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"You can't stop loving Anime girls!"

I wrote this review is to let everyone know more about this game, it's a waste if no one gives attention to such a great hentai game (Especially boys, girls are also welcomed to play this game, too!)

Actually, the game, True Love '95, is not ENTIRELY a hentai game, it's more to the genre Dating Simulation game. But this game will let you have lots of fun inside it, not to mention the hentai scene is quite memorable and fun to enjoy (pervert doesn't mean ANYTHING, mind you)

Well this game gives me lots of fun dating girls in the Anime world, as well as develop your character to be either sentimental, athletic, playboy (you can), romantic, or other else. It's a worth to try it out, the details of this game will listed as below


True Love '95 story is about a student having an experience to a girl the term of school life, many things had happened, but what it will ends up depends on how you develop your characteristic to girls around you. There will be 10 beautiful anime girls to have a relationship with, but mostly you can have multiple endings(relationship) with those girls, but you can only choose ONE girl in the end of the game who will be your wife/love mate. For instance, there will be a girl who is your childhood friend who is very close to you, but not lover, you have to develop yourself to have her in your arms. You might also want to have an experience or see the story about how you meet a pretty girl who is very good at studies, therefore you want to develop yourself to get close to her, and she may/may not love you. It's fun, since those experience that you have is quite compatible into real life, (but please, try not to be a pervert guy, where you even have a dirty mind towards your own teacher! Sorry I was kind of a moral guy, but you EVEN can have a relationship with your OWN TEACHER), there is even you can date an ANGEL, but you have to trigger a specific scene to see it. Fun, isn't it?

Bad thing on this story is: no matter how you choose your own personality, you're still a pervert, oh well, since you're playing a hentai dating simulation game, you ARE that kind of character so that girls will like your ''pervert'' mind, right?

Marks given : 9

Artwork and Graphic

Artwork is decent, but I really like two of the ten girls that is portrait in such a good way that I even blushed when see them smile, or get their face blushed red in some scene (Remi and Miyuki, if you've played the game), Girls were drawn well, Graphic is not too well construct since it's quite a old game but overall it's pretty acceptable (at that time, this graphic is considered very good). Artwork is fine, the body shape of the girls is a bit out of proportion (since I am studying art, forgive me of saying that, that's just my opinion), but the girls overall is portrait in a very good way, even the pose of the girls are quite well drawn and well constructed. And I could care less about the proportion of the girls!

As a side note, those girls were very PRETTY! well said.

Marks given : 7


What can I say? since it's a dating simulation game, it's the best dating simulation game that I've ever played so far. To get close to a certain girls, you need to develop certain elements in order to success in capture the girl's heart. For example, If you want to get close to a girl which is good in art, you might have to develop your art skill so that you can be better. There is a ''bonus marks'' to a certain element that if you have develop the elements consecutively, you can add more marks to the certain element that you've develop so far, making it easier to date the girls you want so much, But take a side not, Develop a stats of elements is quite easy, but you will also have to take care about certain scene as well, having a wrong conversation with a certain girl will screw the whole game up, thus leaving you into disappointment.

But more over, you can develop max stats of element of more than ONE, means you can max out your Art skills, as well as physical abilities (sports), Passion (your involvement with girls), Scholarship (your study skills), and appearance (how handsome you are). But not ALL. You may also bump into your rivals who thinks that you are not good enough to capture that girls heart (they think that that girls should be him, not you), but you can shut their mouth up after you've develop enough points to get the girl into your side. Sounds bad, huh? but this is quite real, since your rival is designed to make you annoyed to his personality, too, but not every side characters (male) are your rivals, there are also friends at your side, too, so you can have a normal relationship between boys and girls.

Marks given: 10

Scene (you know what it is)

Since it is a hentai game, Importance of hentai scene is a must to a male player, ha ha, yeah. ^_^

Main character is quite a pervert guy. Some vulgar words are added in it, but nothing really bad since it's quite less said. But bad thing is, Most of the scene is taken over by words, pictures of hentai scene is not many, so you would have to ''imagine'' with the pictures shown if you want your ''mind of thinking about hentai scene'' to be more lively. yeah, it's bad, but the pictures shown is very nice, attractive, and seductive, Even some sexy Anime student girls in some suit without naked is even better than when a girl is naked! ^_^

More over, CG room is added (every hentai game has it) so that you can view back the hentai scene that you've unlocked so far. Overall, although it's not much, but enough for your viewing pleasure.

As I said, it's NOT EXACTLY a hentai game, but those pictures may already enough for you ^_^

Marks given : 7


It's worth replaying the game over and over, really. Since the story between you and the girls are quite attractive and really satisfies your viewing pleasure, you really want to replay this game over and over, but there is a bad side note (It's a minor thing): It'll ruin your health, yeah, you know what I want to say...........yes, you do ^_^;; you don't know? Oh what should I say : Complications. Hey! Do I really need to spell it out for you?

Marks given: 7


Music is so-so. But the theme song is quite suitable for those girls you met, a romantic feel of the theme song of specific girl is adding mood to the game, thus making it feel more energetic to play the game. the ONLY bad part of this is the music is in MIDI format, Oh how I wish it was on Wave format.

A girl who comes to your house with the romantic, jazz feel of song really makes you horny to the girl you like, isn't it?

Marks given: 6 1/2 (rounded up 7 marks)


With 10 Characters (9 human, 1 angel), it's already enough for you to play the game with full of desire. Plus the scene is quite nice and well shown, Girls are extremely beautiful, with multiple endings and choices, plus you will end up future being the same occupation as your girlfriend is (If you girl is a nurse, then you'll end up as a doctor), I wonder why you should have complains about this game.... But a game also has it's bad points, so I wouldn't give this game a full marks, to make it more fair. But it's the best hentai/ Dating Simulation game that I've ever played so far.

To buy or rent? Download? Buy! or download in the Internet! Even it costs a little bit of your money and time consumable to download the program, It's worth the deal, You'll end up having more pros. than cons. Believe me!

But, as for health, remember, don't play it too much, it ruins your health, play it at your own risk......^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/22/02, Updated 12/22/02

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