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    FAQ/Walkthrough by David Newton

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          WCB's Simon 2 FAQ (with over-the-shoulder assistance by Quadralien)
                      Submitted 28/4/03 - Version 1.0 (Complete)
                  Written and (c) by David Newton ("Wong Chung Bang")
           Feel free to post this wherever you like, as long as I'm credited.
    (Well, what a bland title. Decreases the file size, at least.)
    Quick Plot Summary
    After the events in the first game - in which Simon killed the evil wizard 
    Sordid and saved the good wizard Calypso - a boy called Runt dabbles in the 
    hidden arts of magic, with the disapproval of his father (who looks vaguely 
    like Brian Blessed). He acquires Sordid's book of magic, which contains his 
    spirit, and he helps Sordid to get a new body and also a Fortress of Doom 
    (mandatory for villains these days). Sordid sends a wardrobe in to the real 
    world to capture Simon and bring him to Sordid, but instead Simon appears 
    outside Calypso's magic shop. The wardrobe requires Mucusade to make another 
    journey, and Calypso sends Simon out to find it. The quest begins. You now have 
    permission to skip the intro sequence by pressing F5 - although why you'd want 
    to skip anything in this game first time round is beyond me.
    Part One - Escape from the City
    A word about the postcard first. When you use it, you can save or load a game, 
    and also quit the program. This is your menu. You have eight icons - they will 
    be referred to as Move, Examine, Talk, Wear, Open (or Close), Take, Use, Give. 
    For the moment, walk straight back in to Calypso's shop.
    Take the dye from the right hand side of the screen and the baseball bat from 
    the box next to the wardrobe. If you're having trouble finding any items, 
    remember that you can press F10 at any time to highlight the objects that you 
    can use or interact with in the scene - a very nice feature that I haven't seen 
    in any other adventure game as yet. For a bit of a laugh at Simon's lack of 
    subtlety, talk to Alix, though she doesn't give you any useful information yet.
    Go out of the shop and examine the poster, then leave the area to get to the 
    map of the town. Select the Town Square, near the left hand side.
    Here, you'll find a group of Morris dancers. Try to talk to them and one of 
    their sticks will break. Fortunately, you have a replacement - give them the 
    baseball bat. Watch the hilarious but painful sequence that follows, then leave 
    the town square. Head to the Three Bear's Cottage - it's at the North, just to 
    the left of the huge MucSwampling's building.
    Open the letterbox and take the letter. Close the letterbox again if you're 
    tidy. Attempt to open the door, then go to the Loan Office, just Southwest of 
    where you are at the moment.
    Spare a moment to talk to the jester, then head on in. Talk to the secretary 
    and ask to get one of the four loans - it doesn't matter which one you choose. 
    Open the door and go in to the office, to find that the boss is none other than 
    Mike Woodroffe! First, ask about where the tube leads, then ask about the loan. 
    While he's searching for the application form, quickly use the letter from the 
    cottage on the In-tray. He'll send you out of the office after checking through 
    his desk.
    Leave the loan office, and the trolls on the roof will put a hole through the 
    Three Bear's Cottage for you. Go back there now, and walk on in.
    Go inside and go to the right hand side of the area, breaking the computer on 
    the way. Take the rubber gloves, then move the tap to turn it off. A short 
    sequence of events will land you in the fountain at the east side of the city. 
    Use the dye on the fountain, then leave and go all the way across the city to 
    the castle.
    What you're interested in here is getting information about money from the 
    guards - you need this to work out something coming up. This is the information 
    you're given:
    256 pence make one dollar.
    16 pence make one groat.
    64 pence make a crown.
    2 crowns make a Queen's Shilling.
    3 crowns make a King's Shilling.
    5 dollars make one Silver Sovereign.
    3 Silver Sovereigns make a Gold Sovereign.
    45 dollars make one Royal Crest.
    So the values of the different coins, in pence, are:
    Pence:            1
    Groat:            16
    Crown:            64
    Queen's Shilling: 128
    King's Shilling:  192
    Dollar:           256
    Silver Sovereign: 1280
    Gold Sovereign:   3840
    Royal Crest:      11520
    I'm not entirely sure if that helps, but it might.
    Go to the Street of Traders in the centre of the town, and look at the poster 
    then take it. Talk to the blacksmith twice and he'll eventually ask you about 
    money - this is, of course, where you need to use the information given above. 
    If you're lazy, the answers are Fifteen, One and Three. You'll get a left-
    handed crowbar for your troubles. Now go to the left hand side of the docks to 
    the South.
    Talk to Um Bongo, then give him the poster when the opportunity arises. Go to 
    the left and talk to Goldilocks, then use the crowbar on the crate and take the 
    rubber dinghy and wig that she leaves behind. Now go back to the Three Bear's 
    Give the wig to Pa Bear during the conversation and you'll get porridge in 
    return. Go to the Tattooist in the Southeast, move the ladder to bring it down, 
    then open the door. Talk to anyone you like here, but the important one is the 
    Frying Pan Man. After trying to talk to him, use the notepad you're given on 
    him. After being told there's a vacancy, wear the porridge. You'll get a Junk 
    Once outside, look at the bag and you'll find money, a bungee rope and a wedge. 
    Leave and go to MucSwampling's, and after the conversation go all the way to 
    the left hand side of the screen (not inside). Take the fishing rod from the 
    dustbin by looking at it, then talk to the swampling mascot again. Get a 
    balloon and voucher from him, then go inside.
    Talk to the Tattooist and the Anorak Man, then go up to the counter and order a 
    meal with the voucher - it doesn't matter what milkshake you choose. Look at 
    the Kiddie Meal bag and you'll find a maggot, swampling model and swamp gum. 
    Leave this place and go back to the Street of Traders.
    Use the balloon on the railings - this won't do anything yet, but it becomes 
    important later on. Go in to the joke store on the left hand side and talk to 
    the joke seller, then go back in when Simon leaves. Ask if he can make you a 
    Swampling costume, and Simon will give him the model. End the conversation and 
    pick up the joke book from the counter while the joke seller has the ape 
    costume on his head - otherwise he'll notice you.
    Leave the joke shop and go to the right hand side of the Street of Traders, 
    then talk to the fat bloke. Agree to do him a favour and you'll be taken to a 
    cave. Walk to the right then pick up any of the lamps. When you have the right 
    one, talk to the cave entrance to get out, and you'll get a roll of white 
    cloth. Take this to the Fountain and use it on the basket, then wait until the 
    washerwoman dyes it green. Pick it up again and go to the loan office.
    Give the joke book to the jester that you met earlier and you'll get a bladder 
    in return. Now go back to the Street of Traders and give the green cloth to the 
    joke seller. You'll get the Swampling costume. Go back to the Town Square where 
    you were near the beginning of the game, and talk to Um Bongo. Simon will give 
    him the bladder to make a new drum.
    Go back to MucSwampling's and wear the costume while you're inside. Simon will 
    go through to the kitchen. The Phew Brothers are totally useless. Go upstairs 
    instead and meet the Swampling, and you'll get a bucket. On your way out, get 
    another balloon from the mascot. Use this on the railings in the Street of 
    Traders again, then go down the stairs to the pet shop.
    Talk to the inventor, then when he leaves use the rubber gloves on the turtle 
    in the cage to pick it up. Put it in the right hand side of the combiner, then 
    press the button (not the lever). This splits it in to eels and a turtle. Take 
    the turtle, which is now on the left, and replace it by picking up the glow 
    worms and placing them in the cage next to the eels. Set the lever to the right 
    and press the button again. This will result in a jar of powerful glow-worms.
    You now have to get to the swamp, but if you try to click on it from the map, 
    Simon can only get as far as the Loan Office. You have to go underneath the 
    wall. Use the crowbar on the drain cover and go down. When Simon tells you he 
    can't go any further, use the glow-worms, then continue. Go up at the far end 
    and you'll be at the swamp.
    Head to the right and use the bungee rope on the railing, then the bucket on 
    the mud. Go to the left and talk to the Lady of the Lake, then use the fishing 
    rod on the lake while you're standing on the small bridge. You'll catch a fish. 
    Go all the way back to the Loan Office, then out to the map screen, then 
    MucSwampling's. Wear the costume again and give the swamp mud to the swampling 
    You now have a jar of swamp stew. Again, get a balloon from the mascot when you 
    leave, and go to the Street of Traders. This time, don't tie the balloon to the 
    railing - leave this until later. Instead, go in to the joke shop and give the 
    swamp stew to the joke seller to get a stink bomb.
    Take this to the magic competition, which is the tent near Calypso's. Talk to 
    the clerk to enter, then go in to the tent and use the stink bomb. This clears 
    the tent of everyone except one wizard who has a cold. Go back inside and take 
    the spell book, then pour the swamp shake down the wizard's ear trumpet (use it 
    on him). Eventually, you'll be awarded the Official Royal Wizard card. Go back 
    to the castle.
    Pay the guards to let you past, and you'll get past the gate as well with the 
    card. Talk to the prince on your way inside, then open the door and go through 
    the corridor, taking the cymbals. Ignore the doors for now and go to the left 
    to speak with the King. Once you've been told to get the baby to sleep, walk to 
    the left and use the fish on the seal to entice it in to your hat, then leave 
    the room and open the door on the right.
    This is the nursery. Pick up the klaxon and football rattle, then use the wedge 
    on the cradle to stop it rocking. Take the cog from the wall. You can't get it 
    to sleep at the moment, so leave and go to MucSwampling's again.
    Wear the Swampling costume to get past the counter again, then use the cog on 
    the clock mechanism in the kitchen. This makes the tatooist go back to his 
    shop, so go there now.
    Once inside it doesn't matter which tattoo you choose - you won't be able to 
    afford it. Simon gets a flier on his way out, though, so give this to the 
    Anorak Man at MucSwampling's. Back at the tattoo parlour, you'll see him 
    leaving, and once you go inside you become the 1000th customer. Take the 
    obvious choice of tattoo (the enchanted one, in case you were wondering) and go 
    to the Swamp.
    You can now talk to the Lady of the Lake again, and as you have the Royal Seal 
    you'll be allowed in to the lake. Take the diving equipment she leaves behind, 
    and use the air tanks on the rubber dinghy to inflate it. Use the dinghy to 
    paddle across to the island.
    Pull the sword out of the rock - you can only do this with the tattoo. Take it 
    all the way back to the castle and give it to the prince in return for his pea-
    shooter and a pea, then go inside and open the left door.
    Use the pea on the mattress to wake the princess, then ask about how to keep 
    the baby quiet and take the lolly she throws you. Go in to the nursery and give 
    it to the baby - unfortunately it'll throw it out the window. You can collect 
    it again from the courtyard where the prince is hacking away at the dummy. Take 
    it to the top floor of MucSwampling's and give it to the Swampling children in 
    exchange for a bottle of milk.
    Go all the way back to the castle with the milk and give it to the baby to get 
    it to sleep. Now you can go through the door at the back of the throne room. 
    When you're thrown down the stairs by the demons, go back up the stairs again 
    and use the swamp shake on the pentagram. All you have to do now is go to the 
    Street of Traders and use the final balloon on the railings to float to the 
    The Mucusade is in the lower room - stand on the rug to get there. Pick it up 
    and go out again, then go back to Calypso's shop to complete this part of the 
    Part Two - Long Johns Silver
    It doesn't matter what you say to Silver at the start of this part. Once he's 
    gone, use the spell book to get rid of your chain, then pick up the eyepatch on 
    the skull. Talk to Mr T if you want, then go up the stairs.
    When you're in the cabin, read the diary to get a Kalimari postcard then take 
    one of the stuffed parrots. Go out of the cabin and talk to the pirate on the 
    left with the sunglasses. Ask to exchange your eye patch for the sunglasses and 
    he'll give them to you. Further left, there's a pirate working on the plank. 
    Move him to push him off the side, then take the plank and the tools.
    Go in to the left hand door and ask Mr T if he has a welding torch. Take it 
    from him and go back to the deck, then go across to the right hand side of the 
    ship again and go into the door on the right. Take the knife from the dartboard 
    in the centre, then use it on the hammock and take the tinderbox.
    Leave the room and attempt to use the welding torch on the chain. Silver will 
    come out and stop you, so when he goes back in to the room you left use the 
    plank on the door to board it up. Use the welding torch on the chain again and 
    open the door, then take the Mucusade and go back up again.
    Go to the upper deck on the right where the Bosun is, and use the stuffed 
    parrot on the real one. Use the Swamp Gum to stick it in position and go back 
    down. After the cut-scene, you'll find that you're still at sea, so use the 
    rigging to climb to the crow's nest.
    Put the postcard on the end of the telescope, then go back to the poopdeck and 
    talk to the Bosun, then move the parrot. Climb back down and watch the second 
    Part Three - This Is My Island In The Sun
    You start off with no inventory apart from the postcard. Pick up the shovel and 
    go to the right. You can talk to the beachcomber, but there's no way to get the 
    Mucusade from him at the moment. Pick up the towel instead.
    Go in to the jungle using the path on the left, and give the balloon to the kid 
    (you don't have to pick it up first). He'll give you a shell. Take the wooden 
    pole from underneath the sign as well, then go back to the beach.
    Use the wooden pole on the shovel, then use the shovel. Simon will build a 
    sandcastle, leaving behind a hole in the process. Use the towel on this hole 
    then use the shell on the towel to make the Trap, then talk to the beachcomber 
    again. Take the Mucusade and head in to the jungle.
    Take the topmost path and pick the dog up, then go back to the sign and take 
    the lower path to the left. Talk to the dealer and pick up the whistle lying on 
    the path, then go further in to the jungle (in to the screen) and talk to the 
    man tied to the rock. Keep going left, use the dog on the generator and then 
    use the whistle.
    Go to the right again, to the torture machine, move the lever and blow the 
    whistle again. Now that you've seen the effect, go right and then left to reach 
    the limbo contest. Talk to the man with the megaphone, then blow the whistle 
    for a third time. Simon will jump over the bar while everyone is distracted, 
    and you'll get a prize of three Bungas. Go a screen right and talk to the 
    dealer again, and get the caffeine tablets from him.
    Now go in to the cafe - it's just beyond where you got the dog. Talk to the 
    waitress and get a mug of decaf, then use the caffeine tablets on it. Go in to 
    the cave next to the sign and try to pick up the bottle. After talking to the 
    genie for a while, use the coffee with added caffeine on the bottle and wish to 
    be back at Calypso's shop.
    Part Three And A Half - Back In The City
    Just walk in to Calypso's shop - I did try wandering around the city, but 
    nothing's changed since when you were last here, as far as I can see.
    Part Four - Sordid's Fortress
    First of all, click anywhere to get up and talk to Alix. Try to open the door 
    and she'll give you a hairgrip to pick the lock. You'll be rescued by another 
    Simon - you'll find out more about this later on. For the moment, leave the 
    goblin camp where you materialise and go to the Dark Woods.
    Move along to the right and look at the antiques, and talk to the woodworm that 
    emerge until you're asked to go and find some wood. Keep going right and go in 
    to the cave, scaring the cat out while you're there. After the conversation 
    with the witches, go to the Secluded Hut.
    The cat is now here. Before doing anything else, close the door. When you walk 
    over to the cat it'll knock itself out by trying to escape, so pick it up. Take 
    the hanky and some soda while you're here, and go to the Volcano Rim.
    Take the Chemical Sprayer and the Plant Spotter's Guide, then give the cat to 
    the huge plant. Fortunately, Simon isn't that cruel, but the plant will 
    salivate at the sight of it. Use the drinking straw on the soda, then use the 
    empty bottle to pick up the plant dribble.
    Go back to the Goblin Camp and use the dribble on either of the goblets, then 
    talk to the goblins. They'll fall asleep after drinking it. Pick up the Conch 
    Horn from behind the bigger of the two goblins, then head on in to the camp.
    Talk to the elf in the cage to get a perfume bottle. Inside the tent, you can 
    pick up some food rations and pepper. Go back to the secluded hut and take some 
    more soda, then take this to the Dark Woods.
    Give the food rations to the Kid, followed by the soda. Take his magnifying 
    glass. Go back to the Secluded Hut and pick up another bottle of soda, this 
    time using it on the perfume bottle.
    Back at the goblin camp, use the pepper on the elf then give him the hanky. Now 
    give him the soda-filled perfume bottle - he can't smell that it isn't genuine. 
    You'll get the block of wood from him. Now go back to the woodworm in the Dark 
    Give them the block of wood and they'll make a set of false teeth out of it. 
    Keep going right until you're back at the witches again and give them the three 
    items to cure them: false teeth for the one who can't speak, a conch horn for 
    the deaf one and the magnifying glass for the short-sighted one. In return 
    they'll offer you the magic potion - use an empty soda bottle on the cauldron 
    to get it.
    Use the potion on the role-players in the Secluded Hut, and take the resulting 
    dog and another bottle of soda. Use this on the fire at the Goblin Camp, and 
    while there's smoke in the goblins' eyes take some of the stuff. A fight will 
    break out and you'll be able to pick up the loaded dice. Go back to the 
    Secluded Hut and talk to the role-players again, then join the game. Use your 
    own dice when you're given the option. You'll win a decorator's catalogue. Go 
    back to the Goblin Camp with this and walk all the way left to the fortress 
    entrance, and convince the pigs that you're a decorator to get inside.
    Once inside the fortress, take the tapestry from the wall and walk down the 
    Eerie Passage. After the conversation with Unpronounceable, go back out - you 
    can't get past him yet as he'll wake up if he sees, smells or hears you.
    Instead, go down the stairway and use the tapestry on the pool of sweat. Use 
    the sweat-soaked tapestry on the chemical sprayer, then pull the lever to put 
    the lights out. Go back to Unpronounceable's room, then use the chemical 
    sprayer and (wait for it) wear the dog. Simon will turn it into a pair of furry 
    shoes, which you should wear to get past the monster.
    You're nearly done now - go through the left door and up to the tower. The last 
    puzzle in the game is fairly simple compared to everything that's happened 
    before. Take the screwdriver from the jar and use it on Sordid's Hand to get 
    it, then put the hand on the palm print identifier. Pick up the Time Stick and 
    attempt to exit the room, then watch the lengthy end sequence...

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