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    FAQ by Chaz5000

    Version: 0.01 | Updated: 03/12/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      /~~~~~~\       /\  |~~~~~~~~~|  |~~~~~~~|  |~~~~~~~~| 
     /  /~~~\_\     /  \ ~~~~| |~~~~   ~~~~~/ /   ~~~~~~| |
    / /            / /\ \    | |           / /          | |
    | |           / /  \ \   | |          / /        ___| |
    | |          | |____| |  | |         / /        |___  |
    | |      __  |  ____  |  | |        / /             | |
    \  \____/ /  | |    | |  | |       / /___     ______| |
     \_______/   |_|    |_|  |_|      |______|   |________|
    CATZ 3:
    The Super-Duper FAQ-Reference-Strategy Guide 
    For PC
    Written by CHAZ5000
    E-Mail address alvintex_99@yahoo.com
    Legal Information:
    This Walkthrough is to be found only at GameFAQs.com at the moment.It is Copyright 2001 Chaz5000
    Catz & Petz are copyright P.F. Magic. All references to Petz are copyright P.F. Magic 
    Current Version :
    Version 0.01-01/26/01:My First Version of this Reference Guide.  Contains list of Breedz and 
    other neat stuff.
    This game is a quasi-sim type game.  You assume the role of a soon-to-be pet-owner-person.  You
    choose from ten seperate Breedz, and then raise up your little kitty to adulthood.  Then, you 
    can breed your psuedo-Catz, to create the cat of your dreams, including the possibility of some
    strange genetic mutations.  Well, not all turn out perfect.  Still, you can create large
    colonies of Catz(With webbed feet) from just one set of parents. Oops, Parentz.
    Petz has ten separate breedz(Remember the Z), who all have their own distinct personalities.
    They are summarized below, with my rating on a scale of one to ten.
    Alley Cat-
    Flawed in the looks department.  They have a few admirable qualities, such as them being so
    (chuckle) lovable.  But I found them not cute enough for me to spend much time on.  But I did
    spend some time on them. 
    My Score-3
    Black and White Shorthair-
    Cute, but EXTREMELY territorial.  They are great mousers, but don't leave them alone with another
    cat if you want the other cat to be there in five minutes.  Again, they're great mouser but mean.
    I say don't waste time on them if you want to breed cats or even just raise another.
    My Score-2
    My second favorite breed.  They are cute, come when called, easily trainable, and even get along
    well with other Catz.  However, they aren't much of a challenge to teach, and teaching is half 
    the fun of this game.  I reccomend this breed in conjunction with a Persian,
    My Score-9
    Chinchilla Persian-
    Sort of like a Persian, this breed is a lot more finnicky.  Who needs a finnicky cat?  I
    sincerely reccomend you stay away from this breed.
    My Score-1
    Maine Coon-
    This breed is almost as good a mouser as the B&W Shorthair, but isn't quite as mean.  This breed,
    however, is extremely energetic.  I reccomend it if you just want to have one cat as a pet, and
    don't want to mess with breeding.
    My Score-6
    Orange Shorthair-
    This breed is the most neurotic breed available.  However, the rest of the Breedz scored a close
    second.  Get this one only if you don't want to use any of the Toyz with it, because if you do,
    then that cat will climb on to the ceiling and never come down.
    My Score-4
    My favorite breed.  This breed is fat, lazy, has a major lack of ambition, and is just all 
    around finky.  But for some reason, I like them.  I reccomend them for anyone who wants a cat 
    just like the two that own me.(They're not Persian, but they are fat, lazy, they lack ambition, 
    and are quite finky.  But I like them.)
    My Score-10
    Russian Blue-
    Lazy.  Not in a good way like the Persian either.  This breed just sits around in front of the 
    fireplace, or maybe would parade across the fence in the backyard.  They are not very good for
    My Score-1
    The Chinchilla Persian can't hold a candle to the finnicky-ness of this breed.  It wants its 
    favorite type of cat food, it wants its favorite pillow, it wants what it wants and it wants it
    NOW.  Don't mess with this breed either.
    My Score-1
    A sleepy but loving cat.  I've tried them out some, and they're a great breed.  Definitely my 3rd
    favorite breed.  They have only a few flaws, namely their sleepiness.
    My Score-9
    |Toys               |Effect                                             |  
    |Scratching Post    |Keeps Catz' claws off other Catz                   |
    |Catnip             |Makes your Catz act silly                          |
    |Plush Toy          |A toy for your Catz                                |
    |Fishbone           |A snack or toy for your Catz                       |
    |Jingle Ball        |A jingly toy for your Catz                         |
    |Pillow             |A pillow for your Catz to sleep on                 |
    |Wood Brush         |Brush for uh... brushing Catz                      |
    |Yarn Ball          |Just another Catz toy                              |
    |Catz Dancer        |Another toy like a scratching post                 |
    |Auto Rolling Ball  |Another toy to make your Catz more neurotic        |
    |Cuckoo Clock       |A wall decoration that actually tells the time     |
    |Seeds              |Plant them to get Flowers                          |
    |Stick              |Another toy to play fetch with                     |
    |Flower Pot         |Brightens up the scenery and attracts butterflies  |
    |Paint Brush        |Change your Catz' colors                           |
    |Flea Spray         |Gets rid of fleas on your Catz                     |
    |Picture Frame      |Lets you put a .bmp file of your choice on display |
    |Boomerang          |Another fetch toy                                  |
    |Suprise Box        |Contains Bubble Machine                            |
    |Water Spray Bottle |Disciplines your Catz(Use sparingly)               |
    |Wicker Basket      |Holds your Catz                                    |
    |Watering Can       |Use it to water in seeds                           |
    |Food            |Usage                                             | 
    |Catz Food Bowl  |Use it to feed your Catz daily                    |
    |Catz Water Bowl |Use it to water your Catz daily                   |
    |Cheese(Cheeze?) |Lure mice out of holes with it or feed it to Catz |
    |Leftovers       |Special treat for Catz                            |
    |Milk Bottle     |Feed it to Catz when they're young                |
    |Fish Treatz     |A treat for Catz                                  |
    The following is my favorite combination of clothes:
    |Shirt    |Pants    |Hats     |Accessories |
    |Plaid    |Plaid    |Fedora   |Red   Socks |
    |Magician |Magician |Magician |White Socks |
    |Clown    |Clown    |Party    |White Socks |
    |Flower   |None     |Flower   |Pink Socks  |
    |Hawaiian |None     |Baseball |Sunglasses  |
    |Orange   |None     |Fedora   |White Socks |
    |Red      |Plaid    |None     |Red Socks   |
    |Black    |Plaid    |Black    |White Socks |
    NOTE:"Petz.com" (Not "Pets.com",the sock puppet people) no longer support downloads for the 
    following items.  
    |Name             |Category |Description                           |   
    |Antenae          |Clothez  |Another Accessory                     |
    |Buckskin Outfit  |Clothez  |Complete Buckskin Outfit              |
    |Bunny Outfit     |Clothez  |Easter Rabbit Costume                 |
    |Camouflage Gear  |Clothez  |2 Complte Camouflage Outfits          |
    |Carnation Seeds  |Toyz     |Seed for planting Carnations          |
    |Carrot Seeds     |Toyz     |Seed for planting Carrots             |
    |Art Deco Clock   |Toyz     |Another clock for your Living Room    |
    |Cowboy Hat       |Clothez  |A cowboy hat for your Catz            |
    |Duck Pajamas     |Clothez  |Complete Duck Pajama outfit           |
    |Easter Outfit    |Clothez  |A complete pink Easter outfit         |
    |Golf Outfit      |Clothez  |A complete golf outfit                |
    |Heart Pajamas    |Clothez  |Complete Heart Pajama outfit          |
    |Holiday Toys     |Toyz     |Christmas Tree, Lights, and Ornaments |
    |Jack o' Lantern  |Toyz     |A Jack o' Lantern                     |
    |Menorah          |Toyz     |A Menorah to decorate a room          |
    |Pilgrim Outfit   |Clothez  |A Complete Pilgrim outfit             |
    |Uncle Sam Outfit |Clothez  |A Complete Patriotic outfit           |
    |Santa Outfit     |Clothez  |A Complete Santa outfit               |
    |Ski Outfit       |Clothez  |A Complete Ski outfit                 |
    |Snow Scene       |Scenez   |A Snow Scene to add to your program   |
    |Snow Toys        |Toyz     |Toyz to go with your Snow Scene       |
    |Soccer Ball      |Toyz     |Just another ball like the Beach Ball |
    |Sunflower Seeds  |Toyz     |Plant to get Sunflowers               |
    |Tie Dye outfit   |Clothez  |A Complete Tie-Dye outfit.  Groovy!   |
    |Vase             |Toyz     |A Vase to hold your flowers           |
    |Violet Seeds     |Toyz     |Plant to get Violets                  |
    |Witch Outfit     |Clothez  |A complete Witch Outfit.              |
    To GameFAQs, For hosting this Reference Guide.
    To Prickly Jack and Fritter, My Cats, For being a whole lot more fun than the fake "Catz".
    To Noah Webster, because I keep misspelling "strategy" as "startegy"
    To Orson Scott Card, For "Ender's Game"
    This Reference Guide is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.

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