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"The only time you should pick this up is if you see it in the hands of a loved one...and throw it away."

Jungle Legend is NOT a game you would want to buy. That's the summary of this review instantly. The few people who did actually pick this up were *highly* disappointed by it, me included. When I saw it in the store, I thought to myself "A pound? Just a pound?", as that's what the price was. Jungle Legend sat on one of those spinning rack things where it's like Six Games for Five Pounds. Being the fool that I was, I got it. I should have been alarmed by the fact that it was sitting within the hordes of cheap Edutainment titles and print studio software. Let that be a warning to you, too, as if you see a game sitting in such surroundings, it's bad, so don't get it. The second warning was the boxart, as the front cover was of a lame Aztec pyramid being struck by lightening, and the back showed exactly the graphical potential the game had - weak. Still, I paid for it, took it home...boy, was I slapped 'round the chops when I installed it. =/

Apparently, the Jungle has come under a dreadful curse which is slowly, but surely poisoning and killing off the entire population of wildlife - tigers, lions, elephants, fish...They're all on nature's "To Get Rid Of" list. There's no reason why it's dying, of course, it just is. In fact, there's no story in the game at all, as the only plot points you find is on the backcase. Anyway, what is going to be done about? Why, a lone Tribes-men must set out a collect a bunch of magic rocks for some reason unknown to me. Not only is the story cliche, but full of plot holes. If these rocks are so important, why are they scattered throughout the jungle? If you're trying to save the jungle from certain doom, why must the hero spend his entire time slaughtering every single creature he finds? Talking about killing, let's examine the combat.

Our hero must use a wide (read: tiny) selection of weaponry that's at his disposal - A.K.A., his sword and bow. That's it. No magical shaman staff to wield ancient jungle magic, no warrior's mace, or even a whip to scare off attacking lions. And it sure is a real chore to dispose of these enemies with these two weapons, as hitting the Space bar causes a very rigid and *slow* slash of a sword. Now, with such a cheap game, you'd expect a few cutbacks here and there, but this is sheer lunacy. These creatures come at you and bite a massive chunk of your health away (sometimes as much as 50% in one move) before passing right through you - and I mean RIGHT THROUGH, as there is no collision detection from what I've seen. They charge right at you and just don't stop, as though you weren't there. Now, this wouldn't be so bad but when your first-person camera is so slow and awkward to control, you get awfully annoyed with the game, and I'm only talking about the first animal you come to - a lion. This bad boy will test your metal, as if you can kill him and not be bored, then this game is for you, but if you get pissed off or die, then close the game and uninstall it. Plus, the animations in the game are pitiful, since creatures just glide across the landscape (they have legs, but you'll be damned if they're going to use them) and trees might just as well have been made out of concrete, as the factor of wind seems to have vanished from the jungle.

Now, the graphics are terrible. Everything is just plain and flat with zero textures or rendering, with just randomly placed eye-soars of objects in the way of trees, huts and bridges, but that's if you're lucky, as I once wandered into a patch of about 7 on-screen trees and the game lagged uncontrollably, as though it can't even handle the strain of having a few trees, so you'll be excused if you play and wonder why there aren't any trees in the jungle. Crossing this barren landscape of a jungle is one giant bore chore, as our intrepid hero is forced to run slowly, maybe a fraction the speed of his walk, even if a large cheetah is closing in. Some say graphics aren't everything, but here, they aren't even anything. Dire.

I would talk about the sound around about now, but obviously the game's production was cut short and they rushed it out, thus cutting one of the most important aspects of a game; music. I don't quite know why they would rush it and leave a lack of sound. There's no music, no ambient nature sounds...just this stupid "RWWR" every time you hit a creature. They could at least have tried their hand at a soundtrack, but no, they took the easy way out and forgot it entirely. Tedious.

In closing, this game is terrible. I said it at the start of the review, and I said it at now at the end. It is just *that* bad. It's basically Big Rigs on an acid trip, set in the jungle, without any trucks...and without the acid, so all that's left is glitches, glitches and more glitches. So, please, stay away from this...thing.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/31/05, Updated 06/26/06

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