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"Spidey on the PC? Spidey sense tingling!!!"

In the late eighties/early 90's i got my first computer. 386 megahertz of of pure power! First game I picked up happened to be based on the ginchiest superhero around...Spider-man! This puppy came on one funky 5 1/2 floppy (actually, a lot of games started out on those). Any-hoo this isn't the average spidey-fare you would expect. No, this is another product of spidey-license abuse. Creativity is good...when it's done right.

Lemme be honest and tell you that it's been a good 7 years since I've played this guy (5 1/2 floppy is obsolete now). My memory of the game and it's little nuances are still fresh though.

The premise of the game is the ol' save the girl in distress from the clutches of some madman. The girl is the trouble lovin' Mary Jane, and the madman is the myterious Mysterio (damn that's cheesy). You take the role of Spider-man as you swing and stick from screen to screen. Each screen though is a puzzle. Yep that's right, a puzzle. Guide Spidey around each screen as he flips switches, moves platforms and dodges evil Hollywood props. The only enemies you'll encounter are spiders, robots, and mini Godzillas. As for Mysterio? Well that's another story.

I can only remember getting to what seemed to be the 3rd level in this game. My excuse for sucking so bad was that somehow the designers thought one life bar, one life, no continues, and no save feature would make a action/puzzle game fun. I seem to have retained the same gaming skill i had back then so it safe to say this game is hard. Due to a glitch in the game I did get to see the final screen. Not very impressive I must say. Maybe if I was that kid from the movie ''the Wizard'' I'd fare better.

As for graphics, you could easily replace the sprites in ''Lemmings'' with little spidermen. Yep, Spidey measures in at a whopping centimeter. Thankfully he can swing around with his web pretty smoothly in all his roach-size splendor. You gotta realize this was around the start of VGA graphics, I think it was about 16 colors you could deal with. Back then though it was all good.

I already mentioned it but it's worth repeating. You get one chance to get through this game. Lose all you life and it's off to the high score list where you can push off the likes of Aunt May and J Jonah Jameson. Big whoop! I really don't see any incentive to passing this game. There sure as hell oughtta be a ending!

Best part of the game had to be the life bar. Funny thing was, it wasn't a bar. On the left side of the screen you had a full body picture of Spiderman. Everytime he took damage his picture would disappear from the feet up revealing a skeleton. Ah..the countless days I'd spend trimming all of his costume away up to the tip of his head leaving a what looked like a spidey-yarmulke on a skeleton.

Since this was one of my first PC games, it lasted me a bit. NES was for games, not my PC. Nowadays though, this game would probably entertain for a few days. The hardcore Spidey fan will give it a week tops. That's pretty much the only person that would enjoy it. To be frank, this game sucks. The only reason I like it is because of the sentimentality I have for it. Otherwise, prognosis...negative.

(We're talkin' early VGA stuff here. Spidey though is tiny)
(An intro themesong. That's all. Plus a few blips and blops which never blew me away. An abuse of soundblasters of the time)
(A little tricky. I really hate playing on keyboards. For some reason Spidey doesn't like to stick on the walls all the time. Go figure.)
(Hit or miss. You either love it or hate it. I can honestly say it's an acquired taste. They say the same thing about liver and onions)
(Novelty value only. The box art is nice though, early Todd McFarlane work me thinks)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/28/01, Updated 04/28/01

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