Review by YuriSEAL Prime

"The only thing that will take 25 hours is forgetting this game."

Well, I've played some bad games in the past, particularly so-called ''Adventure'' games, but this one takes the cake as WORST GAME EVER! That's right, worse than several side-scrollers where walking left or right while holding down a button was a guaranteed win...


I probably would have given the game a better graphics score if it were five years ago. The graphics are about on par with Myst, which isn't too great now. The areas also seem to alternate from blindingly bright to so dark you need to ramp the brightness on your computer to the point where simply alt-tabbing to their site for hints(something almost NECESSARY) will hurt your eyes. Not only that, but the cursors are simplistic, look similar, and all the necessary items blend into the environment.


Face it, five minutes of cycling music isn't going to win anyone over. Oh, and they do lip-sync pretty well, although I am confused about why they have distinctly British or Irish seeming accents on EGYPTIANS. I was thinking more of an African accent, perhaps...?


That was an effort one. Apparently, there was one. Personally, I found nothing to hold my attention. It's clearly a game whose plot is made only to show off their historical knowledge(which turns out not to be so vast...)


What every game comes down to, in the end. The problem is, I'm not sure what gameplay there was... All I seemed to be doing was waving my cursor around, clicking, and hoping I ran into an item. The difficulty was ridiculous, as the items were all hidden in places that required full utilization of the first person view's movement spectrum. Unfortunately, nothing let you distinguish them from the rest. Also, there weren't always visible signs that something worked, or even where something needed to be done. And for a game boasting 25+ hours of gameplay, there should be something a little longer than three hours with the help of their site. The only mildly amusing part of the game was the game of Senet. Of course, the annoyance factor of that game(you'd need to play it to find out) is almost as great as the stupidity of making it not worth bothering to win(either way, you need to jump off the balcony).


If only GameFAQs would have let me post 0/10... This game isn't worth 50 cents, let alone $20. If a friend gives it to you as a gift, throw it at them.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 12/01/02, Updated 12/01/02

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