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Reviewed: 04/18/03 | Updated: 04/18/03

Don't listen to revoltor. this game is cool!

For its time, this had to be one of the best games out there! Spider Man is nicely animated, but I wish I could say the same for everything else. This game is a sort of pseudo-puzzle game. switches, buttons, etc. help you complete your objective in one way or another. every ''act'' in the game, you can continue from that point if you die, and you also get a chance to refill your life bar, and in some cases, you can backtrack and do it again and again! joy! Once you get used to the controls, anything goes. You can get Spiderman to do the kinkiest things with enough practice. I advise you to try the game at least once. Now here's the rundown.

Graphics: 8/10
Very nice graphics that actually don't hurt my eyes! in these days, EGA and CGA were still around I think. pink and purple and cyan did not look good. VGA is in. Games of this genre a couple years later look just as good, if not better.

Sound: 7/10
The music was a bit repetitive, but I sorta liked it, in my own twisted little way. PC speaker sounds meant nothing, but hey, sound is sound. Spiderman's web goes BWEEP, when he gets hit it goes bup, you know how the PC Speaker works.

Gameplay: 9/10
I found this game surprisingly easy to get the hang of. The first few screens I was fumbling around and hitting spidey on the head a few times (jumping off of walls is fun! get the game just for that), but soon I was controlling him as if I WAS him! When you learn how to properly swing on your webs, it gets you around a lot faster than on foot.

Fun Factor(yes, I ripped that off of a game mag): 8/10
You don't know how funny it is to get onto a wall, stand, and launch yourself off and land sideways on the ground. When you get bored with solving puzzles, throwing poor spidey around refreshes the game for you. ;)

Replay Value: 3/10
Well, until you beat the game, you might not want to play the game ever again, except for if you want to hurt Spiderman. Shame on you. Go play Superman 64 until you learn the error of your ways.

Overall: 9/10 (obviously)
The game is freeware, so stop complaining and get it! you'll find it on nearly any abandonware/oldwarez site, and a lot of old shareware CDs. I should know, I have some.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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