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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VinnyVideo

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 04/20/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         __  __   __           ____       __
         |   |   | |  | |   |  ) |     | |\ |    |  |  | |
         \  / \  / |--| |-- |-/  |--   | | \|    |  |--| |--
          \/   \/  |  | |__ |  \ |__   | |  |    |  |  | |__
                           _    __       __       __
               |   |   |  / \  |  ) |   |  \   | /
               \  / \  / | | | |-/  |   ||) |  | \__
                \/   \/   \_/  |  \ |__ |__/   | ___)
          ___     _     ____       __    __    ____   __    _
         /  _|   / \   |  _ \     /  \  /  \  |  __| |  \  | |
        |  /    / _ \  | |_) |   / /\ \// \ \ | |__  |   \ | |
        | |    | |_| | |    /   | |  | |  | | |  __| | |\ \| |
        | |    |  _  | | |\ \   | |  | |  | | | |    | | \   |
        |  \_  | | | | | | \ \  | |  | |  | | | |__  | |  \  |
         \___| |_| |_| |_|  \_\ |_|  |_|  |_| |____| |_|   |_|
      ____     _     __    _   _____    _   ____    ___      ____
     / ___|   / \   |  \  | | |  _  \  | | |  __|  /   \    /    \
    | (__    / _ \  |   \ | | | | \  | | | | |__  |  /\_\  |  /\  |
     \__ \  | |_| | | |\ \| | | |  | | | | |  __| | | ___  | |  | |
        \ \ |  _  | | | \   | | |  | | | | | |    | ||_  | | |  | |
     ___/ / | | | | | |  \  | | |_/ /  | | | |__  |  \/ /  |  \/  |
    |____/  |_| |_| |_|   |_| |____/   |_| |____|  \___/    \____/
    Table of Contents
    [INTRO] Introduction
    [START] Getting Started
    [WALKT] Walkthrough
    [DOSSI] Dossiers
    [CLUES] Interpretation of Clues
    [GOOFY] Goofy In-Game Messages
    [QUEST] Frequently Asked Questions
    [VERSN] Version History
    [COPYR] Copyright
    [CONTC] Contact Information
    Navigation tip: Press Ctrl and F to bring down a search bar. Then type in the
    name of the section you're looking for - like [DOSSI] for the Dossiers.
    Introduction                                                         [INTRO]
    Cue the Rockapella music! I've finally gotten around to writing my long-
    anticipated guide for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, still probably the
    best "edutainment" title ever. The game is fun and intuitive, and it's actually
    educational. You can really learn a lot about history and geography (primarily
    the latter) from playing it. The graphics and sound are impressive by 1990
    standards. Most of the clues are still relevant, with the exception of the
    occasional reference to the Soviet Union, Leningrad, or the World Trade Center.
    Best of all, you can probably get it on eBay or your school system's surplus
    sales center for a tiny fraction of the 1990 suggested retail price of $79.95.
    By the way, this guide is written for the Deluxe Edition of the game, a 1990
    re-release of the original that has much better graphics and sound. This is the
    version I think most of my readers are playing. For the record, I wrote my
    guide playing Version 1.02 (the DOS version from around 1990). Please note that
    there are many different versions of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and
    if you're not playing the 1990 Deluxe Edition, some of this information may not
    be applicable to you.
    Getting Started                                                      [START]
    Before you can play, you'll have to install the program. Insert Disk 1
    (probably a 3.5-inch floppy) and change to the proper drive (probably A:). Then
    type INSTALL and press ENTER. Tell the installation program the source drive
    (probably A:), then create the directory to which you'll install the game
    (probably something like C:\DELUXE). Then just wait for the files to copy,
    changing disks when prompted. These are floppies, so it'll take a few minutes.
    Once you've finished installation, change to the proper directory and type
    CARMEN (or double-click CARMEN.EXE from My Computer) to start the game. You
    shouldn't have to use MS-DOS mode to run Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
    Press ENTER or any other key if you want to skip the opening sequences.
    Once the game starts, click the ON/OFF button to turn on your Videophone and
    Dataminder. Now type in your name (you can also click the buttons) or your
    occupational alias. Then press Send/Receive. After the Chief's briefing, check
    the Walkthrough section for more information. Here's what all the buttons and
    dials do:
    On/Off lets you sign in when you first start the game, and it also allows you
    to exit the program, saving the case for later. The next time you sign in,
    you'll have the option of resuming the case.
    Mute turns off game sound.
    Travel makes travel arrangements to fly to another country. Click on the city
    in the main box or on the map to fly there. Don't take off until you know with
    some certainty that that's where the suspect went. If you fly to ACME HQ, you
    can quit the current case and start a new one - useful if you get hopelessly
    off track.
    Crime Net has the same effect as dialing Crime Net from the Note Pad or the
    numbers. More on that later.
    Warrant calls Warren the Warrant Robot. If you've entered enough evidence in
    the Evidence fields, Warren will give you a warrant for the arrest of the
    V.I.L.E. henchman. Otherwise, Warren will provide a list of possible suspects
    based on known data. Because using Warren costs 1-2 hours of game time, don't
    try to get a warrant unless you're fairly sure you can get one; use the
    Dossiers to narrow down suspects instead. Only one warrant can be active at a
    time, although new data shouldn't contradict the current warrant.
    The numbers on the bottom of the Videophone are basically useless. You can use
    them as a redundant way of calling Crime Net, Travel, or the Warrant Robot,
    although you can also call certain numbers (such as 911) to get a surprise
    hidden message.
    Send/Receive is the equivalent of the modern "OK" button. You use this after
    signing on or to submit warrant data.
    Click the More button to view the rest of messages that are too long to fit in
    one box or to scroll through lists of dossiers or countries.
    Cancel/Delete is mostly used to return to the previous screen; for example, to
    leave the Travel or Country box and return to the country's main general
    information screen.
    Evidence is where you enter evidence needed to obtain a warrant. Whenever you
    get a clue pertaining to the suspect's identity (hair color, eye color, car
    type, etc.), make sure to enter it in the proper field here. Keep clicking on
    the evidence type until it displays the desired option (if you click on the
    wrong one, keep clicking until it's blank again). When you have 2-4 clues
    (besides gender), you should have enough evidence to get a warrant. To do so,
    either click Warrant or press Send/Receive from the Evidence box.
    Dossier lets you view the personal data of each V.I.L.E. baddie. My Dossiers
    section is more useful.
    Country shows the capital, population, area, currency, and flag of any country
    in the game. This can be useful in interpreting clues, especially those related
    to national flags or currency.
    Click Options to do four things:
    Select Case Details to review your detective briefing (usually to check your
    Pick Detective Roster to see the list of detectives signed in to the game. Only
    eight will be shown at a time, so press MORE if necessary. You can click on a
    name to see the number of cases a player has completed, as well as his or her
    detective rank. The game won't let you have more than 32 detectives, so select
    Cancel/Delete if you want to purge a player from the list (if you're playing
    with a big group, you could just use several different DETECTIV.DAT and
    CARMEN.SAV files).
    Hall of Fame shows the list of players who have completed 80 cases and reached
    the Hall of Fame. Expect this list to be scant, unless you're playing at a
    school or community center or something.
    About Carmen shows the copyright date and the program's version number.
    Note Pad
    You use these options to get clues about the suspect's features and identity
    and to help track him or her to the next location.
    Query Witness will give you a location or identity clue.
    Search a Location only shows location clues, usually in the form of a poem or
    pun; press Esc or click the box to close the message. This shouldn't be your
    first option unless you've already gotten a warrant.
    Dial Crime Net is the same as talking to a witness.
    Occasionally there will be a fourth person (Vinnie the Squealer, Anna Ijo, or
    Bart Samson), who provide identity tips exclusively.
    By the way, in the unlikely event you're living in the Stone Age and you don't
    have a mouse, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor and the ENTER key
    as the left mouse button.
    Walkthrough                                                          [WALKT]
    This walkthrough is different from the walkthroughs in my previous guides. In
    most walkthroughs, the writer guides the player through every level and step of
    the game. That isn't very practical in a Carmen Sandiego game, so I'm going to
    direct you through a sample case, showing the methods and strategies used
    during the game. Most of these clues appear in the actual game, although this
    case is shorter than most.
    After you sign in as Vinny or whatever your name is, the Chief informs you that
    the entire fishing fleet of Iceland has been stolen! You're allotted six days
    to solve the case (time zones don't affect things). Select "Travel" and you'll
    automatically go to Reykjavik.
    Once you arrive, select one of the options on the Note Pad. Let's start by
    talking to a witness or informant - in this case, the reporter. He says that
    the suspect told him he was fascinated by Sigmund Freud. The reporter adds that
    the suspect's hair was the hue of honey. Now push the "Evidence" button and
    keep clicking "Hair" until it specifies "Blond." Do the same with "Sex" -
    "Male." If you click the wrong option, just cycle through until it's blank
    again. Now, let's pretend we're stupid and aren't quite sure where Freud was
    from (Austria). Let's call Crime Net. We learn that he wanted to visit Arnold
    Schwarzenegger's high school gym. We remember that he's from someplace in
    Europe. We should be able to figure out where to go next. Select "Travel" and a
    list of five possible travel locations will appear: Montreal, Bamako, Jakarta,
    Tokyo, and Vienna. Vienna is the only European nation listed, so that should be
    our next stop. Click on "Vienna" on the map.
    The plane begins its journey. It lands soon, thanks to the short distance
    between the cities (and the lack of shoe searches and other Homeland Security
    bunkum). Let's again select the first option on the Note Pad - "Query
    Governess." First, though, a V.I.L.E. henchman appears. This is your cue that
    you're on the right track. The governess then informs you that the suspect was
    planning on visiting the land that was literally the land of the free. You
    bring up the Travel dialog box and select "New York."
    In the Big Apple, we check our Notepad and question a flight attendant. She
    says that she doesn't know anything, but she will be willing to sell you
    something for "a good cause." Whenever you get a response along the lines of "I
    don't know," you know you're on the wrong track. Also, a V.I.L.E. henchman
    didn't appear - more proof we're not where we're supposed to be. When you're
    off track, you MUST go to the previous location (in this case, Vienna) or
    you'll get hopelessly lost and won't be able to solve the case.
    We again contact Employee Travel, returning to Vienna. Just as we remember that
    "Thai" means "free," we board the plane to Bangkok.
    In Bangkok, we dial Crime Net. After the V.I.L.E. underling appears, an ACME
    agent says that the suspects' eyes resembled emeralds and that he was reading
    about a turncoat named Vidkun Quisling. We know that emeralds are green, so we
    enter "Green" under the "Eyes" field in the Evidence menu. You refer to your
    encyclopedia and learn that Vidkun Quisling assisted in the Nazis' conquest of
    Norway. You check the Country menu and learn that the capital of Norway is Oslo
    - which should be our next stop. First, though, you decide to talk to a witness
    in an attempt to learn enough about the suspect to get a warrant. The
    pharmacist says he was trying to teach himself slalom skiing - which doesn't do
    us too much good, since we knew we were going to a place that has a lot of
    skiing. Time to get on the plane to Oslo.
    Once we land, we see a fourth option on the Note Pad - Phone Vinnie the
    Squealer (not VinnyVideo!). Whenever you call Vinnie, Anna Ijo, or Bart Samson,
    you're guaranteed to get a clue about the suspect's identity. We talk to
    Vinnie, who says that he drove off in a limo. We input "Limousine" in the
    appropriate Evidence box. We've found three clues now (besides the suspect's
    gender) - which should be enough for a warrant. To get a warrant, click the
    WARRANT button on the left side of the screen, or just press SEND/RECEIVE when
    the Evidence box is displayed. We've got a warrant for Ihor Ihorivich! But it's
    not over yet - we've got to keep tracking him until we actually find him. We
    continue looking for clues.
    Let's select the middle option this time - Check TV Studio. We're told that he
    wanted to visit Tiananmen Square. The reason we hadn't selected this option
    before is because it only provides a clue about the suspect's whereabouts; it
    won't tell us anything about his identity. Once you have a warrant, it's no
    longer as crucial to collect identity clues, since any new clues you get
    shouldn't contradict previous information. Anyway, we know that Tiananmen
    Square is in Beijing, so that's our next stop.
    In Beijing, as soon as we talk to the butcher, a piano falls down, barely
    missing your head! What's more, we just get a warning message like "I'd be
    careful if I were you." When this happens, you know you're very close to the
    crook and that the next item or two on your To-Do List will reveal the culprit.
    At this point, get your warrant if you don't have one. If you try to get a
    warrant but Warren the Warrant Robot says there are still multiple
    possibilities, make an accusation - fill in some more evidence and get a
    warrant with this hypothetical information.
    Select the second Notepad option. We find a book - "How to Play the Piano in
    Three Difficult Steps." Now select the third option. It's Ihor Ihorivich! We've
    solved the case. Maybe you should read his "Miranda" rights first. After you
    fly back to San Francisco, you'll be one step closer to getting a promotion. To
    borrow a slogan from the Pokemon era: Gotta catch 'em all!
    A couple more notes:
    It's important to get a warrant for the correct suspect. If you don't, you'll
    find the crook, but you won't get credit for solving the case. The penalty for
    getting a warrant for the wrong person is the same as the one if you don't get
    a warrant at all, so when you're running out of time it sometimes pays to make
    an accusation. You'll either get one for the wrong person or capture the
    correct suspect (1 time out of 20). If you capture Lady Agatha Wayland when you
    have a warrant for Merey LaRoc, you have not successfully cracked the case. If
    your case goes past the deadline the Chief gives you, the thief will get away
    even if you have a warrant. In short, the Chief gives you a "Do be more careful
    next time" message at three times:
        (1) When you get a warrant for the wrong suspect.
        (2) When you run out of time.
        (3) When you fail to get a warrant and find the suspect.
    If you obtain a warrant for Li Non Mee, and find out that the suspect is Len
    "Red" Bulk, the Chief will tell you: "Do be more careful next time." And you
    should. Like I previously said, getting a warrant is very important.
    Some information can be difficult to decode. You might want to skip them;
    sometimes you get a simpler clue of the same kind later. For example, the
    professor tells you: "She had unusual teal eyes." You might not know whether
    teal is green or blue in this situation. So you wait, call Crime Net, and get
    this message: "Suspect spotted around Quezon City. She had green eyes." Now you
    can enter the SEX and EYES prompts in the Evidence Database. You also know to
    go to Manila, a city in the Philippines. Now you're cooking!
    Dossiers                                                             [DOSSI]
    Name              Hair  Eyes  Gender Vehicle     Food    Feature Sport
    Yul B. Sorry      black gray  Male   Motorcycle  Junk    Scar    Tennis
    Nick Brunch       black green Male   Motorcycle  Mexican Jewelry Mountain Climb
    Fast Eddie B.     black brown Male   Convertible Mexican Jewelry Croquet
    Robin Banks       brown brown Male   Convertible Seafood Wig     Mountain Climb
    Sandy Dunes       brown blue  Male   Skateboard  Chinese Wig     Skin Diving
    Sam O'Nella       blond green Male   Skateboard  Chinese Scar    Skin Diving
    Bjorn Toulouse    blond blue  Male   Limousine   Junk    Tattoo  Tennis
    Ihor Ihorovich    blond green Male   Limousine   Seafood Tattoo  Croquet
    Len "Red" Bulk    red   blue  Male   Convertible Seafood Tattoo  Mountain Climb
    Scar Graynolt     red   gray  Male   Limousine   Mexican Jewelry Croquet
    Li Non Mee        black brown Female Skateboard  Mexican Wig     Croquet
    Bessie May Mucho  black gray  Female Convertible Junk    Jewelry Skin Diving  
    Carmen Sandiego   brown brown Female Convertible Mexican Jewelry Tennis
    Irma Dillow       brown green Female Skateboard  Junk    Wig     Mountain Climb
    Merey LaRoc       brown green Female Limousine   Mexican Jewelry Mountain Climb
    Katherine Drib    brown blue  Female Motorcycle  Seafood Tattoo  Mountain Climb
    Sarah Nade        blond gray  Female Limousine   Chinese Scar    Skin Diving
    Dazzle Annie Nonkerblondblue  Female Limousine   Seafood Tattoo  Tennis
    Rosa Sarrosas-Arroz red brown Female Motorcycle  Chinese Scar    Croquet
    Lady Agatha Wayland red green Female Convertible Mexican Jewelry Tennis
    Food    Chinese: 4     Junk: 4               Mexican: 7      Seafood: 5  
    Hair    Black: 5       Blond: 5              Brown: 6        Red: 4
    Eyes    Blue: 5        Brown: 5              Gray: 4         Green: 6
    Hobby   Croquet: 5     Mountain Climbing: 6  Skin Diving: 4  Tennis: 5
    Vehicle Motorcycle: 4  Convertible: 6        Limousine: 6    Skateboard: 4
    Feature Scar: 4        Jewelry: 7            Wig: 4          Tattoo: 5
    Interpretation of Clues                                              [CLUES]
    Some identity clues are revealed explicitly, like "She had brown hair" or "I
    saw an ugly tattoo on his arm." Those are not explained here. Also, some clues
    have been condensed a little.
    Black - Onyx, Ebony, Raven, Coal, Inky tresses, Jet black, Shadowy, Sooty,
    Midnight, Velvety sable wisps
    Blond - Ashen, Flax, Champagne, Towhead, Fair-haired, Golden tresses, Light-
    colored, Sun-bleached, Honey, Maize, Uses peroxide
    Brown - Real brunette, Mocha locks, Mousey brown, Nutmeg, Taupe, Mahogany,
    Chocolate, Sienna
    Red - Bright auburn, Ruby, New pennies, Real carrot top, Titian-colored hair,
    Sunny chestnut locks, Burnished copper, Probably uses henna
    Blue - Indigo, Deep navy, Mediterranean, Sapphire, Royal blue, Deep blue,
    Green - Lush jungle, Pine forest, Mint, Teal, Jade, Emerald, Money
    Gray - Stormy sky, Cool steel, Silver, Light gray, Pale Gray, Slate, Charcoal
    Brown - Deep earthy, Dark cocoa, Sienna, Milk chocolate 
    Tennis - Complaining about a sore elbow; Was looking for a clay court; Was
    practicing his backhand, Had just bought a video called Le monde du silence,
    Asked about the recent tennis match, Was carrying a tennis racquet, Was looking
    for a doubles partner, Was hoping to see all of the Big Four, She talked a lot
    about a man named Bill Tilden
    Mountain climbing - Talked about great mountains; Bragged about dangerous
    sports, Member of the Swiss Alpine Club; Bought boots, crampons, pitons and
    carabiners; Was reading Edmund P. Hillary's diary, Mentioned going on a pitch,
    Was carrying an oxygen tank, crash helmet and rope, Was looking for a partner
    to belay with, Had a wind burnt face
    Croquet - Hates dangerous sports, Short shot, Said something about lawn spots,
    roque court, Talked about a croquet match, Was trying to locate a good roque
    court, Was carrying wickets and a stake, Spoke triumphantly about becoming a
    rover, Was going to practice split shots, Missing hoop and mallet
    Skin diving - Talking about the bends, Had a Scripps Institution of
    Oceanography shirt, Wore a rubber suit, Carried a mask and snorkel, Was reading
    about submarine archaeology, Lectured on aeroembolism and pressure physiology,
    Talked a lot about a man named Cousteau, Mentioned a fish sticking match
    Wig - Called him Twiggy/Wiggy, Hair looked real... almost, A wig...gle when
    walked, Was really wigged out, Was looking for bobby pins, Curls remained calm
    on a windy day, Wig kept sliding off
    Jewelry - Wore a fancy ring, Looking for an antique jewelry shop/local
    lapidary/gem broker/good diamond cutter, Was going to meet with a gemologist 
    Tattoo - Favorite album was The Rolling Stones' "Tattoo You"
    Scar - All of these are pretty obvious
    Mexican - Nachos, Burrito, Fajitas, Hot tamales, Hot and spicy food, Won a
    chili cookoff, Was planning a taco party, Gave a salsa recipe, Mexican
    Junk - Attack of the munchies, Candy bars, Potato chips and dip, Fast food
    restaurant, A truck load of hot greasy french fries, Creme doughnuts, Blender
    for mix-ins
    Chinese - Ginger, Tea/won tons, Szechaun restaurant, Mandarin restaurant,
    Shrimp toast, Nimble with chop sticks, Had rice with dinner, Read his fortune
    after dinner, Had been to a tea reading and spoke of great won tons
    Seafood - Dockside restaurant, Fish 'n' chips, Mahi-mahi, Fried calamari, Box
    of Maine lobster, Shucking oysters, Hollandaise for Salmon
    Motorcycle - Rode a Harley, Mentioned a broken kickstand, Was riding a
    motorbike, Carried a helmet, Wore black leather jacket and chaps, Liked to
    weave in and out of rush hour traffic, Said favorite movie was "Easy Rider"
    Convertible - Nice hotrod, Great roadster, Was removing his ragtop, Loved
    driving with the wind in his hair, Was worried about his car being outside in
    the rain
    Skateboard - Wore a "Skateboarding Isn't a Crime" T-shirt, Had on knee and
    elbow pads, Was carrying hard rubber wheels and ball bearings, Jumping over
    sidewalk curbs, Was heading out for some sidewalk surfing, Was looking for a
    smoothly paved parking lot, Mentioned a drained swimming pool
    Limousine - Long car with tinted windows, Had his driver along, Her chauffeur
    wisked her away, Arrived in a private limo, Was driving a limo, Could stretch
    out in his stretch, A doorman said he was watching T.V. when he arrived
    Goofy In-Game Messages                                               [GOOFY]
    These messages can appear if you dial certain phone numbers with your
    Videophone. Most of these people are game developers and programmers.
    911: If it's a REAL emergency, you had better find a REAL phone!
    Operator: I'm sorry. 976 numbers are blocked out by your video phone. It seems
    somebody ran up quite a bill recently.
    Information: What city, please?
    Glenn: Sorry, can't talk right now. You know, this game would be even better if
    it had the NEW toolbox in it
    Lance: Leave me a message at the beep. What are you doing calling me at home
    anyway. You know I'm always at work!
    Tony: I haven't got time to talk. The network's down again.
    Leila: I think the graphics are the best part of this product. But then again,
    I AM the Graphic Goddess!
    Janese: Sorry, I'm busy now. Call me later. When's the softball game?
    Barbara: Kona and I aren't home now, but we'll return your call soon.
    Kim: No time to chit-chat. I'm on my way out the door to do some serious
    windsurfing and relaxing. I've earned it!
    Laurie: Well, I'm off to the gym. But we'll have Thai food soon. Really. I
    Christa: Oh, it's so SPECIAL that you called. Let's do lunch. Or maybe beer and
    pizza after volleyball.
    Jeff: Well, I guess your install program worked. Mondays, Thursdays, what's the
    Tom: Howdy Dude! Gee, these digital sounds and MIDI music sound great, don't
    they? MY department did all of it, don't you know?
    Michelle: Hi. This is Michelle. I'm not home right now because I'm taking a
    well-deserved vacation away from programmers.
    Jonelle: Hi. This is Jonelle. I'm not home right now because I'm taking a well-
    deserved vacation. We ARE done aren't we?
    Michael: Hold it right there. Leave me a message and I'll call you back.
    John: The folks in my department sure put out a GREAT product, don't they?
    Tom: If you think this product looks good, just wait until Han Solo ships.
    Broderbund Software: Thanks for calling. We are dedicated to bringing you the
    finest software for your home computer. 
    Tech Support: If you truly need technical assistance with this product, try
    using a real phone. Thanks!
    Maureen: I can't get to the phone right now. I'm off on yet another free-lance
    Louis: O.K., so it's good. But is it an ORIGINAL product?
    Alan: Looks great. I can't wait for the Nintendo version.
    Rod: I can't talk now. I'm STILL working on Algebra. HELP!!!!!!
    Matt: I ain't no JUNIOR programmer, ya' know!
    Bob: I like the way the plane flies behind the continents. How did you do that
    with the standard ODDS drawing modes?
    J.C.: Bug free???? Ha! If I just had a LITTLE more time...
    Joel: Hi. I'm not here right now, so I'll call you back later. But your
    Treehouse graphics are ready. Why aren't you?
    Nancee: I can't talk right now. I'm just on my way out the door to pick up
    ANOTHER cake.
    The number you have reached is not in service.  Please check the number and
    dial again.
    You have 0 unread network messages.
    Crime Net will be out of service for the next 2 hours.  Try again later.
    Your telephone bill is past due.  This is your second notice.
    The number you have reached has been disconnected.  Please contact the operator
    if you feel this message is in error.
    All circuits are busy at this time.  Please try your call again.
    99,Wad of Chewing Gum 99,Bounced Check 00,to Candyland. 02,to "Comedy Traffic
    School." 04,for two coffees and a donut. 05,a "Dear John" Letter. 14,"This is
    Sav-Rite Collection Agency.  Call me.  I want to help you." 24,for an ant farm.
    28,empty. 31,for the solar system. 33,of the One-Eyed Viking Tortoises. 35,for
    E.T. 37,It was locked. 41,the evelope has been stamped, "RETURN TO SENDER."
    44,The only thing left is crumbs and ants. 46,All of them are out of focus.
    59,of the craters of the moon. 68,There is a hole in the bottom.
    Frequently Asked Questions                                           [QUEST]
    Q: What are the differences between each detective rank?
    A: As you go along, each case takes a little longer (with the same amount of
    time to solve it) and promotions take longer to obtain. However, your
    accumulated crime-stopping experience will keep later cases from being too
                     Place  Cases  Notes
    Gumshoe            3      0    Take your time to get the hang of the game
    Investigator       4      1    
    Sr. Investigator   5      5    Explore thoroughly to find enough identity clues
    Inspector          6     10    Often a lot of clues about crops and minerals
    Sr. Inspector      7     16    
    Detective          8     24    
    Master Detective   9     34    Be quick and don't get off track
    Super Sleuth      10     49    You get a Commendation every ten cases
    Hall of Fame       -     80    Your ultimate goal
    Q: How can I make the game run faster?
    A: If you're still playing Carmen on your 386, you'll get a much faster
    performance if you run it on a Pentium-era processor. Also, you can press the
    Escape key to speed up most cutscenes (like the airplane or common henchmen)
    and messages like "Receiving Transmission." Don't worry; the Esc key will never
    end your game.
    Q: How long does it take to complete a case?
    A: In game time, your time limit is six days, regardless of your rank. For
    experienced players, approximately one minute for each location visited.
    Players who are less proficient at geography may take a little longer, and
    using the Esc key to skip cutscenes can reduce your time by almost half.
    Q: Kampuchea isn't in the countries list of my almanac. Why is that?
    A: The country of Kampuchea is usually known as Cambodia. Also, Myanmar is also
    known as Burma (often in parentheses).
    Q: How many locations are there in this game?
    A: There are 45 V.I.L.E. hideouts: Kabul, Afghanistan; Sydney, Australia;
    Vienna, Austria; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Montreal, Canada; Beijing, China;
    Havana, Cuba; Copenhagen, Denmark; Cairo, Egypt; Paris, France; Athens, Greece;
    Guatemala City, Guatemala; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Reykjavik, Iceland; New
    Delhi, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Baghdad, Iraq; Jerusalem, Israel; Rome,
    Italy; Kingston, Jamaica; Tokyo, Japan; Phnom Penh, Kampuchea [Cambodia];
    Nairobi, Kenya; Bamako, Mali; Mexico City, Mexico; Yangon, Myanmar [Burma];
    Kathmandu, Nepal; Oslo, Norway; Karachi, Pakistan; Panama City, Panama; Port
    Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Lima, Peru; Manila, Philippines; Warsaw, Poland;
    Kigali, Rwanda; Singapore, Singapore; Seoul, South Korea; Colombo, Sri Lanka;
    Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; Bangkok, Thailand; Istanbul, Turkey; Moscow, USSR; New
    York City, USA; London, United Kingdom
    Q: I'm having trouble with a clue. What should I do?
    A: First, I recommend having a dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, and almanac
    handy while playing. This helps a lot. Think about the kinds of names and words
    mentioned in clues. For example, if you see a French name, your next
    destination will probably be a place where French is the principal language
    (and it's not necessarily France!). Likewise with Spanish or English
    names/places. More obscure-sounding names may point in the direction of Africa
    or Southeast Asia. Remember that clues can point to the main city or other
    cities in that country. While some clues tell you explicitly where to go next,
    others are more obscure, and some will even try to trick you! Use my guide to
    help decipher identity clues. Here are a few tips on some of the more obscure
    * Go to Havana if the suspect was looking for a country with free health care
    (and military police).
    * The Loch Ness Monster is rumored to live in Scotland, but London is close
    * If a suspect wanted to become a pepper tycoon, go to Bangkok (not Central
    * If someone fled in a limo that was flying a certain flag, you should go to a
    nation that has the same colors as that flag (check the Country menu). It does
    NOT necessarily mean that you should enter "Limousine" in the vehicle blank in
    Q: I'm close to the crook, but I don't have a warrant. What do I do?
    A: If there's not much time left, fill in enough information to get a warrant
    for somebody - as I said earlier, a wrong warrant is better than no warrant at
    all. If you have a lot of time, go back to the last location and try to collect
    sufficient character clues to earn a warrant before you return to catch the
    V.I.L.E. baddie.
    Another option: Save your game and copy the CARMEN.SAV file to another
    directory. Then resume the game and find out who the crook is. Copy the old
    CARMEN.SAV to the main directory to resume the game from the same point as
    before. Now it'll be a piece of cake! This "save state" trick works best on
    longer cases. Use it at your own risk.
    Q: I tried to get a warrant, but I got an "All suspects eliminated" message.
    What now?
    A: This is not a good situation! See if you can remember how you got some
    clues. Try leaving an additional Evidence field empty - preferably one of the
    more dubious clues. Then issue a new warrant, and if you're lucky, you'll get
    one. Otherwise, keep leaving trying with other fields blank, or just give up.
    Q: What are the answers to the promotion quizzes?
    A: Like many games of its time, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego employs
    "off-disk copy protection" - a low-tech method of trying to prevent people from
    making unauthorized copies of software. Every time you get promoted to a new
    rank, you must answer a question. If you guess wrong three times, you'll have
    to solve another case before reaching the next rank. The answers to all of
    these questions can be found in the 1990 World Almanac (which comes with the
    game), but if you've lost your almanac, here are the answers to the promotion
    questions. Two of these were contributed by Adam Lau.
    The U.S. flag was nicknamed Old Glory by <William> Driver.
    The U.S. flag of 1777 was used until <1795>.
    The Erastus Corning II Tower in Albany, N.Y. is <589> feet tall.
    The Sears Tower in Chicago has <110> stories.
    The main export of Belize is <SUGAR>.
    Pedro Alvares Cabral is credited as being the first European to reach Brazil in
    the year <1500>.
    New Zealand's currency is the <DOLLAR>.
    The largest island in the Caribbean Sea is <CUBA>.
    Fiji became independent in <1970>.
    Iceland is 39,769 square miles; the size of the state of <VIRGINIA>.
    <HONSHU> Island is the "mainland" of Japan.
    Suriname is slightly larger than the state of <GEORGIA>.
    Ray Ewry, a notable sports personality, won <8> Olympic gold medals.
    Patty Berg won Woman Athlete of the Year <3> times.
    William S. <GILBERT> was the British lyricist who wrote "Pirates of Penzance."
    Edward White was the first American to walk in space in the year <1965>.
    The country of <China> produces more wheat and rice than any other country.
    Peggy Fleming won the gold medal in figure skating in the <1968> Winter
    Q: I was reading your Carmen Sandiego guide online and I just have to ask
    you a question. Have you ever caught Lady Agatha Wayland?  I've had this game a
    long time and it's just NEVER been her. I'm wondering if this is a glitch just
    in my game or if you've never caught her as well. (from Katie Futrell)
    A: I know I've caught Lady Agatha Wayland before, although not as frequently as
    some of the other V.I.L.E. henchmen. There are several different versions of
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, so it's conceivable that your particular
    game has a glitch. However, I'm pretty sure it comes down to the
    counterintuitive effects of probability. It's very possible that you could
    complete 50, 60, or more cases without getting a particular crook.
    Q: What does V.I.L.E. stand for?
    A: Villain's International League of Evil. How vile!
    Q: What happens if you try to sign in using the name of a V.I.L.E. henchman?
    A: You get the following message: "ACME makes it a policy never to enlist the
    services of known felons. Thank you for your interest, however."
    Q: Can you do anything silly using your phone?
    A: Try calling 911, 411, or 976-xxxx (replace the x's with any number of your
    choice) and you'll get a silly message.
    Q: Did Sarah Nade appear in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
    A: According to the manual, Sarah is a music teacher (of piano and ocarina) by
    day and a punk rocker by night (perhaps the inspiration for Hannah Montana!).
    She lives in Hanapepe, Hawaii, just a few miles from the wettest location in
    the world, so maybe she's playing the Song of Storms on that ocarina. Then
    again, her name might remind one of the Serenade of Water or Saria's Song, both
    of which also appear in various Zelda games.
    Q: What other notes and tips do you have?
    A: Here are a few miscellaneous tips, tidbits, and observations about the game:
    * Each clue provides ONE hint related to the next destination OR the suspect's
    identity - never both (or neither). Sometimes Crime Net or a witness will
    provide more than one clue at a time, but the clues will be in separate speech
    bubbles. For example, you'll never get a clue like "She was seen at Buckingham
    Palace wearing a Wimbledon T-shirt and driving a convertible."
    * In earlier cases, investigate thoroughly to get enough clues to get a
    warrant; as you move up the ranks, you'll need to do as few items on your To-Do
    List as possible while still being careful to avoid going off course.
    * Each time you perform a task on a location's To-Do List, a little more time
    is consumed than the last task (regardless of the order listed on the Note
    Pad). For example, if you just call Crime Net, one hour will tick away. If you
    do all three things, the third one will take three hours.
    * The closer a future destination is to you, the more willing you should be to
    go there without obtaining certain evidence. For example, suppose you're in
    Paris. After calling Crime Net, you bring up the Travel box. You've got it
    narrowed down 50-50 between London and Paris. It's less important to find many
    clues when traveling to a near destination than when you're flying to the other
    side of the globe. If you guess wrong, it won't cost any more time than it
    would've to gather more information.
    * It can be useful to keep notes on paper while playing. For example, you may
    want to write down a certain clue. It can also be useful to keep track of the
    locations you've been to, in case you need to backtrack after making a mistake.
    * Don't get the land of the rising sun (Japan) mixed up with the land of the
    midnight sun (Iceland).
    * You can complete a Super Sleuth-level case in about three game days if you're
    very careful and efficient. This requires luck (specifically, from short travel
    times and easy-to-understand clues).
    * Carmen Sandiego rarely appears; in fact, I reached the Hall of Fame without
    catching her once. For this reason, if you're following a brown-haired woman
    who likes jewelry and Mexican food, it's probably Merey LaRoc, not Carmen.
    * You won't overwrite someone else's case when you save and quit.
    * The sign-in screen is case-insensitive (except for the first time you enter
    your name), as is the Promotion Quiz entry.
    * The Deluxe Edition of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego drops San Marino
    and Moroni while adding numerous new locations. Also, Peking is now known as
    Beijing. Later Carmen games had even more places to visit.
    * Many witnesses and informants have the same graphics but different
    occupations; for example, one character can be a Waitress, Baby-sitter, or
    Coed. In contrast, some people, like the Exchange Student, have many different
    * One hint (referring to Canada) mentions Exhibition Stadium. However, the
    Toronto Blue Jays had moved to the Skydome (now the Rogers Centre) in 1989.
    * The Chief in this game is, of course, not the one played by Lynne Thigpen on
    the old Carmen Sandiego TV show.
    * In this game, Carmen Sandiego is listed as having brown hair; her hair is
    black in other games.
    * Nick Brunch looks a lot like the V.I.L.E. lawyer.
    * If the judge flashes text really quickly at the end of the case, it's
    "GUILTY!!" I think the message appeared for a longer period of time on slower,
    1990-era computers.
    * Reminders of previous guides: The blonde-haired anonymous henchman looks just
    a bit like Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong games, the V.I.L.E. archer reminds me of
    Scooby's Archer Suit from the Scooby-Doo: Unmasked! game, and the Gorons of the
    Zelda series are named after Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Bjorn, Merey, Sam,
    Rosa, and especially Scar Graynolt join Daphne Blake, Dixie Kong, and the
    Kokiri girls as characters from guides I've written who wear headbands 
    * The game contains a few mild violations of the rules of grammar. For example,
    it says Bjorn Toulouse can eat junk food everyday [sic] without losing weight,
    and several places lack commas that should've been used. Also, "wisked" isn't a
    word, and "Note Pad" is usually one word.
    * The Mexican food described in this game would probably be more accurately
    termed "Tex-Mex."
    * When you visit a location, the photo shown doesn't always match the location.
    For example, when you visit Rome, the game shows an image of Venice, and the
    Great Wall of China is displayed when you're in Beijing.
    * When you change locations, the plane shown will vary depending on the
    distance of the flight. Also notice how different map projections will appear
    different times.
    * Yul B. Sorry is the only black V.I.L.E. henchman in this game.
    * Because of the way the map is shown, there are never trans-Pacific flights -
    something that would save you precious hours in the game. A flight from ACME
    Headquarters to Sydney takes nine hours. Fortunately, you can more than make up
    for this time loss because there wasn't nearly as much airport security back
    * You have to sleep eight hours per hour, and the sleep break never occurs
    while you're traveling. You may be waking up as late as 1 P.M.! 
    * The Stones really did have an album known as "Tattoo You."
    * You can use Notepad (or similar programs) to open the CARMEN.DAT file and
    view all of the game text. Most of it is gibberish, but some of it may be
    * If this program is to be used in an educational setting, it may be
    advantageous or necessary to pair students up, especially since most students
    have studied very little about geography in the modern school system.
    * The people who authorize searches, like Mandy Crispel, Katie Maguire, Michael
    Barrett (not the Padres' catcher), Leslie Wilson, and Mark Schlicting, are game
    developers and programmers.
    * I completed every case I got until #43, when I got hopelessly lost. I
    successfully caught the crook in about 90% of the cases I was assigned.
    * Remember that Argentina won the 1986 World Cup of Football (soccer to
    Americans) and that they'll put you in the pokey if you call the referee an
    * King Bluetooth did not invent Bluetooth headsets, nor did the Beach Boys sing
    "Help Me Rwanda."
    * I don't use the non-ASCII symbols found in "Broderbund" and "Pokemon" since
    they may not display properly on all web browsers or word processors.
    Version History                                                      [VERSN]
    I've worked pretty sporadically on this guide.
    Date    | Version | Size |
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    5-17-08 |  0.4    | 33KB | Did a lot of stuff.
    5-30-08 |  0.5    | 34KB | Processed notes and such.
    6- 2-08 |  0.6    | 35KB | Did a little.
    6- 3-08 |  0.7    | 39KB | Did some more.
    6- 4-08 |  0.85   | 43KB | Almost complete.
    6- 5-08 |  1.0    | 47KB | Finished things up.
    5-13-09 |  1.1    | 48KB | Made some adjustments.
    1-20-15 |  1.2    | 49KB | Clarified that this is designed for the 1990 Deluxe
            |         |      | Edition, and improved formatting.
    4-20-15 |  1.25   | 49KB | Added a couple of promotion hints from Adam Lau.
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    Heed this warning.
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