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"A must-buy if you come across a copy."

Well, I recently loaded up my old copy of Halloween Harry and immersed myself into the game. I was looking for more information here on GameFAQs and noticed there were no reviews, so I thought to myself, ''Why not?''

Story- 9/10

Back in the day when the game was released (1994) you didn't really need to have a great story to make a great game. I thought the story in this game suited it well. You must destroy alot of aliens using a wide range of well-thought out weapons and rescue hostages that are being held captive by the aliens.

Gameplay- 10/10

Very exciting gameplay, even today. Sure it's a bit of a side-scroller, but who cares? You get all kinds of awesome weapons (the flamethrower being the best of corse) and your jet pack makes it exciting as well. You get gold coins by killing the aliens you are fighting, and then can use those gold coins to purchase ammo for your weapons from ammo dispensers which look strangely like soda machines.

Controls- 10/10

Contols could not be any simpler. Space bar activates your jet pack so you can go flying around (provided you have sufficient jet pack fuel), Control fires your selected weapon, and you move around using the arrow keys. I just wish all the games out today could make controlling a game this simple.

Graphics- 6/10

In my opinion this is the games only weakpoint. The graphics aren't that great. In 1994 when the game was released the graphics were pretty good, but never outstanding. The other games from the times (Wolfenstein 3d and Doom) had better graphics in my opinion, but Halloween Harry more than makes up for that with its outstanding gameplay.

Sound- 9/10

The sound in this game is pretty good. The flamethrower sounds fairly realistic and the jet pack makes it sound like you're flying off. The aliens in the game don't exactly make alot of noise, but what noise they do make is fairly well done. You could turn the sound off and the game would still be just as awesome, since it's not really necessary. You don't need to hear anything sneaking up behind you and you'll be able to tell your using your flamethrower without it.

Replayability- 9/10

I could play this game over and over until I wore out my keyboard.

Overall- 10/10

Back when I first bought this game in 1994 I thought it was one of the greatest games that I had ever played, and back in those days the list of games that I had actually played was rather short. Today, 8 years later I still consider this game one of the best. Sure it doesn't have the graphics of todays games, it doesn't utilize your 128Mb video card to the max, and it doesn't have surround sound, but who cares? It's got great gameplay and that's all that matters.

If you happen to come across a copy of this in some video game store, be sure to snatch it up, you definately won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/29/02, Updated 07/29/02

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