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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by wicked7630

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               Kings bounty strategy, (C) Chris Jones 2000
      |  NAME              |         KINGS BOUNTY                          |
      |  MADE BY           |         ELECTRONIC ARTS/NEW WORLD COMPUTING   |
      |  GENRE             |         STRATEGY/RPG                          |
      |  YEAR              |         1990                                  |
      |  DIFFICULTIES      |         EASY / NORMAL / HARD/ IMPOSSIBLE      |
      |  PLATFORMS         |         SEGA MEGADRIVE(GENESIS) / PC DOS      |
      |1  |   Basics            |
      |2  |   Species           |
      |3  |   Artifacts         |
      |4  |   Villains          |
      |5  |   General tactics   |
      |6  |   Personal Info     |
    ___|1: BASICS|______________________________________
     Ok, I hate strategies who start off all personal so anybody who wants to learn 
    anything about myself personally can go to the end of the strategy.
     Starting the game you should forget about all the units in the castle apart 
    from the maximum amount of pikemen your character can get for protection, go to 
    the nearest town and rent a boat.   Take this boat around the edge of your 
    current continent and put all the gold you find as leadership by giving  it to 
    your peasants, try to get to the next continents as quickly as possible.
     Leadership System:
     The first thing you need to understand about the game is this, your progress in 
    the game depends solely on your ability to run a decent army.  You can have all 
    the money in the world and still not have the ground to have a decent army.  The 
    reason for this is the "leadership system".  To explain the leadership system 
    the amount of leadership points your character has is linked with the size of 
    the army you have.  In finer detail you cannot have an army with a higher mass 
    hitpoint value than your leadership point value.
     e.g  50 militia has hitpoints of 100, which works out to 2 hitpoints for each 
    unit, if your leadership is 100 the most you can have in your army is 50 
    militia, any more than that and they will go out of control, rebelling against 
     Completing game:
     You don't *need* to kill every contracted villain in the game, apart from in my 
    eyes you really should because it doesn't feel like you've completed it properly 
    otherwise, you just need to locate the scepter to complete the game, you do this 
    by checking the "check puzzle pieces" and seeing if the place is familiar yet.
     Morale Group:
     Morale groups are what distinguishes whether your armies are happy or sad, you 
    cannot mix two armies who dislike each other, eg dragons don't like Giants.
     Here is a chart showing the UNits morale group  
            A     B    C   D  E     LEGEND : N = Normal
                                             H= High
          A N     N    N   N  N              L= Low
          B N     N    N   N  N
          C N     N    H   N  N
          D L     N    L   H  N
          E L     L    L   N  N
     For full units morale group see troop strengths chart.
    ___|2: Species|______________________________________
     Militia are not very defensive units, they are killed easily because they have 
    a hit point value of just 2.  Their attack value is of 1-2 which is also very 
    weak, these are emergency units and should only be used in dire needs.  movement 
    is 2 paces
     Attack Value 1-2
     Hitpoints 2
     movement 2
     Archers are the worst of the shooting type of units, they have a hitpoint value 
    of 10 and an attack value of 1-2 but attack values of archers should be nulled 
    due to the fact that their bow attack values are not listed.  They move at two 
    paces at a time.
     Attack Value 1-2, bow 1-3
     Hitpoints 10
     Movement 2
     Pikemen are the best units available in the castle at the beginning of the 
    game, they can move at two pace at a time,have 10 hitpoints and a attack value 
    of 2-4 making them great in close combat at this stage. 
     Attack value 2-4
     Hitpoints 10
     Movement 2
     Peasants, ahem..... suck.  they have 1 hitpoint, their attack value is 1 and 
    they have a movement value of 1, they can only be bought at around 300 at a time 
    and, they just totally suck... lets put it this way, I've seen 5 dragons take 
    out 3000 peasants.
     Attack Value 1
     Hitpoints 1
     movement 1
     Sprites are not the best creatures due to their awful hitpoints, exactly the 
    same as peasants, but they can fly(move anywhere) and they have got an attack 
    value of 1-2.
     Attack Value 1-2
     Hitpoints 1
     Movement FLY
     Nomads are quite good creatures if you have them in a large enough group, they 
    are quite tough to kill early on in the game with the hp value being 15 and they 
    are quite strong with an attack power of 2-4, they can move at 2 paces at a 
     Attack Value 2-4
     Hitpoints 15
     Movement 2
     Ghosts are very dangerous creatures to have for two reasons, one is that if the 
    week of the peasant falls when you have ghosts in your army, they will be 
    resurrected as peasants.  THe other is that every unit a ghost kills turns into 
    a ghost and joins you.  I know your probably thinking that is a good thing but 
    it isn't.  The reason for this is that it is easy to get too many ghost and have 
    an out of control army.
     attack value 3-4
     hitpoints 10
     movement 3
     Gnomes are underrated creatures and in large numbers can be worthy adversaries, 
    they are quite strong and have a fair amount of hitpoints.
    Attack value 1-3
     Hitpoints 5
     Movement 1
     Orcs are great.  They are by far my favourite army in the game.  They have a 
    hitpoint value of 5, a damage of 2-3, which is different when they are firing 
    arrows and a movement value of 2.  They are not the best archers in the game but 
    are good all rounders as they are good at hand to hand fighting also.
     Attack value 2-3, bow 1-2
     Hitpoints 5
     movement 2
     Elves are great archers, but don't get them involved in a close combat fight as 
    they will just lose it.  
     Attack Value 1-2, bow 2-4
     Hitpoints 10
     Movement 3
     Wolves are ok fighters, they have good movement and are not too bad but not 
    something you'll want later on in the game.
     Attack Value 1-3
     Hitpoints 3
     Movement 3
     Skeletongs are a lot like wolves, only not as good...
     Attack Value 1-2
     Hitpoints 2
     movement 3
     Zombies are steady fighters, they are moderately strong and have alright 
    hitpoints, they can't move very fast though:(.
     Attack Value 2
     Hitpoints 5
     Movement 1
     Dwarves are like Gnomes but better lol.  They are stronger, more hitpoints but 
    the same movement.
     Attack value 2-4
     Hitpoints 20
     Movement 1
     Ogres are quite hard to kill especially early in the game but luckily they have 
    a very small attack level for their hitpoints.
     Attack Value 3-5
     Hitpoints 40
     Movement 1
     Trolls are good creatures to have for a number of reasons.  Firstly they have 
    high hitpoints, secondly they regenerate their hitpoints.  A minus factor is 
    that they are very weak. 
     Attack Value 2-5
     Hitpoints 50
     Movement 1
     Barbarians are good fighters, they are a great addition to your army and until 
    you find something better they'll do lol.
     Attack Value 1-6
     Hit Points 40
     Movement 3
     18: Giants
     GIants are just great, you won't find them until you get to the last continent, 
    saharia.  They are very very good, just look at their stats.
     Attack value: 10-20, throw 5-10
     hit points 60
     movement 3
     19: Archmages
     Archmages may seem awful at first due to the fact they haven't got a large 
    amount of hitpoints for their cost and that they have a low attack level, but 
    they can fire two fireballs every battle which are absolutely devastating, plus 
    they can fly, these are my second favourite armies.
     Attack value 2-3 shoot 50+
     hit points 25
     movement fly+1
     20: Druids
     Druids are a lot like archmages except for they have three shots, but they 
    can't fly.
     attack value 2-3 shoot 45+
     hit points 25
     movement 2
     21: Vampires
     Vampires are quite good creatures, however they are expensive.  They are good 
    because as they fight they can revive lost vampires by killing other races.  
     Attack Value 3-6
     Hit points 30
    movement fly + 1
     Their.... alright I suppose, but there are much better armies out there, trust 
    me, just experiment and you'll see they are not great.
     Attack Value: 3-5
     Hit points 20
     Movement 4
     Demons are good creatures to have for one reason, if you have one measly demon 
    against a 100 dragons, he can kill 50 in one blow thanks to his kill half 
     attack value 5-7
     hit points 50
    movement fly +1
     24: Knights
     Knights are quite good fighters, (instant army, see secrets).
     Attack value 6-10
     hit points 35
     movement 1
     The big expensive guys, very strong but require the best leadership abilities 
    to handle.
     Attack Level 25-50
     Hit points 200
     Movement Fly+1
     Place found/
     |CASTLE                                                                  |
     |Militas            |  2       |   2    |  1-2 |     | 50 |     A        |
     |Archers            |  10      |   2    |  1-2 |  1-3| 250|     B        |
     |Pikemen            |  10      |   2    |  2-4 |     | 300|     B        |
     |Cavalry            |  20      |   4    |  3-5 |     | 800|     B        |
     |Knights            |  35      |   1    |  6-10|     |1000|     B        |
     |PLAINS       								  |
     |Peasants           |  1       |   1    |   1  |     |  10|     A        |
     |Wolves             |  3       |   3    |   1-3|     |  40|     D        |
     |Nomads             |  15      |   2    |   2-4|     | 300|     C        |
     |Barbarians         |  40      |   3    |   1-6|     | 750|     C        |
     |Archmages          |  25      |   Fly  |   2-3| 50+ |1200|     C        |
     |FOREST                                                                  |
     |Sprites            |  1       |   Fly  |   1-2|     |  15|     C        |
     |Gnomes             |  5       |   1    |   1-3|     |  60|     C        |
     |Elves              | 10       |   3    |   1-2|  2-4| 200|     C        |
     |Trolls             | 50       |   1    |   2-5|     |1000|     D        |
     |Druids             | 25       |   2    |   2-3|  45+| 700|     C        |
     |Orcs               | 5        |   2    |   2-3|  1-2|  75|     D        |
     |Dwarves            | 20       |   1    |   2-4|     | 350|     C        |
     |Ogres              | 40       |   1    |   3-5|     | 750|     D        |
     |Giants             | 60       |   3    | 10-20| 5-10|2000|     C        |
     |Dragons            | 200      |   Fly  |25-50 |     |5000|     D        |
     |Dungeons								  |
     |Skeletons          | 3        |   2    |   1-2|     |  40|    E         |
     |Zombies            | 5        |   1    |     2|     |  50|    E         |
     |Ghosts             | 10       |   3    |   3-4|     | 400|    E         |
     |Vampires           | 30       |   Fly  |   3-6|     |1500|    E         |
     |Demons             | 50       |   Fly  |   5-7|     |3000|    E         |
    Each artifact has its own seperate effect, here is a short description of each::
    Amulet of Augmentation:
    The amulet amplifies the users spell power, this is useful if you are the 
    sorceress as it doubles your usefulness, whereas if you are the barbarian it 
    helps because he has very low magic powers.
    Anchor of Admiralty:
    When renting a boat, the amount you need to pay weekly drop from 500 to 100 gold 
    for the holder of the artifact.
    Articles of Nobility:
    The payment your character recieves every week increases dramatically.  The King 
    pays you more money because the articles signify extraodinary service to the 
    kingdom through historic action.
    Book of Necros:
    This book increases your spell memory which is very handy when you are using the 
    instant army + cheat.  
    Crown of Command:
    This is one of, if not the most important artifact in the game.  It doubles your 
    leadership thus making you able to have an army of double size.
    Ring of Heroism:
    Like the crown of command this also increases your leadership, but it also 
    increases your luck by helping you beat impossible odds, e.g a giant killing a 
    Shield of Protection:
    Makes your army harder to defeat by increasing their hitpoints.
    Sword of Prowess:
    Makes your army stronger by increasing their attack values.
    1: Murray the Miser.
    Alias:      None
    Money:      5000
    Continent:  Continentia
    Distinguishing Features: Threadbare Clothes, bald patch with hair combed to 
    cover it.  Incessant cough.
    Crimes: Murray is wanted for various petty crimes as well as treason.  He 
    allowed a group of pirates to enter the castle.
    28 wolves
    39 militia
    68 peasants
    59 peasants
    83 peasants
    2: Hack the Rogue
    Alias:      The Spitter
    Money:      6000
    Continent:  Continentia
    Distinguishing features: Bushy ebon Beard stained with tobacco juice, numerous 
    battle scars, brash, arrogant behaviour.
    Crimes: Along with many minor infractions Hack is wanted for conspiracy against 
    the crown and for, grave-robbing.
    35 militia
    34 militia
    14 nomads
    101 peasants
    79 peasants
    3:Princess Aimoila
    Alias:      Lady Deciet
    Money:      7000
    Continent:   Continentia
    Distinguishing Features: Excessive use of make-up to hide aging features, ever-
    present lace handkerchief.
    Crimes: The princess violated her status as a visiting dignitary by encouraging 
    a murder and joining the conspiracy against the crown.
    50 sprites
    74 sprites
    20 skeletons
    22 zombies
    6 ogres.
    4:Baron Johnno Makahl
    Alias:     Johnno
    Money:     8000
    Continent: Continentia
    Distinguishing Features: Expensive and gaudy clothes, scruffy beard and 
    Crimes: Johnno is wanted for various crimes against the kingdom, including 
    leading a direct assault against the crown and conspiracy.
    23 orcs
    17 archers
    5 trolls
    14 dwarves
    36 wolves
    5: dread pirate rob
    Alias:     Terror of the sea
    Money:	   9000	
    Continent: Continentia
    Distinguishing Features: Pencil thin moustache and elegantly trimmed beard, 
    never without a rapier.
    Crimes: Rob is wanted for piracy as well as conspiracy and for breaking out five 
    traitors sentenced to death in the royal dungeons.
    69 militia
    62 militia
    16 archers
    13 elves
    5 barbarians
    6: Caneghor the mystic
    Alias: The majestic sage
    Money: 10000
    Continent: Continentia
    Distinguishing Features: Voluminous robes, bald head, magic symbols engraved on 
    body, levitating ability.
    Crimes: Caneghor is wanted for grave robbing, conspiracy against the crown and 
    for plundering the royal library.
    13 ghosts
    267 sprites
    10 knights
    6 archmages
    7 archmages
    7: Sir Moradon the Cruel
    Alias: None
    Money: 12000
    Continent: Forestria
    Distinguishing Features: Always wearing armor and concealed weapons, has 
    twoprominent front teeth and an unkept beard.
    Crimes: Sir moradon, from another land is wanted for his part in a conspiracy to 
    topple the kingdom.
    29 archers
    21 pikemen
    115 militia
    18 cavalry
    16 knights
    8:Prince Barrowpine
    Alias:    The Elf lord
    Money:    14000
    Continent: Forestria
    Distinguishing Features: Pointed ears, sharp elfin features, pale blue eyes with 
    no whites, glimmering enchanted coin.
    Crimes: The prince is one of the leaders of the conspiracy against the crown.  
    He also traffics stolen artifacts.
    33 Archmages
    13 Druids
    313 Sprites
    35 Pikemen
    30 Elves
    9:Bargash Eyesore
    Alias: Old one eye
    Money: 16000
    Distinguishing Features: Single eye in center of head,over ten feet tall, only 
    hair on body is beard.
    Crimes: Bargash is wanted for conspiracy against the crown andfor leading an 
    outright attack against the king.
    20 Ogres
    15 Trolls
    7  Giants
    94 Wolves
    160 Orcs
    10:Rinaldus Drybone
    Alias: The Death lord
    Money: 18000
    Continent: Forestria
    Distinguishing Features: Rinaldus is a magically animated skeleton, an undead, 
    he is easily identified by the crown he wears.
    Crimes: rinaldus is wanted for leading a conspiracy against the crown andleading 
    a rebellion on the continent of saharia.
    112 Zombies
    520 skeletons
    33  ghosts
    14  vampires
    8   demons
    11: Ragface
    Alias: None
    Money: 20000
    Continent: Archipella
    Distinguishing Features: Ragface is an undead, he is covered from head to toe in 
    moldering green strips of cloth, a rotting smell follows him.
    Crimes: Conspiracy against the crown and leading an insurrection in saharia.
    222 zombies
    645 skeletons
    53 Ghosts
    31 Vampires
    10 Demons
    12: Mahk Bellowspeak
    Alias: Bruiser
    Money: 25000
    Continent: Archipella
    Distinguishing Features: Bright orange body hair on a fluorescent green body.  a 
    tendency to shout for no apparent reason.
    Crimes: Mahk is wanted for the conspiracy against the crown, leading a jail 
    break and for piracy on the open seas.
    8 dragons
    32 giants
    30 ogres
    219 orcs
    218 gnomes
    13: Auric Whiteskin
    Alias: The Barbarian
    Money: 30000
    Continent: Archipella
    Distinguishing Features: Auric is heavily muscled and wears a protective skin 
    made from the hides of baby lambs.
    Crimes:Auric is wanted for conspiracy and for leading the rebellion of the 
    continent Saharia.
    45 barbarians
    23 giants
    321 gnomes
    107 nomads
    763 peasants
    14: Czar Nikolai the Mad
    Alias: The mad Czar
    Money: 35000
    Continent: Archipella
    Distinguishing Features: The czar has eyes which change colour constantly, he 
    also has a sulphur smell emanating fro mhis body.
    Crimes: The czar is wanted for leading a conspiracy against the crown for 
    violating diplomatic immunity and for murder.
    110 pikemen
    46 archers
    85 cavalry
    64 knights
    6 dragons
    15: Magus Deathspell
    Alias: None
    Money: 40000
    Continent: Saharia
    Distinguishing Features: Pupil-less eyes, white beard, always wears crimson 
    robes and a matching Skull cap.
    Crimes: Magus is wanted for conspiracy against the crown and for practising 
    forbidden magics.
    60 vampires
    107 archmages 
    33 demons
    544 gnomes
    5183 peasants
    16: Urthrax Killspite
    Alias: The Demon King
    Money: 45000
    Continent: Saharia
    Distinguishing Features: Green, Skaly skin, over 7 feet tall, horns protruding 
    from side of head.
    Crimes: Urthrax is wanted for conspiracy against the crown.
    13 dragons
    217 cavalry
    54 demons
    261 knights
    62 archmages
    17: Arech Dragonbreath
    Alias: Mastermind
    Money: 50000
    Continent: Saharia
    Distinguishing Features:Arech is an immense dragon with a green body and blue 
    wings, he breathes fire
    Crimes: arech is wanted for the conspiracy against the crown, arraging 
    jailbreaks, formenting rebellion, stealing the sceptre of order.
    Army:  (Big army, BIG ARMY)
    25 dragons
    26 dragons
    102 dragons
    105 demons
    107 vampires
    ___________General Tactics _____________________________________________
    Not a lot of people do this but if your army consists of all creatures which can 
    fly, then by pressing B you can fly.  note that sprites don't count as they are 
    too small to lift the character.  Units which do work are : 
    The instant army/raise control trick:
    Note(you must be on the highest possible rank for your character)
    This is something which you can do to kill arech dragonbreath easily.  This is 
    what you must do, first buy two town gate spells, and one castle gate spell.   
    Go around all the different towns to find a town which you can buy raise control 
    spells in, and write the name down, and then a town in which you can buy instant 
    army spells in and write the name down.  
    Use the town gate spell to go to the town which has the instant army spells in 
    and buy the maximum amount, use them all them buy the maximum amount again and 
    use them again.  You should know have 1500 Knights/Trolls/Ogres depending on 
    your character.  Obviously they will be out of control, so use the town gate 
    spell to go to the town which has the raise control spell in, buy enough raise 
    control spells to raise your leadership up to enough to handle your units, then 
    use the castle gate spell to go to the castle which your having trouble with and 
    bingo, one dead dragon ;).
    Completing the game effectively!:
    Go through the continents, avoiding battles and picking up maps to the new 
    continents, from there go to Saharia and find a dungeon/cave/encampment in which 
    there are either vampires, demons, dragons or archmages, and buy a small amount 
    of them.  Discard ALL your other armies then go back to your boat.  Go to 
    Continentia and fly around picking up all the artifacts and treasure.  Then 
    Forestria, then Archipella, and finally Saharia, pick up about 5 dragons and 15 
    archmages then fly back to continentia and destroy all villains, get your 
    promotions then go back to Saharia and buy more dragons/archmages.
    Kill all the villains in Forestria and Archipella and get promoted to top 
    promotion.  Buy 1 peasant in continentia and take over 1 easy castle.  Garrison 
    all your units apart from the peasant then continuosly search the area until you 
    get down to about 150 days remaining, you will now have lots of money, garrison 
    your peasant and take your other armies then do the raise control trick, 
    ___Personal Info_____________________________________
    Ok now about me, my name is Chris Jones and I am a 16 year old from Wales in the 
    Kings Bounty was one of my favourite games of all time and I feel that it didn't 
    get the praise that it deserved.  Might and Magics makers were said to be 
    greatly inspired by this game, and thanks to the emulation age maybe more and 
    more people will see the game and buy it now.  
    Anyways if anyone wants to add more info to this strategy, just say hi or wants 
    to talk about anything especially rpgs for the old 8 and 16 bit consoles, email 
    me at wicked7630@hotmail.com or send me an ICQ message on the number      
    Anyway til next time.
    						__                    |    |
    ___         ___  _    ___    _   __   ____      ||  ______  __  ____  |\__/|
    \  \  ___  /  / | |  / _ \  | | / /  / __ \  ___|| |___  / / / |___ \ |  _ |
     \  \/ _ \/  /  | | / / \_\ | |/ /  / \___/ / __ \    / / / _\  ___| || / \| 
      \   / \   /   | | \ \____ | |\ \  \ \___  |/__\|   / / / /_\\|___| || \_/|
       \_/   \_/    |_|  \____/ |_| \_\  \____| \____/  /_/  \____/ ___/_/ \___/
                      /0\                                             |
                      \_/_____________________________________        |
    						||     / /|       |
                                                    ||   _/ / |       |
                                                    ||  /__/  |       |
    						||        |       |
    						\\________|       |
    						 \________|       |  
    							  |       |  
    							  |       |  
    							  |       |
              						  | ____  |
                                                              |       |

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