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"Better than Duke Nukem (not saying much)"

Before you play this game expecting a 3D first person shooter, I was talking about the FIRST Duke Nukem. Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure is yet ANOTHER platform game from the hit factory at Apogee Software, and it still has 16-color graphics but I actually enjoy this game compared to Duke Nukem because it has personality.

The plot is that Cosmo (who looks like an alien Bart Simpson) and his family (who look like alien Simpsons) crashland their spaceship on Earth. Cosmo goes to get his bearings, and when he comes back his family is gone. He has to find his family and he can use his feet (To jump on enemies) and his suction cup hands (To hang on walls). Basically, that's it, but it's... well, it's fun...

GAMEPLAY: (8/10) Simplistic but enjoyable, it's just like a typical side scrolling game, but there are a lot of cute stuff that help you enjoy it, like sticking to walls, making long jumps, heading to the bonus stages, and attempting to bounce off as many enemies' heads as possible.

CONTROL: (9/10) Very smooth. Not much else to speak of.

GRAPHICS: (8/10) - for 16-color graphics, they're pretty good, and they actually got REAL parallax scrolling in this game, so no long jumps where you wonder where exactly you are, like in Duke Nukem.

SOUND: (7/10) - The music is standard fare, but the sound comes from the PC speaker and not the sound card, so it's tinny. Still, decent.

OVERALL: (8/10). It's a good game to play around with and remember the old days. More fun than Duke Nukem, and with more personality to boot. I like Cosmo. He's a good kid... :-P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/12/99, Updated 12/12/99

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