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Reviewed: 12/11/07

Action good, voice acting BAD

The House Of The Dead 2 is a Rail Shooter developed by SEGA and released by Activision. Following the success of the first game, (in the Arcades), a sequel was made that is actually the same game with better graphics and once again the PC port is inferior to the Arcade one. Let me explain why…

Story: 5/10

I didn’t have high expectations about the plot of this game and I don’t have a problem with it either, the low score is quite fair for me since the story in this game is very typical and has nothing to do with the gameplay. You know, it’s the typical find the evil mastermind that has created all this monster mess and defeat him.

Graphics: 7.2/10

That’s the part that actually makes the second game looks better than the first one. Instead of the terrible monster models of the original we have very good textured ones that have very good animation. Monsters are full of details like wounds, scars, rotten flesh. When you shoot them big splashes of blood and acid are splattered all over the place. Another thing that looks quite good is the way the monsters are dismembered when you shoot them and you can also create bullet holes that you can see through. The game takes place in Venice I thing and most areas look ok I guess although they aren’t something special. Of course I won’t even mention the difference in quality between the Arcade and the PC port.

Sound: 5.8/10

Man, the HOTD sound… now that’s something worth a suicide attempt. Music, fast and fits to the game, sound effects, good quality with powerful bullet hits and monsters moan and groan but the voice acting, GOOD MERCIFUL GODS!!! And I thought that the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil games had bad acting! The characters show no feeling no matter what happens, they talk as if they are bored with their lives and the things the say are stupid and extreeemely cheesy. I just can’t stop laughing when I hear the player say “G’s bloodstains!”, also what’s up with the bad guy’s laughter? He almost sounds as he is making it sound bad on purpose… Overall very bad voice acting surpassed only by the terrible voice acting of the third episode… or maybe not???

Gameplay: 6.5/10

Well, what more can I say that hasn’t be said for the first game. Being a Rail Shooter, you view everything like in an FPS game but the movement of the player is fixed in a invisible rail, hence the genre’s name, so the only thing that’s left for you is to shoot bad guys! You shoot, shoot, shoot, reload your guns and repeat, nothing more!

In terms of difficulty HOTD 2 has the same problem with the first game, it depends too much in trial and error since some monsters are placed in such a way that you can only be able to shoot them before the hit you only if you know when and where will they pop out from. Once again you can gather lives by rescuing some folks from the grasp of the undead or of course, loose lives if you kill them! Level design is much better than the first game, in terms of monster and hostages placing and the branching system is here too, meaning that you can follow a different path each time you play if you, for example shoot a door lock or an elevator button.

The main problem of the House Of The Dead PC ports has always been the lack of a light gun since you can only use a mouse or if you are a psychopath a keyboard\joystick. The game just isn’t the same with a mouse and definitely takes away all of it’s charm. I’ve heard that there is a HOTD 2 version where a Light Gun is supported but I don’t know if that’s true…

-Much better graphics than the first game

-BAD voice acting!!!
-Badly designed trial-error based gameplay
-The Arcade version is better due to the use of the Light Gun

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Overall: 6.1/10

There aren’t many things that can be said for this game… its better than the first one both in gameplay and graphics but it still has one of the worse voice actors in gaming history and is obviously a lot better in the Arcades…

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: The House of the Dead 2 (EU, 06/22/01)

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