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"A bunch of good Genesis games=REALLY GOOD PC GAME"

Remember the good days of Altered Beast?
How about Columns?
How about Golden Axe?

Remember how you lost to Golden Axe because you were young and you were an unseasoned videogame player? Well now is your chance to replay all of the games that kept you home from elementary school!

Altered Beast: 7/10
Altered Beast was one of the Genesis's first games. It was fairly addictive, but insanely hard. The PC port is just as good as the original.
In Altered Beast you assume the role of a dead muscular man on a mission to rescue some dude's daughter. You make a deal with him, stating that if she is rescued, you will be given your life back. Altered Beast is a 2D fighter in which the screen is constantly moving right, so you must defeat all of the onscreen enemies before you move on. Every once in a while you will encounter a gray dog reminiscent of Cerberus. This is the key point of the game; you are supposed to kill 3 of these dogs and obtain their cores. When you obtain three cores you transform into a beast such as a dragon and a werewolf, these forms are necessary to moving on to the next level.

Columns: 4/10
Columns is a mediocre puzzle game that should keep your attention for...ah...somewhere around ten minutes.
There are only a few modes and a few levels of play, but the music is good and the controls are spot-on.

Golden Axe: 9/10
Anyone who is anyone has played Golden Axe. Golden Axe is a 2D action game similar to Streets of Rage. It's actually like Streets of Rage plus The Hobbit. Golden Axe is highly difficult, so you will sure as heck want a second player to help you save your kingdom from Death Adder, the oddly named bad guy.

Outrun: 6/10
Outrun is a racing game in which you, the racer, try to make it to the other side of an island in your sweet red Ferrari. The game is non-linear so you can beat the game nine or ten times before you see all of the endings. Unfortunately though, the PC version does not keep track of score, so when you leave the program your score will be erased.

Phantasy Star II: 5/10
This is where things start to get murky. I haven't beat PSII yet so I won't be able to give an entirely fair review. For an RPG though, it is quite fun. The battles play out kind of odd, but there is a lot of places to go and the story is fairly compelling.

Sonic Spinball: 6/10
In terms of pinball, this game is sub par, and on terms of platformers, it is sub what is it?
In Sonic Spinball you, Sonic, must save your American Sonic friends from evil demons such as chickens and spider robots, while the story is nothing short from a masterpiece the gameplay though, is sluggish and relies too heavily on blind luck.

Vectorman: 5/10
Now I don't remember Vectorman too much, I think it came out sometime during the heat of Earthworm Jim so everyone overlooked it, but think of a Megaman game that relies more heavily on jumping and running than mindless shooting and you have just essentially thought of Vectorman. it worth a purchase?
In a word:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/15/02, Updated 03/29/03

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