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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AFranciskovic

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/24/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ---> Z E L I A R D <---   
    (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions
    - DATE (this version was last updated on): 8/24/2001  
    - VERSION: 1.2
    - AUTHOR: Alan Franciškovic
    - E-MAIL ADDRESS: ivan.franciskovic@rijeka.crosig.hr 
    Note: This is my father's address, at work, because I don't have my 
    own. Should there be anything that I should know, send me mail to 
    this address and my father will print the mail out and give it to me. 
    Then, I'll update my FAQ or write to you, if you need my help with 
    something about Zeliard or the FAQ. Be sure to leave your address 
    when you leave me mail, so that I can contact you. Should I get an 
    address in the future, I'll make a new version and put it there, 
    along with my father's address. 
    v1.0. (27.7.01.) - First version of the FAQ
    v1.1. (21.8.01.) - Made some updates, corrections and additions
    v1.2. (24.8.01.) - Added a few more things
    This is a FAQ that helps people understand Zeliard. I sincerely hope 
    that I haven't missed anything important to say and that this is all 
    the information needed to obtain for a good playing experience. To 
    achieve a more stylus effect to the FAQ, I've added some tables and 
    much add-on information about many things, which make them fully 
    described in exact and accurate detail. The things that are marked 
    with one or more asterisks "*" are explained under the table in a 
    more detailed way. Still, everything is described, whether in the 
    table, or not. I have written at least a few sentences about every 
    single detail. I've even written a walkthrough of the entire game, 
    which covers everything in it, but it's pretty much a copy of 
    another, shorter FAQ. Still, I received permission to write it. The 
    boss defeating part is also not my own work. Much is, but I copied 
    some things, although I was given permission to do so. The FAQ isn't 
    written in a question-answer form, but all the questions that exist 
    are answered. This would be only a description of the game, but since 
    people asked all the things I wrote about (and it includes a copied 
    FAQ (walkthrough) and one that I mainly modified in my version (boss 
    FAQ)), it is a FAQ. I'll get to the point now and begin the FAQ.
    IMPORTANT: I'm NOT responsible if this FAQ promotes ANY illegal 
    activities or actions. Proceed reading at your own risk. YOU'll 
    answer for those activities/actions and NOT me. 
    The table describes what you can do with the FAQ under all the 
    mentioned conditions or what you can't do with it, EVER. The "You 
    can" and "You can't" parts are short for: "You can do this with the 
    FAQ" and "You can't do this with the FAQ". You must obey EVERY 
    condition in EVERY way, otherwise you will be ILLEGALLY using the 
    FAQ. Each condition is equally important. Example: if the table says 
    "You can read it if you have time and like to read it", you MUST have 
    time AND like to read it; if all conditions aren't fulfilled, your 
    action is still illegal. ALL conditions of ALL actions must be 
    obeyed. If there are two things you can do under one set of 
    conditions, for both are required all the conditions mentioned. The 
    example says that you can READ the FAQ: You can JUST read it. If 
    something isn't mentioned, it's CERTAINLY forgotten and stands under 
    the "You can't" do it part. The conditions are ONLY there for the 
    "You can" part. If you want to do something unmentioned, mail me.
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 Alan Franciškovic. All rights reserved. 
    YOU CAN:
    YOU CAN'T:
    - Read it
    1. Always
    - Make money off it 
    - Make copies of it
    1. If it stays the same
    - Damage it in any way
    - Use it to make your own 
    FAQ about Zeliard based 
    on the information that 
    is written here
    1. If you credit me 
    2. If you change 
    3. With my permission
    4. If you write in-depth
    - Edit it in any way; 
      therefore: You can't 
      change anything that is
      written here
    - Announce it to friends,
    - or on web-sites
    1. With my permission
    2. Without critics
    - Re-write it and claim 
      it was originally yours 
    1. My mother
    - Helping me with the final world
    2. NeoZenogias
    - Letting me include the walkthrough
    3. Sashanan (Peter Butter)
    - Inspiring me for the boss part
    1. Story
    2. Bosses
       2.1. Location of bosses
       2.2. Almas worth for bosses
       2.3. Boss defeating information
            2.3.1. Cangrejo
            2.3.2. Pulpo
            2.3.3. Pollo
            2.3.4. Agar
            2.3.5. Vista
          With the Knight's Sword
          Without the Knight's Sword
            2.3.6. Tarso
            2.3.7. Paguro
            2.3.8. Dragon
            2.3.9. Alguien
            2.3.10. Jashiin
    3. Power-ups
       3.1. Gold
            3.1.1. Different amounts of gold
       3.2. Almas orb
       3.3. Recovery potions
            3.3.1. Red potion
            3.3.2. Blue potion
    4. Description of underlings
       4.1. Nature
       4.1.1. Muralla Town
       4.1.2. Satono Town
     Blue slime creatures
     Read toads 
       4.1.3. Bosque Village
     Earth worms
     Clay balls
       4.1.4. Helada Town
     Green slime creatures
       4.1.5. Tumba Town
     Red slime creatures
     Evil women
       4.1.6. Dorado Town
     Red Ghosts
     Evil women
       4.1.7. Llama Town
     Fire creatures
       4.1.8. Pureza Town
     Lave slime creatures
     Blue ghosts 
       4.2. Almas worth for underlings  
    5. Towns
       5.1. Bank
            5.1.1. Three kinds of Almas balls
            5.1.2. Different Almas exchange ratios
       5.2. Weapon Shop
            5.2.1. Description of weapon items
                   Wise Man's Sword
                   Spirit Sword
                   Knight's Sword
                   Illumination Sword
                   Clay Shield
                   Wise Man's Shield
                   Stone Shield
                   Honor Shield
                   Light Shield
                   Titanium Shield
            5.2.2. Limitation of buying weapon items
       5.3. Magic Shop
            5.3.1. Description of magic items
          Ken'Ko Potion
          Ju-enn Fruit
          Magia Stone
          Sabre Oil
          Kioku Feather
          Elixir of Kashi
          Chikara Powder
          Holy Water of Acero
            5.3.2. Limitation of buying magic items
       5.4. Inn
            5.4.1. Different fees 
            5.4.2. Church vs. inn
       5.5. Sages
            5.5.1. Number of times each sage will upgrade your powers
            5.5.2. Names of all the sages
    6. Unmentioned parts of the inventory screen
       6.1. Spells
            6.1.1 Names and meaning of spells
       6.2. Keys
            6.2.1. Normal Keys
            6.2.2. "Lion's Head Key"
       6.3. Shoes
            6.3.1. Types and description of shoes
          Ruzeria Shoes
          Pirika Shoes
          Silkarn Shoes
          Asbestos Cape
       6.4. Crests
            6.4.1. Hero's Crest
            6.4.2. Glory (Family Crest, Crest of Honor)
            6.4.3. Elf Crest
    7. Walkthrough of the entire game
       7.1. Muralla Town/Cavern of Malicia
       7.2. Satono Town/Cavern of Peligro
       7.3. Bosque Village/Cavern of Madera/Riza
       7.4. Helada Town/Cavern of Escarcha/Glacial
       7.5. Tumba Town/Cavern of Corroer/Cementar
       7.6. Dorado Town/Cavern of Tesoro/Plata
       7.7. Llama Town/Cavern of Caliente/Reaccion/Corroer
       7.8. Pureza Town/Cavern of Absor/Millagro/Desleal/Faltar/Final
    8. Other, special things to mention
       8.1. Gelroid
       8.2. The secret items
            8.2.1. The secret sword and the free swords
            8.2.2. The secret shield
       8.3. The secret shoes-the Feruza Shoes
       8.4. The secret village-the Esco Village
            8.4.1. Cost of magic
            8.4.2. Cost of weaponry 
       8.5. Comand line parameter  
       8.6. Shortcuts
            8.6.1. Muralla Town/Cavern of Malicia
            8.6.2. Satono Town/Cavern of Peligro
            8.6.3. Bosque Village/Cavern of Madera/Riza
            8.6.4. Helada Town/Cavern of Escarcha/Glacial
            8.6.5. Tumba Town/Cavern of Corroer/Cementar
            8.6.6. Dorado Town/Cavern of Tesoro/Plata
            8.6.7. Llama Town/Cavern of Caliente/Reaccion/Corroer
        8.6.8. Pureza Town/Cavern of Absor/Millagro/Desleal/Faltar/Final
    9. Cheats 
       9.1. Hex cheat
       9.2. Zeliard trainer-Zeltrain
       9.3. Other FAQs
            9.3.1. Walkthrough
            9.3.2. Boss strategy
    10. Tips and tricks (general)
        10.1. Zeliard's too hard
        10.2. Zeliard's too easy
    11. Keystroke help
    12. Conclusion
    1. STORY
    Zeliard is a screen scrolling, action-fantasy-adventure game in which 
    the player has to rescue the princess, Felicia that was turned to 
    stone. Her father, the King, prayed to the Holy Spirit and one-day it 
    appeared. Leaving him speechless, it told him that a brave warrior 
    will arrive to his castle and help him reclaim the Holy Crystals, 
    called "Tears of Esmesanty", with which he can seize power over the 
    daemon that represents the Age of Darkness, the Emperor of Chaos, 
    Jashiin. Those Tears are actually tears of the king and the people of 
    the land of Zeliard. Those tears became crystals and were stolen by 
    Jashiin, who was reborn, after being defeated and sealed under Earth 
    for 2000 years. He added his power to theirs and created the other 
    creatures, to make sure nothing could stop him from his revenge to 
    the princess and, indirectly, her ancestors and descendants. The main 
    character, the man you control is a brave knight bearing the name of 
    Duke Garland. He must go into deep labyrinths and defeat eight of 
    Jashiin's most deadly minions, and then face the final foe, Jashiin, 
    2. BOSSES
    A boss is the most powerful creature in a world, that guards it and 
    the Tear of Esmesanty entrusted to him by Jashiin. Jashiin also holds 
    one, but much bigger and prettier. Paguro is a monster, but not a 
    boss, because he doesn't guard a world or a Tear of Esmesanty. He 
    allows you to get the Elf Crest and makes the game have more 
    "colorful adventure". Anyway, here, you can find out where each one 
    is, how many Almas they're worth and detailed information on bringing 
    each one of ten of these down (Paguro included).
    Here is all the information you will need about the types of bosses 
    in the game. Paguro is not a boss, but is listed, because he matches 
    the criteria of definition for others, although he doesn't posses 
    (guard) a Tear of Esmesanty. Both the town and cavern are mentioned 
    as well as name and description of each one. Now you can see what 
    kind of boss opponent you're facing in each world. They are all 
    giants, for harder moving around of the player and less area to dodge 
    the attacks, as well as less space to escape them.
    Here is the table explaining that:
    1. Muralla Town (Cavern of Malicia)                      
    Cangrejo (Giant Crab)
    2. Satono Town (Cavern of Peligro)                        
    Pulpo (Giant Octopus)
    3. Bosque Village (Cavern of Riza)
    Pollo (Giant Chicken)
    4. Helada Town (Cavern of Glacial)                         
    Agar (Giant Ice Cube)
    5. Tumba Town (Cavern of Cementar) 
    Vista (Giant Fish)
    6. Dorado Town (Cavern of Tesoro) 
    Tarso (Titan)
    7. Llama Town (Hut)                                   
    Paguro (Giant Flaming Cube)
    8. Llama Town (Cavern of Caliente)                      
    Dragon (what do you thing)
    9. Pureza Town (Cavern of Absor) 
    Alguien (Giant Bat)
    10. Esco Village (Cavern of Final) 
    Jashiin (Giant Man-like Daemon)
    There is a special worth of Almas that you get after defeating each 
    of Jashiin's deadly monsters. There are nine of them, of which each 
    one holds and guards a Holy Crystal, a Tear of Esmesanty, except 
    Paguro. Each one of those that do, guard a world and you can't pass 
    it without defeating them. Each monster is worth a different amount 
    of Almas, and later monsters are harder to destroy and are worth more 
    Almas. Here is the Almas worth of each monster you kill. 
    Jashiin isn't worth any Almas because you will win after beating him; 
    you can't return to a city and exchange it, so there is no logic to 
    Note: Tarso and Paguro have the Almas needed for the Asbestos Cape. 
    It costs 2500 Almas, which is much more than what Tarso give you, 
    after you have defeated him (1500 Almas). This is not a rule, but you 
    (probably) can't gather 1000 Almas in the caverns without the cape 
    because you can't stand the heat. Also, you can't talk to the people 
    in Llama Town without the Elf Crest. You get it after defeating 
    Paguro, and their words may effect your whole future in the game, 
    because this part is tricky and is a preparation for the kookiest 
    world of them all, Absor/Desleal/Millagro/Faltar/Final. Here you may 
    be surprised of air currents... Wait 'till you start walking through 
    walls... (This may shake your confidence that you can do it. There is 
    a walkthrough available, which includes the final world, as well.) 
    1. Cangrejo 
    2. Pulpo                                                                         
    3. Pollo                                                                          
    4. Agar                                                                          
    5. Vista                                                                          
    6. Tarso 
    7. Paguro                                                                       
    8. Dragon                                                                       
    9. Alguien 
    Main guidelines:
    >	Rest before a fight
    >	Carry healing and other items
    >	Have the best weaponry
    >	Practice some manuovers that are difficult and useful
    >	Train and get used to several quick and hard-to-do moves
    >	Get the most life. This also increases your spell number and sword 
    damage. Combining Sabre Oils and this is a cheap way to win. 
    It's a darn shame, but you will find out that the spell given to you 
    in every next town is just what you needed to defeat the previous 
    monster earlier, so the monsters serve as tests to your skills-if you 
    don't pass, you don't continue. (I just hate that rule that reminds 
    me of school!) 
    Note: I have to give Sashanan (Peter Butter) credit; were it not for 
    him, I wouldn't even have written the boss part; he inspired me. I 
    used only some of his information and copied it to my FAQ, as well as 
    being granted the permission to do so, so the FAQ is legally 
    submitted. Sashanan's e-mail address is sashanan@hetnet.nl
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT touch bosses with a Magia Stone after defeating 
    them. This drains the Magia Stone within very little time.
    The advantages and weaknesses of the monsters are as follows for each 
    2.3.1. CANGREJO
    Watch out when he decides to jump! He will take a lot of space from 
    you if you let him do it. Watch him carefully and when he bends, 
    either attack him or try to run under him (not advised because he'll 
    spit on you!). If you attack him continuously, he will retreat and 
    even if he does jump, avoid him and start over. Attack immediately. A 
    Magia Stone or a Wise Man's Sword and/or Sabre Oil(s) kill him before 
    you even notice it. 
    2.3.2. PULPO
    You can enter the door and rest or concentrate, because he can't 
    attack before he gets hit twice (I advise that you continue beating 
    him until he starts blinking his eyes and firing spittle). Although 
    he can't move at all, the spittle that he shoots is deadly and you 
    have to jump over them or take massive damage (maybe even lose your 
    life!). It has full range. When you attack him, jump in front of him.
    The Magia Stone will kill him before he has a chance to attack.
    2.3.3. POLLO
    Beware when he decides to fly. When he squawks twice, he will shoot a 
    dart you can't always block, so you have to bend. When he squawks 
    four times, he will take off and fly, chase you, and take half the 
    space you have. It's best to fire a Saeta spell to counter him 
    because he will land then. Also, try aiming for the head to inflict 
    more damage upon him, wgether with the sword or the spell. Here, 
    there is a tricky move that does massive damage: When he flyies, 
    press your back against the left wall and stab your sword on his head 
    when he lands. Also, you can get behind him, but when you hurt him, 
    he'll back off, and you'll pass right through him. That's PAINFUL!
    2.3.4. AGAR
    He also has a nasty habit of jumping to take your precious territory. 
    He can shoot a bit of ice at you, but this time, you can block it 
    with a bigger shield (so buy the Honor Shield). When he shakes a few 
    times, he will jump and try to stomp you. I say it's best to fire a 
    Fuego spell for him to land on, so that he gets hurt. Also, he'll 
    retreat 'till it stops "melting" him. If you fire one when you corner 
    him, he'll suffer the entire spell and won't be able to jump because 
    this is a very "hot" idea. It's much trickier to attack him with the 
    Fuego Spell than with the Saeta Spell that will simply chase him 
    away, but the Saeta Spell will not hurt him considerably (don't even 
    think about Espada!). The Magia Stone disables his phisical attacks.
    2.3.5. VISTA
    The Sage says that Vista simply can't be defeated without the 
    Knight's Sword, but I did it, so any skilled player can. You just 
    need to have a little more time, patience and luck. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- WITHOUT THE KNIGHT'S SWORD
    The strategy is this: While she swoops down, fire a Lanzar spell to 
    harm her (she'll do it after she reaches a corner or you run under 
    her). The Magia Stone will prevent her to bite you, but watch out for 
    the spittle acid. Use some Sabre Oils and put it on your sword. The 
    Saeta spell may help and the Fuego is useful, but it is tricky to do 
    it right. I think you should rely on other methods.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- WITH THE KNIGHT'S SWORD
    This is simple. Jump and attack her with the sword because it'll 
    reach and hurt her since it's longer than the Spirit Sword. You can 
    use the Lanzar Spell, but the Sword is enough. She'll be gone before 
    you get hurt considerably, so there is no need for Ju-enn Fruit or a 
    Magia Stone.
    2.3.6. TARSO
    He'll punch and kick the life out of you unless you get out of his 
    way and get him by either Lanzar or Rascar. The sword is reliable if 
    you attack continuously, but run for your life when he tosses an orb. 
    You will notice his attack by seeing a lot of dust by his foot and an 
    energy orb hurdling towards you. Avoid it and continue beating him. 
    And so on. When he tries to step on you, hit him, but do so at your 
    own risk :)
    2.3.7. PAGURO
    Actually, Paguro isn't a boss. He lives in the largest house in Llama 
    Town. He's very resilient, but the sage Saied will teach you the Agua 
    Spell, which alone is enough to make him wish that he was never born 
    and kill him. You don't have to kill him, if you don't want to, but I 
    advise that you do (you'll get the Elf Crest and 1600 Almas, as well 
    as the ability to talk to the inhabitance of Llama Town.
    2.3.8. DRAGON
    He's a real copy of Godzilla added to Zeliard. Watch the angle he'll 
    throw his "Flames of fury" at you. If he shoots straight, you can 
    bend and avoid it. If he shoots in an inclined angle, try running 
    away or toward him. If you go toward him, attack him with the sword, 
    or Agua Spells. If he shoots vertically, just run away. Level him 
    with Agua spells and pray that you'll survive long enough to finish 
    him off with your sword (or another spell, perhaps Rascar will come 
    in handy because he's so large). Don't try jumping at all and, if you 
    have to suffer his fire, do it with the shield. Maybe someone'll 
    think that the Asbestos Cape'll protect them from his fire... The 
    Magia Stone is preferred in this battle, along with a lot of Ju-enn 
    Fruits and Agua Spells, this is the hardest of all enemies to kill, 
    so you can be really proud of yourself when you defeat him. 
    2.3.9. ALGUIEN
    He reminds me of a pterodactyl, but he's a bat. He'll put up a good 
    fight, but with Guerra on the job, he's (burnt) toast. It takes about 
    three to kill him. Just watch out for the straw-like breath attack 
    coming from his mouth. It's unavoidable in most cases, if you're 
    skillful and lucky enough to dodge it, at least those few times you 
    can. Sorry, but, believe me, even if you're a scientist or something, 
    you won't want to study this strange overgrown bat at close range. 
    Not to worry, though. Invent a Guerra and he's already gone in the 
    way of the dodo, extinct.   
    2.3.10. JASHIIN
    He too is considered pretty tricky and tough, but again, with Guerra 
    at the right time, he doesn't have a good chance of survival. At the 
    beginning of the battle, he will be invisible. That means that you 
    can run around because he will try to get as close to you as he can 
    and touching him with your back (or front if you don't have a shield) 
    is VERY painful. It takes about fifteen unmissed Guerras to kill him, 
    but you can use the Fairy Enchantment Flame Sword. Just make sure 
    that you save two or three Guerras for the time when he's about to 
    start regenerating his life. That'll show him who's the "boss" around 
    here :). Watch out for his disappearing from time to time; he will be 
    visible for about a second each time he disappears. He shoots two 
    attacks. When he stands up, he'll throw a Fuego at you. When he 
    kneels down, he will fire a Lanzar. Avoid him and attack. At all 
    costs, don't let him regenerate his life. He does it when there is 
    only a fifth of his life left and he'll stand up, lose the ability to 
    disappear, and jump if cornered. He'll also run away from you. If he 
    gets his life back, you will have to start the whole battle over 
    3. POWER-UPS
    Along the way, Duke Garland finds many objects, which help him on his 
    mission. (Example: Recovery potions, gold, or Almas orbs). They are 
    hidden or protected, as they are valuable. The Almas are also 
    collected when you kill one of Jashiin's monsters or defeat one of 
    his henchmen. The Almas are a part of Jashiin's power and are used 
    for money in your quest, but they are also used for medicine and 
    other useful things by the inhabitance of the towns. When you gather 
    the Almas, go to town, enter the bank and choose "Exchange Almas". 
    You will find out that in Tumba and Llama an Almas is worth is a 
    different amount of money. In Tumba, an Almas is worth two golds and 
    in Llama, four Almas are worth two golds. The towns that have an 
    equal amount of gold worth for an Almas are Murala, Satono and Pureza 
    (6), Bosque and Esco (8) and Helada and Dorado (4). Additionally, 
    saving Almas in Muralla and Satono for exchange into gold in Bosque 
    means that you get two more golds for each Almas, with the only 
    condition is surviving without buying anything. Plus, the Sage will 
    raise your lifeline and spell levels because the Almas are the only 
    condition for it. The secret is this: Upon gathering the first couple 
    of hundred, she will give you the first raise. Each time for her to 
    raise it again, you must have double the Almas you had the last time. 
    That's what made my skills so sharp; in the places above Dorado Town, 
    I had to spend many long hours trying to get the Almas required for 
    additional magic and life. Eventually, I wanted to explore new places 
    and thusly, get many Almas quickly. If I wanted to make it, I had to 
    learn to be patient and concentrated. I hoped that the saying "It's 
    worst just before it's best" would come true and it did. The good 
    side is that the Almas balls are worth more Almas (Almas balls 
    contain more Almas). 
    3.1. GOLD
    Throughout the caverns, gold is stashed away in boxes. It will help 
    you in a financial crisis. Just make sure you make it to town, or 
    you'll lose it all. 
    The boxes contain different amounts of gold in them. In the early 
    caverns it's smaller, and vice-versa. The possible amounts are: 50, 
    100, 500 and 1000 golds.
    3.2. ALMAS ORB
    In the entire game, there is only one Almas orb worth 100 Almas that 
    doesn't come from a defeated foe, but a wall. When passing Malicia, 
    after entering the green door to Peligro, go left, up and left and 
    slash the wall. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, consult 
    the walkthrough.)
    These potions improve your health. They can be found in a box or 
    buried in a wall. You don't have to take them and you can also save 
    them for later, if you don't need them. There are two kinds of 
    potions: red and blue (the blue one looks like water). They heal 
    differently. There are many of them.
    3.3.1. RED POTION
    This one is found in the early caverns. It restores about as much 
    life as a Ken'Ko Potion. It isn't very useful, but the life capacity 
    you have for the lasting of them being available is restored almost 
    3.3.2. BLUE POTION
    The blue potion is like a Ju-enn Fruit. It will heal you completely, 
    no matter how long or short your life bar is. You can't find a better 
    way to heal; it's free and it restores your full strength.
    Note: In the final world, there are MANY of the blue potions and they 
    are buried in a wall, but the strange thing is that they are in the 
    UPPER side of the wall. Slashing the sword all the time upwards (and 
    sometimes you have to jump also) will make a couple of them fall on 
    your thirsty tongue. This world is kooky in many ways.
    This part of information reveals advantages and weaknesses for each 
    small monster you often meet in the caverns. It's useful to know if 
    you're exploring the caverns, so that you won't be surprised because 
    of the special abilities some of them posses, but you can exploit 
    their weaknesses and easily prevail over any number of them. Many of 
    them are very special, in a specific way, so I suggest that you read 
    this before going into the labyrinths where these underlings can 
    easily kill you if you don't know their nature. I listed them under a 
    town, not a cavern, because from the third world, there are two or 
    more caverns under a town (look at the last one! [see the 
    4.1. NATURE
    4.1.1. MURALLA TOWN
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- TOADS
    The toads are fast and harmful when attacking. They're some of the 
    most dangerous enemies in the Malicia Caverns.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- SLUGS
    These creatures are slow, but are persistent and won't be destroyed 
    easily. You'd better have the Wise Man's Sword when facing these 
    bores. Unfortunately, they're the least of your problems and aren't 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- BATS
    The bats are also hard to kill. They swoop down periodically from the 
    roof and follow you until they hit a low ceiling or you. They can be 
    painful and frustrating, since you have to wait for them to swoop 
    down again to get a chance to kill them. This takes a whole lot of 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- RATS
    They're even faster than toads, but are worth the most Almas in 
    Malicia. The interesting thing here is that they either leave 10 
    Almas or none. They can be hard to avoid, but are pretty easy to 
    4.1.2. SATONO TOWN
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- BLUE SLIME CREATURES 
    These little foes like to tease the player. They're pretty confused 
    and don't know which way to go. It's easy to kill them if you posses 
    the Wise Man's Sword, which makes most enemies wish that they were 
    never born.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- BATS
    The bats are similar to the ones in the Cavern of Malicia, but 
    slightly more endurable. These bats appear in far larger numbers than 
    before, so be very careful not to let one surprise you and make you 
    lose much life. They aren't that hard to kill, especially if you have 
    the Wise Man's Sword.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- RED TOADS
    Read toads are far more dangerous than the green ones. They shoot low 
    spittle and can be painful and frustrating, since the Stone Shield is 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- TROLLS
    These creatures are the most resilient ones in the early caverns, 
    maybe those before Tumba, but they appear in very small numbers. They 
    run away and shoot little axes at you, because they're nothing but 
    lousy cowards that don't even have the guts to face you in a fair 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- EARTHWORMS
    The earthworms are visible, but untouchable while burrowed. They can 
    move while in the ground and when they come out, you can kill them. 
    They shoot spit at you, so don't turn away. They aren't very hard to 
    slaughter, although they're tricky. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- BUGS
    The bugs are the most powerful creatures here, so be careful. They 
    jump and can cause you unforeseeable damage. They die easily, though.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- CRABS
    The crabs are dangerous, but easy to kill. They come after you when 
    you approach their vicinity. They stand next to the wall, usually 
    guarding a door.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- CLAY BALLS
    These creatures are insufferable. They walk on walls and ceilings and 
    drop on you or hit you. They form legs in order to walk on the walls. 
    They give poor Almas and cause plenty of trouble. You can easily 
    dispose of them, if you manage to hit them at the right time. That 
    isn't easy, but there aren't that many of them. They're what I like 
    to call "trouble with a capital "T"". 
    4.1.4. HELADA TOWN
    4.4.1. TURTLES
    The turtles are some of the worst creatures here. They can jump when 
    they enclose themselves in their shell and collide with you if they 
    turn their shell up side down. They're very hard to kill and they can 
    hurt you badly if they collide with you and you don't get the message 
    on time.
    They're the most endurable creatures here. After you hit them, 
    they'll produce another creature by themselves. They don't give much 
    Almas, but aren't fast and don't cause much damage in spite of this 
    little trick. They die easily, if you use the Fuego Spell and they 
    don't reproduce themselves, because they don't have time.
    4.4.3. ARROWS
    They circle around small pieces of ground at great speed. They're 
    very painful and hard to kill, because it's hard to hit them on time 
    and/or place. The only "bright side" here is that they appear in very 
    small numbers.
    4.5. TUMBA TOWN
    These creatures are much worse than the green ones. They reproduce 
    themselves upon contact with a sword or spell besides Fuego and 
    Lanzar, and are even harder to kill with the Fuego Spell. The "bad 
    news" is that the swords don't harm them. Upon close range, to kill 
    them, two Fuego Spells are required. The Magia Stone only acts like 
    ordinary swords and makes it much worse. Only the Fairy Flame 
    Enchantment Sword can kill them (besides the two spells). They live 
    in the Gelroid and are painful as well as they appear in large 
    4.5.2. EYEBALLS
    The eyeballs can speed up their movement and go twice as fast. This 
    can hurt you a lot. They don't give up easily, but it isn't very hard 
    to kill them. If you're scared of collision, try using the Lanzar 
    Spell to kill them on long range. That'll work!
    4.5.3. EVIL WOMEN
    They're the worst of the present enemies. The superior and more 
    beautiful enemy is in the Gold Caverns. These women try to take Duke 
    Garland from the princess. That's why they hurt him. They're 
    incredibly hard to destroy, but there aren't many of them. They're 
    the first of the creatures that are worth 100 Almas. They shoot spit 
    at you, which is painful. You can't harm them if you attack down; hit 
    the head to kill them.
    4.5.4. BATS
    They're very similar to the bats in the earlier caverns, but are much 
    more powerful. They're just as frustrating, though. They swoop down 
    in a different way, otherwise, not much of a change. 
    4.6. DORADO TOWN
    4.6.1. RED GHOSTS
    Do you believe in ghosts? You should, at least in these. They can be 
    nasty. If you hit them with the Knight's Sword, they'll disappear for 
    a short while and you won't be able to harm them, although you can 
    see them, but only slightly. Therefore, buy the Illumination Sword.
    4.6.2. CONDORS
    These little creatures can speed up to twice the speed at any time. 
    They're easily destroyed, if you can catch them.
    4.6.3. EVIL WOMEN
    These are the worst foes in the Gold Caverns. Just like those in the 
    Rotten Caverns, but much more powerful. They also disappear after 
    shooting a heart at you and are prettier than the previous ones (if 
    it means anything). To kill them, hit the head, otherwise you won't 
    hurt them. Even the Illumination Sword takes two unmissed shots to 
    kill them and you have to be quick, because they disappear right 
    after attacking, just like Jashiin. They can put your survival in 
    doubt, especially when they appear on you. Luckily, there are very 
    few of them, so meeting one is a rare occurrence, but also, staying 
    with them is a deathwish. 
    4.7. LLAMA TOWN
    These are the mightiest of foes in this world (the Fire Caverns). 
    They shoot something harmful at you and can hurt you if you touch 
    them. You have to hit their head, just like the women before, to kill 
    4.7.2. TROLLS
    These trolls are cowards, as well. They run away from you just like 
    the trolls in the Peligro cavern, but these are far more powerful and 
    endurable. They also shoot darts and a lot of them and quickly. Wait 
    for a period when they stop and kill them with the sword.
    4.7.3. RATS
    The rats are very fast and valuable. They appear in great numbers, 
    especially in the labyrinth of Corroer. They can hurt you very much.
    4.8. PUREZA TOWN
    4.8.1. LAVA SLIME CREATURES (Not quite sure)
    They shoot on two sides. On the left, green spit, and on the right, 
    red, which is much more painful. They are hard to kill, but any enemy 
    can be destroyed with one blow of the Fairy Flame Enchantment Sword. 
    They are very slow, but shoot on whichever the side you're on. There 
    are many of them. 
    4.8.2. BUGS
    There is nothing special about them, except their wacky looks. They 
    are pretty harmful, so be careful.
    4.8.3. MEDUSAS 
    These creatures can "take it out of you". You have to hit the head to 
    inflict damage. If they touch your back, well, it's been nice knowing 
    you (if you have a full lifeline, it should take about 5 times to 
    kill you). They even damage the Titanium Shield greatly. 
    4.8.4. BLUE GHOSTS
    These little creatures are like the Red Ghosts you met in the Gold 
    Caverns, but are much more powerful. They're harmful and hard to 
    kill, but they're slow and worth a lot of Almas. 
    The table displays the Almas worth for underlings. This is a quick 
    way to decide which monsters are worth going back to fight again. The 
    table displays the monsters with the town of habitat and the Almas 
    that it leaves. In the table, I've written "Almas 1" and "Almas 2" 
    instead of "Almas Worth 1" and "Almas Worth 2" because there was no 
    space. It means the first and second worth of Almas a creature can 
    leave, because some of them can leave two kinds. The first amount is 
    smaller and the second one is bigger.
    Note: Every monster can sometimes explode instead of leaving Almas. 
    Some do it more often than others. I don't really know why it is like 
    that. My guess is that more valuable creatures explode more often, 
    but I don't know for sure. In fact, I think that there is no rule to 
    this occasion. Maybe every fifth one or so explodes. Also, some 
    explode one after another, but many more continually leave Almas. 
    Besides, I don't think it's actually that rare. I'd say about third 
    or fourth, but I think that there is no combination; you may never 
    know which ones will explode. I highly think so, but it just MAY be 
    any other way.
    ALMAS 1
    ALMAS 2
    - Slug
    Muralla Town
    - Toad
    Muralla Town
    - Bat
    Muralla Town
    - Rat
    Muralla Town
    - Blue Slime 
    Satono Town
    - Troll
    Satono Town
    - Bat
    Satono Town
    - Red Toad
    Satono Town
    - Bug
    Bosque Village
    - Crab
    Bosque Village
    - Clay Ball
    Bosque Village
    - Earthworm
    Bosque Village
    - Turtle
    Helada Town
    - Green Slime
    Helada Town
    - Arrow
    Helada Town
    - Red Slime
    Tumba Town
    - Bluish Person
    Tumba Town
    - Eyeball
    Tumba Town
    - Bat
    Tumba Town
    - Red Ghost
    Dorado Town
    - Kondor
    Dorado Town
    - Evil Woman
    Dorado Town
    - Fire Creature
    Llama Town
    - Troll
    Llama Town
    - Rat
    Llama Town
    - Lava Slime Creature
    Pureza Town
    - Bug
    Pureza Town
    - Blue Ghost
    Pureza Town
    - Octopus
    Pureza Town
    5. TOWNS
    Here are the details on each building in a town.
    5.1. BANK
    The banks are places where you trade your Almas into gold. Each town 
    has a different exchange ratio, which is all written below. In this 
    building, you can also check the amount of gold you have and deposit 
    and withdraw a certain amount.
    Here is the table that informs you about which amount of money 1 
    Almas is worth in each place. In Llama, you must have at least four 
    Almas in order to get any gold, but you get two, instead of one gold. 
    The Almas not exchanged will be left aside, in the space where your 
    number of Almas is displayed. If you had 10 Almas, you will get an 
    exchange into 2 gold and after getting another 10, into 4, without a 
    leftover Almas. 
    1. Muralla Town
    2. Satono Town
    3. Bosque Village
    4. Helada Town
    5. Tumba Town
    6. Dorado Town
    7. Llama Town
    8. Pureza Town
    9.Esco Village
    The Almas balls are worth one, ten or a hundred Almas, but each one 
    looks different. Those worth one Almas are gray on the outside and 
    have a red glow inside. Those worth ten have a gray edge and green 
    glow and those worth a hundred are red outside and have a green glow. 
    5.2. WEAPON SHOP
    In the game, there are many swords and shields, which Duke Garland 
    can buy. Each item costs differently because those that cost more are 
    more powerful or effective against enemies. In each town, you can buy 
    a new sword OR shield. Note that those that have been presented in a 
    previous town cost less in the next, because it's hard to survive 
    without them when passing the old one, and less effective in the new 
    one. Inferior swords in each new town require greater skill of the 
    player and such shields, greater indurance (effort and skill). Items 
    have a hold (pause) for the lasting of two cities. (There is no new 
    item (sword OR shield in the next town)).
    Here is a list of swords and shields that are in the game. From worse 
    to better, but you can't buy each of them in every town. (The 
    limitations are written below.) The table is separated in two parts, 
    in the small and big swords, and small and big shields. The big 
    swords are twice the size, and big shields are twice higher. 
    1. *Training Sword
    1. Clay Shield
    2. Wise Man's Sword
    2. Wise Man's Shield
    3. Spirit Sword
    3. Stone Shield
    4. Knight's Sword
    4. Honor Shield
    5. Illumination Sword
    5. Light Shield
    6. Enchantment Sword
    6. Titanium Shield
    Here's the description of every weapon item in the game. Now you can 
    know what's worth buying. Later, you can know the price.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- SWORDS
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- WISE MAN'S SWORD
    This sword isn't much better than the Training Sword. It isn't 
    recommended or special, but it's worth to have it as it's pretty 
    cheap. This is a useful sword, although it doesn't have great value. 
    However, until the Spirit Sword is presented, this sword will cover 
    and solve your entire enemy destroying problems. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- SPIRIT SWORD
    The Spirit Sword is much more powerful than the Wise Man's Sword. 
    It's a high-grade product and a valuable sword. It can be very handy 
    and it is easy to defeat enemies with it. It's a wise choice to have 
    it in battle. It's first presented in Bosque Village.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- KNIGHT'S SWORD
    The Knight's Sword is a much longer sword and a very efficient sword. 
    It packs a far more powerful punch than the earlier ones. This sword 
    won't disappoint you-it's very useful against any enemy. It's one of 
    the best swords you are able to buy. You get it in exchange for the 
    Glory Crest from the salesman in Tumba, and it's buyable afterwards. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ILLUMINATION SWORD
    This is the best sword you can buy. It's very useful and powerful. 
    Other swords pale in comparison to this one. Even the Knight's Sword 
    becomes pretty lousy and useless once you get the hang of it. The 
    price is very high, but this sword is like no other. Nothing comes 
    close to matching it's might and power. The only sword better than 
    this one is the legendary Fairy Flame Enchantment Sword. It's first 
    presented in Dorado. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- SHIELDS
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- CLAY SHIELD
    This shield has very limited defensive capability. It's small and 
    pretty useless. I think that it isn't even worth trying it out, 
    regardless of the fact that it costs almost nothing; it does nothing 
    as well.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- WISE MAN'S SHIELD
    It's only slightly better than the Clay shield. Long ago, a well-
    known hero used it for a short time, which proves that it's very 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- STONE SHIELD
    This shield is more durable than the Wise Man's Shield. It isn't very 
    special, but it's worth to have it, even though it has its 
    disadvantages. It's first presented in Satono Town. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- HONOR SHIELD
    The Honor Shield is a superior shield. It's bigger and protects the 
    entire front of you, so no high or low attack will penetrate it. It's 
    strong and light and easy to use. This shield is the least a brave 
    man should have. It's first presented in Helada Town.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- LIGHT SHIELD
    This is not an ordinary shield. It's not made of common iron. It's 
    made of magic metal called Megane, and is pretty much unbreakable. It 
    has the same hit points as the Honor Shield, but is way more durable. 
    This is one of the best shields available. It's first presented in 
    Dorado Town.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- TITANIUM SHIELD
    The Titanium shield is the best buyable shield. This shield is light 
    as a feather and hard as a diamond. It has double hit points than the 
    Light Shield, and can protect you much more than it can. It's first 
    presented in Llama Town. You can't lose with this one.
    This part of information is linked with the limitations of buying 
    swords or shields in every town. Even though you can find out for 
    yourself, this table can be used for a quick reference. For every 
    next item, the town's name is repeated because there is no room for 
    another item. Every town doesn't have all items, but you can sell the 
    things you own. You'll get the money based on his item or, if the 
    salesman doesn't have it, its original price. In this way, every town 
    can have every item. Esco Village already has everything, and it's 
    all cheap, so by selling, you'll just make money. The Esco Village is 
    an ideal place to buy swords or shield, because they're cheap, but 
    the trouble is that the salesman will only give you the price which 
    is half of what you bought it for. Another problem is that you can't 
    buy the Fairy Flame Enchantment Sword in the Esco Village. 
    Additionally, you can't get a description of this item there, even if 
    you sell it. Here you can find it out, enhanced, improved and 
    compacted into a single place, without having to ask of the 
    description of each item itself; that would take a lot of precious 
    time that this FAQ saves. Enjoy!
    Note: You can get these items with the Hex editor, following the 
    description of the Hex editor cheat, mentioned (but not described) in 
    the 9.1. part. Also available with ZelTrain, more quickly and more 
    simply. This is mentioned at part 9.2.
    - Muralla Town
    Training Sw.
    Muralla Town 
    Clay Shield
    - Muralla Town
    Wise M. Sw.
    Muralla Town
    Wise M. Sh.
    - Satono Town
    Training Sw.
    Satono Town
    Clay Shield
    - Satono Town
    Wise M. Sw.
    Satono Town
    Wise M. Sh.
    - Bosque Village
    Training Sw.
    Satono Town
    Stone Shield
    - Bosque Village
    Wise M. Sw.
    Bosque Village
    Clay Shield
    - Bosque Village
    Spirit Sword
    Bosque Village
    Wise M. Sh.
    - Helada Town
    Training Sw.
    Bosque Village
    Stone Shield
    - Helada Town
    Wise M. Sw.
    Helada Town
    Wise M. Sh.
    - Helada Town
    Spirit Sword
    Helada Town
    Stone Shield
    - Tumba Town
    Wise M. Sw.
    Helada Town
    Honor Sh.
    - Tumba Town
    Spirit Sword
    Tumba Town
    Stone Shield
    - Dorado Town
    Spirit Sword
    Tumba Town
    Honor Sh.
    - Dorado Town
    Knight's Sw.
    Dorado Town
    Stone Shield
    - Dorado Town
    Illumin. Sw.
    Dorado Town
    Honor Sh.
    - Llama Town
    Spirit Sword
    Dorado Town
    Light Shield
    - Llama Town
    Knight's Sw.
    Llama Town
    Honor Sh.
    - Llama Town
    Illumin. Sw.
    Llama Town
    Light Shield
    - Pureza Town
    Training Sw.
    Llama Town
    Titanium Sh.
    - Pureza Town
    Wise M. Sw.
    Pureza Town
    Honor Sh.
    - Pureza Town
    Spirit Sword
    Pureza Town
    Light Shield
    - Pureza Town
    Knight's Sw.
    Pureza Town
    Titanium Sh.
    - Pureza Town
    Illumin. Sw.
    5.3. MAGIC ITEMS
    In each town, there is a shop where you can buy useful artifacts to 
    help you in your mission. For example, the Magia Stone is an item 
    that will guard you in a measure. It surrounds your aura and hurts 
    enemies that touch it. It doesn't always spare you of all enemies, so 
    be careful not to rely on it too much! And don't collide with enemies 
    at a great rate of speed or you will get hurt, because it doesn't 
    always have a stone in the place that your enemy is approaching. When 
    the Magia Stone begins to weaken, there will be fewer stones in a 
    turn of the spell. That's the sign for you to start heading for town 
    or be careful not to be surprised when it wears off completely. This 
    table describes every item in a short way.  
    - Elixir of Kashi
    - Restores a magic spell's full strength
    - Chikara Powder
    - Restores all magic spells' full strength
    - Ken'Ko Potion
    - Restores very little life
    - Ju-enn Fruit
    - Restores life to full capacity
    - Magia Stone
    - Protects the person's aura
    - Kioku Feather
    - Brings you to Muralla Town
    - Sabre Oil
    - Increases the sword's offensive power
    - Holy Water of Acero
    - Restores 100 H(it) P(oints) to a shield
    Here is all the information about the magic items. Even though you 
    can find out in the magic shop, I want to have a full FAQ. I like to 
    have everything in one place. The full description of every magic 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- KEN'KO POTION
    This is a blend of junkel fruit and Ripodi leaf. It covers loss of 
    very little health, but is very cheap. It is used as a mild health 
    tonic, but is not really recommended; the Ju'enn Fruit is a great 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- JU-ENN FRUIT
    This item restores the person's life to its full capacity. Its 
    usefulness depends on the amount of life in need to recover and is 
    used best when the person is in danger of dying. The trees on which 
    this fruit grows bear once every ten years. They cost much more than 
    Ken'Ko Potions, but if you are close to dying on a high level of life 
    capacity, a Ju'enn Fruit is a lot better than all the Ken'Ko Potions 
    you can carry and it's much cheaper.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- MAGIA STONE
    The Magia Stone is probably the most useful of all the items. The 
    Magia Stone protects the aura that living beings exude. It surrounds 
    the aura to protect it from the interference of other auras. Its 
    purpose is protection against contact of the person equipped with it 
    and the enemy. It consists of stones that rotate around the person 
    and hit anything touching it. Upon hitting an enemy, it loses some 
    magic power, but it takes many, many hits for it to start visibly 
    weaken. In a turn, it goes from two to four stones. In a different 
    area (which you enter after going through a door) it'll turn in 
    another way. (There are two ways). When entering town, you'll lose it 
    completely. When it begins wearing off, there will be utmost three 
    stones. After a few more attacks, it'll weaken to only two and, 
    eventually, one. In such a case, an enemy attack could severely 
    damage you, because it takes time for the stone to rotate the whole 
    way. The Magia Stone is always one space out from the body, so it 
    only protects you from approaching enemies. If an enemy should 
    penetrate it, only it's falling behind will make him be hit, but by 
    then, it maybe too late. 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- SABRE OIL
    This item increases the strength of the current sword and makes its 
    attack much more deadly for the lasting of the magic. It's best to 
    use it for enemies that are hard to kill, or a cover for an inferior 
    sword because you can't buy a better one. Additionally, using more of 
    these makes the sword incredibly strong. The Sabre Oil is very 
    expensive, but also, very useful.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- KIOKU FEATHER
    This feather remembers the voice of the last wise man that spoke to 
    you. Particularly, it brings you back to the guard of Muralla Town 
    and is most useful when the person has doubts about surviving or has 
    any reason to return to Muralla Town or simply, get out of the 
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ELIXIR OF KASHI
    This is made from a broth of mistletoe simmered on a night of a full 
    moon. It restores all spells of a single type. It's bitter, but 
    cheap. Its best use is when you have a spell that you wish to use 
    again, but only it, or a few of them. When battling a tough monster, 
    if you only use some spells, and wish to save a Chikara Powder, use 
    some Elixirs of Kashi instead.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- CHIKARA POWDER
    The Chikara Powder is the best choice for restoration of magic 
    spells. It's a mixture of powdered dragon scales and crushed Wise 
    Man's Stone steamed for one hundred days. It'll fully restore all the 
    magic powers that you possess and is best for using when you have 
    used up all of your magic spells, such as when dealing with a 
    resilient foe.  
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- HOLY WATER OF ACERO
    The Holy water of Acero is a liquefied metal made of mercury and 
    iron. If you paint it on a shield weakened by battle, it will regain 
    100 points of damage to it. It's useful for saving a shield from 
    Many of these items are extremely useful. Not having them can be very 
    dangerous. For example, if you are about to loose your life and don't 
    have a Ju-enn Fruit or even a Kioku Feather, you are in big trouble, 
    especially if you're far from the town and/or have a lot of gold and 
    are in a very dangerous area. The only possible way that it can be 
    worse is if you haven't saved the game for a long time. There are a 
    few things you should know about some of the items:
    - Don't use the Magia Stone in the Rotten Caverns. It'll make new red 
    slime creatures and won't hurt them. It just wastes it and is 
    - If you have a very little health bar, when hurt, use a Ken'Ko 
    Potion instead of a Ju-enn Fruit. This is a simple way to save a lot 
    of money.
    Also, if you have a huge life bar, use a Ju-enn Fruit instead of a 
    whole bunch of Ken'Ko Potions which won't restore much of your life, 
    because you can't store more than five of them.  
    - Don't use the Chikara Powder if you have used up only one magic 
    power. Use an Elixir of Kashi. Also, don't use the Elixir of Kashi if 
    you haven't used up the entire power. If you have a lot of powers 
    drained, use a Chikara Powder. This saves a lot of money.
    Here's a table that shows the items in a Magic Shop for each town. By 
    selling form different towns, you can have every item everywhere. The 
    item will have the price it had it the town you bought it in. Esco 
    has every item, including a really cheap price. That price is written 
    above. If you sell an item from a town that had it to a town that has 
    it also, you won't make a difference, except that the saleswoman will 
    give you the sell price for her own item. To make all this clearer, 
    let me make an example. If you buy a Magia Stone in Bosque Village 
    for 1500 golds and sell it in Muralla Town, you'll get only 500 golds 
    resale because the Magia Stone costs only 1000 golds there. In this 
    manner, by selling a Magia Stone bought in Muralla in Bosque, you'll 
    get 750 golds, which is 3/4 of the price, instead of just half. 
    Note that each shop doesn't have every item, but by selling from town 
    to town, you can have all items in every shop (town). It will have 
    the price it had in the town you bought it in.
    Now you can know the price of every item in each town, so that you 
    can make such combinations to get better value and save money! It's 
    all with the help of this table below. It indicates the price of each 
    item in each town or village. The prices of the same items increase 
    greatly when in later towns. This is because it is supposed that you 
    already have enough gold to afford it. This is extremely useful. 
    Luckily, there isn't a thing I've missed here, so here it is. This 
    table is one of the most difficult things to write in this document. 
    I hope you'll appreciate the effort I've spent in the doing of it. As 
    I said, here it is.
    This table shows which items are available in each town with their 
    - Muralla Town
    Magia Stone
    - Muralla Town
    Ken'Ko Potion
    - Muralla Town
    Sabre Oil
    - Satono Town
    Ken'Ko Potion
    - Satono Town
    Elixir of Kashi
    - Satono Town
    Holy Water of Acero
    - Satono Town
    Sabre Oil
    - Bosque Village
    Ju-enn Fruit
    - Bosque Village
    Elixir of Kashi
    - Bosque Village
    Magia Stone
    - Bosque Village
    Sabre Oil
    - Bosque Village
    Kioku Feather
    - Helada Town
    Ju-enn Fruit
    - Helada Town
    Elixir of Kashi
    - Helada Town
    Chikara Powder
    - Helada Town
    Magia Stone
    - Helada Town
    Holy Water of Acero
    - Helada Town
    Sabre Oil
    - Helada Town
    Kioku Feather
    - Tumba Town
    Ju-enn Fruit
    - Tumba Town
    Magia Stone
    - Tumba Town
    Sabre Oil
    - Dorado Town
    Ju-enn Fruit
    - Dorado Town
    Chikara Powder
    - Dorado Town
    Magia Stone
    - Dorado Town
    Holy Water of Acero
    - Llama Town 
    Ju-enn Fruit
    - Llama Town 
    Magia Stone
    - Llama Town 
    Sabre Oil
    - Llama Town 
    Kioku Feather
    - Pureza Town
    Kioku Feather
    5.4. INN
    Besides Muralla Town and Esco Village that have churches, the other 
    places have inns, places in which you rest, but the innkeeper will 
    charge you for your rest. That price grows in every following place, 
    in Satono through Pureza. The table shows the prices. 
    1.Satono Town
    30 golds
    2.Bosque Village 
    50 golds
    3.Helada Town
    70 golds
    4.Tumba Town
    100 golds
    5.Dorado Town
    150 golds
    6.Llama Town
    200 golds
    7.Pureza town
    400 golds
    5.4.2. INN VS. CHURCH
    The churches are obviously the solutions to all your financial 
    problem concerning recovery. The problem is that there are only two 
    churches-in Muralla and in Esco. Using a Kioku Feather would be a 
    remedy and having the Pirika, Silkarn and Feruza Shoes would be an 
    enhancement. There is also an alternative: resting in a safe spot 
    with the speed on the highest level.
    5.5. SAGES
    In each town, there is a sage, a woman that tells you your task in 
    the current land, raises your power and saves your game. The 
    exception village is Esco, where there is no sage and you can't save 
    your game. There is a Church, like in Muralla, instead of an Inn (You 
    don't have to pay for your recovery). This is a sort of a secret 
    place where everything is cheap and the people give you useful advice 
    concerning your path to Jashiin, but they are hard-to-solve mysteries 
    which are part of the thrill of the game. The thinking and seeking of 
    the answers to those mysteries is up to you. The Sage will reinforce 
    your powers if you have fought enough and gathered enough experience.
    This table shows the number of times Duke Garland can receive 
    increases in power in each town. The Sages will raise your power, but 
    under the condition that you have enough "*experience". 
    *Note: The explanation for this is written above, in the POWER-UPS 
    1. Muralla Town
    2. Satono Town
    3. Bosque Village
    4. Helada Town
    5. Tumba Town
    6. Dorado Town
    7. Llama Town
    In Pureza Town there may be countless power raises because I never 
    came to a stop here. I don't think it can ever stop, because there is 
    no continuing after that world and no other Sages after that one. 
    After raising your powers as much as she can, the Sage will no longer 
    be able to do so. This means that you have to defeat the boss 
    opponent with what you have and ask the Sage in the new town for a 
    raise to a higher level. If she can't raise them any more, but you 
    don't have the experience, she'll say that you don't have enough 
    experience (in one of the three ways that are written below) and, 
    when you gather sufficient experience, she'll say this:
    "I can no longer impart the power of the Spirits to you. Continue 
    your quest, you'll soon find others to help you."
    If the Sage is going to grant you a new level of power, her message 
    will be this: 
    "The light of the Spirits is bursting forth within you. Indeed, your 
    power has grown."
    If you don't have the experience needed, she'll say one of these 
    three messages. 
    She will say the first one is if you barely have any of the 
    experience needed:
    "Your experience is lacking. Persevere in your quest."
    The second one is told if you have a lot of experience, but not close 
    to that what you need to have:
    "You must accumulate more experience."
    She'll say the third one if you're really close, but still don't have 
    all the experience needed:
    "I can see the faint light of the Spirits in you. You must endure a 
    little longer." 
    In every town, there is a different Sage. The new ones are more 
    powerful because they can raise your power to a greater level. Their 
    names are as follows in the table below. 
    This table displays the names of each one of them with the town in 
    which she resides.
    1.Muralla Town
    2.Satono Town
    3.Bosque Village
    4.Helada Town
    5.Tumba Town
    6.Dorado Town
    7.Llama Town
    8.Pureza Town
    6.1. SPELLS
    The spells are found at the top of the screen. They are offensive 
    items. An overview of the kinds of spells would be this:
    1. Espada
    - Short distance, stops upon contact
    2. Saeta
    - Long range
    3. Fuego
    - Short range, long lasting
    4. Lanzar
    - Long range
    5. Rascar
    - Falls from top to bottom of the screen
    6. Agua
    - Long range, high
    7. Guerra
    - Covers entire screen
    1. Espada
    - Throwing swords
    2. Saeta
    - Arrows
    3. Fuego
    - Fire
    4. Lanzar
    - Flame
    5. Rascar
    - Falling rocks
    6. Agua
    - Water
    7. Guerra
    - War
    6.2. KEYS
    6.2.1. NORMAL KEYS
    The keys are what you open locked doors with. Here are the numbers of 
    keys in the accompanying town. This doesn't include boss doors, or 
    any that are mentioned in this table. 
    1. Muralla Town
    2. Satono Town
    3. Bosque Village
    4. Helada Town
    5. Tumba Town
    6. Dorado Town
    7. Llama Town
    8. Pureza Town
    *Locked with "Lion's Head Key", see the next paragraph.
    **The second key is for a passage door, but only for another part of 
    that world
    6.2.2. "LION'S HEAD KEY"
    This is a unique key. It's required for opening the green door in the 
    Gold Caverns, but the key itself is in the final world. It's also the 
    type of key that would open the blue door in the Cavern of Final, but 
    there is no second one; the door is meant to be locked, from when you 
    enter, to eternity (the only way you could repeat the journey is if 
    you lose the duel, but after beating Alguien again, the same thing 
    happens). Only with ZelTrain can you get another key. In such a case, 
    you'd appear inside Alguien!
    6.3. SHOES
    I mentioned earlier in this document, a special kind of shoes which 
    you need to find, the Feruza Shoes. There are also three other types 
    of shoes and a cape, which you get in every following town, after 
    Bosque Village (Starts in Helada). 
    The shoes are as follows with their description:                                            
    1. Ruzeria Shoes
    - Help you walk on ice (you don't slip)
    2. Pirika Shoes
    - Protect you from Gelroid, thorns and hot liquids 
    3. Silkarn Shoes
    - Allow you to scale slopes
    4. Asbestos Cape
    - Protects you from getting hot in the Fire Caverns
    5. Feruza Shoes
    - Allow you to jump twice higher
    These shoes are found in the middle of the inventory screen and can 
    be worn at any time. You will have to put them on each time you want 
    to achieve the desired affect the certain shoes represent, because 
    just having them does nothing. This also means that you don't have to 
    wear any of them. The Pirika, Silkarn and the Feruza shoes are very 
    useful when passing thorough different lands because wearing them 
    shortens and eases the way. The reason of that is that the game is 
    designed to have slopes, long fires, thorns or Gelroid or high ropes 
    or places where you don't have the shoes needed to get to a place 
    without going the entire long way.
    6.3.1. RUZERIA SHOES
    The Ruzeria Shoes' purpose is enabling Duke Garland to avoid slipping 
    on ice, which can cause trouble like falling onto thorns or bumping 
    into Agar. They are the only shoes that you don't have a strict 
    obligation for having. I succeeded in passing the Ice caverns without 
    them, but believe me, no matter how hard it is to find them, it's 
    worth it. 
    6.3.2. PIRIKA SHOES
    These shoes are one of the three that are of high use for a shorter 
    way back to the world that you failed to pass (or died for another 
    reason without proceeding to the next world), or that are needed to 
    pass some of the way in another world. They protect you from getting 
    hurt whenever you step into either Gelroid, thorns or a hot 
    substance. They are required for passing the Rotten caverns. Without 
    them, the Gelroid will disable your advance, so like-no like, you 
    must have them. An interesting detail is that they are above a slope 
    on the easily accessible side and that the shoes in the very next 
    land are the Silkarn shoes, which enable you to climb them. 
    6.3.3. SILKARN SHOES
    The valiancy of these shoes is extremely high. Without them, worlds 
    above Tumba can't be passed. There are numerous slopes in each world, 
    so these are the most important. Still, most of them are in the Gold 
    Caverns, because, that's their original world. You can find out a 
    detail about these shoes when repeating your journey through the Ice 
    caverns. The slopes there are frozen, so you'll slip and you can't 
    wear the Ruzeria Shoes and the Silkarn Shoes at the same time. 
    However, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes, you'll be able to 
    climb it and sometimes not. I wonder why that is. 
    6.3.4. ASBESTOS CAPE
    This is a pretty unique piece of clothing. It's meant only to be used 
    (and it only is needed) in the Fire Caverns. The problem is that you 
    have to wear it all the time and passing this world requires the 
    Silkarn and Pirika Shoes, so you'll lose some of your life anyway. 
    After trying it, I realized that you get hot faster than recover lost 
    life points, so, even if you remain still, you won't be able to 
    survive through this part without it. Considering the long way 
    (including the labyrinth) and many enemies, you have no chance of 
    making it alive. Plus, the guardian monster is the toughest in the 
    game (Dragon is the most resilient, most powerful and most dangerous 
    boss enemy in the entire game, even worse than Jashiin because you 
    don't have the Guerra Spell). This is not found in the caverns. You 
    buy it from an inhabitant of Llama Town for 2500 Almas.
    6.4. CRESTS
    On the right part of the inventory, there are, besides swords, keys 
    and shields, "Crests". They have a certain meaning in the game and 
    are well hidden or protected because they're part of the game and 
    without them, you can't travel to a certain place that follows. These 
    1. Hero's Crest
    Allows you to encounter Pollo
    2. *Glory (Family) Crest
    Allows you to get the Knight's Sword
    3. **Elf Crest
    Allows you to talk to the people of Llama Town 
    *The Glory Crest is not needed because you can defeat Vista without 
    the Knight's Sword, but it's much more difficult that way. In other 
    words, it exists only for players with little skill, patience, or 
    luck, but it makes the game less dull (the Knight's Sword is free).
    **The Elf Crest is unneeded unless you are curious of information in 
    Llama Town, but the people there say useful things and, if you're 
    playing for the first time, you should know their advice. Also, by 
    defeating Paguro, you get the Almas needed for the Asbestos Cape.
    6.4.1. HERO'S CREST
    This crest is the first one. It's also the ONLY one that you HAVE to 
    find. It lets you pass the third world and continue.
    Note: If you get it with Zeltrain, it won't have any effect; the 
    guard won't fall for the fake one.
    This crest is not really needed, as it is proven that Vista can be 
    defeated without the Knight's Sword. I think the makers of Zeliard 
    have goofed. Anyway, the crest makes the salesman in Tumba give you 
    the Knight's Sword in exchange for it.
    6.4.3. ELF CREST
    This crest is also unneeded. It just allows you to talk to the people 
    in Llama Town. You get it when you beat Paguro.
    This part tells you everything about passing each world in detail. It 
    will familiarize you with the process of finding each object or 
    secret in every one of eight worlds. It also provides the name of the 
    boss(es) and the items that exist in the current world on the very 
    beginning. This is undoubtedly the most important part of the FAQ by 
    far. This information alone will solve all the problems you have in 
    the game, but the rest is interesting, non the less. This walkthrough 
    consists mainly of "up", "down", "left", or "right", but it can be 
    followed easily that way. 
    Note: This walkthrough is mainly copied data from an already existing 
    FAQ, but the last world was not described there, so some parts of 
    information are original and, besides, make my FAQ a full one. I 
    received permission from the original author of the walkthrough, so 
    this part is legally written by all the guidelines mentioned at the 
    web site "how to write a FAQ for GameFAQs". That is why I HAVE to 
    give a HUGE thanks to the original author, NeoZenogias. His e-mail 
    address is Braekdown3@aol.com. 
    -Boss: Cangrejo the crab
    -Secrets: Two hidden potions
    After the opening sequence make your way to the castle, which is 
    incidentally right in front of you. Talk to the king and he'll give 
    you 1000 golds. After you leave the palace, go to the shrine to see 
    the princess. After that, go to town, where you can visit each shop. 
    Instead of upgrading your sword or buying a shield, the best thing to 
    buy is the Magia Stone, which costs exactly 1000 golds, or you can 
    save the money. When you are ready, you may enter the cavern at the 
    right end of the town. 
    The first thing to do here is equip the Magia Stone in the item 
    screen. When you have done this, go to the left and down a rope. Kill 
    the monsters and grab the chest. Then jump onto the green platform 
    and make it go up until you can jump of to the right. Go right until 
    you come to a rope. Go down, but don't use the chest unless you need 
    to. Go down, then right, when you see a rope, go down, then left and 
    up and grab the key. This is a good resting-place, just watch for the 
    After you get the key go back down the rope and right. Climb this 
    rope and right again. Go down the rope and to the right. Climb this 
    rope. If you need it, there is a potion of full healing in the wall. 
    Just jump onto the platform and ride it to the top. Slash the wall 
    and get the potion (as I said, if you need it). Get off the rope on 
    the first left and follow it all the way. You will come to an 
    unclimbable slope. But you'll see two doors. Climb the rope near the 
    slope to the top. Grab the rope next to it and get on the path. Go 
    right and climb the rope. Carefully jump the pit and continue. Climb 
    the rope and make your way over the spikes. Soon you'll come to a 
    platform to go across. This area is great for picking up Almas while 
    running back and forth because the monsters will regenerate.
    Climb the rope and go trough the door. You'll come to a new cavern. 
    You can't do much here right now, but someday. Go left over the rope 
    and go up the next rope. Then go to the left of the rope and slash 
    the wall. Buried in it is an orb worth 100 Almas. Go back and down 
    the rope. To the left is another door. Go through it and carefully 
    cross the platform. Climb the rope and go right. Climb the next one 
    and go left. When you climb the next rope, climb it. To your right is 
    a red door that makes noise. This is a sign of a door, in which a 
    boss lives and is prepared to fight you. (It is advised that you save 
    your game before encountering a boss enemy and, in this case, just 
    jump to the right, climb the rope and go right to reach the town). 
    When you're ready, open the door and fight a one-on-one battle with 
    the giant crab, Cangrejo. Grab the key and go through the blue door. 
    Enter the door on your left, which is the entrance to Satono Town. 
    -Boss: Pulpo the octopus
    -Secrets: hidden potions in the wall
    When you first arrive in Satono make your way to the Sages hut 
    immediately. She'll teach you a new spell. Save your game. If in need 
    to do so, visit the shops. When you're ready, enter the cavern of 
    The first thing you'll want to do when you enter Peligro is to find 
    as many of the keys as possible. When you leave the town, go left and 
    climb the rope. Climb to the top and go right. Don't follow the rope 
    all the way down. Get off to the right path you first see. Get on the 
    platform and ride it to the right. Climb the rope that you see after 
    getting off the platform and grab the key. Go back down the rope and 
    get on the green platform. Go down until it stops. Get off and climb 
    the rope down. Fall off the ledge to the right. After you fall go 
    left. Watch out for the trolls; they can be tricky. Climb the rope 
    down and touch the blue stone. It will tell you to be careful of the 
    box. If you touch the box, it'll turn into a very dangerous bat. 
    After you kill it, you get a full heal potion.
    From where you are get on the rope and climb up. Go to the left until 
    you come to the rope. To the left side of the rope is a healing 
    potion in the wall. Go down the rope and go left. On the ground is a 
    key. Grab it and go back the way you came. When you get to the area 
    where the blue stone is, follow the large rope all the way down. Go 
    right and climb the ropes. Enter the door. Go left, cross the 
    platforms and cross the platforms. Soon you'll come to a door. Enter 
    it and cross the platform on the left. Climb the ropes down cross the 
    other platform on the right. Here will be another encounter door, 
    which you can enter. You can heal yourself here, instead of outside, 
    because Pulpo can't move (he's stuck) and it's "crowded" outside. 
    When you're ready, start attacking Pulpo. (See the instructions below 
    to see details how to beat him, in the advantages-weaknesses of 
    monsters part of the tips and tricks section). Enter the door and 
    then enter the door on the right. This will bring you to the cavern 
    of Madera/Riza. Go left and then go down. The door on the left is the 
    entrance to Bosque Village. Enter it.  
    -Boss: Pollo
    -Items: Hero's Crest
    Upon entering the village, talk to the Sage who'll teach you a new 
    spell. Save your game. Your health bar should be about at the half 
    way mark. If it isn't, gather more experience. 
    Go to the weapon store here and buy the Spirit Sword. If you go to 
    the left, you'll notice a guard at the other exit. He is in league 
    with Jashiin, but, not to reveal it, he claims that a Spirit came to 
    him in a dream and told him not to allow anyone to pass without the 
    Hero's Crest, which Jashiin hid in the Forest Caverns. Your mission 
    is to get it and, upon passing the guard, destroy Pollo.
    In Madera, jump to the right instead of going down the rope and go 
    through the door. Go left and move the platform all the way up. When 
    you reach the top level, go right and down the rope. Go through the 
    door. Climb the rope to your right and go through the door. To your 
    right is a very thin green area. Run across quickly and without 
    stopping. Then go through the door. Climb the rope to your right. Go 
    right and slash the trunk to reveal the Hero's Crest.
    Go back to where you first went to Riza. Go right and down the rope. 
    Then go left off the ledge. Go right again across the rope and 
    through the door. Climb down the rope to your right. Go left and down 
    the other rope. Go right to find the key. Then go back to town the 
    way you came.
    Do what you need to prepare for the boss battle. Go left and the 
    guard will let you pass. Go right and off the ledge. The door to the 
    right is the entrance to Pollo's room. When you prevail, enter the 
    door. Go right and then you'll find yourself in the Ice Caverns.  
    -Boss: Agar
    -Items: Ruzeria Shoes
    When you enter, go left and through the door. You'll need a key to 
    open the locked door on the right, across the platform. Fall off the 
    ledge and go to the left to another platform. Carefully cross it and 
    go all the way left and down the rope. Go right and get on the 
    platform, which will take you to the ledge with the key. Make your 
    way back to the door and go through. Go right and follow the 
    platforms right and down the rope. Go right and down another rope. Go 
    left and up the rope and you'll be before Helada Town. Visit the Sage 
    and save. Here, you can buy the Honor Shield, which will guard you 
    from Agar's ice attack and is much more indurable than earlier 
    shields. When you're done, exit the town from the left side. When you 
    go to the Ice Caverns again, you'll find out that you'll slip on the 
    ice and that the icicles will fall from the roof periodically.
    You will find yourself in Glacial. Go to the left and down the rope. 
    Go right and down another. Wait for a platform and ride it to the 
    right, climbing off onto the rope. After you climb the rope, go right 
    and down another rope. Run to the right, ducking at the last second. 
    You'll fall onto the pair of boots. Those are the Ruzeria Shoes, 
    which help you walk on ice, because they prevent slipping and 
    sliding. Equip the Ruzeria Shoes and go left and then down the rope. 
    When you climb down the rope, go left. Climb the rope and go left 
    again. When you get to the rope to the far left, climb down. When the 
    moving platform is under, jump on it and go through the door to the 
    right. You'll once again be in Escarcha. Go right and get on the 
    moving platforms. Continue going right until you come to a rope. 
    Climb the rope and, after you cross the platforms, climb another. Go 
    right and cross the platform. Climb the rope and go right and climb 
    the next two ropes. Go left and cross the platforms. Climb the rope 
    and go right, across the platform and enter the door. 
    This will take you back to Glacial. Climb down the rope to your left 
    and go left. Jump through the hole by. To do this, you must unequip 
    the Ruzeria Shoes. Quickly put them on and you will fall in front of 
    a boss door. Kill Agar and go through the door. Now you're in the 
    Rotten Caverns. Go right and up the rope. Then go right again and 
    through the entrance to Tumba Town.
    -Boss: Vista
    -Items: Pirika Shoes, Family (Glory) Crest
    When you enter the Tumba Town, visit the Sage and do the rest what 
    you need and want. In the Weapon Shop, the salesman will refuse to 
    sell you the Knight's Sword. The Sage says that you can't defeat 
    Vista without it, but it is possible, since I done it and without 
    that many complications (details on defeating Vista are written 
    below, including the description on defeating her without the 
    Knight's Sword). When you're ready, go back out the way you came in. 
    When you leave town, go down the rope to the right and left. Climb 
    down the rope and go left again. When you get to the wall, you can go 
    through it. Go down the rope to the left and go right. Get on the 
    green platform and move it up until you find a spot where you can go 
    through the wall. Climb the rope and cross the platforms and go 
    through the door. Go left and up the rope and then left again. Get on 
    the platform and go left again and down until you get to a door. Go 
    through, then right, climb up and go right again. Climb the rope and 
    go left. Grab and equip the Pirika Shoes. 
    Go down the slope and up the rope. Go left until you see the town. Go 
    up the rope and enter the town. You should save your game. When 
    you're done, exit the town from the left side. 
    When you arrive in Corroer, go left and up the rope. Then go right, 
    through the wall, and into the door. Go right, down the rope, left 
    and down the rope all the way to the bottom. Go left and don't fall 
    into the hole. Get on the platform and climb the rope. Go left and 
    grab the key. Get on the platform and move it down. Go left and up 
    the rope. Get on the platform and go right. Then go through the door. 
    Go left and down the rope. Enter the town to save, repair the shield, 
    etc. When you exit the town from the left, go right and then down the 
    rope. Follow the path left and then right until you get to the six 
    ropes. Carefully make your way across them until you get to the door. 
    Unlock it and go through. Go right all the way and then down the 
    rope. Grab the key (and the Crest, if you want the Sword (You can 
    have the Crest, but you won't be able to do anything in the Weapon 
    Shop (in Tumba) until you trade it for the Knight's Sword)). (To 
    return to the town, go up the rope, then left, through the door, fall 
    down to the right, go left, jump the hole and then left again. Climb 
    the rope and the town is on the left.)
    When you are ready, leave the town, (or just follow these directions 
    leading from the town) exit from the right. Go down the rope and 
    follow the path left, down and right. Enter the door to the left. Go 
    right until you get to a rope. Climb it and go left all the way, then 
    up and right. Go up and then left. Climb the rope and grab the full 
    heal potion in the wall. Go left and fight Vista. After beating her, 
    go through the door. Now you're in the Gold Caverns. You'll need to 
    find a key to open the door to Dorado Town. From the door you came 
    through, go down the rope to your right and cross the platforms to 
    get the key. Go back to the entrance door, climb the rope and go 
    left. Climb another and enter the town.
    -Boss: Tarso
    -Items: Silkarn Shoes
    Upon entering the town, visit the Sage. By now, your health bar 
    should be about 3/4 of the way to full. If not, gather more 
    experience. When you finish looking around the town, exit to the 
    right, where you came from.
    The first thing you'll need to do is find the Silkarn Shoes. These 
    will allow you to climb the slopes. Go down the rope to the right of 
    the entrance to the town and then go left and down the ropes. Keep 
    going down until you are on top of the extremely long ledge, which 
    looks like gold. Wait for the moving platform and get on. Ride it 
    until you get to the second thick rope. Climb the rope all the way to 
    the top. Go left and get on the moving platform. Climb the ropes and 
    go right. You'll see another platform, but don't go on it. Drop down 
    and go through the door instead. 
    Climb the rope to your left and continue going left. Climb the rope 
    just so that you can get onto the platform. Ride the platform and go 
    to the door on the right. Go through it and ride the platform all the 
    way up. Continue going up 'till you find the chest containing the 
    Silkarn Shoes. Take and equip the shoes. Get back on the platform and 
    ride it down. Go back to the entrance of Dorado Town. From there, go 
    down the rope to the right (or just go to it in the first place) and 
    go down the right rope. After going down, you'll come to a moving 
    platform. Get on it and go through the door on the left. 
    From here, go up to the rope to your right. Go right and you'll find 
    a moving platform. Get on it and go right. Destroy the block in your 
    way. Go down the rope to your right. Go down the rope directly under 
    the last one. Go left and up the slope. Drop down into the hole and 
    move the green platform down until it is in the place with the 
    others. Get off and go to the right. Ride the moving platform and 
    climb the rope to the right. Get onto the green platform to your 
    right and move it up. When you get to the blocks that are all in a 
    row, run across them quickly. Go through the door to your right and 
    to the left you'll see the moving platform. Ignore it and drop down. 
    Go through the door.
    From here, climb the rope to your right and you'll find the key. Go 
    back down and down the green platform. Go back to the town. (The way 
    back is simple because you lowered the platform. The high places can 
    be seen from a known place but can only be reached after a long 
    process throughout the mazes of the caverns. When you finish in the 
    town, exit from the left side. Go left and on the platform. When you 
    reach the rope on the left, climb it and go right. Ride the other 
    moving platform across. Go down the slope and climb the rope to the 
    right. Get on the platform and grab the rope when you get under it. 
    Climb it to the top, go left and climb another. Get to the platform. 
    Time your fall from the platform to the other one. Go left and climb 
    down the rope. Then, jump on the platform. Climb the ropes until you 
    reach the ledge where you can't see the platform. Once you make it, 
    enter the door to the right. 
    Go left and down until you come to the boss door. Enter and fight 
    Tarso. After you beat him, go through the door, climb the slope and 
    enter the door to the left. You'll appear in the Fire Caverns. Go 
    right across the rope and go through the entrance door to Llama Town.
    *The cavern of Arrugia is the place where you go when you unlock the 
    green door. It's in the Gold Caverns, although it's impenetrable 
    without the Lion's Head key, which you get two worlds later, in the 
    final world of Absor.
    -Boss: Dragon 
    -Items: Asbestos Cape, Elf Crest
    The first thing you'll notice in Llama is that nobody won't talk to 
    you before you get the Elf Crest and to do that you must defeat 
    Paguro. That is because some of Jashiin's monsters have been 
    pretending to be heroes and wreaking havoc upon Llama Town. The 
    Elder, Myuuza will tell you that and won't believe you that you 
    aren't one of them. If you want to get the Crest, you must literally 
    fight for it. Going right, you'll find a house with a woman yelling 
    that there is a monster in her house. If you want the Crest, enter 
    the house and fight with Paguro. At the right end of the town, a 
    citizen will offer you his Asbestos Cape, which you must buy because 
    of the heat. He'll sell it to you for 2500 Almas and defeating Paguro 
    will get you all the Almas required (in addition to Tarso's Almas 
    When you're ready to leave town, go out the right exit door.
    Note: You'll need to change the shoes here often. Sometimes you need 
    the Pirika Shoes and sometimes the Silkarn Shoes. Whenever you take 
    the Asbestos Cape off, you'll quickly have to put it on, as soon as 
    you're done using the Silkarn Shoes or the Pirika Shoes, because of 
    the heat. (I trust that by now you know that the Silkarn Shoes are 
    used for scaling slopes and the Pirika Shoes for protection against 
    thorns, Gelroid and boiling liquids or anything that would hurt you 
    if you step in it, for that matter.)
    Upon exiting the town, go right and down the green platform. When you 
    reach the first ledge, get off. Climb the slope and then the rope. 
    Grab the key on the left and fall. Move the green platform down and 
    go right. An air current will take you to where you first came into 
    this world. Go right and down the rope. You'll see a key on the left 
    side of the hole. Fall down and unlock the door. 
    There is a chest near that door containing 1000 golds. Go right and 
    down the rope and right again. In this covered area is the chest.
    From here go left and jump into the flames and fall down the hole. Go 
    through the door and go right. Fall down the small ledge on the right 
    and jump over the small pit. Grab the key on the right. Fall down to 
    the right and enter the previously locked door. Cross the flames, 
    cross the platform and go up the rope. To your right are platforms 
    that fall down as soon as you step on them. Even if you fail, stand 
    on the edge and jump to the right. You'll make it to the edge of the 
    other side. Climb the ropes and go over the other falling platforms. 
    This time, stand next to the first one and jump far to the left. 
    You'll touch the other platform, but you'll be able to jump to 
    safety. If you don't succeed, go through the door at the back (right, 
    down) and try again. Climb the rope to the left. Ignore the door on 
    the far right. It's there just to trick you so that you'll go back 
    all the way. Don't ever go through it, unless you want to go back. 
    Climb the slopes. Cross the moving platforms and go right. Don't go 
    through this door either. Stand on the left side of the block and 
    right of the rest of the wall. Jump and go through the door to the 
    From here go left and you'll see a whole bunch of platforms. Get on 
    the second one and make it move two steps lower and jump on the one 
    to the left from the middle. Make this one go up about three times or 
    so, until it looks like you'll hit the ceiling once you jump. If you 
    do this right, you'll make it to the edge of the last platform. 
    Adjust its position and jump onto the rope on the left. Then go 
    through the door and go right. 
    Go down the slope and right again. Jump and an air current will take 
    you away and you'll land on the ground. Wait for the platform and 
    cross it to the other side. (You won't be able to jump on it, so you 
    have to drop.) Take the platform all the way down. Go left and up. 
    Wait for the platform and ride it. Take the other one and ride that 
    one also. Climb the ropes and go left (an air current will take you 
    to the ground). Even though there are two platforms, just jump onto 
    the high one and bend. Get off to the right and cross the platform. 
    Climb the rope and go right. Go through the door and you'll find 
    yourself in the labyrinth. 
    Once there, go right and down the rope to the right and go right. 
    Climb the rope and go left. Climb the other rope. Go left and up. Go 
    left and climb the rope. Go left again and climb this rope. Go left 
    once again and climb that rope as well. Then go right and up. Then go 
    right and up again. Go left and down and left again and enter the 
    door. Climb the ropes and cross the falling platforms. Grab the full 
    heal potion on the left and go through the door and fight Dragon.
    When you beat him, go through the door and go all the way down the 
    rope and right. Enter Pureza Town. This is the last town with the 
    Sage, and this is the last world. It's written below how to get to 
    Esco Village.
    -Boss: Alguien, Jashiin
    -Items: The Fairy Flame Enchantment Sword, the Feruza Shoes
    The first thing you need to do here is find the Lion's Head Key. When 
    you exit the town on the left, go left and up the rope. Go right and 
    ride the platform. Go down the rope and up the other. You won't be 
    able to see the small hole through which you must jump, but when 
    you're about half way, jump down. If you go all the way left, there 
    is a chest of 500 golds. When you get the key, go back to town. Go 
    right and enter the last building. After going to Dorado, exit on the 
    right. Now you can unlock the green door. Go right and down the rope. 
    Then again right and down, then right. Unlock the door, grab the 
    goodies and brake the fake wall on the left. Climb the rope to the 
    right and pick up the chests worth each 1000 golds. Go right and fall 
    down. Go right and down again. Go right and enter the town. 
    When you're done here, exit and go left. Pass the locked door and 
    fall down. Climb the rope on the right and go right. Fall down from 
    the platforms and go left. Go through the door. Go down and make the 
    platform go up. Then fall down and go left. Go up and then right and 
    through the door. Go left then down and then left and up. Go left and 
    grab the key. Go back to the locked door that you passed when first 
    leaving town. 
    Once you've unlocked it and gone through, go left and then down the 
    platform to the first path to the right. Go right and then up. Go 
    left and cross the platforms. Go up the rope and proceed to the 
    right. Climb the rope and go left. Go up the rope and right. Here, 
    you need to jump in front of the right rope. An air current will take 
    you to the purple door. Go through and go left. Now, jump in front of 
    the rope to the left. Here, you can go through a wall. Go through the 
    green door on the right. Go right, then up the rope and right and up 
    another. Go left and up and then right. Jump to the right of the 
    upper door, where you can go through the wall again, only this time, 
    to the upper side. On the left is the Esco Village.
    After you finish here, go right and fall down. Go through the door 
    and then left. Fall down and go up the rope to the left. Go left and 
    jump in front of the rope. Here, another air current will take you up 
    and you'll go to the left side. Go left, then down and left again. Go 
    through the door. Go left and down and then right. Then go down, and 
    right, across the platform. Grab the key and go back to the blue 
    door. When you enter the door, you'll find yourself in a new place. 
    You were supposed to go back to the door on the right of Esco 
    Village, but this door is unique. An old man in the village speaks 
    about it. Go left, down and right, unlock the locked passage door.
    Go right and up the rope. Go right again and down the other. Go right 
    and up this rope. Go right again and then up again. Go left and 
    through the door. Go right and grab the key. Then go left and then up 
    and right again. Grab the recovery potion hidden in the wall and when 
    you're ready, fight Alguien. After you beat him, go through the door. 
    You'll notice that you can't go back because the door is locked. Go 
    right and get the key. Go up the rope and go left. Go through the 
    door, fight the final battle with Jashiin and go through the door. 
    Duke Garland'll faint, but that's supposed to happen. You'll appear 
    in Muralla Town, in Felishika's Castle. Enter the shrine of the 
    princess on the right and the Tears of Esmesanty will bring her back 
    to life and restore her true form. The Holy Spirit'll send Duke 
    Garland on another mission, separating them for now. The story ends, 
    but without a happy ending...
    Note: If anybody knows whether a sequel to the story (game) exists, 
    please mail me. 
    Note: I have to give my mother credit. She's the one that showed me 
    the trick of proceeding the way in this world. If she hadn't, I'd 
    never pass it.
    8.1. GELROID
    The Gelroid is a blue fluid found in the Rotten Caverns. It's a 
    substance that sucks the life energy of anyone stepping into it and, 
    the longer you stand, the more you get hurt. Plus, the path between 
    the Gelroid and ground is very long so that you can't make it to the 
    other side without wearing the Pirika shoes because the Gelroid will 
    finish you off long before then. There are also many red slime 
    creatures in the Gelroid. They get in your way and slow you down, as 
    well as hurting you themselves. 
    The Training Sword is the sword you start with, so you don't have to 
    buy it. However, you can buy it because, to test your skill, get 
    money, or a similar reason, after buying a new sword, you can sell it 
    and get the Training Sword back. 
    The Enchantment Sword is a secret sword. You get it in Dorado Town, 
    when you unlock a door with a special "Lion's Head Key" (Pureza). 
    Once the door is opened, grab the Feruza Shoes and the Enchantment 
    Sword and fall down (brake the fake wall, first), run toward a rope, 
    climb it and get three thousand gold. Climb another one and grab the 
    recovery potion. If you go through the door, which you must, you will 
    appear in Pureza, Absor. 
    This sword is the most powerful sword. It gives off peculiar light 
    and can vanquish any smaller foe with a single blow. 
    The Power Shield is a not really a shield. I just makes the shield 
    hit points go to maximum level. It doesn't even have a picture. With 
    ZelTrain, you can get it with number 3. 
    You can't make it to Jashiin without the Feruza Shoes, and in Dorado 
    (in future visits), you have to suffer a lot more than with these. 
    Even though they are hidden, you must have them. This also means that 
    you have to find the Enchantment Sword, but it can't be bought in any 
    town, so it's a secret sword. These shoes are part of the three that 
    make passing through worlds a piece of cake. They grant you the 
    ability to jump twice as high as you did before. They are needed 
    because you can't climb the rope in the Cavern of Final without them. 
    You're unable to jump that high without them and reach the rope, 
    which you have to climb to get to Jashiin's room in which he is 
    challenging you to a duel in a final battle. There are other such 
    places, but this is the most important one.
    I mentioned it before, but this time, I'll explain more fully: The 
    Esco Village is a secret place completely unneeded to find. I 
    wouldn't have heard of it, were it not for the man in Pureza and I 
    wouldn't have found it were it not for my mother. Nevertheless, it's 
    a great place. It only doesn't have a sage, so you can't save.
    8.4.1. COST OF MAGIC
    These tables shows you how cheap the items are. This one is for 
    - Ken'Ko Potion
    - Ju-enn Fruit
    - Elixir of Kashi
    - Chikara Powder
    - Magia Stone
    - Sabre Oil
    - Kioku Feather
    - Holy Water of Acero
    This table shows the price of weaponry items:
    - Training Sword
    - Clay Shield
    - Wise Man's Sword
    - Wise Man's Shield
    - Spirit Sword
    - Stone Shield
    - Knight's Sword
    - Honor Shield
    - Illumination Sw.
    - Light Shield
    - Titanium Shield
    You can start the game from a saved game (.usr) file, without the 
    intro and other junk that keeps you waiting. Just type "Zeliard <.usr 
    file> and your game will start STARAIGHT from that place.
    Example: "Zeliard alan". Type this if your .usr file is called "alan" 
    and your game'll commense from the place where you'd load it from 
    with F7. 
    8.6. SHORTCUTS
    The shortcuts are places where you can go once you have the Silkarn 
    and/or Feruza Shoes, instead of the whole way. Here are the most 
    important ones, for each world.
    Go right from town. Go down and right to the first path. Go down and 
    climb the slope with either of the shoes. Proceed to Satono Town.
    No real shortcuts here. There are a few by passing slopes with the 
    Silkarn Shoes, but aren't special. Takes less time with the normal 
    path, than this way.
    The only shortcut here is exiting the town from the left and going to 
    Helada. This isn't actually a shortcut; shoes aren't required and you 
    have to pass here. Still, it's worth to know.
    1.	Shortcut: When coming here, go right and down, then left and down. 
    Crossing the thorns, go right and fall. You'll come to a slope. 
    Climb it with the Silkarn Shoes and get on the platform. Grab the 
    rope and enter the town, which you'll see from the top of the 
    2.	Shortcut: Go right from town and ride the platform. Go through the 
    green door and fall down. Climb the slope with either shoes and 
    No real shortcuts here. But, going left, up and right from town, 
    enter the purple door and climb the slope. I don't know whether it 
    really shortens the way, but, just to be safe...
    1. Shortcut: *Feruza Shoes: When exiting from the left, use them to 
    climb the right rope and, when proceeding, jump on the rope after the 
    platform you have to bend while riding.
    *Note: You can skip this. The second shortcut explains why and how.
    2.	Shortcut: **Feruza Shoes: Enter the green door that was once 
    locked with the Lion's Head Key. Jump over the wall (break it 
    first) and continue. You'll appear in Absor.
    1.	Shortcut: Feruza Shoes: Go to the twin red doors. Go right and 
    jump onto the stone slab. Continue the path until you get to 
    2.	Shortcut: **Feruza Shoes: Enter the green door that was once 
    locked with the Lion's Head Key. Jump over the wall (break it 
    first) and continue. You'll appear in Absor.
    **Note: This is available for both worlds.
    9. CHEATS
    Cheater's heaven exists in this FAQ. The three ways to cheat in 
    Zeliard are: Hex cheats, Zeliard trainer and reading two other 
    Zeliard FAQs.
    9.1. HEX CHEATS
    This cheat enables you to edit the memory of Zeliard and supply 
    yourself with various 
    things found in Zeliard. For this you need the ZelEdit.
    This can be found at: http://www.cheatingdome.com/pc/2710p.htm 
    (offset list).
    I don't know exactly the site for ZelEdit itself, but I suggest that 
    you type "zeliard editor" in the search engine and pick a site. After 
    a couple of tries, you get to the wanted page, but it's there for 
    About the editor: You must start it in DOS mode because you'll have 
    to type "Zedit" and the name of the .usr file for it to start, which 
    you can't do from Windows.
    Example: Typing "Zedit alan" will allow you to edit the saved game 
    called alan.
    This is what it can edit: (not showing details, see the offset list)
    1.	Which sword you have
    2.	Which shield you have
    3.	How many crystals (jewels) you have
    4.	Which crests you have
    5.	Which (and how many) magic spells you have and how many you can 
    have maximum
    6.	How many life you have and how many you (currently) can have
    7.	Which and how many use items you have.
    This is not all. As I said, visit the site. This is only a short 
    list/overview. Also, there are some notes that you need to know.
    This trainer enables you little less options, but it doesn't require 
    any special program-just ZelTrain itself. This is a really great 
    You can find it on the site: http://www.avault.com... (I don't know 
    the rest, but type this and go to the Z letter and pick Zeliard and 
    then Zeliard trainer).
    Here is (in short) what this trainer can do:
    1. 1
    Get better sword
    2. 2
    Get better shield
    3. 3
    Max out shield hit points
    4. 4
    Get key (up to 9)
    5. 5
    Get Lion's Head Key (up to 9)
    6. 6
    Toggle Hero's Crest on/off
    7. 7
    Toggle Glory (Honor, Family) Crest on/off
    8. 8
    Toggle Elf Crest on/off
    9. 9
    Add magic spell (and max it out)
    10. 0
    Add wear item
    11. -
    Add use item
    12. =
    Get max money in bank (9,999,999 gold)
    9.3. OTHER FAQs
    9.3.1. WALKTHROUGH
    Written by NeoZenogias, a step-by-step guide through the entire game. 
    You can find it here, though, in the 7. part-Walkthrough of the 
    entire game. This one includes the walkthrough of the final world as 
    well, which is the only world of problem, but practically nobody 
    knows how to pass it. I do. How's that for a competition?
    9.3.2. BOSS STRATEGY
    Written by Peter Butter (alias Sashanan), a foolproof :) way to 
    explain how to prepare for a boss fight and how to slaughter each 
    one. My part is shorter; a different guide for only beating the 
    bosses. This one I didn't win; his is better, so you can skip this 
    part in my FAQ and download his boss FAQ. I admit defeat. (Boo-hoo!)
    Both these FAQs can be found at the GameFAQs site at: 
    http://db.gamefaqs.com... (search)
    Last, but not least, I would like to mention some tips and tricks 
    that make the game easier but also, much more fun, less boring and 
    >	You can rest in safe spots. If you stand still, you will regain 
    your strength. In this manner, you can also defend yourself by 
    attacking with your sword while standing ground and not bending or 
    jumping. Plus, you can speed up (and slow down, of course) the 
    game by pressing F9 and typing a number from 0 to 9. This is cool 
    and takes you very little time to recover, but make sure you won't 
    be attacked while increasing speed (ESPECIALLY ON THE 9 LEVEL).
    >	Save your game often. If you die, you'll have to travel all the 
    way back from Muralla Town. Additionally, you'll lose half the 
    Almas and all the gold you were carrying. After saving the game, 
    you can load it at any time by pressing F7 and writing the name of 
    the saved file. If you want to start a completely new game, press 
    F7 and then space. After adjusting the game you're loading, just 
    press enter (this includes restarting as well). 
    >	If possible, buy the Magia Stone. It will give you an extra edge 
    while collecting Almas and more than likely, get you out of some 
    nasty situations. It's very useful against the deadliest opponents 
    or for going deep into the labyrinths. If it starts weakening, 
    "head for the hills" or "run for your life" (go back to town), 
    because you'll soon lose it.  
    >	Try to find the shoes of the place you're in as soon as possible. 
    Then you won't have to worry about the nasty parts of the cavern 
    that you just can't pass without them. Some jokes: (Ouch, that 
    hurt, who put that thorn below my foot [that's a thorn in the 
    side!]). (Wilma, where are my shoes). (It's too hot - my rear's on 
    fire). (I've heard of quicksand, but live water? - quickwater, I 
    >	Unless you are a player of great skill, you might want to buy new 
    swords and shields in every new town and receive higher powers as 
    soon as possible, so collect those Almas!
    >	Be careful not to venture to deep into the caverns if you don't 
    know the way. If you loose your way, the creatures that dwell 
    there will kill you before you can even see the exit.
    >	Having the Magia Stone and Ju-enn Fruit (if possible, more than 
    one) will make it easier for you to survive while collecting Almas 
    and exploring the caverns. The Elixir of Kashi (or Chikara Powder) 
    and Holy Water of Acero are also important, especially if you're 
    going to battle the "Final foes" of which particularly hard ones 
    that require a lot of magic spells because they have a long 
    lifeline. I'm accenting on Dragon.   
    >	If you feel that you could die any minute, use the Kioku Feather 
    to return to Muralla Town where you can rest free of charge. The 
    way back is boring, but having the Silkarn, Pirika and Feruza 
    Shoes will shorten the way. (Plus, the Bosque Village is a great 
    place to trade all your hard-earned Almas.)
    >	Repair your shield often. Repairing the most damage you can have 
    on the biggest shield is nothing compared to the amount of money 
    you have to pay for the new one (even a lot worse shield, which is 
    much cheaper). Plus, the next shield will cost more because you 
    won't get any trade-in money for your old one. Regardless of its 
    damage, it's the same price. If you can survive to the next town 
    with the old one, the new one will cost less. This is also true 
    for swords, but you don't have to repair them at all.    
    >	The small monsters reappear when you leave the screen they were on 
    or enter a door. A few places exist for you to gather Almas 
    quickly. Such places are in Madera and Tesoro caverns. In Madera, 
    go right and down. Enter the door on the right and use the Magia 
    Stone. Repeat going back and forth through the door and gather the 
    Almas of the fallen bird and crab. In Tesoro, go right and down, 
    and right again, until you get to the two platforms (see them). On 
    the right, there are two ghosts, an eagle, and an evil woman. 
    After you beat them, go off somewhere and return in a short while 
    (about a minute or two). They'll all reappear and you can repeat 
    the battle; they are all worth plenty of Almas. (Use the Magia 
    Stone to defeat them more easily.)  
    More of these places exist, but these are the two best ones. Another 
    place, for an example, is in the Malicia Cavern. (This area is far 
    from town, but you can consult the walkthrough for details on getting 
    here.) When you're just outside of the door leading to the Peligro 
    Cavern, go right and down, and right again. The bats on the roof are 
    valuable, as there are many in a group. The slug, toad and rat on the 
    left can be your amusement while you wait for the bats' reappearance 
    (or you can enter the door and go back).
    >	When you enter a new world, go straight to town and try to reach 
    it as soon as possible because you will be weakened by the boss 
    opponent you just fought and the underlings are much stronger 
    >	You should talk to all the citizens. They may have useful 
    >	Remember, although Jashiin is a deadly opponent, the Guerra spell 
    will damage him and so will the Enchantment Sword. Beware his 
    power to disappear and to regenerate his life. 
    >	The Sabre Oil will increase your sword's strength and is useful 
    for defeating the toughest monsters. While it seems completely 
    obsolete, it's a handy trick and more than one can be used at the 
    same time.
    >	Because you don't have the Guerra spell when facing him, Dragon is 
    probably the toughest, most endurable and most dangerous enemy. 
    The Agua spell is precious in this matter so be accurate and quick 
    when attacking him with it. Don't rely on the sword or anything 
    else; only the Magia Stone will, hopefully and if you don't fry, 
    level him before further attacking. So fight long and hard in this 
    part of the way because you're going to need a lot of life and 
    magic to survive when facing this horrible monster which is well 
    known for his insufferable resilience. And also, getting to him 
    requires either luck (a good guess of the way), craftiness (making 
    a map of the labyrinth), memory (remembering the way), or patience 
    (not giving up if you fail). 
    >	As I just said, before meeting Dragon, there is a maze of air 
    currents, some will block your way, and others will push you back 
    to another part of the labyrinth. Patience or remembering the way 
    is DEFINITELY required.  
    >	This is the way you should go to encounter Dragon. To get to the 
    labyrinth, go through the door, which you unlocked with the first 
    key. Continue going (and climb the slopes, as well) and ride the 
    stone to the other side. When you see a purple-symbol door, jump 
    into the air, under an opening. Go through the blue door (unlock 
    it first) and go left. Arrange the stone slabs so you can make it 
    to the rope. Climb it and go through the blue door. Go right and 
    ride the slab. Go down and get on another. On your left is a rope. 
    Climb it and jump. Get on the high slab and bend. Go on the one to 
    the right to get to the green door and follow the drawing, which 
    starts at the bottom of the picture. Then go left, climb the slabs 
    and then the ropes. You will see a red door, which is the entrance 
    to Dragon's challenge room. Here are two things you should know 
    about the labyrinth so I hope you'll remember them. Since I need 
    to be specific to the last word:
    >	The last key in Llama, which opens Dragon's door, is in the 
    labyrinth. There are two ways to get it, the simple and the 
    complicated way. 
    - The simple one is: You can jump through the nearest hole to the 
    first green door. You'll fall onto the box where the key is kept.
    - And now, the complicated way: When following the correct path, the 
    only blue door you'll see is the sign from which you'll know the 
    location of the key. Upon sighting it, go right and you'll see a box 
    in which the key is stored. Don't be fooled because you'll pass to 
    another part of the labyrinth, which makes you think that you've made 
    a mistake. Actually, it does make you repeat the whole way, but 
    without the key, the previous trip is in vane. (It makes you have to 
    get used to the labyrinth; either make a map or remember the way).
    >	There are many rats in the labyrinth so I suggest that you be 
    aware how annoying their pushing you and making you fall and 
    repeat the whole way can be. Try using the Magia Stone. That'll 
    prevent them to knock you off a rope or push you to another side. 
    At least sometimes it will.
    >	Getting to Agar without the Ruzeria Shoes is INSUFERABLE. (You'll 
    probably slip and fall onto the thorns!)
    >	Getting to Vista without the Pirika Shoes is SUICIDE. (The Gelroid 
    will prove to be a real sucker! - Suck the life out of you.)   
    >	Getting to Tarso without the Silkarn Shoes is POSSIBLE (but when 
    you beat him, you can't proceed, so you have to repeat the battle 
    and find the shoes (I call it double trouble). (You'll find out 
    that you need to have the shoes for not slipping on the slopes). 
    >	Getting to Dragon without the Asbestos Cape makes Duke Garland 
    feel like Duke-Hard Boiled Soup-Garland (Burnt supper) before he 
    can say, "It's too hot!" (It's also impossible).
    >	Getting to Jashiin without the Feruza Shoes is NERVE-WRECKING. 
    (When you beat Alguien and go through the door, find out that you 
    can't jump high enough, you'll probably pull your hair out or jump 
    out the window (plus, you can't go back).
    >	Try to collect as much Almas in Muralla and Satono so that you can 
    trade all of it into money (gold) in Bosque Village. (You get two 
    more gold for every Almas if you save it for Bosque and not 
    exchange in Muralla or Satono). Also, every Almas you collect is 
    calculated and accounted for your life raises, so you'll 
    appreciate it in higher towns.
    (Starting the Zeliard troubleshooter):
    >	I can never find keys and/or shoes and get to town with them 
    before getting killed by the damn underlings.
    Suggestions for fixing the problem:
    1.	Explore the caverns with ZelTrain and get to the key or shoe, 
    start the game, and get to it, then quickly go to town.
    2.	Gather experience. You'll be more durable against them.
    3.	Get a Magia Stone and a couple Ju-enn Fruits. This'll kill the 
    monsters and heal you in case you really lose a lot of life.
    4.	Use a Kioku Feather after grabbing the items.
    5. See parts 4 and 7 of the FAQ.
    >	I get killed by the bosses whenever I fight them.
    Suggestions for fixing the problem:
    1.	See part 2 of the FAQ.
    >	I can't get experience quickly enough.
    Suggestions for fixing the problem:
    1.	Find some spots in which you can get Almas easily and quickly.
    2.	Survive to high worlds with little life and begin the fast build 
    up of Almas.
    3.	In the Madera Cavern (mentioned in the part 10 [general tips and 
    tricks]), get the Magia Stone, speed up to 9 and go through the 
    door back and forth as mentioned.
    Other things causing the problems are mentioned here also, but aren't 
    important enough to be mentioned here (repeated). Search the FAQ.
    Bored with the game? Like a challenge? Think you've done it? Well, 
    just try some of these things and it'll all be harder than it was...
    >	Never save (except places where you leave the game). In other 
    words, whenever you don't like your position, get out of the 
    situation without loading to a better one.
    >	Try to complete the game with NEVER getting a raise of power. This 
    is the toughest of them all, other suggestions aren't needed once 
    you've done this, but, just in case... (I've made it to Dragon and 
    am having trouble, but my life is as it was in the first place.)
    >	Never use magic or Use items.
    >	Try skipping the Ruzeria Shoes (and still not raising your life is 
    a great combination).
    >	Use high speeds while fighting bosses (would you believe that I've 
    defeated Pollo a few times on 9 speed? [well, maximum life and 
    magic (spells), but still, try it]).
    >	This is one I didn't even dream of doing, but if you're really a 
    pro, try this: Fight Dragon with the Training Sword, no shield, 
    least life, no magic or Use items. This one can't be done, but try 
    (I have the best shield and sword, best Use items, least life and 
    magic items and still can't seem to do it yet (need practice).
    My final word before I proclaim this document a full one, here are 
    the basics of playing Zeliard on a keyboard:
    >	Use the Arrow keys to move around in the game.
    >	Use the Space bar to attack with your sword (if you press it along 
    with the upper arrow, you'll swing the sword all the way around 
    and if you press it with the down arrow while falling, you can 
    stab your enemies). If you press it with both arrows, he'll remain 
    on the ground and swing the sword. If an enemy is right above him, 
    just pressing space will make him swing it, although he won't 
    >	Use the Alt key to fire your spell.
    >	Use the Escape key to pause the game (you can also do it with the 
    pause key, but you won't see the pause sign on the upper part of 
    the screen). 
    >	Use the F7 key to load your game and type the name of the saved 
    game. After that, press the affirmative key, "y" (in MS-Dos, the 
    keyboard is configured to swap the "y" and "z" keys, so you have 
    to press the "z" key instead).
    >	Use Ctrl. + q to exit the game
    >	Use F2 to toggle sound FX on/off
    >	Use F1 to toggle music on/off
    >	Use Enter (Return) to open the inventory screen
    >	Use the Arrow keys to move around the inventory
    >	Use the Space bar to accept an action while in a building 
    >	Use the Space bar while in an inventory screen to accept a "Use" 
    This concludes the Zeliard FAQ. The playing is up to you. Jashiin's 
    waiting impatiently on his throne. Use my information to make him 
    wait less and you to have more fun and experience in this great game. 
    I hope reading this FAQ will help you enjoy! I also hope it will be a 
    useful guide through the world of Zeliard. Creating it took a whole 
    lot of time, but it was a pleasure as a hobby. Good hunting! Now, go 
    For questions, comments, suggestions, praise and criticism, contact 
    the author, Alan at ivan.franciskovic@rijeka.crosig.hr. Also, if you 
    want to know anything else about Zeliard, or if I didn't mention 
    anything here, tell me. Any serious mail will be answered. Just put 
    "Zeliard" or "Your Zeliard FAQ", or something similar in the topic. 
    If after all this, you still can't do it, mail me, and I'll elaborate 
    the problem.
    Don't have doubts: I'm good at Zeliard and don't think that writing 
    for help is wasted time: you might be surprised after getting a reply 
    from the "Wise One" :).
    Important note: Version 1.2 of the FAQ will be released soon, but not 
    for now. I gotta get some more ideas and time. It'll have screenshots 
    of everything mentioned under the title. It'll also have (if I get it 
    and if it won't be released in v1.3 or higher) my e-mail address at 
    home for quicker answers. Also, during the school year, I'll be 
    unable to write responses, except maybe a few cases (unlikely). Mail 
    me 'till september 10. Afterwards, you'll have to wait 'till 
    Christmas for a reply. (You know the phrase; Don't open [the mail 
    message] 'till Christmas:). Still, feel free to write, but don't 
    forget this! I'll appreciate your patience and will to help me add, 
    update and correct! (You'll be credited, of course!) That's it! Bye!
    Here's a copy of the disclaimer, in case you need it again.
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 Alan Franciškovic. All rights reserved. 
    YOU CAN:
    YOU CAN'T:
    - Read it
    1. Always
    - Make money off it 
    - Make copies of it
    1. If it stays the same
    - Damage it in any way
    - Use it to make your own 
    FAQ about Zeliard based 
    on the information that 
    is written here
    1. If you credit me 
    2. If you change 
    3. With my permission
    4. If you write in-depth
    - Edit it in any way; 
      therefore: You can't 
      change anything that is
      written here
    - Announce it to friends,
    - or on web-sites
    1. With my permission
    2. Without critics
    - Re-write it and claim 
      it was originally yours 

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