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Reviewed: 01/08/03 | Updated: 01/08/03

Wow, I'm actually writing a review for a hentai game....

Seriously, if this is an ordinary hentai game, I wouldn't have bothered to spend some of my time writing a review for it. But hey, True Love '95 (TL95 for short) is definitely one of those rare gems in the vast world of H-games. It's not just about naked pictures of anime girls (though I know most of us wouldn't mind those), it's about the storyline itself. Yes, you heard me correctly. This game has a very interesting storyline. Let's see what other good points this game has, yes?

Storyline: 9/10

Okay, in this game, you're Daisuke(your default name) and you're a senior college student. You have...umm...9 girls to choose from (make it 10, if you count in the secret girl) before you graduate so that you will get to live happily ever after with one of them.

Sounds boring? Nope. Each of the girls has a unique personality, and thus will require different efforts for you to make. This is one of the game's strong points: character development. You'll find that the story unfolds with interesting twists, due to the various forms of character development.

Oh and for those who can't stomach certain scenes of...carnal pleasure in some hentai games, don't worry. This game's pretty ''normal'', since it revolves around the life of an average college student, a life that many of us can relate to. No ''exotic'' type of sex in this game, nosirree.

Gameplay: 9/10

Ahh, the game is pretty good in this area, too. You have different attributes that will increase or decrease, depending on your daily activities. The attributes such as passion, appearance and scholarship will determine the response that you will receive from the girls. Thus, you'll have to plan your days properly.

There are three activity slots for each day, which means that you can do three different things in one day. For most part of the game (except during the summer holiday and Sundays), the first slot will always be for college, though, so you only get to choose the second and the third. Interesting, don't you think?

Music: 10/10

Whooohoo, the is the BEST part of TL95, in my opinion. The girls have different MIDI tunes based on their personality and quite a few of these are REALLY good tracks. Better yet, you have the option of listening to them again and again from the ''music room'' that can be accessed at the starting screen. Two thumbs up for the composers, whoever they are.

Graphics: 8/10

Yeah, well, you can't really expect cell-shaded type of graphics in H-games, can you? After all, the main focus of these games is *ahem* the girls being drawn in anime style, and TL95 is of no exception. I like animes a whole lot, and I think the girls in this game can be considered to be pretty. Shouldn't be a disappointment, in my opinion.

Overall: 10/10

Yes, it's a very good game indeed. I really recommend TL95 for the fans of H-games. I don't know what's the price for this game now, or whether it is actually still in production, but buy it if you can find a copy, as long as the price is not ridiculously high.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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