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"A great little gem to pass the time..."

True Love '95 was the first of the many hentai games I've ever played. It was also one of the most enjoyable. There seems to be a good balance between the hentai scenes and actually story and gameplay...Never an abundance of either, which is very pleasant.

So you start off by actually getting to name your character (How rare!) and selecting a sort of ''class'' for him...Intellectual, Sportsman, Playboy, and Normal. Depending on which you select, you get a bonus to that profession's particular stat. Stats go up as you do choose to do various activities related to that stat, such as studying for scholarship and sports for strength. Some activities have an adverse effect, however, and while they may raise one stat, others may fall. This is particularly true when choosing to ''Work'' gain lots of yen, but you suffer quite a bit to your appearance and fatigue factors. In short, the relevance of the stats is to decide which girls become closer to you, which you get to ''do things'' (Ahem) with, and which you can actually end up with at the end of the game.

This particular aspect contributes to the replay value...With ten different girls, there's quite a lot of text and juicy(literally...) anime scenes to go around time after time. Playing through once is sort of an initiation...You can use this time to figure out which girl goes for what stat, and use this to your advantage the next play through.

As with all hentai games, the story is quite amusing, and watching the flows of jealousy is just plain fun. Another key aspect that boosts this game's rating is the fact that the girls aren't just little tramps who will sleep with you at the drop of a hat...the processes getting to that point are actually believable for the most part, and that's quite a refreshing change from the sexually-focused ''Paradise Heights'' series...

The graphics are pretty decent...nothing to complain about in that department. There's a girl for everyone's taste in looks, so you should have no trouble really getting into this. The music is pretty good too; each girl has their own theme, and the day-today music is quite catchy...Not to mention the music always seems to fit the situation at hand, making the visual and audio departments nice pieces of eye and ear candy.

If I had to complain about this game, it's that at a few points the translation is SOMEWHAT choppy, but it's nothing horrible, and the fact that it is WAY too short. You only get about three in-game ''months'' of play, which go by quickly...But I suppose this is good fuel for the replay value, since it's so easy to get back into the track of things.

All in all, great game to pass the time and give you a good laugh, and a quite refreshing change from the more common ''less gameplay more sex'' breed of hentai games. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/03, Updated 05/27/03

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