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    Inherent Evil Chapter 1: The Hotel
    Complete Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: The Hotel
    	Part 1: The Diary
          Once in the Lobby, Kyle hears a screaming coming from upstairs.  The 
    doors to the Ballroom, Basement and Garden are locked.  If Kyle attempts 
    to open the Dining Room doors, they will begin to open, but immediately 
    slam shut in his face. If Kyle attempts to go into the Garden, he will be 
    reminded of the scream coming from upstairs that he needs to investigate. 
     The telephone can be used to dial 911 to talk with an operator who will 
    not take him seriously or any other seven-digit number, which will cause a 
    busy signal.  The computer on the Lobby desk is unable to be booted 
    without the start up disk. 
    Since the stairs from the main floor are being rebuilt, the elevator is 
    the only way for Kyle to travel between floors.  Inside the elevator only 
    the First Floor button is operational. The First Floor has no power, 
    therefore Kyle must find the flashlight, which is hidden in the Lobby, in 
    order to see during his explorations.  The flashlight can be found in the 
    Lobby behind the front desk in the bottom drawer.  Once out of the 
    elevator, to the left is a food tray.  Upon examining the silver dish on 
    the tray, it will fill with blood and a skull will float to the top.  
    Follow the opposite hall to Room 105, try the doorknob and hear the murder 
    scene.  At this time all the doors on the floor are locked.  After 
    witnessing the murder scene, walk back through the hall, and doors will 
    begin to open and slam shut and voices fill the air, then all activity 
    will cease at once.  On the wall to the left is an outline of a painting 
    with blood prints on the side.  Click on the dark area where the painting 
    and Kyle will notice a painting is missing.  Clicking on the blood will 
    just identify it as blood, of course.  The painting is in the Lobby under 
    the desk (if Kyle finds the painting before knowing where it belongs, he 
    will only wonder what the painting is doing under the desk).  
    In the Lobby, Kyle can use the phone again.  This time you will realize 
    that the phone is not connecting to an outside line when the operator's 
    voice changes into an evil man's voice.  Retrieve the painting and place 
    it on the wall in the First Floor hall.  After the painting is replaced, 
    the picture will fade away to reveal the location of the key to Room 105 
    which is inside the Lobby chandelier.  Afterwards, a set of bloody hands 
    come from the spots on the sides of the painting then pull it into the 
    wall.  In the Lobby, Kyle needs to walk up to the balcony and look behind 
    the painting on the left of the curio cabinet.  Swing the painting from 
    the wall to reveal the control panel and press the down arrow to lower the 
    chandelier.   This will cause the key for Room 105 to fall and bounce 
    under the sofa.  Retrieve the key from under the left side of the center 
    sofa on the Lobby floor (with your back to the elevator doors).  
    Take the elevator back to the First Floor and proceed to Room 105, unlock 
    the door and enter.  Once inside the room, look at the center of the bed 
    and take the diary that appears there.  Kyle reads the diary to realize it 
    belongs to his deceased mother, Sara.  The diary only contains the first 
    entry. After Kyle turns back to the door, the television will then come on 
    with a woman's image showing through the static.  She will begin to tell 
    Kyle where to meet her, but get shut off before saying the precise 
    location.  At this point, Kyle can only assume it's his mother.  "Room 
    211" is written in blood on the back of the door, giving a clue where Kyle 
    will need to go next.  The telephone in the room is dead and there is no 
    power to run the television.  The corkboard introduces Mr. Jarvis subtly 
    in a message from Sara to Gerald.  A bloodstain on the wall shows where 
    someone was shot.  Open the top drawer of the desk and press the red 
    button to release the switch of the locked bottom right desk drawer.  The 
    key to the basement is in this drawer. 
    The elevator is broken, therefore, Kyle must fix it to get to the second 
    floor.  In the Basement is the answer to the elevator's problem. Take the 
    key found in the desk drawer of Room 105 and open the Basement door.  Once 
    in the Basement, a mysterious voice will call to Kyle and he follows it 
    through the Basement and comes face to face with his father…
    (END PART 1)
    	Part 2: Room 211
          The basement wall breaks open to a nether realm where Gerald appears to 
    Kyle warning him not to trust his mother.  After a brief interview with 
    Gerald, Kyle will be alone in the basement.  The basement is full of boxes 
    that contain artifacts and newspaper articles that were collected from the 
    upstairs rooms during the renovations. Kyle will read the articles and 
    take note of the artifacts for future reference, however, the next 
    important thing to do is to fix the elevator.  
          The electric box is on the wall in the back of the basement.  The 
    elevator box is open and one of the wires has been pulled out.  If Kyle 
    tries to repair the elevator with his bare hands, he will get electrocuted 
    and die.  He needs to find the insulated gloves in a box in the 
    southwestern corner of the basement.  With the gloves, Kyle can repair the 
    electric box so elevator works beyond the first floor.  Once the elevator 
    is working, he can take it to the third floor. The second floor isn't 
    accessible from the elevator because, for some reason, the doors won't 
    open on that floor.  All room doors on the third and fourth floor are 
    currently locked.  Kyle can travel between the second, third, and fourth 
    floor of the hotel using the back stairs. 
          Take the stairs from the third floor down to the second and then on to 
    Room 211. Try the door handle and it will be hot.  Lava will flow from the 
    door and begin to cover the corner of the hall causing Kyle to step away 
    from the lava. Kyle needs something to extinguish the hot rock so he takes 
    the elevator to the Lobby. After exiting from the elevator, Kyle notices a 
    second diary entry in the couch on the right hand side. The entry talks 
    about rain overworking the sump pump in the basement, this is a clue as to 
    where he needs to look next and he heads into the basement.  Kyle first 
    has to find where the sump pump is by following the sounds of the pump 
    through the basement.  Once he finds the source of the sound, he will move 
    the boxes away to reveal the pump with the fire extinguisher inside.  To 
    reach the extinguisher, Kyle will need the fishing pole that is inside the 
    cabinet under the stairs on the other side of the basement.  Kyle will use 
    the fishing pole to retrieve the fire extinguisher
          The fire extinguisher is then used to spray the lava, causing it to 
    stream up and disappear making Room 211 (Jarvis' Room) accessible.  In 
    this room Kyle will find information regarding the events taking place in 
    the hotel.  He will read about the Well, the Seal, and the Demon from a 
    book found in the suitcase under the Seal Piece that must be taken.  
    Jarvis has a new notebook starting to document his work as a Paranormal 
    Researcher in the hotel which is left on the coffee table by the couches. 
    With the new information, Kyle realizes he has to close the well in order 
    to end the events taking place at the hotel.  As he walks out of Room 211, 
    Part 2 ends.
    (END PART 2)
    	Part 3: The Dark
          Kyle heads back upstairs to the Third Floor where he will hear a 
    child's laughter come from the left.  When he follows the hall to the 
    left, the table at the end of the hallway begins shaking and rises off of 
    the floor then falls back to the floor and the center drawer opens.  A red 
    balloon rises out of the drawer and moves close to Kyle with the message 
    tied to the string that says, "Meet me in the Dining Room." Kyle heads 
    back to the Lobby and enters the now unlocked Dining Room. Kyle can 
    explore the Dining Room, but will discover the kitchen doors are locked 
    from the inside. The hostess stand has another diary entry Kyle can read. 
    Kyle also takes note of the light switch for the Dining Room. Kyle 
    continues to explore the Dining Room and when he gets to a table in the 
    back part of the room a message appears on the tablecloth asking, "Are you 
    afraid of the dark?"  At that moment, the lights go out except for six 
    candles on the tables.  A low rustling/growling is heard and one of the 
    candles goes out.  A candle will go out every time Kyle steps forward 
    after that.  If all of the candles go out, the room will go black and Kyle 
    will be eaten alive.  To survive this room, Kyle has to find the shortest 
    route back to the light switch and turn the lights back on before all of 
    the candles go out.  The light switch is on the wall by the Hostess Stand 
    with a red emergency light on it. Turn to the right and go straight across 
    the back of the Dining Room and turn left down the entrance hall. Once 
    back at the hostess stand, Kyle can turn the lights back on.
          After the lights have been turned on, a green balloon floats up to Kyle 
    with the key to Room 302 attached by a string. Kyle takes the key and the 
    balloon moves close to him as a face molds itself in the rubber, threatens 
    to kill Kyle then disappears. Kyle heads to Room 302 and opens it.  Room 
    302 is an endless hallway meaning that no matter how many times you walk 
    forward, you will always be right next to the door you entered through.  
    To get through the hall, face the darkness and turn a complete 360 degrees 
    to the right.  Now walk forward and a door will be revealed.  Inside the 
    room, take the key from the left nightstand. The diary entry talks about 
    the trouble the Reeds were having with the pool pump, a clue that Kyle 
    should head out into the Pool Room.
          Go back to the Lobby and examine the construction work to the left of 
    the basement door and take the board on the floor.  Enter the Pool Room 
    through the yellow door to your right, go through the pool room and into 
    the Garden.  Go to your left and find the underground Pump Room.  Open the 
    lock with the key, prop it up with the board and enter.  Go to the end of 
    the pump room where the pump controls are and open the pump drain by 
    turning the red wheel and turn the pump to HIGH.  The pool will begin to 
    drain then a pipe will break at the same time the concrete door to the 
    pump room slams shut.  The room begins flooding quickly as all looks 
    (END PART 3)
    	Part 4: The Beast
          Kyle looks around the flooding room and finds a steel bar on the right 
    wall.  He takes the bar and pries the cement door open to escape safely 
    into the garden.  Now he has to go to the bottom of the drained pool to 
    retrieve the second seal piece.  Next he heads back to Room 302 and looks 
    under the right hand side nightstand to find a boot disk for the Lobby 
          Use the computer boot disk to start up the computer, launch 3d Draft 
    and look at the ventilation system.  Kyle will notice that the ducts from 
    the first floor will lead him into the Kitchen.  The screwdriver is 
    located in the service elevator's shaft, which is partially open on the 
    fourth floor. Kyle must go to Jarvis' Room which is 211.  Once in the room 
    it appears that someone has been here and left the closet door open.  On 
    the top shelf of the closet is a crowbar.  Take the crowbar and open the 
    service elevator on the fourth floor. Next to the elevator is a fire hose. 
     Pull the fire hose out and drop it down the elevator shaft, then climb 
    down to find the screwdriver.  Take the screwdriver to the first floor and 
    use it on the vent  in the left end of the hallway by room 110. Kyle 
    climbs into the vent and follows it to the Kitchen.  After entering the 
    Kitchen, Kyle will be attacked by a set of knives.  He must grab the 
    breadboard from the counter on the right to protect himself, if not he 
    will be stabbed to death.  Six knives will be thrown at Kyle, before they 
    are thrown, a knife will pull itself out of the knife block and float in 
    the air for a brief second before flying at Kyle.  Pick up the bread board 
    on the counter and click each knife as it is in mid-air.  If you miss a 
    knife it will hit you and you will die. After all of the knives have been 
    thrown, the Kitchen is open for exploration. The key to the Ballroom is in 
    the top Kitchen drawer to your right.  In the drawers on your far right is 
    a diary page, which must be picked up and added to the diary.  Kyle 
    unlocks the Kitchen doors then uses the key to open the Ballroom.  After 
    entering the Ballroom a giant monster emerges from the dance floor tiles…
    (END PART 4)
    	Part 5: Severed
          The Ballroom doors are locked so Kyle has to defeat the monster to get 
    out.  If Kyle tries to attack him with any items, the monster will attack. 
     If Kyle tries to attack again, the monster will crush him with his foot. 
     To defeat this creature, Kyle has to go to the balcony and release the 
    chandelier tied to the railing.  The problem is that if Kyle tries to go 
    to the balcony, the monster will slam his fist down in front of him and if 
    you insist on going in this direction, Kyle will be squashed like a grape. 
     Therefore, he must retreat back behind the stage curtain while the beast 
    waits outside the curtain and find something to distract it.  
          The stage floor has a trap door that leads into a dressing room with a 
    vanity and a shoe closet.  In the vanity is a comb and a key for room 308. 
    In the shoe closet is an alarm clock. Take the alarm clock back up to the 
    stage and set it up at the opposite end of the stage you entered from.  
    Walk back to the other side of the stage and when the alarm clock goes 
    off, the beast will go for it. Kyle now has the chance to run for the 
    balcony stairs and release the chandelier. Once Kyle makes it to the 
    balcony, he has to be quick to make his move because the beast will be 
    making his way over to him.  The chandelier is tied to the balcony for 
    cleaning by a strap that has to be untied. The chandelier will swing into 
    and destroy the monster.  After the monster is destroyed, Kyle will 
    receive the third piece of the Seal.
          Go back to the Lobby and take the elevator up to the third floor.  Open 
    the door to Room 308 and Kyle will find a note attached to the wall 
    surrounded by blood. To the right of the note is a dresser with another 
    diary entry. The newest addition of the diary talks about Gerald spending 
    a lot of time remodeling the stage room under the Ballroom stage. The key 
    to Room 310 is under the dresser the diary entry was in. Head back to the 
    Ballroom, into the dressing room and push the vanity away from the wall to 
    reveal a small tunnel. This is a small tunnel that leads Kyle to a cavern. 
    There is a dagger on a display stand straight ahead of you.  Approach the 
    stand and take the dagger. Next there are three stands with slits in the 
    top of each of them.  Take the dagger and stick it in the stand furthest 
    right first.  This will trigger a pedestal to rise up out of the ground. 
    The second step is to then take the dagger to the stand furthest left and 
    stick it in the slit to once again trigger a pedestal to emerge from the 
    floor.  Finally take the dagger and stick it in the center stand the same 
    as you did with the first two and the pedestal that rises will have a seal 
    piece on it.  Take this fourth piece of the Seal and head back up the 
    ladder and back to the Dressing Room and back into the Ballroom.
          Go to the third floor, open the door to Room 310 and go into the 
    bathroom.  Look at the mirror to see a set of arrows appear.  When Kyle 
    exits the room, Sara will appear and point to Room 301.  Go to Room 301 
    and once inside the room will morph into a mould color.  Blades will swing 
    from the floor and ceiling.  Use the directions from the mirror in reverse 
    order to get through this room (the mirror image is backwards).  Once Kyle 
    makes it across the room and enters the door he will find himself in the 
    Bathroom.  Suddenly, the Bathroom begins falling apart to reveal a surreal 
    world of staircases…
    (END PART 5)
    	Part 6: The Maze
          The Stairmaze is comprised of colored doors leading to other levels of 
    more colored doors.  After Kyle enters the first door (any one), he will 
    be approached by many television characters.  After the televisions 
    appear, a series of different colored televisions line up together and 
    form a sequence: red, white, brown, purple. Kyle must go through doors of 
    these colors in order to complete the sequence.
          After going through the purple door the first sequence has been 
    satisfied, televsion sets will again appear with the next code of yellow, 
    brown, purple, blue and white. After completing this code, Sara will call 
    to Kyle and tell him of the evil that wants to destroy his soul.  She 
    tells him to look for the golden dragonfly in the garden and gives him a 
    piece of gold bait.  Sara disappears again. Kyle can enter any door and 
    the flying television sets will appear with the third and final code.
          The final pattern is orange, red, yellow, white, blue, green and pink. 
    After going through the pink door, a final television set will appear 
    showing a red door surrounded by large ivory tusks.  Find this door and  
    Kyle will enter back into the Lobby as the front doors open up. He goes 
    through the front doors and exits the hotel. Once outside Kyle finds his 
    truck parked in front of the hotel. Kyle then turns to the hotel to hear 
    Frank calling to him from a second story window.  He now must decide 
    whether to take the truck or go back inside.  If he chooses the truck, he 
    will get in and when the engine starts a large pair of skeletal hands come 
    up and pull the truck down into the earth burying Kyle alive. If Kyle 
    chooses to go back into the hotel he enters through the front doors…
    (END PART 6)
    	Part 7: Gerald
          Once back inside the hotel, Kyle goes upstairs to the second floor to 
    locate the room where he saw Frank.  In room 201, he finds a bloody mess, 
    which he assumes is all that's left of Frank. Upon examining the pool of 
    blood closer, Frank appears in it and calls to Kyle for help then 
    disappears. Kyle must now go into the garden where he will encounter a 
    golden dragonfly. If he attempts to capture it with his hands, it will fly 
    away.  Kyle needs to get the cage from a box in the basement which was 
    close to the box with the insulated gloves. Kyle must take the  cage into 
    the Garden and place it with the bait on the fountain. After the dragon 
    fly enter the cage, close the lid and take it. Go to Room 401 and open the 
    doors of the strange machine in the middle. Place the golden dragon fly 
    into the obvious hole and the doors will close. After placing the 
    dragonfly, the room will darken except for the fifth piece of the Seal 
    which is on the right column. Take the Seal and leave the room.  
          After Kyle leaves the room, the dragonfly will follow him out. It will 
    fly in front of him, show a key to him, enter the elevator and take it to 
    the Lobby. Take the elevator down to the Lobby and chase the dragonfly. As 
    you exit the elevator you will see the annoying insect fly past you and 
    into the Dining Room. Follow the bug into the Dining Room then into the 
    Kitchen. As you enter the Kitchen you will notice the pesky dragonfly 
    drops the key down the sink drain then flies away. Kyle opens the doors 
    under the sink and notices a pipe wrench will be needed to get the key 
          The pipe wrench is in the furnace in the basement, however, the gas for 
    the furnace is turned on and if you get inside the furnace now you will 
    ignite and die. Kyle must go up to Room 301, open the cabinet and look at 
    the electric clock. There are number on the clock that read 44:20. Look at 
    the toolbox, then at the combination lock and select the numbers 4, 4, 2, 
    0.  The toolbox will open and Kyle will take the gas valve tool. Take this 
    tool down to the basement, shut off the gas and climb into the furnace and 
    take the wrench out.
          Take the wrench back to the kitchen and open the pipes under the sink. 
    Take the key to Room 209 out of the pipes and enter Room 209.  Kyle's 
    attention will automatically be given to a small box on the floor by the 
    door. Open the box and a handle pops out with a sign attached. The sign 
    reads: "Hold on Tight."  If Kyle holds the handle, the room will blow 
    apart but he will remain safely inside. He will be rewarded with a diary 
    page and the sixth seal piece. If he doesn't hold the sign, he will be 
    sucked out of the room and will die. The latest part of the diary points 
    to Kyle's father as being the source of all the evil happenings in the 
    hotel. After exiting the room, Gerald appears…
    (END PART 7)
    	Part 8: Closure
          Gerald tells Kyle that he is in great danger, as it grows closer to 
    midnight then fades away.  Kyle must go up to the 4th floor and open the 
    desk drawer to the right of Room 401. Here he will find a remote that can 
    be used on any television. If you use it on the right television a short 
    clip will show a movie reel roll in a certain room. If you are in the 
    wrong room, the clip will tell you which room to go in for the right clip. 
    Once you know where the movie reel is, go to that place and retrieve it. 
    Then go back to another television set for the next clue.  
          The first place you must go is Room 105 and look at the television then 
    use the remote to see that the first reel is behind the front desk. After 
    retrieving the first reel, go to Room 302 and notice that the 2nd Reel can 
    be found in the unfinished Room 204. After retrieving that reel, proceed 
    to Room  310 and watch the TV to see the film roll across the Balcony 
    above the garden. The last place to go is Room 308 where you will see the 
    movie reel fall into the basement sink where you will find an actual reel. 
    Take this reel to the balcony of the Ballroom and play it on the ghost 
    projector. A movie shows Sara shooting Gerald. After the movie ends, exit 
    the Ballroom into the Lobby and look behind the painting on the wall above 
    the chair on the Dining Room side. Take that page and read the final 
    chapter of the diary containing a safe combination. The safe combination 
    is not for the new safe in the Lobby, but for the safe being stored in the 
          In the safe, Kyle finds the seventh piece to the seal. After that, he 
    can find the secret door to the wellroom, which is inside the cabinet 
    under the stairs. If Kyle pushes on the back, it will give way and reveal 
    a hidden tunnel. After entering he will find the source of the evil that 
    is plaguing the hotel. Kyle has to close the well and seal it shut with 
    the Seal. After he attempts to close it, Gerald appears to plea to Kyle's 
    emotional side. Sara immediately appears after to tell Kyle to close it 
    now. If Kyle closes the well and places the completed seal on it before 
    the chiming of the clock is finished, then he succeeds in ending the 
    horror.  If he fails, Gerald wins then the Evil behind the well is 
    released and Kyle dies.
    (END PART 8)

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