Review by Webster1209

Reviewed: 07/07/05

This is a pretty fun game

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is a really great game! You are a detective, who is looking to catch the world's most famous criminal, Carmen Sandiego, head of Vile. You are part of ACME, the group of detectives trying to stop all the heists that Carmen's gang is pulling off. For every case, you will get a message from the Chief to start off with, and she will tell you what has been stolen. You then go off finding clues to track the criminal down and put them behind bars!

Gameplay: 8/10: I found this to be a very fun game. You go to different countries, asking people if they know anything about where the criminal went to. You also look for clues to find out what the criminal looks like, and to get a warrant for their arrest, which you need to complete the case. You will get a choice of six countries to go to, and five after that. You have a battery for your translator, which will has an energy bar at the bottom of the screen, and will decrease after every flight, and talk with a person. You also have a computer to give you information about every country listed. Once you get to the final spot where the crook is, you have a limited amount of time to find the person that matches the description of the warrant, and arrest them! If you arrest the wrong person you fail, and if you run out of battery power you fail. This is a very fun game once you get to know what you need to do to succeed. The names of the crooks are funny also, and very well thought of.

Challenge: 10/10: This game is really great when it comes to this! The cases start off easy, requiring you to only have to go to five or so different countries in one case. As you move up the ranks and become a higher level detective, the cases become harder and harder, requiring you to go to more places in one case, until you get to the hardest one, chasing Carmen Sandiego herself! This is a very good part to the game indeed.

Graphics: 9/10: This is also a pretty good part of the game. The backgrounds in the game fit the country you are in, and the people themselves may not be the best realistic wise, but they are cartoony and make the game more fun. The people vary in height, weight, what they are wearing, hair color very well, so when it comes time for the arrest, you should have no problem finding out who is heavy from who is lean.

Sound: 6/10: This is a part that is not the best in the game. The songs fit the countries fine, but after a while they kinda get old, but if you are quick enough at solving the cases, you won't have to deal with them ;) The voices are pretty good, and the sound effects are funny also.

Rent/Buy: Definently buy, for the replay value in this game is great also! You will always have new challenges on every case, and you will want to play this game, even after you beat it! This is a keeper in my opinion. It's educational also!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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