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"Wow! First time I'm actually impressed over a hentai game :P"

From the few H-games I've tried so far, this one is THE best. But I don't want to keep you waiting so here goes...

At the beginning, you're just a college student looking for a good time. As the game progresses, 10 lay-dayz present themselves to you, ranging from you're child-hood friend to your teacher (!!!), all the while passing through the school nurse and your best friend's little sister. If you have any maths skills whatsoever, you'll see that there are still a few un-named, for the sake of surprise or whatever. At the end, you have to choose which lay-day you want to live your life with, and hope that she reacts accordingly. I found the story a little cheesy but it still got the job done.

Well, the graphics in this game are really good, considering this game was made in '95. The little animations are really cute and funny, and the lay-dayz have facial expressions that can determine how they feel about you or if what you're doing is right. The H-scenes are also really good. They mostly consist of two images and a money shot, which is fine by my book. The reason why the score isn't 10 is that some of the H-scenes are a little absurd, like when you're doing your friend's sister. It's kinda w3rd but I don't wanna ruin your fun (lol).

Since my computer is kinda old, my sound card is too. That means that all the tunes were kinda horrid and didn't really fit in with the mood. ex: during the H-scenes, the music starts really slow, but then it turns really loud and irritating. So 6 is still good but it'd be probably better if you have a good sound card.

This is where the game really shines (never thought Id say this about an H-game lol). You have to train your character in specific domains so he can please specific women. The activities are very different from one another. Just to name a few, you can do sports, study, go walk outside, work in a construction field, or do some painting down at the park. During these activities, you can meet some of the ladies, which helps the plot line evolve. You can do three activities per day, and you have three 30-day months to accomplish your task of wooing at least one of the lay-days.

Defining moment: (SPOILER!!!)
Definetely at the end of the game, when the guy's best friend tried to woo me. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself :P

Well, if you're looking for a new (or old, whichever way you see it) H-game, you should definitely buy/download this gem. It's great fun and it has a lot of replay value (for an H-game)

Total score: 8.5/10, round it up to 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/02, Updated 04/10/02

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