Review by Mike Thomas

"A great horror-suspence game that pulls you into it's world, and won't let you go."

Quick Summary: A great horror-macabre game. Divi-Dead tells a gripping story, augmented by gorgeous art, and a great sound track.

Storyline: You've been sickly all your life. Luckily you have a wealthy uncle who has recently paid for your hospital bills. Now, all you have to do is repay the favor by investigating the remote, highly-acclaimed, private school he runs. It seems, that recently, many top students have been ill or are committing suicide. All he wants you to do, is gather info. Easy, right?

Thoughts: Divi-Dead is a horror-suspense bishoujo game from Cs-Ware, ported into english by Himeya Soft. Even though it's been out for a while, the graphics, story, and gameplay are topnotch. You'll quickly enjoy the art of the game, while it's subtle, suspense will pull you in. Himeya picked a great game to port over into english.

Very good graphics, true 16-bit artwork. Sharp lines, great use a shadow, and highly detailed. In a word: gorgeous. In addition to this, the location pics (hallways, rooms, outdoors) all have various times. What I mean is, they each have a morning, daytime, afternoon, evening, and night pics; which add to the gameplay, and to the immersion. One down side is the characters aren't animated. Although they have different poses for what the characters are feeling, the eyes and mouths don't move.

Very good story and gameplay what starts out as a simple mystery suspense is well adapted into then evolving into a good, macabre, horror game where you're not sure who is your friend, who is your enemy... and who you are as well. One downside is that some of the characters do die, and you're not able to save them. Though this fits with the horror story, some players may not like the fact that they cannot save everyone.

Very good voice acting, music, and sounds. The acting really gets across what the people are like. Some are reserved, some more outgoing, some with an agenda you just can't figure out. The sound effects and music are great too. I have spent several hours just listening to the music on my PCs midi player. The music ranges from creepy, mood setting music when it's dark, and you're alone; to more airy music when you're outside during the school day.

A ton of great extras, from a memory room (that lets you know how much of the game you've uncovered), to a music room, to music files you can use on your desktop, to extra art for the game. Csware and Himeya Soft really packed in the extras.

Himeya Soft even has some related, high-quality, goods for the game as well, such as mouse pads, posters, and key chains available on their website to purchase.

Overall, a fantastic horror game that really pulls you in, and won't let you go, till you figure out just what's going on at the private school. I highly recommend you go to Himeya Soft, or your local anime store, and buy this game. You won't be disappointed.

A warning though, Divi-Dead contains depiction's of rape, bondage, violence, and gore. Nothing you couldn't see from a good Hollywood movie like ''Se7en'', but this might disturb some gamers.

Story: 9
Graphics: 9
Translation: 9
Sound/Music: 9
Voice Acting: 9
Gameplay: 8
Extras: 10
Personal Slant: 9
Overall (the Overall score is not an average): 9.5

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/01, Updated 08/26/02

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