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Reviewed: 07/28/03 | Updated: 07/28/03

This game changed my life.

This game is classified as a ''hentai'' game. I can't agree with that. This game is more like a Real Life Simulator... but a great one! Every decision you make, every hour you choose to be making something, will have a severe impact on how the story will go over. You'll have to pay attention to lots of things, and make all of them deal well with each other.

Graphics: 9/10

These graphics are anime style, and weren't supposed to be perfect, if we consider its style. Anyway, I don't mean they're horrible, in fact I rate them as awesome... just not too much worked out. I have to talk about the hentai scenes because this is a hentai game... Huh... very few, and not with too much quality, but who cares! This game is extremely good even without the hentai factor.

Gameplay: 10+/10

*cries of pleasure* Terrific! This makes you feel it's your own life, and you might even be confusing it sometimes... this might sound very strong to you, but this is what generally happens to the people who play this game. It's amazing the way you'll have to deal with ALL those things of life. I don't have any more words...

Story: 10++/10

There is no need to talk more about this story. You are a college student who has to lead his own life, with all obstacles, girls, studying, working to get money, and never forget the pleasure of walking by the city on night... absolutely awesome.

Audio: 10/10

Lovely sound... even thought they're on a poor sound file, in this case, midis, they are very lovely and you'll easily love this audio... they'll fit perfectly on the environment and background. At last, special notice for perverts: no, I don't mean the hentai scene noises, in fact there aren't any.

Video: NONE

I can't rank this because there aren't any, and I can't rank what doesn't exist. You won't miss it, anyway.

Replayability: 10/10

It will take you hours and hours until you first beat this game... then beating it all over again to get other girls will take you even more hours... you'll find out you played that for dozens of hours only after you end it. And you'll have the need of playing it again some weeks after.

Buy or rent?

BUY. Enough said.

This game was pure perfection. There's nothing more I can point on it, except recommending everyone that has a pc (preferably male) to play this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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