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"A good example that graphics don't necessarily a good game make."

Prelude: ZZT, a game so magnificent, I named my username after it. Don't let its simplistic ASCII graphics fool you, if you choose the right world, you will be impressed with the gameplay. What's so unique about this game is that it has no set genre. RPG, action, shooter… It's all dependant on who makes the worlds (the actual playable games in ZZT). Each world is a work of art, an expression of the maker's feelings. Truly, this game was designed more for the creative type than for those that just want to play.

Gameplay: [N/A] It's all dependant on which world you're playing, here… Some worlds can be so poorly designed that you would want to shoot yourself repeatedly, while others would make you bulge your eyes out. Some worlds, while simplistic in nature, could possibly occupy your time for days…

Graphics: [5/10] The graphics are merely ASCII with 16 different, but given the right fading, even ASCII can look good. 'Tis true, you'd be surprised how well the graphics look. The buildings, the people… Trust me, for ASCII, it looks damn good.

Sound: [3/10] This game only uses your PC speaker for sound, unfortunately. But some people know how to do wonders with it… O_o 'Tis fine, though. If it gets annoying, you can always turn it off at the press of a key…

Story: [N/A] All dependant on the world maker, really. There is no set story in ZZT.

Replayability: [10/10] This game continually has worlds cranked out for it, and the current library on sites is vast, so I don't see how you could ever possibly get bored with it. Each world itself has a variable replay value, but ZZT as a whole is a different story.

Price: [$0] This game was declared freeware a while back by Epic after being shareware for years on end. In my opinion, it really didn't need to be shareware in the first place, as the user-made worlds are so much better than the pre-made ones…

Is it worth it? [Yes] Since it's free, it's worth a shot, of course. It doesn't take a big chunk from your hard drive, and it's meant to run on DOS using the original 640k of conventional memory, so I don't see how ANYONE viewing this site could possibly not meet the system requirements.

Overall: [8/10] This game is quite good for being nine years old. Tim Sweeney made a masterpiece here. It has a small fan base when compared to those big games, but that's only because it's not publicized much. ^_^ Get it now, please.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/02, Updated 07/10/02

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