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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

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                                  THE LOST FILES OF
     ##########  ###  ###  ######### #######   ###       ######  ######### ##  ### 
     # ##### ##  # #  # #  # ####### # ######  # #      # #### # ######### # ## #  
     # #   # ##  # #  # #  # #   ### # #  # #  # #      # #  # # ###       # # #   
     # #   ####  # #  # #  # #       # #### #  # #    # # #  # # ###   ### # ##### 
     # #         # #  # #  # ####  # # #### #  # #  ### # #### # ######### ### ####
     #####       # #### #  # ###     # #  # #  # #### # #######                    
      ########   # #### #  # #    ## # #  # #  #######           #########  ###### 
         ### ##  # #  # #  # ##### # ###  ###         ##    ###  # ##### # # ######
            ###  # #  # #  #########          ###     #### ## #  # #   ### # #  ###
            ###  # #  # #            ######## # #     ####### #  # ####    #####   
     ###    ###  # #  ###  ###  ###  # #### # # #     ### # # #  # ####       #####
     # #    ###  ###  #    # #### #  # #  # # # #  ## ###   # #  # #   ### ##   ###
     # ########  #         # #### #  # #### # # ##### ###   # #  # ####### ########
     ########## MMMMMMMMMWM###  ###  ######## ####### ###   ###  ######### ########
        :8.B 2MZWMBW0BZ8088Z82Z0MM
      aXiS;;  MBXMM@@WW8aZ08Z02Z8MM
     iB.M Mr7,MZW MMa0aarrS2SXZrXaMM
    rir8 Z ,. M8;00WMM8BS8ii.Bi7M,SrM
    a72@.0i7; MM7882MMWMZ@X7iarB2;7iWM
    :    riZMMMMMMMM,; .rZXX2@@MMMMW
    Z2S27XSr    .7X;a@MMM:0MMX,@M Z
    222BXrXrZ0MM7i0MS MM M Mr 2 2 M
    S7,;28MMMZiZMM@ .MM MW M2MB .M
    Bi:,,;0@MMM0 7MMMM M0i:M0i.,,MMM
    @WMMMMMMM MWWM@8@M Ma Mr.,:.2 MM
    .; :MMMXa8MMZr;X8M2M iZ:ii, 0 MM
    B7    WMMM7;rXXXXWM7 :i::irZMMM            The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
    ZraS.  7MM0SSXXr;7MB ;;iiZX:MM
    MMWSa82 X.MBSXXr,S7M ;;ir8 MM
    XMMMMS0Z,Z 8M27;,7S..;;i2.aM
    MMX BMMMSZ2r;XWr  M;; ::XMM 
    .MMBS:WMM@2Z77a@; MaMX ,@ M 
    a   ZM@XXWMMBBaZ00        M      MB0MMMBMM
    Xi;: 7MMaSWMMMWZW@M      MMM    MMX     ;WM
    aXXr: ;rMM2a@MW8ZZ@M      M      8M880MMMM
    8SXriXi2 MM0aWMMWW@MM    MMM     :MMM8@MMX
    @0a8ZrX;r,BMWZBMM0W@M    MWB     MBZ7X@M
    WM@BZ2;2a7, MM@MWMW@M     8W8Xa00MMSX;W@M
    0M@MMBWXriir X@MMM@MM      M@BX;;:.,;0MM
    WWMM@@M8827i2 : 2MMMM       MMMMB0W@M@M
    8ZZ@BMMMM@BZS0X:i.X8MW        BWMMM82
    PC 1992
    Version:        1.1     released on the 14th of July 2008
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available to GameFAQs.
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    01.) Introduction                                                 |  G0100  | 
    02.) Basics                                                       |  G0200  |
    03.) Walkthrough                                                  |  G0300  |
    04.) Items                                                        |  G0400  |
    05.) Locations                                                    |  G0500  |
    YY.) Version History                                              |  GYY00  |
    ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                             |  GZZ00  |
    01.)                     INTRODUCTION                                G0100
    Welcome to The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
    for the PC, an adventure game by Electronic Arts. It was also released on the
    There were two games in the 'Lost Files' series, although later Sherlock Holmes
    games may still be considered part of it. The only games released by EA were
    the 'Serrated Scalpel' and later on the 'Rose Tattoo'.
    The walkthrough for this game is complete although some work may still be done
    from time to time. If you spot any errors or have suggestions please feel free
    to e-mail me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    You control Sherlock Holmes with the mouse and use the commands at the bottom
    screen to interact with people and objects.  Right click to use the interacting
    object's default action, which would be 'Talk' for characters for example.
    You cannot die in the game which is very good and you cannot get stuck like in
    many Sierra adventure games from the past. Quite often it is advised to talk
    to Watson for help or check your journal. Each area is very detailed and many
    items to find and interact with. When a new location opens up, go there to
    check it out in the hope of advancing your story. There are many ways to find
    information that will progress the stories, so if you do not follow the guide
    below you do not have to take the same path to find locations and important
    information. In other words, there are several ways to advance the game for
    several puzzles, but once so often there is just one unique action that will
    uncover a new lead.
    When it says TALK to somebody then usually you should talk about everything
    possible. If you talk to the person again and all the answers are grayed out
    then the person's knowledge has probably been exhausted for now. Keep in mind
    that sometimes there are multiple choices after a grayed out option.
    If you can't get this game to run on a new computer then I advise playing
    without the sound as it might work. Otherwise use an emulator such as DosBox
    to emulate an older PC but you might still have sound problems. Newer and
    future versions will most likely improve on running the game.
    There are a few ways to solve some puzzles and find out information. They will
    all end up at the same location in the end. The differences are very minor. All
    this means is that you do not need to follow the walkthrough 100% to finish the
    game, and I highly recommend trying to play this game without looking at it too
    much. Or replay the game to find those other ways to get Holmes closer to
    cracking the case.
    PC vs 3DO:
    The game was released on both DOS and 3DO platforms. The DOS version exists in
    two varieties. The more common Disk version only has speech in some movie
    sequences, whereas the quite rare CD version contains speech through the entire
    game. The 3DO on the other hand was well enhanced to include video captures of
    every character who talks. You can turn this option off in the setting if you
    prefer to skip through the conversations. There are also obvious control
    differences on the console. Usually I would never play an adventure game
    without a mouse, but in case it is actually all right. The only nuisance I have
    found was trying to exit a location without bumping into the "Look at Exit"
    default action.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    ___221B Baker Street___
    You start here. OPEN the door and exit the screen. Go to the Alley.
    LOOK at the corpse, then LOOK specifically at the knife wounds, LOOK at the
    abrasions, LOOK at the knife wounds, LOOK at the white powdery residue and
    finally PICK UP the white powdery residue. PICK UP the battered paper and the
    iron bar and TALK to Inspector Lestrade until you get Sarah Carroway's flat
    address off him. Enter the backstage entrance of the theatre.
    Inside, PICK UP one of the flowers in the bouquet, the handwritten card that
    came with it, the shiny spring underneat the wardrobe and the perfume bottle on
    the desk. LOOK at the stain in the corner of the door frame. TALK to Sheila and
    then to Wastson about a sedative for her. Holmes will automatically give Sheila
    said sedative and to her again several times to find out more information. TALK
    to Henry Carruthers and GIVE him the spring to repair the door. LOOK at the
    perfume bottle to make the Belle's Parfumerie appear on the map (we do not need
    to go there for now). Leave and go to Sarah Carroway's Flat.
    ___Sarah Carroway's Flat___
    LOOK at the laundry basket and PICK UP the sweater, you do not actually take
    the sweater along. LOOK at the rugby sweater to find out about the Kensington
    Rugby Club. PICK UP the umbrella near the fire escape and PICK UP the brass key
    that fell out. For fun you can open the tea pot and the bed ends but apart from
    that you are done here already.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Inside, USE the flower on the lab table. In the close-up view, USE the flower
    on the microscope, then USE the matches to light a flame and USE the flower
    with the flask (test tube). Exit and USE the powdery specimen on the lab table.
    USE the powdery specimen with the test tube, USE the matches to light a flame
    and finally USE the powdery specimen on the test tube again to get the results.
    Open the door to leave the home and TALK to Wiggins outside. Ask for assistance
    and GIVE him the flower, then leave the area. Come back, leave and come back
    once again for Wiggins to have returned. TALK to him about the flower for the
    required information. Ride1 to the Covent Garden.
    ___Covent Garden___
    PICK UP the wire basket with flowers on the nearby barrel and USE it with the
    barrel itself to get the cuff links. TALK to the girl Lesley about a
    description, say you are looking for a more detailed description yourself, then
    GIVE her the handwritten card. Enter the pub on the right.
    You have two choices of getting information from the publican. PICK UP the
    feather, a feathered dart and LOOK at the picture on the bar and the one over
    the bar as well. Also LOOK at the trophies around such as the snake skin near
    the dart baord and the tiger's head above the entrance. You can blackmail him
    into releasing information or you can ask him to play a game of dart. Before he
    will play darts with you, you need to challenge all the drunks in the pub
    first. The game itself is easy and unlikely a regular dart game you just need
    to hit 0 without needing a double or triple. When you have beaten the publican
    he will also tell you everything you want to know, for instance the chemist on
    Hattington Street. Ask about the cuff links to find about Bradley's Tobacco
    ___Hattington Street Chemist___
    TALK to the chemist and ask about the stock boy. TALK to him again and buy
    something, then ask if you could speak to the boy. TALK to Richard several
    times and find that he's not guilty.
    ___Bradley's Tobacco Shop___
    Attempt to MOVE the cigar crate only to get stopped by the Alfred the shop's
    assistant. TALK to him and mention it is of vital importance to continue the
    investigation without any hindrance. MOVE the crates several times until they
    are stacked near the moose head and then LOOK at it. PICK UP the moose head to
    find out the origin of it.
    ___Oxford Taxidermy___
    PICK UP the knife and the smock hanging near the fireplace. LOOK at the knife.
    TALK to Lars until you get serious and he reveals the information. Watson
    recommends using a canine for a better search of the docks.
    ___Old Sherman's___
    TALK to Old Sherman and USE the leash on your canine friend, Toby. You will
    automatically end up at the docks.
    OPEN the shed door behind Holmes and PICK UP the hammer. MOVE the barrel, LOOK
    at the pail and PICK UP the pail. MOVE the barrel again to PICK UP the rag. USE
    the pail in the Thames and USE the rag on the pail. Then USE the wet rag on the
    window and LOOK inside. Talk to Watson about it if you like and USE the hammer
    on the door. After a few scenes you'll end up back at 221B Baker Street.
    Briefly go to the Alley to make the Morgue appear on the city map.
    ___Southwark Morgue___
    Talk to the coroner and ask about the items. Look at all of them but you are
    not authorized to take them with you. You can also get some of the powder you
    took earlier, in case you have not. Talk to inspector Gregson and he will refer
    you to Inspector Lestrade at Scotland Yard. By the way you can look at two more
    corpses if you feel like it.
    ___Scotland Yard___
    Attempt to enter the main doors but you can not get past the guard here, TALK
    to him and then quickly head back to the Southwark Morgue. Ask Inspector
    Gregson about helping you out on this one.
    Back at Scotland Yard and finally inside, TALK to the Duty Officer. Ask about
    being allowed to talk to a prisoner go get a note, then ask if Lestrade is
    available but unfortunately he is not. Go outside and TALK with the apparently
    blind vendor. Threaten to expose her and go back to TALK with the Duty
    Officer. Be nice to him and he'll send for Inspector Lestrade. Talk with him
    about the morgue items and TALK to the Duty Officer for a pass.
    ___Southwark Morgue___
    TALK to the coroner again to show him the pass and see the items. PICK UP the
    large key and leave.
    USE the large key on the backstage door. USE the brass key you found at the
    flat earlier on the drawers. LOOK inside the top drawer and PICK UP the
    contents. Tell Watson you must have them. Carruthers will tell you the location
    of the Chancery Opera House.
    ___Chancery Opera House___
    GIVE the tickets to the first usher and TALK to the manager, Mr. Epstein. He
    won't let you see the dressing room so GIVE the tickets to the second usher and
    go upstairs. GIVE your tickets to the elderly woman and TALK to her about
    everything. When the show starts, go downstairs and GIVE the note from Mrs.
    Worthington to Mr. Epstein.
    You will get access to the dressing room but can not actually investigate here
    properly yet. Attempt to OPEN the drawers and then OPEN the door. Watson will
    mention a distraction so TALK to the manager again to see the room. TALK to
    Watson and let him go through the wardrobes. OPEN the drawers and LOOK through
    the middle one. PICK UP the contents of the middle one, a ring, and OPEN the
    door to leave.
    ___Belle's Parfumerie___
    TALK with the Belle and ask about a customer. His description is that he uses
    macassar oil, is very tall, unsure of built and he has black hair. She will
    mention a rugby player. TALK to her again and order the La Cote D'Azur perfume.
    When she disappears, talk to the cleaning lady and ask about the customer. She
    will reveal he smokes Senior Service cigarettes. We now have enough information
    to find him on the rugby team.
    ___South Kensington Field___
    TALK to the coach several times about the player you are looking for who smokes
    Senior Service cigarettes. He will call over Sanders (if he still wants a name
    you forgot to talk to the elderly lady at the opera house about it). Talk to
    him and he want you to prove he is involved with any woman. GIVE him the
    perfume you picked up at the Alley dressing room and he will admit in buying it
    and that he lives at the Eaton Dormitory.
    ___Eaton Dormitory___
    TALK to James Sanders until he wants proof of the death and kicks you out. Go
    to the Morgue and ask the coroner. You can not have the only document available
    so head home to 221B Baker Street to ask the newspaper man Jonas. No luck, all
    sold out. TALK to Wiggins and he will hand one over. Return to the Dormitory
    and GIVE the newspaper to James. TALK to him about everything to get two more
    ___St. Bernard's Publick House___
    TALK to the spectator and pay him for information. He will tell you to ask the
    guy opposite the pool table. TALK to that guy (Nobby) when he is not busy
    playing and pay him for information. It will take several attempts until you
    finally get the option. Still not good enough. Try to talk to Jack Mahoney but
    no luck. TALK to the bartender about Jack's marital status and TALK with
    Mahoney again until he finally gives you the information. Leave.
    ___Antonio Caruso's Flat___
    TALK to Antonio Caruso about the boy and the death. He will give you the
    information where Anna lives and that the little boy wants a gyroscope.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    TALK to Wiggins about his gyroscope to get it - for a price of course.
    ___Picnic Site and Playground___
    USE the gyroscope on the soletary boy. GIVE it to him and you'll get some
    information. When the boy leaves, PICK UP his hat and LOOK at it. It comes
    from the Eddington's Equestrian Shop.
    ___Eddington's Equestrian Shop___
    TALK to the shop keeper but he will not reveal any information. LOOK at the
    coat of arms at the west side of the shop and to get the information.
    ___Anna Carroway's Flat___
    USE the bell pull and then USE the door knocker. Finally USE the ring of keys
    from your inventory to open the door. Inside, PICK UP the two calling cards and
    MOVE the left plant. Go upstairs and TALK to the housekeeper about the plant
    you spilled. MOVE the statue behind the door and PICK UP the book. LOOK at the
    diary (was the book) in your inventory. Also LOOK at the two calling cards you
    picked up a second ago. OPEN the door, and OPEN the main door to leave the flat
    ___Bow Street Police Court___
    GIVE the permission to the guard and TALK to Blackwood several times, he
    reveals all he knows. OPEN the gate to leave.
    ___Law Office of Mr. Jacob Farthington___
    TALK to Mr. Farthingon a few times about Anna Carroway. OPEN the door to leave
    his office.
    ___Jaimeson's Buying and Selling___
    TALK to Nigel Jaimeson and make sure he tells you who he sold the pendant to.
    Also ask about other information so he mentions a guy called Hunt.
    ___Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency___
    TALK to the busy receptionist to find that Gardner had a strange meeting at
    the Zoo. GIVE her your business card. Then OPEN the door to leave.
    ___The London Zoological Gardens___
    TALK to Constable Dugan about what happened. OPEN the gate and go left. LOOK at
    the shiny object. Go right twice and LOOK at the corpse and it's slash wounds
    and broken leg. TALK to Inspector Gregson about the moved body. OPEN the door
    to the office and TALK to Hollingston about everything. He will reveal a staff
    member's address where we will go next.
    ___Simon Kingsley's Flat___
    LOOK at the picture of Felix next to the entrance and the boots near the
    fireplace. TALK to Kingsley about everything and he will admit the body was in
    the lion's cage and help you retrieve the shiny object. OPEN the door to leave.
    ___The London Zoological Gardens___
    OPEN the main gate and go to where the lion cage is and PICK UP the shiny
    object. LOOK at the closed pocket watch in your inventory and then LOOK at the
    paper you found.
    ___Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency___
    LOOK at the framed photograph on the right and TALK to the secretary. USE the
    typwriter to smash the door and watch the scenes.
    Return to the agency and OPEN the broken door to the inner office. MOVE the
    comfy chair and MOVE the shelf of books that was hidden behind it. Optionally
    you may want to pick up the I.O.U. paper that was underneahth the chair. USE
    the piece of paper with the combination you got from the shiny object at the
    Zoo on the safe and PICK UP the contents inside. LOOK at the pendant and the
    letter you find inside. Finally we'll go talk to Lord Brumwell. MOVE the comfy
    chair back, OPEN the main door to leave.
    ___Lord Brumwell's Mansion___
    USE the bell pull and speak with the butler to get inside. Wait for Mrs.
    Brumwell to call for you and go see her. Speak to her about the letter and she
    will allow you to OPEN the door to the right. Inside, talking to Lord Brumwell
    will result him leaving and you locked inside. MOVE the left sword on the wall
    and OPEN the large painting. OPEN the safe behind and TAKE the contents inside.
    USE the small brass key you have just found to OPEN the door. OPEN the main
    doors and follow Lord Brumwell outside for a cutscene.
    Leave 221B Baker Street.
    ___Robert Hunt's Flat___
    OPEN the small book on the nightstand and PICK UP the bookmark. LOOK at it to
    find that it is a pawn ticket at Jaimeson's Buying and Selling. OPEN the wooden
    door to leave.
    ___Jaimeson's Buying and Selling___
    GIVE the pawn ticket to the owner Nigel and LOOK at the tarot box you have
    received to find yet another key.
    ___Covent Garden___
    Enter the passage leading to the palmist. Inside, MOVE the left candle. USE the
    ornate key you have just found on the desk drawer to find a silver key. PICK UP
    the silver key and USE it on the strong box. OPEN the strong box and LOOK
    inside. PICK UP the folded piece of parchment. Then LOOK at it. The final
    destination is the pier.
    ___Savoy Street Pier___
    USE the iron bar you picked up way at the beginning of the game (Alley) on the
    door and watch the final scenes.
    04.)                    ITEMS                                        G0400
    A Calling Card:
    This card bears the name of Antonio Caruso, printed in an almost illegible
    Florentine script. Found in the home of Anna Carroway.
    A Closed Pocket Watch:
    A gold-plated watch attached to a fine gold chain. The latch is encrusted with
    mud and there is a small dent in the bottom edge. Otherwise it is in good
    condition. Opening the watch reveals an inscription. A piece of paper is
    attached to the inside of the lid below the inscription. You remove the piece
    of paper for closer examination. Found in the lion's cage at the zoo, becomes
    an open pocket watch once it is examined. Belongs to F. Gardner who was
    murdered here.
    A Flower:
    A pink carnation with dark veins in the petals. Sent to Sarah Carroway at the
    theatre along with a handwritten card. After testing the flower at the 221B
    Baker St. lab table this will be known to be a flower with iodine dyed petals.
    A Handwritten Card:
    The card reads: "Dear Sarah, What's in a name? A rose by any other name would
    smell as sweet - A secret Admirer". Surprisingly, this is the product of a
    feminine right hand with the habit of dotting the i's with tiny hearts. Sent
    to Sarah Carroway at the theatre along with a a bouquet of carnations.
    A Large Key:
    A large iron key of the type usually associated with the locks of iron gates
    or sturdy external doors. Found with the belongings of Sarah Carroway, turns
    out to be the key to unlock the backstage door of the Regency Theatre leading
    to the dressing rooms. We had access to this earlier but apparently no-one will
    let you in once the police moves away from the alley.
    A message requesting help:
    A note from Lestrade asking Mr. Holmes to investigate the murder outside the
    Regency Theatre.
    A number of business cards (Holmes Card):
    Several business cards. They read: "Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, 221B
    Baker St., London." You start out with these and may need to hand them over to
    identify yourself, or to keep in touch with people.
    A pawn ticket:
    The bookmark found inside Robert Hunt's flat is actually this pawn ticket at
    closer inspection.
    A piece of paper with numbers on it:
    A piece of paper with the numbers 11-17-86 neatly printed in a bold masculine
    hand. Found inside the pocket watch that was in the lion's cage at the zoo.
    A silver key:
    Found inside the desk drawer at the palmist, it opens the strongbox you have
    uncovered nearby.
    A small brass key:
    A small brass key. It looks new and unused. It is probably a duplicate key, to
    be used in case the original is ever lost. Found inside the dining room of
    Brumwell's mansion, it unlocks the doors.
    A theatre playbill (Paper):
    The playbill is dated two nights ago. On the back is a message which appears to
    have hastily scrawled, "S. Meet me outside the stage door after the show, I
    have important news, B". Found in the alley outside the Regency Theatre.
    An Open Pocket Watch:
    The watch is still maintained and is keeping perfect time. The inner lid bears
    the inscription, "F. Gardner, 25 years of loyal service." Found inside the
    lion's cage at the zoo, first closed but you can examine it to find a paper
    inside. Belongs to F. Gardner who was murdered here.
    An ornate key:
    This is a small ornate iron key. It has no significant markings. Found inside
    the tarot box.
    Analysis Results:
    In addition to common soap, salt of tartar, and camphor, analysis reveals trace
    amounts of powdered, highly toxic, arsenic. The combination suggests Becoeur's
    arsenical soap, a common preservative compound. This analysis is a result of
    examining the powdery substance found on Sarah Carroway, by using it on the
    lab table. at 221B Baker St.
    Beecham's Tablets:
    This glass bottle holds twenty-five unadorned, white pills. Bought at the
    chemist so he would let Holmes talk to the stock boy.
    The bookmark is actually a claim ticket. Numbered 4450, it is made out to
    Robert Hunt by Jaimeson's New and Used Goods, Newington. Found inside Robert
    Hunt's flat inside a book. Becomes a pawn ticket when looked at once.
    Brass Key:
    A tiny brass key. It is too small for most door locks. It most likely opens
    something smaller, like a drawer or a jewelry box. Found hidden in the umbrella
    at Sarah Carroway's flat. This key opens up the drawers in the Regency Theatre
    dressing room belonging to Sarah Carroway.
    Calling Card:
    This card presents the name and office address of a certain Jacob Farthington,
    Barrister of Grey's Inn, London. Found in Anna Carroway's home.
    Cigarette Butts:
    Several crushed cigarette butts. They are common variety available anywhere in
    London. Found in the alley outside the Regency Theatre. You can see the killer
    smoke this in the introduction sequence.
    Cuff Link:
    A shiny brass cuff link with the initials G.B. inscribed upon it. Fished out of
    the barrel outside of the Moongate Pub. These belong to a chap named Blackwood.
    It appears to be Anna Carroway's diary. Her private thoughts, feelings, and
    movements are recorded in a neat regular hand. The most recent entry is
    lengthy. In brief it reveals that on learning her sister's death, she hired
    some detectives - experts in the recovery of stolen property. She believed her
    sister's jewelry would be pawned by the killer. The jewelry itself was not
    particularly valuable, but a letter "whose value is beyond description" was
    concealed in the pendant. The entry ends with the chilling sentence, "If they
    are not successful in recovering the pendant, I will be alone in the world...
    my poor sister dead and my child lost to me forever. This diary is found in
    Anna Carroway's bedroom underneath a statue.
    Eau de Seine:
    A brilliant blue bottle of perfume labeled, "Eau de Seine". For sale at Belle's
    Parfumerie but does not have anything to do with the actual case.
    The distinctive curved head feather of a white cockatoo. Found on the floor of
    the Moongate pub. Not used for anything as far I a know.
    Feathered Dart:
    A well balanced, feathered dart. The tip is slightly dulled with use. It is,
    however, still sharp enough to play with. Red herring as far as I know.
    Fleur de L'est:
    A pink bottle of perfume labeled, "Fleurs de L'est". For sale at Belle's
    Parfumerie but does not have anything to do with the actual case.
    A very nice gyroscope, all young boys love one of these.
    A heavy bung hammer, used by dock workers to hammer the plugs into the oak
    barrels. The man who wields this sixteen-pound tool must be strong and
    accurate. If he misses the mark, he'll shatter the barrel. Found at the docks
    Found inside the detective agency, the writing on the paper reads only, "I.O.U.
    12, 4s, 2d, HM."
    Iron Bar:
    This is a two-foot section of iron pipe. Both ends are corroded by rust. There
    is a trace of rd pain on one end. This item appears to be a red herring at
    first, finding it at the scene of the crime and all, but it will come in use
    near the end of the game.
    This knife found at the taxidermy could easily be mistaken for a surgeon's
    scalpel were it not for the fact that the blade is slightly longer, and its
    cutting edge is serrated, presumably to saw through an animal's hide.
    A bottle of perfume labeled, "L'Amore". For sale at Belle's Parfumerie but does
    not have anything to do with the actual case.
    La Cote D'Azur:
    A bottle of the elusive fragrance called, "La Cote D'Azur". For sale at Belle's
    Parfumerie but only bought as the store window does not have any and Belle must
    go into the back to retrieve some, giving you plenty of time to talk to the
    nearby cleaning lady.
    Landsdown's Famous Liver Elixir:
    A large bottle of dark, foul smelling liquid. Bought at the chemist so he would
    let Holmes talk to the stock boy.
    Toby's leash is a four foot length of heavy cowhide. It is looped at one end
    and a metal clasp is attached to the other.
    A Letter folded many times:
    Letter address to Anna about the truth of the Brumwell family.
    A copy of the Times. It recounts the death of Sarah Carroway. Requires to proof
    to her boyfriend James that she is really dead.
    A note from Mrs. Worthington to Fred Epstien: "Please allow Mr. Holmes and Dr.
    Watson access to Anna's dressing room." She gives you this note when the
    manager denies you access to the dressing room at first.
    Opera Tickets:
    These two tickets are for season seats at the Chancery Opera House. They can be
    found in the drawers of Sarah Carroway's dressing room at the Regency Theatre.
    Ornate Key
    A standard tin water bucket, of the type used for swabbing decks. There is a
    thin rope attached to the handle. Lying around on the docks, also had a rag at
    some point. Its standard use is still to hold water.
    Found inside the strongbox at the palmist, it is the final clue of where to
    find the killer.
    This authorizes the bearer, one Sherlock Holmes, to utilize the personal
    effects of a Miss Sarah Carroway. Signed Sergeant Jeremy Duncan, Officer of the
    Day, Scotland Yard. Retrieved from Scotland Yard and used to obtain items from
    the Southwark Morgue.
    Paul's Cap:
    The inside of the hat is as abused as the outside. The hatter's label requires
    patience and a good eye to discern, it reads, "Eddington Equestrian, 4
    Eddington Street". Found at the Picnic and Playground Area. Paul himself leaves
    this behind.
    An ivory oval, approximately 3 inches in the long dimension, attached to a
    heavy gold chain. The clasp is broken. A bird of some sort has been etched into
    the ivory. The pendant is unexpectedly light in weight. A piece of solid ivory
    this size should be almost twice as heavy. Close inspection reveals sliding
    panels on the sides. When moved, they cause the pendant to open. Inside, is a
    piece of high quality stationary folded several times.
    Perfume Bottle:
    The perfume is called Eau de Seine. The label lists the address of the
    parfumerie as Belle's Parfumerie, in Westminster. There is a ribbon around the
    bottle as if it were a gift. Found in the dressing room at the Regency
    Allow the bearer of this pass access and freedom to question any and all
    prisoners being held at the Bow Street Police Court. Signed, Sergeant Jeremy
    Duncan, Officer of the Day. Retrieved from Scotland Yard and used at Bow Street
    Court to interrogate prisoners.
    Poie De Vie:
    A nasty green bottle of perfume labeled, "Poie de Vie". For sale at Belle's
    Parfumerie but does not have anything to do with the actual case.
    Powdery Specimen (Residue Powder):
    The specimen was extracted from the wool of Sarah Carroway's dress. The sample
    was located at the point where the murder first inserted the fatal blade. There
    is enough of the substance to identify the fatal blade. There is not enough of
    the substance to identify it unequivocally by eye, but it smells distinctly of
    camphor. An envelope is sufficient to hold a small amount. Examining this on
    the lab table at 221B Baker St. will result in analysis results.
    Professor Whitcomb's Catarrh Preparation:
    A bottle of the Professor's best. Bought at the chemist so he would let Holmes
    talk to the stock boy.
    A small piece of calice cloth. It is dry and dirty. When wet, very useful to
    clean windows.
    Ring Of Keys:
    Several keys, or various sizes, adorn this ring. Opens Anna Carroway's flat.
    A heavily soiled and smelly smock, found at the taxidermy.
    This is a steel spring attached to a small square mass of solid brass. Found
    underneath the wardrobe in the Regency Theatre dressing room and need by Henry
    Carruthers to fix the door lock.
    Tarot Box:
    At the bottom of the box, underneath the Tarot cards, sits a small ornate key.
    Vernet's Best Paregoric Mixture:
    This medicine is recommended for occasional use only, and then only is small
    doses. Bought at the chemist so he would let Holmes talk to the stock boy.
    Wet Rag:
    After dipping the dry rag into the pail containing water, it gets soaking wet.
    Wire Basket:
    A simple basket formed of bailing wire. Found in Convent Garden along with a
    bunch of flowers, although Holmes discarded those flowers immediately. The wire
    of the basket is used to find an item in the barrel the basket was found on
    and turned into a Wire Hook.
    Wire Hook:
    The wire basket has been mangled into a crude hook after used on the barrel to
    receive the cuff link.
    05.)                    LOCATIONS                                    G0500
    221B Baker Street:
    Sherlock Holmes and Watson's home. From here they will start investigations,
    research evidence and of course also live with their trusty housekeeper Mrs.
    Hudson (who does not appear in the game). Outside of the home is Jonas'
    newsstand which provides the latest gossip from the papers. Usually Wiggins can
    also be found here, a direct link to the lads around town, also referred to as
    the 'Irregulars'.
    The alley behind the Regency Theatre. This is where the murder takes place at
    the beginning of the game, it also leads to the dressing room of the theatre
    Anna Carroway's Flat:
    Anna Carroway's home on the east side of town. The only person at home is the
    Antonio Caruso's Flat:
    Antonio Caruso's home, naturally. He is Anna Carroway's boyfriend.
    Belle's Parfumerie:
    Many fine perfumes are sold here, although the stock is often not kept too
    well. Belle herself works the counter but is not very good with information,
    perhaps her cleaning lady is.
    Bow Street Police:
    This jail houses the prisoners caught by the police. With proper permission you
    may interrogate them before they are either freed or hanged.
    Bradley's Tobacco Shop:
    The only reason for this place to be part of the investigation is because it
    hangs local taxidermy which in turn provide clues to investigate further.
    Chancery Opera House:
    Sarah Carroway has expensive tickets for a box seat at the theatre. Her sister
    Anna performs there as well.
    Covent Garden:
    Several locations are found within the Covent Garden, including the Moongate
    Pub and Psychic Readings by Madame Rosa. The girl Lesley sells flowers here and
    is also important for your investigation.
    Eaton Dormitory:
    Dorm room of James Sanders, boyfriend of Sarah Carroway. He is usually kept
    busy playing rugby.
    Eddington's Equestrian Shop:
    A store for all things fine regarding horse riding.
    Hattington Street Chemist:
    The stock boy working at the chemist seems to know Sarah Carroway quite well,
    having also been near the Covent Garden's Moongate Pub frequently.
    Jaimeson's Buying And Selling:
    Basically a pawn shop that sells second hand items. They look in rather good
    condition. Stolen items may often come through here.
    Law Office Of Mr. Jacob Farthington:
    Hired by Anna Carroway to retrieve the stolen items of her sister, Mr. Jacob
    Farthingon himself sits in rather large office.
    Lord Brumwell's Mansion:
    Lord Brumwell's estate near the Thames. He lives there with his wife and their
    Moongate Pub:
    The pub can be found in Covent Garden and it houses several drunkards and dart
    players. The owner himself knows a lot about his clientele but he does not want
    to squeal unless the heat gets too much. He is also an avid player of darts
    himself so beating him may result in getting information the sportsman way.
    Moorehead And Gardner Detective Agency:
    Both Moorehead and Gardner work here but never seem to be around. Gardner may
    have a good excuse but there is still another way to get inside the office
    without a key.
    Old Sherman's:
    Old Sherman takes care of your canine friend for when it is time to sniff out
    some crimes.
    Oxford Taxidermy:
    Maker of many taxidermy around London, including the ones hanging at the
    tobacco shop. Homes a sharp serrated knife, possibly the killer weapon?!
    Palmist Shop:
    The fortune-telling tarot reader can be found here for most of the game. There
    is not much use for it but when the lady finally leaves you can investigate
    Picnic Site And Playground:
    The priory school has a large green area around for the boys to play. Nearby is
    a picnic area where Anna Carroway generally likes to visit. 
    Regency Theatre:
    The dressing off can be entered from the alley where the murder took place. It
    is where Sarah Carroway and her understudy Sheila Parker worked.
    Robert Hunt's Flat:
    The home of Robert Hunt, suspect in the case.
    Sarah Carroway's Flat:
    The victim's apartment does not have much to offer but a few vital clues of who
    she was seeing.
    Savoy Street Pier:
    The finale takes place here.
    Scotland Yard:
    The police headquarters in London. Lestrade tends to hang out here when not out
    in the field, but several other people may hear information not released to the
    general public.
    Simon Kingsley's Flat:
    The zookeeper Simon Kingsley lives here, nearby the zoo itself.
    South Kensington Field:
    The rugby club trains and plays here. Sarah Carroway's boyfriend is apparently
    a player here but the coach is very protective unless you know exactly who it
    Southwark Morgue:
    As you might expect from a morgue, it contains dead bodies. They are being
    examined here and often the victim's evidence is still available before going
    to the archives. You can actually see dead bodies here if you want to have a
    St. Bernard's Publick House:
    Many snookers player like to gather here, they all know a lot but are only
    willing to part with this information for money. Antonio Caruso himself likes
    to visit this place.
    The London Zoological Gardens:
    The London Zoo. Famous for and its location, animals, staff and murder
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release, complete (28th of April 2005)
    v1.1     Added info on most items, locations and revamped the guide a bit
             (14th of July 2008)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this.
    EA for this great game.
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