Review by Rojan

"A anime game that's fun?"

A game that does ask the question, what kind of guy would you be to win the heart of another. Would you go the romantic way, the intelligent, strength, and maybe even the playboy? Well you can do it all and more.

Well well, this is a very strange and yet somehow an addicting game. Your goal is to go to bed with several beautiful anime girls. You start out in college and have several things to do to buff up your skills to go out with the ladies.

The graphics are very anime. The animations are very scarce and are mostly 3 frames a piece. Everything is well detailed and should be. The more graphic scenes are nice but needs more drawings. The artist(s)? were very lazy indeed.

---Sound / Music
The music is pretty much midi sounding format. I didn't go for the sounds and supplied my own music. There is a small bug that prevents the game from running smoothly, so turning off the sound is a better solution anyway.

Now the gameplay is very different to American games. You do practically nothing and yet you want to see the outcome. The extra card games are not worth the effort because the computer almost always wins. The writing is all right for the translation and do not spark any emotion for me at least.

---Continue playing?
Maybe one more time. After you get all the endings, I doubt that you would need to play again. There are some nice secrets though. Of course, all who want to play the game want to get the full pictures. It has a good feature to show you what the player has ''seen'' already.

The game isn't very hard since you have a fifty/fifty chance of choosing the correct response. The game gives you enough hints to tell you what the girls like and do not like. Its fun to play a persona apart from you even if its a bit iffy. It really needs more interaction from the player though. I would like to actually work to gain the girls love.

The ladies
Addicting gameplay
Endings and pathways

Needs more interaction
The music needs a major overhaul
Needs more animation

Bottom line:
As the ladies man would say, please bring out your ''beverage of choice'' and your initial thoughts about a dating game and have fun.
More choices, not 50/50

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/30/02, Updated 07/30/02

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