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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KKorn34713

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    	|   PC VERSION BY KKORN34713   |
    	|        COPYRIGHT 2000        |
    	II. FAQ
    	Hello, KKorn is back to bring you a walkthrough on one of the
    	most downright disturbing games I've ever seen in my life. Pico
    	is a game that was created by the hilarious organization,
    	NewGrounds.com for public use. This means that the game is
    	totally free. I must warn you, however, that although it is a
    	creative, interesting, and fun game, it is definetly not a game
    	for children. There is extreme profanity, exposure of the...
    	um... male organ, and there is a sickening amount of blood. 
    	This is definetly the sickest game I've ever seen. So therefor,
    	play the game and read this FAQ at your own risk. I will not
    	be held responsible for anything that is seen in the game.
    	That being said... Enjoy!
    	| II. FAQ |
    	Q: Where can I get this game?
    	A: The full version is completely FREE, and available at
    	Q: How much does it cost?
    	A: It's free.
    	Q: Free?
    	A: Yes, it's free. Stop asking.
    	Q: How do they get away with this stuff?
    	A: I have no clue.
    	Q: Is Pico in any other games?
    	A: Yes, well, he was. His other game, Pico vs. The Bear was 
    	forced to be deleted due to copyright laws from Jim Henson
    	Q: Is there any new games planned for this guy?
    	A: Well, I've heard rumors that a sequel is being made as we
    	speak, and I hope it's true.
    	Q: I can't find the...
    	A: See "WALKTHROUGH" for a step-by-step guide.
    	Q: Why the **** do these sick *******s make fun of what
    	happened at Columbine? I hop they're proud of themselves.
    	A: Hold on, there. Yes, there is a school shooting. And yes,
    	this game does push it... Alot. But they wouldn't make fun
    	of what millions believe was the biggest tragedy of 1999.
    	Q: Are there any secret codes for this game?
    	A: Well, not exactly, but there are some extras. See the 
    	"SECRETS" section.
    	Q: What's the cost of the game again?
    	A: ...
    	Q: Why is the game so short? I can beat it in 20 minutes!
    	A: Well, I can beat it in 10, how do you like dem apples? 
    	Um, the game is free, so what do you expect?
    	Q: The game doesn't work for me! Ahh!
    	A: You need Flash Shockwave from www.macromedia.com. You
    	also need a computer.
    	Q: Why'd you make this? Anyone who can't beat the game
    	by themselves are stupid!
    	A: Now, now. Perhaps some people aren't as intelligent as
    	you, my extensive-vocabulary-using friend.
    	Q: This music is sweet! Did they make the music?
    	A: Nope, it's a real band called Hive. The song is called
    	"Devious Methods".
    	Watch the opening cinema. The teacher will explain about
    	apples and bananas, a truly important piece of information.
    	That's our hero, Pico, in the back row in the middle. Anyway, 
    	that devil-worshipper kid in the back (his name is Casandra, 
    	by the way) will go to the front, and kill the teacher and 
    	all the other students besides Pico. After the cinema is
    	over, go South, into the hallway.
    	Don't bother trying to go West here, because the doors are
    	locked. Don't bother opening the lockers, either. I'll tell
    	you when there's something in them. If you wanna open a
    	locker anyway, just click the handles. Head East.
    	DON'T GO IN THE NORTH DOOR!!! Instead, click on the Fire
    	Extinguisher. You'll need it. Head East again.
    	DON'T GO EAST! Instead, head North, into the Janitor's
    	Here's where you pick up the most valuable piece of equipment
    	in the game. Click on the Machine Gun to grab it. Note that
    	you can't pick up the piece of poo. Head back out South.
    	-HALLWAY III, PT. 2-
    	You have two options. You can either head West, then North into
    	the classroom with the gunfire, or you can head East. I
    	recommend heading East.
    	You'll be confronted by a disgruntled student with a gun. You
    	can choose to shoot at him at any time, but I like to wait.
    	To shoot, click on the gun on the lower-left side of the 
    	screen. This is how you use any item, by the way. You'll have
    	to fire twice, once to get the gun out of his hands, and one
    	to kill him. Just don't say "Eat D*ick!" if you are unarmed or
    	you can't fire fast enough... Head East.
    	-HALLWAY V-
    	Oh, no! A gate! You'll need the key from that room with the
    	gunfire. But before you leave, you see how there's an orange
    	colored locker between all the red ones? Open it, and you'll
    	see a green box inside. Click on the box, and get a surprise.
    	It's a medicinal herb. It gives you health. Use it when you
    	need it, though. It's the only one you're gonna get. Head West
    	3 times, then head North into the Gunfire Room.
    	There's Casandra again, with a Jimi Hendrix look-alike friend
    	named Alucard. (Spell it backwards, genius.) Anyway, he has
    	telekenetic powers... Crap. After Casandra leaves, get ready
    	for battle. It's easy enough to learn how to shoot this way.
    	Your mouse will become a crossheir. When you get it on the
    	target, click to fire. Anyway, Alucard will use his powers
    	to toss dead students at you. Simply shoot each one. Between
    	each student, fire some at Alucard. He won't lose energy, 
    	but if you continue to shoot him, he'll change his expression
    	to sad, with his head tilted, and a question mark above his
    	head. Take this time to rapidly shoot him. Repeat this a few
    	more times and he'll die. It usually takes only 2 or 3 rounds
    	if you really unload on him. Take his key, and head to the
    	gate in Hallway V.
    	-HALLWAY V-
    	Use the key on the gate. You now have access to the second half
    	of the school. Head East.
    	You meet up with Neda. If you've played Neda's game on 
    	NewGrounds, you know what she wants. You can shoot her or let
    	her live. Obviously, it's more fun to blast her away. Anyway,
    	whatever your decision, head East again.
    	Nothing much here except another door. Oh, and there's a huge
    	pile of dead children in the corner. Head North.
    	You thought you wouldn't need that Fire Extinguisher, did you?
    	Well, put out the fire. Check the door. Well, what do you know?
    	It's locked. Head to Hallway V.
    	-HALLWAY V-
    	You see the two bathrooms? Go into the Ladie's Room. (I
    	gauruntee that's the only time any guy will hear that...)
    	Hmm, a ninja. He'll go through the usual game BS, and then
    	start fighting. You'll switch to a scenario similar to that
    	of when you fought Alucard, with the crossheir. This is how
    	you beat him. You won't see his body, but you will see his
    	goggles. Shoot the bright red goggles, and he should fall
    	quickly. Grab the Goggles from him and head to the Classroom
    	that you first started at in the beginning of the game.
    	-CLASSROOM, PT. 2-
    	Well, it's dark. Notice how convinient it is that the last item
    	you picked up enables you to see in the dark? Well, for the 
    	slow people, use the Goggles, and pick up the key. Head to
    	the Flaming Room.
    	Before you use the key, use the medicinal herb if you haven't
    	used it already. It's go time.
    	Well, lookie here, it's Casandra with 2 other guys. Casandra
    	quickly shoots them, since he's obviously on an ego trip. He'll
    	turn into a monster. Here's where the game just plain gets
    	gross. Shoot at his... friend between his legs, taking a break
    	only to shoot any barrells that he throws at you. He'll die
    	Well, you've beaten the game. After you are done watching the
    	ending cinema, go beat something else if you're feeling
    	really good. Excuse my language. This game has warped my
    	fragile little mind!
    	| IV. SECRETS |
    	The Boy's Bathroom has a use! Go in, and open the near stall.
    	Someone from inside will say something. If you choose, shoot
    	Use the Fire Extinguisher in the Boy's Bathroom to cause the
    	sink to overflow.
    	After you defeat Alucard, shoot all the desks he's protecting
    	himself with. Then shoot the unprotected telekenetic wuss.
    	This is the coolest secret of all. While you're in the final
    	battle with Casandra, you might notice the bomb in the back.
    	Shoot the fuse during the fight. This will cause the wall to
    	get destroyed. Two police cars will come by. You have three
    	options to have fun with these:
    	-Shoot each cop
    	-Shoot the car's back tires
    	-Shoot the front of the car to make it go BOOM
    	This is a completely original work from KKorn34713, and may not
    	be used on any other site or sold for financial gain without my
    	permission. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the creators
    	of this game, and take no responsibilty for the game, or it's
    			(C) 2000 - KKorn34713

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