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"Addictively unappreciated game"

Few people know about it, but there used to be a Spider-Man game for PC. Now I'm not talking about the PSX ports that you see these days on the shelf. This was a game from late-80s to early-90s.

STORY: You are the Amazing Spider-Man! You have to save Mary Jane from the clutches of that nefarious fiend known as Mysterio!! Actually, that's kinda hilarious. Of all the Spidey villains they could have gone for, they go for lousy Mysterio? Oh well... they had to save the good ones for a good game. 4/10

GRAPHICS: This was made when PC gaming was pretty graphics; where graphics were restricted to just 16 colors or something, so don't expect anything eye-popping. Everything in Amazing Spider-Man is nice and small; your Spider-Man, your enemies, everything. Your life meter is a Spider-Man cutout; when you get hurt, it turns into a skeleton. I wonder why something like this hasn't been applied into more games today. Detail is alright and the intermissions are actually pretty good. And I like the webline you shoot. Reminds me of Pitfall for some reason. 8/10

SOUND: You have one song playing in the background... and that's it. Although admittingly, it is rather catchy. The sound effects come in the form of beeps and bleeps, but back then they didn't have much to work with. 5/10

GAMEPLAY: This isn't a beat-em-up; it's a puzzle game, meaning in order to progress through the game, you have to solve the various puzzles presented to you. While the controls take a little getting used to at first, once you master them, it's no problem. 7/10

CHALLENGE: Some of the puzzles in this game are mind-boggling. It's the type of scenario where you get stuck, close the game, take a walk, and think it through. Some people are lucky enough to beat this game, others haven't come close. If you're wondering, I haven't gone that far. 9/10

REPLAY VALUE: After you beat it or after many failed attempts, you may not want to play the game again. Then again, it's one of those game that tend to be addictive despite its great difficulty. If that wasn't the case, Tetris wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. 7/10

OVERALL: Amazing Spider-Man is one of those games that is often unappreciated because of its overwhelming difficulty and frustrating puzzles. Still, it's a well-designed game and actually pretty fun. If you manage to find this game on some abandonware website, give it a try. Recommended 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/10/03

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