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"An under-rated classic!"

Alien Carnage was previously named Halloween Harry, but I guess they decided to change the name of the game and re-release it in 1994. Other than that, it's still the same game, they just renamed it and changed the order of levels. But anyway's, this game is a rather classic(and under-rated)platformer released back in the day when games like Duke Nukem II, Doom, Blake Stone, Bio Menace, and other various classics were popular. Why is this game good? just read the review....

-A slight variation of one of the most cliche plots in existence-Aliens. Evil aliens have come to Earth, and they give you 24 hours to surrender and give control of the planet to the aliens, or they turn the entire world into zombies. Some people have already become zombies, and of course, Halloween Harry comes to save the day.

-Decent sound effects and music that fit the mood of the game very well. Rather than cheesy-sounding MIDI music that was popular back when this game was made, you have much-higher quality MOD music that sounds much more realistic(think a bit higher than Super NES quality). You got music that was better than what you got in most games at the time, and the sounds are done well too. It's mostly things like zombies getting hurt, explosions, and laser pulses, but hey, it's an action game, so it works.

-Pretty decent VGA graphics with paralaxing backgrounds served a pretty good dose of decent imagery. The character sprites are well, and fluidly animated, the overall image quality is good, and there are cut scenes, with a semi-cartoon-ish look to them. There are also paralaxing backgrounds(as I mentioned before)which means they move with you as you move around, adding realism to the overall look of the game. They're not perfect 10 score graphics, but they're still good.

-This is an action/platform game, and the gameplay consists of shooting zombies/aliens, and rescuing hostages. You start off with a flamethrower and a jet pack, and can find various weapon dispensers that look like vending machines, and buy new weapons/more ammo. Most of the levels are pretty big, so it may take a while to get through some of them. There are also secret areas in levels that may include bonus money, lives, or ammo.

When you kill a monster, it will drop money you can use to buy weapons, but you cannot go back and kill the same enemies for money over and over again, since most enemies only drop money the first time you kill them. There are a total of 16 regular missions, and 4 boss missions. There are also 4 types of levels. Office building, sewers, factory, and alien ship. Once you beat every mission, you obviously win the game. It's kind of like Duke Nukem II, but different, and in some ways, better. If you want the speed of DN2, just turn on turbo mode. If the above text makes this game sound interesting, then play it. You will definitely enjoy it.

-Once you've beat the game, that's pretty much it. You may want to go back and try it on a harder difficulty, or look for all the secret areas, but it's not enough replay value to keep a hardcore gamer satisfied.

-Sadly, this game has been discontinued, and you can no longer buy it(if you see a copy, consider yourself lucky). The only way you'll play this game is if you download it off of the Internet. If you're looking for a good, simple action platformer game, then you've found it. Give this game a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/03, Updated 03/20/03

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