so the
    	    purple key passes the spinners.
    	7.  Grab the key.
    	Go to the castle and open the first purple door.
    The Mirror Key
    	From the castle, go south. This room can be difficult. You have to go
    	through the dark while killing tigers. It is made harder by a number of
    	reflectors that cause the shots to bounce around. Go slow, collect all
    	the ammo and health along the way, and be sure to step aside after you
    	shoot to avoid reflected shots.  Go south.
    	Go south again to the gate.
    	1.  Get the torches and go to the right. Take the down teleporter.
    	2.  Follow that passage and push the row at the end to the left.
    	3.  Go back up and take the right teleporter. 
    	4.  Follow that passage and push the first column you come to down one 
    	5.  Keep going left and take the up teleporter, then the first down
    	    teleporter you come to.
    	6.  Go to the right and push the row two spaces right.
    	7.  Go back through the up teleporter and continue down the passage
    	8.  Push the column at the end down two spaces.
    	9.  Return to the first set of teleporters and go up the passage to a
    	    left teleporter at the top of the room.
    	10. Follow the passage and go down the right one at the fork. Take the
    	    down teleporter and push the column up one space. Return to the
    	11. Now take the left passage and push the row at the end two spaces to
    	    the right.
    	12. Return to the start of the room and take the passage going down. You 
    	    now be able to go through it by pushing blocks out of the way.
    	13. Go south then east to...
      The House of Mirrors
    	Be sure to collect the ammo and gems along the way.
    	1.  Go up the right side to the top, then over to the middle.
    	2.  Go down the middle to the bottom walls, then go up to the upper
    	    right corner (just under where you went before), and loop around the
    	    diagonal wall.
    	3.  Go down and through the tiny room with the centipede in it and 
    	    across the bottom. 
    	4.  Go up at the left side of the bottom passage and around the top. 
    	5.  Kill the centipede in the right room in the upper left corner of the
    	    main room.  Do this from the top hole.
    	6.  Go down along the diagonal and wait just to the right of the shots 
    	    from the gun.  Wait for a gap and run across to the left side. Get 
    	    all the gems and the scroll. Pick up the key and exit.
    	Follow the caves to the yellow room. Head toward the torches, but take 
    	the upper path near them. Collect the gems, then go through the 
    	teleporter to the torches.  Get the torches and kill the centipedes. At 
    	the bottom fork, go left and get the red key. Then go east and out of 
    	the room.
    	Go north from the blue room. You'll end up at the start, so go west then 
    	north to unlock the second purple door. 
    The Key from Hell
    	Return to the start and go south. Go to the bottom of the room and
    	unlock the red door. Follow the path south then east. In the second room 
    	go up and collect the ammo and talk to the vendor. Go east again.
    	There are six rooms here, five with blue keys and one with blue doors. 
    	Collect the blue keys one by one to open those doors. Most keys require 
    	you to deal with plenty of monsters to get them. You should have plenty 
    	of ammo by now, so feel free to blast away. However, sometimes it's just 
    	easier to skirt the edges and sneak by.
    	On the room where it says push, start shooting to the left immediately 
    	to take care of the shooting tigers. Be sure to collect all the gems and 
    	ammo you come across too.
    	Once the blue doors are open, you will need to kill the invisible demon.
    	This can be difficult since... he is invisible! You can get an idea of 
    	where he is from where his shots come from. Once you know that, fire a 
    	shot in that direction and immediately move a space closer and shoot 
    	again. This will create a wall of fire that has a better chance of 
    	hitting him than random shots. Do this several times.
      River Styx
    	Go east to the River Styx. This can be hard too. The red monsters 
    	release spinners and you can't shoot. Try to place yourself in the upper 
    	left corners of the purple walls blocking your path. With luck, the 
    	spinners will come along and destroy the walls on the way to attacking 
    	you. If you think one will hit you, try running to a spot where the 
    	spinner gets stuck and wait. It will eventually go away. Do this
    	for all the walls and run east.
      Depths of Hell
    	Shoot all the red monsters, but don't hit the guy. He'll release a 
    	spinner if you do. After the monsters are gone, touch the guy and 
    	repeat. If a spinner is released, run to the small entryway and go to 
    	the bottom side. You can wait out the spinners here.
    	After the third guy, go to the passage on the left and go up between the
    	arrows. When you touch the guy at the end, the arrow disappear and the 
    	guns fire. Get the gems and key first, then the energizer. Run through 
    	the shots while you are invincible.  Go to the door and open it. Go west 
    	to the river.
    	Run trying to avoid the spinners and go south as soon as possible.  Here 
    	you can collect some ammo and gems, but only get the ones not next to 
    	the centipedes. It's really hard to get the ones next to them without 
    	taking damage.
    	When you are ready, go north as far right as possible. From the river, 
    	run to the east.
      The Devil
    	Collect the ammo and blast all the centipedes. This is easier if you get 
    	up top as quick as possible. A gate will open every once in a while and 
    	let some out.  Wait by the gate and blast when it is open. You can 
    	position yourself in the gate to keep it open while you shoot.
    	Touch the blue wall. The gems will turn into tigers. Kill all them too 
    	using the same technique.
    	Go over to the left and get the purple key. Talk to the guy and he will 
    	let you pass. Go around and push the arrows. Go talk to the devil. 
    	Answer yes to his question.  Go through the exit.
    	Follow the passage east, then go north. You will be at the start. Go 
    	unlock the next purple door.
    The Puzzling Key
    	Go to the start, then south, east, and north to the forest. Go north in 
    	the forest to a room full of gems and keys.
    	Go the the left side of the room and get a green key, then go to the
    	right side and get a blue key. Use them to open the first two doors. Now 
    	you can push the blocks to the left so you won't have to go around the 
    	bottom again. Keep getting green and blue keys until all the doors are 
    	unlocked. Be sure to collect all the gems and ammo too. Go north.
      Another Weird Puzzle
    	Get the first blue key and open the door above the green block group on 
    	the right.
    	Get the blue key and use it to unlock the first door on the small room 
    	containing three blue keys.
    	On the block group:
    	1.  Push the right column one space down.
    	2.  Push the top row one space to the left.
    	3.  Push the column next to the right one one space down.
    	4.  Push the top row one space to the left.
    	5.  Push the left column one space down.
    	6.  Push the bottom row one space to the left.
    	7.  Push the column to the right of the key down two spaces.
    	8.  Get the key and use it to unlock the second door on the small room 
    	    with three blue keys.
    	Use the three keys to open the small room with four blue keys.
    	Use these keys to open the three doors that go around the top of the 
    	room in the lower left corner with the two keys embedded in a block of 
    	you do, you will be out of keys and will not be able to pass the room.
    	Get the blue key in the lower left corner and open the next blue door. 
    	Go up the left side and get the next blue key.  Use this key to open the 
    	door to the right of the lower row of arrows. Push the row two spaces to 
    	the left.
    	Go back around and up the left side. Push the right block up and get one 
    	of the keys above the second row of arrows.  Go around and use it to 
    	unlock the first door under the column of arrows and blocks.
    	Use the last key from the small room to unlock the second door.
    	From the left side, move the bottom row of arrows six spaces to the 
    	right. Now you can access two more keys. Use them to unlock the third 
    	and fourth doors by the column. Grab the next key and use it to unlock 
    	the door under the group of blocks in the lower right corner of the main 
    	Get the next key and unlock the next door on the right. Go up the right 
    	side, push the green block left, and push the column of arrows down one 
    	Go back around to the upper left corner and get the next blue key. Push 
    	the top row two spaces to the right. Use the key to unlock the blue door 
    	next to the column.
    	Push the green block beyond the door all the way up. Move the top row 
    	all the way to the left. You can now get the last key and unlock the 
    	last door. Go west.
      The Shooting Room
    	This room is really hard. You can't shoot and must negotiate the shots
    	and reflected shots. If you are hit, you go back to the beginning. 
    	The best thing to do is stay close to the reflectors. That way you can 
    	see what is coming and not have to worry about the reflections. That's 
    	about it. You'll get lucky eventually.  Go west.
    	This is easy, kill the monsters. They will come straight at you, so if 
    	you blast away with reckless abandon and kill two or three rows, you can 
    	run around them and repeat. Collect the ammo and go west.
    	Use the same technique in this room. On the left side, however, it is 
    	easier to hang out far to the right. The monsters will flock over there 
    	and line up in one row for you to shoot. Get the purple key and go east.
    	Go east again, then south, south, east, north, east, and north to the 
    	castle.  Unlock the last door and go in.
    The Castle
     	Go north twice.
      Engineer Required
    	1.  Shoot the bottom two rows of walls so nothing stands between you and
    	    the red doors.
    	2.  Push the left two columns of blocks up three spaces. Wait behind 
    	    them for the guns to destroy all the vertical walls in the lower 
    	    part. Destroy any that are left.
    	3.  In the group of blocks you pushed up, push the middle row four 
    	    spaces left and the top group six spaces left. This will block the 
    	    first four guns to
    	    the left of you.
    	4.  Push the last row of the previous group up one space and left four 
    	    spaces.  You should now have the first four guns blocked.
    	5.  Push the single block way out on the right up one space and all the 
    	    way to the left. This will block the top gun in the vertical group 
    	    on the left side of the room.
    	6.  Push the right block in the group of two down one space to block the 
    	    last gun in the horizontal group.  Push the remaining block all the 
    	    way to the left to block the middle gun in the vertical group.
    	7.  Go back near the beginning and push on of the vertical groups of 
    	    three blocks up three spaces. Push one of those blocks over to the 
    	    far left to block the last gun in the vertical group.
    	8.  Destroy the horizontal wall below you and above the bottom left key.
    	9.  Go in behind the blocks. Push the top one right to the gun. Push the 
    	    bottom one right to the gun.  Push the middle one up one space, 
    	    right two, and down one. Grab the key.
    	10. Destroy the wall below the ammo group left of the red doors. Grab 
    	    the ammo.  Destroy the wall going to the doors. Unlock the red door 
    	    and the far left of the door group.
    	11. Destroy the wall above the vertical group of guns on the left. Go 
    	    back to the group of two blocks you left near the start. Use them to 
    	    block the bottom two guns in the newly exposed group of vertical 
    	    guns on the left.
    	12. Go back to the start and push the last group of three blocks up 
    	    three spaces.  Use one of them to block the last gun on the left.
    	13. Destroy the wall leading to the key in the upper left corner. Push 
    	    the top row of four block up to block all the guns except the middle 
    	    one above the key.
    	14. Push the second block from the lower row of blocks up so it is next 
    	    to the key.  Push the block over one space. This will block the gun 
    	    and give you access to the key. Grab the key.
    	15. Unlock the red door above the one you already unlocked.
    	16. Push the remaining two blocks near the start over to the right so 
    	    they block the first two guns in the horizontal group at the top. 
    	    Take the bottom two ammos BUT NOT THE TOP ONE! The top one will act 
    	    as a shield. Push the blocks up to the guns at the top.
    	17. Go back to the upper left corner and push the third and fourth 
    	    blocks from the horizontal row down and over to the right. Push them 
    	    UNDER the ammo and up to block the fourth and fifth guns at the top.
    	18. Destroy any remaining wall below you. Repeat what you did in the 
    	    lower left corner: Push the top and bottom blocks right to block the 
    	    guns. Push the middle block up one space, right two, and down one. 
    	    Get the key.
    	19. Unlock the door to the right of the previously unlocked one.
    	20. Destroy the wall on the gun group to the right of the doors. Push 
    	    the rightmost block up one space, and the one to the left of that up 
    	    two spaces. Push those blocks over to the right, blocking the guns.
    	21. Push the remaining block down and over to the right. Push it UNDER 
    	    the ammo and up the the opening. Push it right one space to block 
    	    the first gun in the horizontal group.
    	22. Go up to the top using the column above the first gun. At the top, 
    	    wait until you get a gap in the fire from the second gun and run 
    	    across. Save before you do this if you are low on health. The gap 
    	    comes pretty fast, so you may not get it the first time.
    	23. On the other side of the key, Push the rightmost block down one 
    	    space and the other one left one space. This will block the third 
    	24. Go over and destroy the last two sections of wall on the right. Push 
    	    the top block over one space. Go up and push the block and key one 
    	    space to the left.  Go over the top and get the key.
    	25. Unlock the door above the previously unlocked one. Go north.
      The Cage
    	You'll need to move the blocks certain ways to let the monsters out. If
    	you go straight in, you'll take damage. Of course you can do this if you 
    	have a lot of life, but if you don't...
    	Kill the tigers first. Just push on their row a few spaces and they will 
    	come out the other side.  
    	For the brown monsters, push one side up a space, then the other. Repeat 
    	twice. Go around and kill the bottom row. These monsters only attack in 
    	a line, so you can get under them and kill a whole column. Repeat with 
    	the other column.
    	For the centipedes, push the top pink row two to the right then push the 
    	pink block below it one to the right. Get above the block you just 
    	pushed. Wait until the centipedes are away from you and push the block 
    	down. This will make an opening.  Go in and waste em.
    	For the red monsters, push the bottom green row over one space. Push the 
    	left block of that row up one space. Push the group of two green blocks 
    	on the left over one space to the right. Push the left block of that 
    	group up one space. There should be an opening at the top and the 
    	monsters will come out. Kill them and grab the key.
      	Open the door, go east, then south. Enjoy the ending and your high 

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