Review by Dandude776

Reviewed: 12/08/03

Simple cosmic platforming in a simple platforming game

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure tells the tale of a strange red-headed green kid with pores (Or alien, as he's referred to in the game), who crash-lands in outer space on a mysterious planet. His quest: To escape, and find fruit along the way. It's pretty simple gameplay for a simple game, and while it's slightly enjoyable to begin with, it's hard to keep playing.

I just can't figure out what went wrong. Some of the levels are rich with color, and lots of fireworks are constantly shooting around the screen. However, the enemies and Cosmo himself are pretty crude. Cosmo looks much like a Troll from the Warcraft series: He's green with a big red bush of hair. However, he is also covered in freakish pores. Plus for a game taking place in outer space, the enemy aliens aren't nearly as cool looking as they could be. Some of the aliens you'll face include little brown tennis balls with sharp teeth, polka-dotted decapitated bird heads that can spit lasers, and floating teeth with seem kind at first, but transform into vampire teeth (Fangs, I guess) when you turn away (How original! cough... Mario's Boos... cough). Great ideas huh?

Of course, a game from this time obviously won't have a thrilling score, but I guess the sound is okay. The repeating sound track can get annoying quickly, as will the constant beeps you'll get from jumping -And you'll do ALOT of jumping-, but it's passable. Of course, you won't be missing anything by turning off the volume, so don't worry about it.

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay consists of starting from one side of a stage, and jumping along to the exit on the other side. You'll do alot of jumping, and this game is filled with hard to see pits and chasms, so many parts of the game are trial and error. Most enemies are dealt with my jumping on their heads (How many games have done this before?). You'll also come across bombs (Although they look like little silver oiling cans), but very few enemies are only vulnerable to bombs, and the delay before the explosion makes them fairly useless. Throughout the levels you'll constantly spot power-ups floating in the air, and most seem impossible to reach. Luckily, there's no real incentive to collect all the power-ups, so don't worry about it. One more problem with this game, is that for some reason it seems to have a dreadful framerate, which can really anger you. Good luck.

Overall this is just your average platformer through colorful worlds filled with dull (And downright weird) aliens. There's no really originality, and you'll die far too often. Plus the framerate is chugging, and the sound can get aggravating. So their you have it. Try this game if you ever happen to come across a demo, but if it costs more than free time, stay far away, and find your own way to take a cosmic adventure. You'll have much more fun than hanging out with Cosmo.

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