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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Atracker

    Version: v1.0 | Updated: 04/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Cableas Grand Slam 29 Walkthrough
    Walkthrough Made by Atracker
    Version 1.0
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Table of contents
    3)Quick Hunt
    5)Game Animals
    6)Regulations and info
    8)Hunt View
    Walk			up arrow key or right click
    Walk backward		down arrow key
    Side Step Right		Page Down
    Side Step Left		Delete
    Run			Shift
    Stand/croutch		Ctrl
    Toggle View		C	
    Backpack    		B
    Access items in inventory F1 to F7
    Reload			Spacebar
    Find tracks		F8
     This is the main mode of the game. Here you'll have to take all 29 North
     Americain game animals within the max number of season avalable. For 
     every hunt you'll use up a season and if you run out of seasons b4 you can
     complete your grandslam then you have to restart. 
     Choosing a difficulty
     easy: you have 14 seasons, animals are abundent and aides such as animal
           indicature, auto sight and auto claim are enabled.
     medium: you have 12 seasons, animals are common, animal indicatur is
             dissabled but auto claim and auto sight are still enabled.
     hard: you have 9 seasons, animals are rare and all aides are disabled.
     Animal Indicature: shows animal possitions with a red dot
     Auto Claim: Lets you claim your animal by just walking up to it
     Auto Sight: automactically sights in your weapon
     Protected animals: adds protected animals to your hunt.
     It will show all the animals that you have taken (color) or 
     need to be taken (black and white).
     Trophy Room
     This will display all the animals that you have taken during your hunts
     and will display the info the animals taken.
     *Note that even if you have taken a larger animal of the same kind but
      your first will alwase count.
     During your hunts you dont need to fill your bag limit but its 
     recomended that you do.
     *When you beat Grandslam mode you dont unlock anything but just 
      a video clip.:( 
     When you do complete grandslam mode you cannot replay it unless you
     restart a new profile.
    3)Quick Hunt
     This is the mode that lets you simply lets you hunt without doing the 
     grandslam mode. In this mode too you can choose to spawn from 2000 to 
     700 away from any game animal you want.
     You can also create and play custom maps on quick hunt as well.
     *you cannot auto equip for custom areas.
    4) Equipement
     Regional Map
     This is the most usfull item in the game. It shows you the whole area and
     if you have a gps also shows your location and you can place reference 
     markers as well.
     Two Way Radio
     Another very usfull item. You can find out info about the days weather and
     call for search and rescue when your health is low.
     *You really dont have to call search and rescue since theres many ways
      to recover it and if you do call search and rescue, it will end your hunt.
     Boundry Waters
     Small tent for camping in warm areas.
     Outback Lodge
     Medium sized tent for camping in any conditions.
     Large tent for camping in cold areas.
     *Any tent will work in any conditions
     Explorer GPS
     Another important item to bring along. With it you can mark waypoints and 
     locate your truck. Its best used with the map since it also marks your 
     possition on it too.
     Blaze Orange
     The last thing id use during my hunts sure it keeps you safe:S but at the
     same time me you more obvious to animals.
     Snow Shadow Camo
     Camo used for snowy areas.
     Forest Camo
     Camo used for forested areas.
     Desert Camo
     Camo used for desert areas.
     Prism Binoculars x2
     Compact Binoculars x4
     Rangefinder x4
     Rangefinder x6
     Western Cantene
     Used to recover a bit of health
     *When you save and leave and go back, it will automactically be refilled.
     Cover Scent
     Another very important item, it keeps animals from smelling you.
     Elk Bugle Call
     Calls in all types of elk.
     Buck Call
     Attracts male deer.
     Cow Moose Call
     Attract all subspecies of moose.
     Pronghorn Snort
     Attracts pronghorn
     Antler Bag
     Attracts all antlered and horned game
     Preditor call
     Attracts preditors such as bears and cougar.
     XXX Elk Lure
     Attracts elk.
     XXX Buck Lure
     Attracts bucks of all types.
     XXX Mule deer Buck Lure
     Attracts mule deer.
     Tree Stand
     Used for elevating yourself to make you less visible.
     12-gauge Shotgun
     Action: Semi Auto
     Ammo Capasity: 4 shells
     Advantages:  rapid rate of fire and knock down power
     Disadvange: limited range and cant add scope 
     243. Rifle
     Action: Bolt
     Ammo Capasity: 4 bullets
     Advantages: flat trajectory and midium reload
     Disadvange: Lack of knock down power for larger animals
     270. Rifle
     Action: Bolt
     Ammo Capasity: 4 bullets
     Advantage: best all round gun
     Disadvange: none
     338. Rifle
     Action: Bolt
     Ammo Capasity: 4 bullets
     Advantage: good knock down power, desent range
     disadvange: slow reload
     30-06. Rifle
     Action: Pump
     Ammo Capasity: 4 bullets
     Advantage: good knock down power and good rate of fire
     Disadvantage: poor accuratcy, slow reload and you cant put a scope on.
     Recurve and Compound Bows
     Advantage: wont spook animals on first shoe
     Disavantage: one shot and good for close range only.
     12 GA pellet buckshot
     12 Ga/4-5oz Rifled slug load
     243./80gr Pointed soft point
     243./100gr Pointed soft point core lokt
     270/130gr Bronze point
     270/150gr Soft point core lokt
     30-06/150gr Bronze point
     30-06/165 soft point ballistic tip
     338./200 soft point ballistic tip
     338./225 soft point core lokt
     arrows/125gr Cabelas lazer pro mags
     arrows/150gr Cabelas lazer pro mags
     A very good vehicle to use on roads to get to hunting areas faster but
     when going offroad it is alot slower.
     ATV and Snowmobile
     Good for getting you to offroad area but on roads it drives slower
     Gets to areas you cannot access to by foot.
     *Vehicle will bring you to areas faster but will scare animals at the 
      same time.
     Legal Game Animals
     Whitetail deer
     Black Bear
     Coues Deer
     Desert Mule Deer
     Desert Bighorn
     Rocky Mountain Mule Deer
     Rocky Mountain Elk
     Shiras Moose
     Mountain Goat
     Alaska Yukon Cariboo
     Alaskan Moose
     Alaskan Brown Bear
     Stone Sheep
     Rocky Mountain Bighorn
     Roosevelt Elk
     Mountain Cariboo
     Labrador Cariboo
     Woodland Cariboo
     Eastern Canada Moose
     Barren Ground Cariboo
     Central Canada Moose
     Dall Sheep
     Grizzly Bear
     Columbian Blacktail deer
     Tule Elk
     Non-Game(ambient) Animals
     Protected Animals
     Cow Moose
     Cow Elk
     Whitetail Doe
     Mule Deer Doe 
     Polar Bear
    6) Regulations
     As in any cabelas game they are regulations you must obey other wise
     you'll eider get warned, kick out of the hunt or lose your grandslam 
     Killing protected animals
     1st time: you lose a season
     2 time: end of grandslam
     Killing an animal you dont have a tag for
     1st time: you lose a season
     2 time: you lose 2 seasons
     3rd time: end of grandslam
     Shooting your firearm at night (6pm to 7am)
     1, 2, 3 times: warning
     4 time: lose a season
     Leaving a hunt and not claming an animal
     1st time: warning
     2 time: lose a season
    7) Locations
     Appalacian Mountains, WV
     Overview: Majority of the area is mixed forest consisting of cedar, spruce
               , pine, ash, poplar and willow with a few shrubs in the understory
               . The terrain is mountanious at most places. There are very few
               clearings and most are near roads and streams beds. There is 2 
               rivers here as well, the Thorny Creek which flows around the 
               mountain and Greenbriar river that flows north to south on the
               western part of the area.
     Game Animals: black bear and whitetail deer
     Protected Animals: Whitetail doe
     Desert Southwest, AZ
     overview: The area is half flat terrain and rolling hills and theres a 
               large plateau in middle of the area. The vegetation is mostly
               diffrent types of cactus, sage brush, mesquite and other 
     Game Animals: Coues Deer, Desert Mule Deer, Desert Bighorn and Pronghorn
     Protected Animals: mule doe
     Grand Teton, Wy
     overview: Most of the terrain of this area is hilly withsome flats and 
               mountains west. Vegetation is mostly conifer trees such as red 
               pine and douglas fir, a few aspens and small shrubs. Theres only
               a few lakes and a creek which are in the eastern part of the area.
     Game animals: bison, rocky mountain elk, rocky mountain mule deer and shiras
     Protected Animals: elk cow
     Illiana, Ak
     overview: This area has mostly hilly terrain with some mountainious plateaus.
               Vegetation is limited to sitka pine, jack pine, red pine, douglas
               fir and small birch and a few shrubs. Most of the area is
               serounded by many lakes and rivers.
     game animals: Mountain goat, alaska yukon cariboo, alaskan moose and alaskan
                   brown bear.
     Protected Animals: moose cow
     British Columbia, CAN
     Overview: This area's terrain is mountanious on many areas and flat on some
               places. Vegetation is scattered but mostly douglas fir, spruces
               and a few shrubs can be found. Theres a large river north that
               flows east to west.
     Game Animals: stone sheep, rocky mountain bighorn, roosevelt elk and 
                   mountain cariboo
     Protected Animals: elk cow
     Newfoundland, CAN
     Overview: The terrain is mostly quite rolling with sevral large mountains
               and plateaus. Vegetation is scatterd but has many trees such as 
               spruces, douglas fir, jack pine, aspen and poplar. There is a
               large lake/seashore that borderes the whole west part of the area
               and some small lakes scattered around.
     Game animals: labrador cariboo, woodland cariboo and eastern canada moose
     Protected animals: cow moose
     Northwest Territories, CAN
     Overview: This areas terrain is mostly rolling with many flat areas.
               Vegetation is mainly spruces, douglas fir, jack pine, tamerack
               and small shrubs. There are many waterways here. Great bear and
               honali lakes to the west and a river east.
     Game Animals: Barren Ground cariboo, central canada moose, dall sheep,
                   muskox and grizzly bear.
     Protected Animals: Polar bear
     Pacific Northwest, Or
     Overview: This area's terrain is mostly flat. Vegetation is very dense
               compared to other areas; douglas fir, white pine and spruces
               make up most of the vegetation. Theres a river eastward.
     Game Animals: Columbien blacktail deer, Tule elk and cougar.
     Protected animals: cow elk
     Target and Archery ranges
     This is were to go to see how your firearm shoots. Just simply shoot
     the targets to know how the firearm or bow shots. In the target range
     you can changes target distanses. 
    8) Hunt view
    walk: press to toggle walk or run
    stand: toggles standing or croutching
    Timer: indicates the curren time of day game time.
    Track finder: find tracks, droppings, twigs and aother signs of game near
                  your possition.
    Wind indicator: Shows the direction in which the wind is blowing.
    Inventory: access to your items.
    Compase: shows the direction you are facing.
    Backpack: access your item so you can add them to your inventory.
    Stealth meter: shows how stealty you are. When its clear animals will not
                   notice you, yellow: animals will notice you a bit, red:
                   you are now very obvious.
    Health: This shows your current health. Tiredness, thirst and weather can
            bring your health down. You can recouver it by using your cantene
            or by sleeping. 
            *if it goes down too low, the warden will come for your rescue and 
             you'll automatically exit your hunt.
    Target range
    distence meter: shows your current distance to the target.
    Target moddification: changes the distance of your target.
    Clear: clears all targets from bullet holes. 
    9) Frequantely asked questions and awansers
     Q-Do get anything for betting this game?
     A-No, just a lame cutsceen.
     Q-How does the animal scoring system work?
     A-What makes a diffrence in the score is the weight of the animal, shot 
       distance, weather conditions, difficulty played and weapon used.
     Q-How do i get a record scoring animal?
     A-First off play on either normal or hard, then use a low powered weapon or
       bow and try to make long shots and clean kills.
     Q-How do i make custom maps for this game?
     A-Theres a tutorial in the help menu of the map creator. Its very 
       simple and straight forward.
     I would like to thank myself for making this walkthrough
     Big thanks to Activision for making this game.

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