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    Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Videogame humor: http://www.gamecola.net/
    Copyright 2008
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Guide
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew: 
    Message in a Haunted Mansion. It's the third game in the Nancy 
    Drew series, the one where Nancy goes to San Francisco.
    If you want to contact me, e-mail 
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject 
    something like "Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion" (or 
    just leave it blank) so I know it's not spam mail.
    If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you 
    should ask permission first.
    002-Video Guide
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
    see it at...
    I purposely gave longish descriptions of each of the videos. 
    That way, if you're looking for help with a specific part of the 
    game, it'll be easier to find.
    Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and she's 
    out in San Francisco to solve the mystery of why there are so 
    many accidents during the renovation of an old Victorian 
    Rose Green: She owns the mansion Nancy's staying in, so she's in 
    charge of everything.
    Abby Sideris: Rose's business partner, who believes in ghosts 
    and the paranormal and seances and such.
    Louis Chandler: An expert on the Victorian era. He's helping 
    Rose with the house (kinda), in exchange for open access to the 
    house's library.
    Charlie Murphy: He's the carpenter who is helping with the 
    house. He's inexperienced at carpentry (because he's actually a 
    history student), but he's a hard worker and apparently learns 
    Hannah Gruen: Hannah is the Drew family housemaid. She's friends 
    with Rose and arranged for Nancy to go on this vacation. Nancy 
    can call her in the game.
    Emily Foxworth: Someone in San Francisco who Nancy can call in 
    the game.
    Bess Marvin and George Fayne: Nancy's best friends. Nancy can 
    call them in the game, too.
    Dear Bess,
    Hello from stormy San Francisco! This time I'm staying in a 
    beautiful old Victorian mansion. You'd love the room I'm in. 
    It's full of old Chinese furnishings and some interesting knick-
    The owner of the house, Rose Green, is a friend of Hannah and 
    asked me to come out and help her with some renovation work. She 
    and her friend, Abby, hope to turn the place into a bed and 
    breakfast by next month.
    But from what I gathered, Rose isn't sure if she can open in 
    time. Ever since they started the renovations, they've had a lot 
    of accidents. Could it be just bad luck, or is there something 
    more sinister at work?
    I'm sure I'll find out!
    The game starts off in Nancy's room. There are a few things to 
    look at here, such as the tapestry with a long message written 
    on it, Nancy's suitcase, and the dragon above the fireplace.
    Actually, that's all you look at in this room. When you look at 
    the dragon, notice that it has the Chinese symbol for "daughter" 
    written on it.
    This is important--you'll see a lot of Chinese symbols in this 
    game, and you have to write them all down, because there's a 
    Chinese symbol recognition puzzle at the end of the game.
    You can leave Nancy's room. The only other thing to do on the 
    top floor is knock on Abby's door and talk to her. Abby believes 
    a ghost named Valdez is responsible for the haunting/accidents. 
    She will reveal more later tonight.
    You can go downstairs now, because there's nothing else to do 
    upstairs. Downstairs, you can talk with Rose in the little 
    dining room (at the end of the hallway--from the entrance to 
    mansion by the stairs/chandelier, turn around and go straight 
    through two sets of doors to get there). She tells Nancy about 
    what's going on.
    Rose gives you a tile puzzle to solve. The puzzle is on the 
    floor, just right of her. To solve the puzzle, put all the 
    pieces in place. Figuring out where all the pieces go is easy 
    enough, because you have six identical triangles. The big 
    triangle goes in the tail, and the square goes in one of the 
    wings. The six triangles fill up the rest of the phoenix design.
    The hard part is putting the pieces in place. You need to be 
    VERY EXACT when putting pieces in. If there is a sliver of white 
    showing in between the side of the piece and the border of the 
    design, you need to readjust the piece's position. No slivers of 
    white can show; you must cover up ALL of the white area.
    Once you finish the tile puzzle, talk to Rose again to get 
    assigned the job of scraping ceiling tiles on the second floor. 
    Um...sounds like fun.
    There are a few other things you can do in Rose's room. You can 
    check everyone's schedule on Rose's clipboard (on the 
    cupboards). There's a timer in the lower/left corner of the 
    game--just click on the ND symbol to see it. If you ever need to 
    change time in the game, set the alarm clock next to Nancy's bed 
    for the desired time.
    Louis: Noon to 5
    Charlie: 8 to 5
    Abby: Out from 3 to 6
    In the drawer near the schedule, you can find a notice from an 
    insurance company. Rose has the house insured for ONE MILLION 
    DOLLARS against fire. Woah! That's a lot of money! Could it be 
    that Rose is purposely causing accidents so the bread and 
    breakfast will be destroyed, and she can collect on the 
    insurance policy?
    You can also check out the bread and breakfast magazine by the 
    window, but you don't have to.
    Leave Rose's room, and you're in the hallway. The only door you 
    can go through in the hallway (besides the one that leads to 
    Rose) is the one to the basement. It's along the same wall as 
    the dumbwaiter and the stairwell that leads upstairs.
    Go down to the basement. You can chat with Charlie the handyman. 
    You can also check the piano bench (the thing you sit on when 
    you play the piano) for a copy of Swanee River. The Chinese word 
    for river is featured here, so make sure to write it down on 
    your list of Chinese words.
    The other things to see in the basement are a book on drinks and 
    an old newspaper article that protests against some women who 
    are acting in plays (Scandal! Horror! Outrage!). Looks like 
    you'll have to wait for Charlie to leave the basement before you 
    can get a good look around, though.
    In the meantime, there's more to explore. Head to the 
    entranceway of the mansion, which is the area where the large 
    stairs are. On the floor of the entranceway is a phoenix, and at 
    the bottom of the stairs are phoenix heads. One of the phoenixes 
    is missing an eye.
    One of the staircases creaks when you walk up it. The other 
    doesn't. There's a cord on the wall by the creaking staircase. 
    If you pull it three times, the chandelier falls. That's kind of 
    dangerous, though, and the game ends if you do so. The good news 
    is that you can use Second Chance to restart from before the 
    chandelier fell.
    The most important thing to look at in the entranceway is the 
    temporary shelves with paint on them. If you look at the 
    container use for paint rolling, you find Charlie's paint 
    scraper. Cool! That'll help you scrape of the ceiling tiles on 
    the second floor!
    But before you do that, you should probably finish exploring the 
    first floor of the mansion. Next to the clock in the entranceway 
    is a door. Go through it to reach the side room.
    There's a lot to look at in the side room, such as a book on 
    underground San Francisco, a box full of old letters, and the 
    fire extinguisher inside the cabinet in the corner. The most 
    important thing here, however, is the phone.
    You can use the phone to call Hannah Gruen, or Nancy's friends 
    Bess and George. You can also call Emily Foxworth, the local 
    resident and expert on San Francisco.
    There's a drawer left of the phone (near the plant) with some 
    letters Rose wrote to a friend. You can read them if you want.
    You might have noticed that there are two exits to the side 
    room. The one with a single door leads back to the entranceway. 
    The double doors lead to the library.
    In the library, there are various things to look at. There's a 
    book that teaches you how to read music, a book about pianos, 
    and a book that tells you about Lizzie Applegate (an actress who 
    used to live in the mansion). You can also check out the game 
    table to see a puzzle piece labeled 4, with a picture of the 
    Chinese symbol for 4. Write that down on your list o' Chinese 
    There's also a fireplace with missing tiles. You can find one of 
    the missing tiles behind some books, on the bookshelf left of 
    the desk in the room.
    Depending on what time it is, Louis Chandler will be at the desk 
    in the library. If he's not there, you can wait until noon when 
    he shows up.
    Right. So that's an overview of where everybody and everything 
    in the game is. Now that you know all that stuff, you can start 
    zooming through the game.
    Head to the second floor, where you'll find a ladder. Climb it 
    and scrape away the ceiling tiles with the paint scraper (found 
    under one of the paint holders in the entranceway--when you 
    leave the side room, you're looking directly at it). Once you 
    scrape them all away, you find...a hidden attic. Cool!
    This is about all you can do in the game at this point. Talk to 
    Rose, Charlie and Louis (as well as Emily, Hannah, Bess/George) 
    as much as you want, then talk to Abby to get the plot moving 
    The game skips ahead in time to later that night, when Abby 
    holds a seance. It's a rather cool. Abby contacts Valdez, who is 
    looking for his missing wife. Where can she be?
    Once the seance is over, you should go downstairs to the 
    basement. See, now that Charlie isn't here, you can explore. 
    Check under the seance table to find the tape player (that's 
    right...Abby faked the whole thing).
    You can also check out the fireplace grate (which is stuck) and 
    the picture of El Diablo (I think).
    However, what you have to do in the basement is check the cash 
    register. Press the buttons until the drawer opens. Inside is 
    the key to the attic.
    You also have to steal a screwdriver from Charlie's toolbox. 
    This is useful for Nancy's room--go there and use the 
    screwdriver on one of her bedposts. You find a hidden key. Cool.
    Now head to the attic. You can get inside using the key from the 
    cash register in the basement. Inside the attic is a ton of 
    stuff to look at.
    There's one of the missing tiles, as well as a stack of 
    newspapers. There's a creepy baby head, and in the box next to 
    the baby head is an iron.
    There's a book full of cursive stuff that I can't read, and a 
    book called "The Mysterious Story Book". It's a fun story about 
    a girl named Carolyn (Keene?) with foreshadowing of what happens 
    at the end of this game.
    There's a crowbar in a toolbox here, and there's a locked desk. 
    Open it with the key you found in Nancy's bedpost (which you 
    opened with the screwdriver from Charlie's toolbox in the 
    basement). Inside are several things, such as a picture of 
    Lizzie Applegate, a letter from Valdez, a playbill from The 
    Bandit's Treasure, and the Chinese symbol for beginning (write 
    this down on your list of Chinese words).
    The most important thing here is a music score for "The Bandit's 
    Treasure". You might notice that the notes B E G A G are 
    highlighted. Guess what? You need to play them on the piano in 
    the basement.
    Head downstairs and--whoops! The trapdoor handle broke! Use the 
    crowbar to open the trapdoor, then go down to the basement.
    Play B E G A G on the piano (for those of you unfamiliar with 
    piano keys, that's key #6, #1, #4, #5, and #4, if you count only 
    white keys you can click and count from left to right). This 
    opens up the player piano and gives you a piano scrap.
    Go back up to the attic and use the scrap of paper on the piano 
    score. This lets you find a hidden message: "find Diego on 
    Head to the big staircase. At the top, you can look at the 
    bottom of the wood to see letters on the five posts. You can 
    spin the posts. When you click on a post, certain other posts 
    will move. If you count from left to right...
    Post 1 moves Posts 1 and 3.
    Post 2 moves Posts 1, 2, 3 and 5.
    Post 3 moves Post 3.
    Post 4 moves Posts 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    Post 5 moves Posts 1, 3 and 5.
    That's the senior mode version. I didn't check to see if it's 
    the same in junior mode (lazy!). In any case, you need to move 
    the posts to spell out the word "Diego". To do that, move the 
    posts in this order.
    Move post 4 to "G".
    Move post 2 to "I".
    Move post 5 to "O".
    Move post 1 to "D".
    Move post 3 to "E".
    Moving all the posts into position shows you the words "Diego" 
    "coins" "false" "floor". You also get a letter from E to Valdez, 
    about a hidden treasure. Along with the letter is a golden 
    Chinese symbol. Nice.
    Okay, so what you can do now is go downstairs and find the 
    dumbwaiter in the hallway. Tie the iron to the dumbwaiter, which 
    pulls the rope down. That means the dumbwaiter tray is now up.
    So go upstairs and check the dumbwaiter tray. You find a tile, 
    along with the Chinese symbol for eye. Write that down in your 
    Chinese symbol list!
    You should now have all three tiles. One was in the attic, one 
    was in the dumbwaiter, and the third was behind some books on 
    the bookshelf left of Louis' desk in the library.
    Go to the library now and place the tiles into the slots above 
    the fireplace. Once this is done, pull on the phoenix to find a 
    hidden passageway. Inside is a lantern. Pick it up.
    Look at the painting of the child, which has the Chinese symbol 
    for child. Write that down on your list of Chinese words.
    You can go up the mini-stairs here. Ooo, there's a peep hole 
    behind the picture! You can use that to spy on Louis! Yes!
    That's for later, though. Now, head back to the basement. Use 
    the crowbar on the grate under the fireplace, and use the 
    lantern to explore the area there. You end up behind the saloon. 
    It looks like Charlie is living here.
    You can take Charlie's floppy disk, and examine the Chinese food 
    box to find the Chinese symbol for "king". Of course, you should 
    write this on your list of Chinese symbols. Leave this area by 
    going up the stairs.
    You can read Charlie's floppy disk by going to Louis' computer. 
    You don't know his password, but you can get it by playing the 
    maze game.
    The object of the maze game is to get through the maze (duh). 
    Press M to see a map, so you can get through the maze quickly. 
    Once that's done, you can look up the files on the computer. 
    Only one works, which is the file with all of Louis' personal 
    Once you know Louis' info, you can put the floppy disk in the 
    computer (in the front part), then sign on as "Louis" with the 
    password "antiques". Charlie's term paper is on the floppy disk. 
    It doesn't tell you much, besides the fact that he's studying 
    everything that's going on in the background of the game.
    Okay, that's all you can do for the night. You need to move the 
    plot ahead a bit, now. Go to Nancy's room and set the alarm for 
    the next morning. When you leave the room, Nancy gets the 
    MESSAGE IN A HAUNTED MANSION. Looks like someone doesn't want 
    you meddling around here.
    Go to the side room where the phone is. Oh no! Fire! Don't zoom 
    in on the fire, though. Go to the cabinet in the corner of the 
    room, pull out the fire extinguisher, and use it on the fire.
    If you go back to the scene of the fire, you'll find it was 
    started by scraps of Rose's letters near the telephone. Uh oh. 
    That means the fire was deliberate.
    You can talk to everyone if you want, but now you have two 
    specific tasks to do. The first is explore Abby's room, when 
    she's not there (from three to six). Set Nancy's alarm for that 
    time, if it's not that time already.
    Abby has books on the zodiac, fortune telling and creating 
    illusions. If you move the picture on the wall, you see a two-
    way mirror. Woah! Has she been spying on everyone? Well, that 
    explains how she makes the ghost show up in the mirror (which is 
    an animation you may or may not see--this game has a lot of fake 
    haunting animations).
    If you take the spider from Abby's jewelry box and use it on her 
    closet, you'll find the complicated electronics system that Abby 
    has been using to fake the hauntings in this mansion. Faker.
    The only other thing you should do here is look in the drawer in 
    her desk. You'll find the Chinese symbol for "moon". Write that 
    down on your list of Chinese words.
    Leave Abby's room (replace the spider in her jewelry box if you 
    took the spider).
    Now onto the second task: spying on Louis. Set your alarm for 
    five o'clock, when he leaves. Then head to the library and go 
    into the secret passageway. Look out through the eyeholes in the 
    Nancy sees Louis hide a book in his briefcase. Go out and open 
    the briefcase. The combination was on the list of Louis' 
    personal info on his computer. It's 4653-4868.
    Inside Louis' briefcase are some letters (it looks like he's 
    selling a lot of gold), a newspaper scrap about a soap opera (a 
    reference to the second Nancy Drew game), and a book that 
    mentions the mansion. It has a quotation from the Chinese person 
    who worked here--the letter in the locked desk in the attic 
    mentioned this man. He says the house was called "gum bo fu".
    Nancy's new mission is to talk to everyone about "gum bo fu". 
    Rose, Abby, Charlie, and Bess and George don't know what it is. 
    Emily says she'll look it up.
    When you talk to Louis, tell him you read about it in a magazine 
    (if you say you read "gum bo fu" in a book, he accuses you of 
    breaking into his briefcase). He says it means "house of great 
    So once you've talked to everyone about "gum bo fu", talk to 
    Emily again. She says she'll send you a letter about "gum bo 
    Go to Rose. Rose says that everyone is leaving to go to the 
    Winter Festival (whatever that is), the tapestry in Nancy's room 
    was moved, and Nancy has a letter from Emily. Boy, Emily sure 
    sent that letter quickly.
    Go to Nancy's room. The letter is near Nancy's suitcase, and it 
    says that "gum bo fu" is Chinese for "gold treasure mansion". 
    Louis lied!
    Now it's time for the final few puzzles of the game. Look at the 
    area where the tapestry used to be, near the bed and the 
    dresser. You'll find a zodiac puzzle.
    This is an easy enough puzzle. Click on the zodiac animals in 
    this order:
    You find a safe with Chinese symbols. See, this is why you've 
    been copying down Chinese symbols all throughout the game. Each 
    symbol is a different word on the tapestry that's still in 
    Nancy's room, so you have to click them all in order.
    For those of you who didn't copy down Chinese symbols, I've got 
    you covered. The symbols are in the circle like this:
      4      10
    8           9
      2       3
        5 6 7
    So use THAT to make a list of proper Chinese symbols in order.
    Enter all the symbols in the right order. Click the arrow to 
    enter a symbol, and rotate the wheel either clockwise or 
    counterclockwise. At any time, reset the puzzle by clicking the 
    circle in the middle of the dial.
    Once you open the safe, you find various things, like a marriage 
    certificate between Lizzle Applegate and Diego Valdez (AKA the 
    bandit El Diablo).
    Use your gold Chinese piece on the pyramid thing. This gives you 
    a sun/moon puzzle, where you have to turn all the moons into 
    suns. Not too difficult.
    Click on all the spots labeled "O". This gives you a sliding 
    puzzle of a phoenix. You may want to look at the phoenix in the 
    book in the library or the floor of the stairwell area to 
    remember what this phoenix is supposed to look like.
    The key to every sliding puzzle is the order you put the 
    pieces in. When the puzzle is solved, the missing piece 
    goes in the upper/right corner. This means you have to solve the 
    lower/right corner first.
    Using my fancy diagram up there, do the following:
    Put piece 1 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 2 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 3 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Put piece 4 into place. Never move this piece again.
    Hmmm, was it really necessary for me to list out each 
    piece separately? Maybe not. Oh well, now you've got the 
    lower/left quadrant done. You don't need to touch any of 
    those pieces again.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again.
    We repeat the process.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #1.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #2, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again. Now the 
    entire left-hand side is done!
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. You 
    don't need to touch either of those pieces again. As you 
    might have guessed, you repeat the process.
    Find piece #1. Put it in spot #2.
    Find piece #2. Put it in spot #3.
    Now, you can move the empty square to spot #1, and from 
    there, slide pieces 1 and 2 into their correct spot. Now 
    just mix around the final three pieces until they're in 
    place. This solves the puzzle.
    Urgh, sliding puzzles are kind of a pain. This one particularly 
    so, due to the weird picture. In any case, once that's done, you 
    get a phoenix eye. Yay for you!
    Go downstairs and use the phoenix eye on the phoenix that's 
    missing an eye. If it's the afternoon, this reveals the location 
    of the hidden treasure. It's under the phoenix on the floor of 
    the entranceway!
    Use the crowbar to get to the treasure. The villain/culprit of 
    the game then knocks Nancy unconscious.
    Nancy wakes up in time to see the culprit stealing the gold. 
    Stop the culprit by going up the staircase to the right (not the 
    one on the left, because it squeaks). Then drop the chandelier 
    on the culprit's head.
    That stops the culprit and ends the game! Of course, it's a 
    happy ending for everyone! Except Nancy, who doesn't get to keep 
    the gold. Or the male characters, because we don't hear what 
    happens to them. But at least the mansion's conversion to a bed 
    and breakfast is successful!
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you 
    want to put this FAQ on your website, please ask me first 
    (instructions under general information).

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