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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tarrun

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    Vietnam: Black Ops  
    Table of Contents
    I - Introduction 
    Legal Information
    Version History
    II - Codes
    III - Walkthrough 
    000.0 - Basic Strategies 
    001.0 - Escape From The Prison Camp
    002.0 - The Tunnels
    003.0 - The River
    004.0 - Through The City Ruins
    005.0 - Beneath The Well
    006.0 - The Jungle
    007.0 - The Temple
    Welcome to my Vietnam: Black Ops FAQ. 
    Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
    is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
    Vietnam: Black Ops in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what 
    game you're talking about. Also, questions regarding something that's already 
    covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything 
    sent to me that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me 
    only if it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse 
    anyone reading.
    Legal information:
    This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal 
    or private use. It may not be placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advanced written permission. This guide may not 
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    Use of this work on any other web site besides the ones noted above or as a 
    part of any public display is a violation of copyright and is strictly 
    Version History: 
    First Submission: August 21st - Version 1.0
    II - Codes
    Press "T" to bring up the window and enter the following codes. 
    Code: god
    Result: God Mode
    Code: weapons
    Result: All Weapons
    Code: ammo
    Result: Full Ammunition 
    Code: noclip
    Result: No Clipping
    Code: removeai
    Result: Enemies Disappear 
    Code: easy
    Result: Easy Mode
    Code: normal
    Result: Normal Mode
    Code: hard
    Result: Hard Mode
    III - Walkthrough 
    000.0 - Basic Strategies 
    - The controls can be jumpy at times, but you should still try to be as 
    careful as you can be; especially in this game, where it seems the only place 
    the developers thought to place enemies was right around a corner. Always 
    examine an area from afar and strafe out into the open when you attack. 
    - Naturally, the assault rifles are going to be your weapons of choice. 
    Taking this into consideration, don't automatically try and get headshots, 
    the recoil will knock you off-target. And that's not even counting the time 
    it takes to aim, which can be the determining factor between life and death. 
    The best way to kill someone is to fire at their torso and allow the recoil 
    to bring your sights up onto the head. 
    - As a general statement for First Person Shooters, reloading during a 
    firefight is not a good thing. To avoid any mistakes, after killing a few 
    enemies, take the time to make sure your weapons are loaded. 
    - Save often. This can't be said enough. One of the worst things that can 
    happen is dying near the end of a level and having to replay it. This is even 
    more important when it comes to jumping puzzles; one mistake will result in 
    death, so make sure to save beforehand as a precaution. Also, the game likes 
    to play the same trick on you over and over again; you'll be walking down a 
    seemingly safe hallway when the floor suddenly collapses and you fall into a 
    pit of spikes. There's no warning of any kind, the only two ways to know 
    where all of these traps are is by reading this guide or the always-fun 
    method of trial and error. 
    001.0 - Escape From The Prison Camp
    You begin the game in a small cell. Use this time by getting used to the 
    controls; in a few seconds a bomb will be dropped and blow off the front of 
    the cellblock. 
    Once you're free, run outside and use the wall in front of you for cover. 
    There are three enemies in a foxhole just ahead, but there's no way you can 
    fight them unarmed. Wait behind the wall until you hear an explosion; in an 
    extraordinary stroke of luck, the blast has killed all three enemies. Run 
    over and collect their ammo (as well as the knife next to the corpse in the 
    open), and look down to the end of the detention center. There are two guards 
    at the end, as well as another in the last cell on the left. Use the pillars 
    as cover while you take shots; it can be difficult to find them due to all of 
    the shadows and darkness, but they give themselves away by their gunfire.
    When the three of them are dead, pick up their ammunition and heal yourself, 
    there are medkits in front of your cell and one behind the far end of the 
    detention center. Afterwards, head around to the other side of the large hut 
    on the right and enter it. Pick up the grenade launcher on the right; during 
    this time another explosion will go off and destroy the gate across from the 
    Enter the second compound through the now-open gate and look right, there's a 
    guard in the corner. Use the broken pillars for cover against the two enemies 
    in the barricade, fire a grenade inside to kill them both, and make sure to 
    shoot the one on the roof before venturing out into the open. If you took any 
    damage, there are two medkits on the right: one near the pillars and another 
    to the right of the barricade. 
    Once through the barricade, find the guard tower in the right corner and kill 
    the guy inside. Each tower contains two enemies, so head around to the left 
    side of the tower and kill his partner. Head towards the second tower in the 
    left corner of the compound, but look left to avoid the guard in the corner 
    to catch you by surprise. Enter the partially open hut on the right and 
    collect the ammunition and medkit; look through the window and kill the two 
    guards in the second tower, and then continue past it. If you go around the 
    building, the entrance is right there. Shoot the guard just past the walkway 
    in the small courtyard; you can also get a few cheap shots against the guards 
    in the walkway from here, just back up until you can see their heads and fire 
    away. Afterwards, run up the ramp and onto the walkway, there are two guards 
    in the first stretch plus another pair if you didn't kill them beforehand. 
    Kill the four of them and follow the path down underground. If you stop 
    halfway down the ramp you can get a cheap shot in on the enemies in the next 
    Once in the tunnel, there's a lone enemy is at the end of the hall; use the 
    boxes for cover and kill him. If you take too long, he backs up around the 
    corner where another pair of guards are. Don't forget to pick up the M-16 in 
    front of the second crate, and continue around the passage. After killing the 
    two enemies, continue to the ramp leading back to the surface, but stop and 
    look up. Kill the grenade-wielding soldier on the roof of the tunnel before 
    continuing. There are three enemies in the foxhole to your left, possibly 
    less if you killed a few of them before running down into the tunnel. Fire a 
    grenade at the group of them, and afterwards focus your attention on the two 
    guards in the tower. 
    Pick up all of the spare ammunition and head over to the hut on the other 
    side of the compound. There are two entrances, with an enemy guarding each 
    one. Both of them are in their respected corners, so hug the outside wall of 
    the hut and pick them off before going inside. Once they're both down for the 
    count, run around to the back and find the desk. If you look down, there's a 
    pathetically obvious secret passage under the wooden panel; throw a grenade 
    onto it and drop down inside to complete the level.  
    002.0 - The Tunnels
    Immediately after dropping into the tunnels, kill the guard about halfway 
    down the passage. To his left behind a portion of the tunnel that jets out is 
    another guard, and past him is a third in front of the ledge. Kill them both 
    and make your way to the wooden bridge; look above you to the right to 
    prevent being caught off guard by the soldier up there. 
    Now cross the bridge; most of it will collapse when you get too close, so 
    walk along the left edge and jump onto the rock wall next to you. On the 
    other side of the crevice, use the rocks for cover and kill three of the six 
    enemies in the next area. One of them is on the second level platform and is 
    equipped with a sniper rifle; it's probably a good idea to take him out 
    first. When the hail of gunfire dies down, jump up onto the main level and 
    get closer, there are two more guards in the right corner and another in the 
    back with grenades. Kill the grenade soldier first, and then the other two; 
    don't go too far into the area though, there are four guards on the platform 
    directly above you. When all of the enemies on the bottom level (and the 
    sniper on the second) are dead, turn around and walk backwards until you can 
    make out their heads. Kill each of them as their heads appear until all four 
    of them are out of action.
    When the four of them are dead, run up the ramp on the right and kill the 
    soldier around the corner. Head along the platforms to your right and collect 
    all of the ammunition on this level, including the sniper rifle. At the end 
    of the path on the level is a passage cut into the rock, around the corner is 
    a guard waiting to ambush you. Kill him and jump onto the bridge; like 
    before, walk along the left edge to avoid falling to your death when the 
    bridge collapses. At the end, jump from the railing to the remaining 
    platforms and continue through the tunnels.
    Around the corner is an area with five guards. Here's a quick ASCII map of 
    the area.
                                   |___      |      
                                   | x |     |      
                                   |___|     |      
                                   |___    __|      
                                   | x |  |  |      
                                   | x |  |x |      
                                   |_x_|  |  |      
                                   |      |x |      
                                   |___|  |  |      
                                       |  |  |      
                                       |__|  |      
                                       |     |____  
    Pretty simple: an X is an enemy while a C represents your character. Strafe 
    into the open and kill the two soldiers on the right. Once they're both dead, 
    use the walls for cover and kill the other three; grenades work well here. 
    When the coast is clear, stand on the right walkway and jump to the one on 
    the left. Make your way to the platform in the far corner and jump into the 
    waterfall to complete the mission. 
    003.0 - The River
    This is where the game begins to get hectic. Since the areas are much more 
    open than before, groups of eight or nine soldiers can be attacking you from 
    all different directions; and unfortunately, they're spread out enough to 
    prevent the grenade launcher from worth using. 
    When the level starts, head up the hill on the right and collect some extra 
    ammunition for your AK, M-16, and grenade launcher. Drop back down into the 
    river and follow it as it curves around, there are four soldiers a ways back; 
    although it would seem like a good time to use the sniper rifle, hold back 
    the temptation and continue using your AK. The mountainside makes great cover 
    against any return fire, so you shouldn't have any trouble avoiding injury. 
    Past the group, the path branches off into two different directions; if you 
    continue following the river you'll get caught in an underwater minefield, 
    whereas climbing up to the hut on the right is only guarded by two soldiers. 
    Obviously, the latter is a much safer route. After killing the two of them, 
    pick up the medkit on the left and jump up onto the ledge opposite the 
    entrance. Slide down the mountain and look left, there are two enemies 
    positioned at the end of the minefield, so kill them and continue right. 
    Continue straight and jump up onto the fallen tree with the corpse on it; 
    there are some crates of ammunition and a medkit, but don't go to far or 
    you'll drop over the waterfall to your death. Return back to the fork and 
    look at the other path; there's a single guard and a mounted turret at the 
    top of the ledge. Kill him and climb up the rocks. 
    Head around the winding path until you see an enemy soldier; you probably 
    won't notice because of trying to kill him quickly, but he's actually running 
    at you instead of firing a weapon. If you couldn't have guessed, he has 
    explosives strapped to him and will detonate them when he gets close to you. 
    Back up if you have to, but make sure to fire as many rounds as possible to 
    prevent him from getting too close. When he dies (one way or the other), 
    continue following the river around the corner. Another three of these 
    kamikaze soldiers appear, so kill them from afar and proceed.
    This next area is the first of three really insane portions of the level. If 
    you look to your right, there are two soldiers on a raised platform, as well 
    as another one on the ground below them. Kill the three of them and run to 
    underneath the platform. Look over the small hill near the dead enemy and 
    kill the other guard hiding there. From here, use the platform's supports for 
    cover and shoot the three soldiers on the other side of the river. There's 
    also one final guard just left of the others on a higher platform. 
    Continue down the river until you reach the next group of enemies. Along the 
    mountainside is a long, raised platform that forms an "L" shape, with the 
    bottom part of the "L" pointing up river. On this platform are eight or nine 
    guards, two on the portion closest to you and the rest lined up on the other. 
    Strafe back and forth to avoid their gunfire and counter attack with your 
    own. Hopefully you haven't used your sniper rifle too much, because this is a 
    perfect time to and the more ammunition the better. When the entire group is 
    dead, continue down river and kill the two enemies in the hut at the end. 
    Climb up to the shore on the left, there's an enemy at the top of the hill as 
    well as one behind you on the platform. Kill them both and look past the hut 
    in the trees; a soldier is standing at the end, so take him down too. 
    Before proceeding to the end of the level, it's a good idea to climb onto the 
    platform and collect all of the ammunition that was dropped by the guards you 
    killed. Also, there are medkits and M-16 ammunition littered around the huts, 
    and at the end (the first hut you came across), there's ammo for your sniper 
    rifle; just make sure to avoid the guard hiding inside. 
    When all of that's been taken care of, head back to the end of the river and 
    continue through the trees to the next area; there's an allied helicopter 
    that was shot down along with a half-dozen guards. At least three of them are 
    out in the open, and a few others are in the trenches. Also remember to check 
    behind the chopper, there is a web of vines with two guards behind them, one 
    with grenades. When the area is clear, climb up the fallen tree next to the 
    helicopter and stand on the platform. Jump off onto the other side and head 
    over towards the wooden wall. On the other side is a bridge being guarded by 
    six guards, many armed with grenades. Two or three of your own well placed 
    grenades should be more than enough firepower to wipe them out, especially 
    considering that there's a good chance they'll kill themselves. 
    Walk out onto the bridge and look towards the other end. Another group of 
    enemies are waiting for you, but don't risk getting too close to throw a 
    grenade their way. Stand about halfway across the bridge and use your AK to 
    mow them down. Continue to the other side and head over to the city to 
    complete the level. 
    004.0 - Through The City Ruins
    Strafe right and look around the broken wall, there are two guards in the 
    open area just ahead. Kill them and head about ten feet forward, look through 
    the doorway on the right and shoot the soldier in the grass. Turn left and 
    find the guard inside the ruins of the building. Kill him and enter the 
    clearing left of the building. A pair of enemies has holed up in a small 
    bunker in the top left corner; while you don't necessarily have to kill now, 
    you'll meet up later on if you leave them alive. There's also a soldier 
    behind the broken portion of the wall. Now head to the other side of the 
    building, there's a small hill blocking most of the entrance, with three 
    guards on the other side: two against the far wall and another in the left 
    In the left corner of the clearing is an alley. Use the fallen pillar to 
    reach the second floor of the ruins and run up the stairs. Kill the guard 
    halfway up the stairs and continue to the third floor. Cross the alley by 
    running across the pillar and drop down onto the roof of the other building. 
    Look over the side and kill the guard on the ground, jump down and examine 
    the wall across from you. When you get close enough, it collapses and reveals 
    three soldiers, who immediately attack you. A bit of a cheap shot in my 
    opinion, but there are medkits and ammunition behind the overhang that you 
    were on just before. 
    Facing the river, head right and kill the two guards on the ground floor. 
    Jump onto the stairway and fire a grenade into the room above you, which 
    contains three guards and two kamikaze soldiers. Kill them and return to the 
    lower level; follow the river, killing the soldier on the other side and the 
    three on your own. The first is straight ahead of you in plain view, while 
    the others are hidden. There's one behind a broken wall on your left, and 
    another just above him standing on some girders. 
    Take a left just after the broken wall and head forward until the path 
    branches off. Look left and kill the three guards in the bunker, as well as 
    the four in the open area on the other side and the two kamikaze soldiers. 
    When they're all dead, look to the right and climb up the pillar to reach the 
    second level of the ruins. Kill the three guards on the lower level and climb 
    up the two sets of stairs to reach the roof; after killing the two soldiers 
    there, use the fallen pillar to cross over to the next building. Look over 
    the right side of the ruins and kill the four guards in the alley below. 
    Afterwards, drop down into the alley and enter the ruins on the right through 
    the hole in the wall. Climb up the girder on the right to reach the second 
    floor and look up and to the left, there are two guards above you. Cross the 
    girders and jump to the window in the far left corner. Kill the guard 
    straight ahead and look below you to find another soldier waiting to catch 
    you by surprise. 
    Jump down from the window and run over to the river. Swim across to the other 
    side and climb up the hill. There are three guards directly in front of you, 
    as well as two more in a small bunker opposite you. When you've taken care of 
    them, look to your right and kill the two soldiers in front of the bridge. If 
    you attempt to head over to the other side of the area, your character makes 
    the comment, "Hmmmm, a minefield?" He must be pretty perceptive to have 
    noticed this, that or the mines were poorly hidden. Either way, head over to 
    the left side of the area and use the stone blocks to cross over to the 
    church at the other end. 
    While outside of the church, kill the sniper in the tower on top of any 
    soldiers you can see from where you are. Enter the church and kill any of the 
    remaining four guards inside, including one in the small area in the middle 
    of the tower, one on your left, another in the far right corner, and a forth 
    one in the courtyard to the left. When the area is clear, jump up to the 
    girder left of the entrance and use it to climb up to the roof. Pick up the 
    sniper rifle from the tower and jump down into the courtyard. Run over to the 
    well and climb down to complete the level. 
    005.0 - Beneath The Well
    You can go both right and straight ahead; the right path has a tripwire and 
    the ceiling is too low to jump over, so head down the other path. Look around 
    the corner and kill the two guards, and continue to the end and turn right. 
    At the end, look down by your feet to the left, there's a soldier hiding in a 
    small hole, but he won't immediately fire at you unless you get too close. 
    Kill him and jump over the hole, the tunnel eventually leads to a large 
    compound surrounded by ruins. This area is filled with enemies hiding in the 
    ruins; there are four on the left side, three on the right, three at the very 
    top of the far wall, three directly above you, and a final pair in the 
    To come out of this in one piece, use the wall in front of you as cover from 
    the enemies on the right and far walls, and position yourself so that you can 
    attack the soldiers on the left. Slowly strafe left so that more and more of 
    the wall comes into view, shooting enemies as they appear. Be careful, 
    because often one will be hiding and occasionally jump out into view and open 
    When the enemies on the left are dead, peak around the corner and find one of 
    the guards in the courtyard. Kill him and take out your sniper rifle; aim at 
    the very top of the far wall and kill the three soldiers there, you're far 
    away enough that they don't put up any kind of counter-attack. 
    We're just about half done now. Face the right wall and slowly back up 
    towards the left one. The far side will begin coming into view, so repeat 
    what you did before. Just keep in mind that the soldier nearest you has 
    grenades. After that side is clear, move out about a quarter of the way into 
    the courtyard and take out the trio perched behind you.   
    If you try to cross to the other side of the courtyard, you'll notice that 
    the area is blocked off with the exception of a small archway, which has a 
    trip-wire running across it. Instead, look to your right and find the stone 
    blocks leading up to the ruins. Climb up and head through the passage that 
    leads to the other side. Before dropping back down into the courtyard, find 
    the last soldier in the area and kill him. 
    Walk around the stairs and enter the tunnel behind it. There's another one of 
    those lovely spike traps waiting for you, so hug the left wall and head to 
    the other end. When it branches off, take a left and follow that path (it's 
    completely unprotected) until you reach the room at the end, which contains 
    ammunition, medkits, and a half-dozen soldiers. Kill them, collect all of the 
    items (including a new weapon - the LAW), and return back to where the path 
    split. Take the right this time; there are two enemies directly in front of 
    you, one with a turret. 
    Down the dirt path is another pair of guards, and after taking a right you'll 
    encounter another seven. Such a large group in such a small space calls for 
    demolitions, so use a few grenades to knock down their numbers, and finish 
    the rest of them with your AK. Continue along the path until you enter a 
    large, open area. There's a small passage on the right, so head that way and 
    drop down into the crevice. Kill the soldier on your side, and use your 
    sniper rifle to take out the other on the opposite side. Just like every 
    other time you've crossed a bridge, it's going to collapse as soon as you 
    step on it, so walk along the left side to avoid falling off. 
    Once on the other side, you find the area is littered with large stone 
    blocks. Navigate through and be prepared to attack a pair of soldiers in a 
    bunker at the end, as well as a single guard hiding behind the last block on 
    the left. Past the bunker is a circular crevice; if you look across to the 
    other side you should see two soldiers, one on the left and the other on the 
    right. Kill them both, and then jump to the ledge on the right. From here, 
    look straight down and kill the two guards at the bottom of the crevice. 
    Collect the weapons in the bunker and slide down the dirt ramp on the right. 
    Jump to the small platform where the one soldier was, and climb on top of the 
    crate. There's a second soldier on the other side as well as another to your 
    left behind the corpse of the other guard you killed over there. Make your 
    way to the other side of the crevice and run down the spiral dirt ramp, 
    you'll end up in front of a small stream with a hut in the middle. From here, 
    kill the guard in the hut; you should also be able to pick out two soldiers 
    in the water, there's on the right and another on the left. As you cross over 
    to the hut, the platform collapses and drops you into the stream. Take a 
    right and follow that path to the end, there are four soldiers evenly spread 
    out along the way. 
    At the end of the stream is a guard, kill him and climb out onto dry land. 
    Walk through the tunnel; make sure to stay on the left side to avoid the 
    spike trap and take a right at the end. Kill the guard at the other end of 
    the passage; there are two more just around the corner, a grenade works well 
    here. After the tunnel bends to the right, there are a final four soldiers 
    guarding the exit. Kill them and head through the passage to complete the 
    006.0 - The Jungle
    This is a fairly short level, about a third of the others. However, enemies 
    are in larger groups, making it easy to be overwhelmed. 
    Run forward towards the fort. Just in front of it is a small outhouse on the 
    left with a guard inside. After he's dead, check out the entrance to the 
    fort. The large metal gate doesn't seem to have any weak points; but then 
    again, when you have a LAW you don't need to attack a weak point. Fire a 
    rocket at the gate to destroy it and head inside. There's a large hut 
    directly in front of you; around the left side is the entrance, which is 
    guarded by six soldiers. A few well-placed grenades should reduce their 
    ranks. Inside of the hut is a small room on the left with sniper rifle 
    ammunition and grenade rounds. 
    Exit the hut and run over to the far right corner of the area. Enter the 
    building through the doorway in the back and kill the four guards inside. 
    There are some rockets for your LAW on a crate on the left. 
    After collecting all of the available weapons, head towards the small wooded 
    area to your left. Use your sniper rifle to kill the guard at the top of the 
    small hill, his weapon is a new one: the M-60. After reaching the top, look 
    over the other side and kill the pair of soldiers running back and forth at 
    the bottom. There are another half-dozen enemies hiding behind different 
    trees, so slide down to the bottom and strafe left, keeping your back against 
    the side of the mountain. As they come into view, attack and kill each guard. 
    Follow the path until you reach a village. There's a guard directly in front 
    of you, as well as another to your left. This area is filled with enemies, as 
    an estimate I'd say around two dozen. However, most of them are in the 
    individual huts in groups of three or four, and there are crates of 
    ammunition and medkits with them. Feel free to loot them; you aren't going to 
    strike gold like this again for the rest of the game. 
    But after killing everyone in the village and collecting all of the weapons, 
    you'll notice that there aren't any visible exits. However, in the bottom 
    left corner of the area is a well being guarded by two soldiers (if they 
    aren't dead already). If you remember back a few levels, wells can be a 
    sneaky way to conceal a secret passage, and this is no different. Climb down 
    the rope to the bottom and dive into the water. In the opposite corner is an 
    underwater tunnel, swim through it and complete the level.
    007.0 - The Temple
    The final level is broken up into three parts. However, the first and last 
    portions are so short that Level 7 ends up being about the same length as the 
    rest of the levels in the game. 
    007.1 - The Temple
    You begin the level at the edge of a small lake in front of the temple. There 
    aren't any enemies outside or immediately inside the temple, so don't worry 
    about being shot. As you enter the temple, though, look right and kill the 
    guard standing in the corner. Directly in front of you is a circular room 
    with a pool of water in the middle; there are four soldiers spread out in 
    that area, so use the doorway as cover and clear out the room. 
    When everyone in the main room is dead, return to the front entrance and kill 
    the two guards in the halls on the right and left, they're both near the 
    opposite end. Afterwards, follow the hall on the left to the large bath area. 
    The right hall leads to this place as well, but from the left you're hidden 
    from the two soldiers directly above you. However, there's a guard across the 
    bath at the top of the stairs and another at the end of the passage under the 
    two soldiers. Kill them and follow the passage until you reach the end, which 
    has a large hole. Drop down inside to complete the first part of the level.
    007.2 - The Temple - Part Two
    Run down the dirt ramp and kill the guard at the end on the right. This next 
    room contains a large gap with a number of narrow platforms connecting both 
    sides. Kill the guard on the other side and jump onto the first one. When it 
    branches off, take a left and take the outer three platforms, the ones that 
    lead to the inner part of the room will collapse. The very last platform on 
    the outer rim of the area will also collapse, forcing you to jump to the 
    small pillar on your right. Jump to the third pillar in the middle of the 
    area, which is right next to a platform leading to the other side. 
    Nope, sorry, that one collapses too. Walk along the platform that takes you 
    to the right side of the room and pick up the LAW rockets and follow those 
    platforms to the end. Jump to the final pillar and then to the end. Damn 
    jumping puzzles in first person shooters...
    Run through this hall until the floor under you collapses, and slide down to 
    the lower level. Kill the two soldiers at the other side of the room, under 
    the ramp you slid down is a medkit if you need it.
    Head over to the exit by the two dead soldiers and enter the next area, which 
    is a pit of fire. Use your sniper rifle to kill the two soldiers on the other 
    side; right about now your character makes a comment about having to watch 
    his step, which is your clue that parts of the platform leading across will 
    collapse. At first, it's easy to see which pieces are unstable as they're 
    shaded in, but later on there's no way to tell besides trial-and-error. 
    However, you lucky dogs have a nice picture of the correct path to take.
                                 ____ ____ ____      
                                |####|    |####|     
                                |    |    |####|     
                                |    |####|####|     
                                |    |    |    |     
                                |####|####|    |     
                                |####|####|    |     
                                |####|    |    |     
                                |####|    |####|     
    Simple enough, the shaded in parts will collapse on you, the others 
    will not. 
    Once on the other side, take a right and kill the two soldiers around 
    the corner, as well as the two at the other end of the hall. Run up the 
    incline and enter the water maze.
    The area is enormous, and there are quite a few enemies hiding on 
    platforms. It would be nearly impossible to describe exactly where they 
    all are, but I'll give you a general idea and you should be able to 
    find them with your sniper rifle's scope. 
    If you stand on the left side of the platform, there are four soldiers 
    you should be able to find. Two are on the higher levels; one is on the 
    left about halfway across the area, and the other is standing near the 
    exit at the opposite end of the room. The other two soldiers are on the 
    lower levels; one is near you just off to the right, and the other is 
    farther away towards and in the center of the area. Now move to the 
    right side of the platform and find the final guard standing near your 
    side of the room at the left end. 
    When those half-dozen soldiers have been dealt with, jump down into the 
    water and swim to the far left end of the room. There's a long platform 
    that's low enough for you to jump onto, so use that to get out of the 
    water. On the left side of the room is a set of stairs that leads to 
    the exit, but there are two soldiers on it. Kill them both and the one 
    near the exit if you didn't kill him before, and leave the area.
    Kill the guard at the other end of the room as well as the one in the 
    small room on the right. Pick up the medkit there and walk up the ramp 
    near the corpse of the guard on the other side of the room. On this 
    level, there are two soldiers, one on either side of the room. Kill 
    them both and head up the ramp; just before reaching the top, look into 
    the next area and shoot the two guards standing around in front of you. 
    Use the ramp at the other end of the room to advance.
    On your left is an ammunition cache in front of a large metal gate, 
    don't bother trying to destroy it just yet. Collect as many weapons as 
    you can hold and head across the wooden bridge that leads to a small 
    Inside the building, there are two enemies on your immediate left. 
    After killing them, take a right and follow that path until you stumble 
    upon another guard. Take two quick lefts and kill a fourth guard; just 
    around the corner is a group of four soldiers, a well-placed grenade 
    should kill most of them. Behind them is a lone soldier, who happens to 
    be General Pham, the commander in charge of this area. Kill him and 
    head back to the room with the ammunition. Run over to the metal gate 
    and it'll be destroyed by a rescue helicopter. Pass through the gateway 
    to complete this part of the level.
    007.3 - The Escape Point
    This final area is very short, but still probably the most difficult part of 
    the game. There's a single guard at the end of the hall, so kill him and 
    continue past him and up the stairs, which leads to a large open area. A 
    helicopter is waiting for you, but you'll have to get past the thirty or so 
    enemies in the area first. 
    Actually, scratch that. You don't have to kill all of the soldiers in the 
    area, but if you expect to simply run over to the chopper without dying 
    you're in for a surprise. 
    Your best course of action is to stand near the end of the hall and kill as 
    many of them as you can. Use your grenade launcher and LAW to wipe out large 
    groups of them, and your sniper rifle can take out the rest. You should use 
    this strategy until one of the following happens: A - You run out of sniper 
    rifle rounds, grenades, and rockets; or B - You clear the area. More than 
    likely the former is going to come before the latter, so switch to one of 
    your assault rifles and slowly enter the area. Kill soldiers as they appear, 
    and make your way to the helicopter. Use the ruins for cover, but keep in 
    mind that the enemies are doing the same thing. 
    When you reach the helicopter, jump up and grab the rope ladder to complete 
    the level and the game.
    Congratulations, you've completed Vietnam: Black Ops. 

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