Review by General Eric

Reviewed: 10/23/00 | Updated: 10/23/00

Kinda like a Doom-Rainbow Six cross-over.

Hi, I'm General Eric, and I got this game for $10.00 about 3 years ago and I'm still playing it, kinda like what RAINBOW Six would be like 6 years backward ago and with Doom graphics. I think it was made by the company that made Doom. On to the Review!

Gameplay 10/10
Story- In today's times, Miltia's have been getting weapons, but there not like shotguns and pistols, there like MP5's and M-16, and they have been doing stuff like taking hostages and killing people, they have elected you, a very great and respected Marine, to lead a group of marines to dis-able these miltias and find out who's giving them weapons. This is really fun because they have all the real names to weapons, each weapon has different kinds of bullets, and the levels are big and have lots enemies, and you can even pick your own marines that you can command, each marine has there own personaility, a guy codenamed Carnage kills lots of guys but is mentally unstable, another guy named Banzai can kill a quite a few people but his best task is cranking jokes over the teams headphones relieving stress, another guy named Frank is the best guy availible, with all-around great stats, you can view there dosiairs to see which ones are good for the mission.

Sound/music 10/10
The sound is great, your teammates talk over the helmet headphones and the guns firing sounds are great, each marine has about 25 sayings depending on the situations, and before every mission you hear what the situation is in mission briefing, there isn't much music, only during stuff like credits but sound makes up for that.

Graphics- 8/10
The graphics look a lot like Doom's, which aren't really pretty but the gun animations and people and other stuff look really well, but I wish it would look better.

Replayability 9/10
Its fun playing the levels with different people seeing what would happen, I also like a that you can get with a cheat code that puts you against an endless number of guys but it gets boring after a while but its internet play is great!

End notes
This is a really great game, and if you can get a couple of guys for a deathmatch, then this is your kind of game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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