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"Ever had the urge to drive a semi? heres your chance..."

This is a rather unique game... I wasn't totally pleased with this game, but it is still fun if you are very bored! You get to drive around in a semi truck, pick up and deliver goods, race, and have a good time. you start out with a small truck outside of a building. You can pick up some goods to deliver or just drive around, you race against other players when you deliver your goods to make the game a bit more challenging. If you are first you are rewarded with a decent amount of money and a license to hire. There are usually 3-5 challengers. If you have played this game for long enough you can hire a person and give them a truck and make them work for you, or, if you have enough, you can even buy your own truck! The downsides to this game are the amount of bugs. Sometimes it crashes, or you have to play in ''Green World'' (Where the ground disappears showing a big lake of green), or the game just lags alot. If you ever break down along the road, which you will, you can call 911 and summon help. They will repair your truck and reset you to the road. Or you can stop at a repair shop if you aren't damaged too bad. If you break the law by driving really wacky, the police will chase you and shoot at your truck sometimes causing major damage, especially the police copter. Another way to tip the police is by picking up illegal goods, you can prevent this by getting a cargo scanner at the repair shop.

Graphics 6/10
The graphics aren't the best I've ever seen. There are minor things that bring the game down alot, like the sky, It isn't very detailed and tends to glitch up once in a while. The scenery is all the same. All you ever see is roads, grass, bushes, rocky plains, and a few small cities which aren't detailed to greatly either...

Sound 7/10
The sound effects in this game aren't great, but not bad. The engine roaring in your truck, and the screeching of your brakes gets pretty repetitive.

The music in the game is much better than the sound effects. There are a couple cool tunes, but you don't notice most of them. A few can get quite annoying...

Gameplay 6/10
It's a fun game to start, but driving long distances from city to city gets boring. So then you can go to the race track, or search around for that cool truck you have been saving up for...

Replay 3/10
You might replay this game once or twice and then forget about it. It is boring, but like I said, fun at the start. This game isn't one of those Zelda games which are very fun and entertaining., it's a game for people with spare time on their hands...

This game is a fun game to play, for those of you who have the patience of driving. For people who hate driving long distances, I don't recommend this to you. You also need a lot of time on your hands to play this game. MY thoughts on this game are that is is a good game in all, the creative idea, but it never went together right. Maybe if there was a little more to do in the game people would have loved it...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/10/03

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