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"Even after all these's still addictive as hell."

Burger Time will always hold a special place in my heart for being a weird game with some weird food products attempting to run me down. Playing as a chef, it is up to you to make it around the stages and make giant burgers. In the process, you’ll be able to squash eggs and other various walking food objects in your quest to make the most perfect burgers. While the premise of the game seems complicated, the overall finished product that the game has to offer is exceptionally simple and anyone of any age grouping should be able to work with it and have hours of enjoyment.

-The Game Play-

The game play works the same way as Donkey Kong does, in which you control a small chef that must run around the different stages, climbing ladders to get to the different condiments that belong on a huge ass burger. Through this, you’ll encounter several different walking food objects that are there to stop you in your progress, and while you are almost powerless to stop them, you can collect peppershakers and spray them down to halt their progress while you run in the opposite direction! Really, when you boil the game down to what it is supposed to represent, you are playing a weird game of cat and mouse that revolves around food and displacing burger condiments for points.

Gamers of any age and of any skill level can pick this game up and start playing without having to really learn anything other than making the burgers on any given stage. With that in mind, once you’ve completed the different burger sets, you can continue onto the next stage in which the enemies get a little tougher and the stage layout is a little trickier! The burgers themselves really aren’t all that hard to complete, with your only action being running over them. However, to get the job done quickly, it usually is best to start at the top and cascade all of the parts down, squashing the walking food in the process for extra points.

-The Visuals-

Visually, Burger time is about as simple as it gets, with a little detail thrown in for extra appeal. The stage layouts of the burgers are a little different each time, but don’t expect to see anything that is considered, by modern standards, special effects! Burger time does a rather impressive job just keeping the theme and the overall simple feel with the game, in which the animated food wanders around looking to make you lunch while you run over the different condiments.

The burger pieces are also rather well done, with the lettuce seeming to have the leafy ridges and the buns having the little poppy seeds thrown on for added measure. The backgrounds of the stage never change, and much like Donkey Kong, you’ll be looking at a mostly black background as your guide. Probably some of the best animation that you’ll see {other than the walking food} is when you pepper the food itself, and it starts to convulse with a sneezing fit. It isn’t something that you would expect to find, but it does come up quite often and is rather funny to watch!

-The Audio-

The sound in Burger time is typical action music with nothing of flare thrown in. You won’t find excessive voices or musical scores like you would with today’s action games, but rather the simplistic MIDI music that the older arcade games are known for. While it doesn’t impress the ears, it does accompany the simple nature of the game and will keep your interest for more than twenty minutes! Even though the music is average, the sound effects aren’t much different, with your general display of bleeps and bloops to go along with you burger making adventure. All in all, this is a little more than what you would expect with an old PC game, but it will bring back memories to those who played the arcade game based simply on the way that the original version was arranged!

-The Verdict-

Burger Time was one of the games that happened to be loaded onto my computer for some odd reason when I picked it up. Although I have other, more modern style games on my computer, I still go back and play this old title just to have a little fun. With the simple visuals and the simple sound as well as the addictive game play, there is plenty here for any gamer of any age. If you like these easy to play games, usually you can find them piled in with the computer compilation titles that are sold quite often in a grocery store, and it really is well worth the money spent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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