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"Some good, some...ummm...not."

Sega Smash Pack contained six great games from the Genesis era. Sega Smash Pack 2, while not quite as good as it's predecessor, can give hours of fun to any person seeking nostalgia. And while the feeling of “nostalgia” in SSP2 may not be quite as similar to the nostalgia in other compilations, you will definitely feel at home with the simple game play from these not-so-popular Genesis games.

Comix Zone-4/10
Comix Zone tells the story of a comic book artist who is sucked into his own comic book. Yes a stupid idea, but the game play is quite entertaining…
For about an hour.
Then things go awry, if you die once in this game, you get a game over and have to restart, so I doubt few will ever play this game to the finish.
Then you will never want to see this game or its bad characters ever again.

Kid Chameleon-5/10
Now this is the hardest game on the list, no doubt.
The object of Kid Chameleon is to defeat a video game you’re integrated to.
So in other words, you are playing a video game in a video game… and probably losing most of the time.
I never even beat Kid Chameleon

I love this game. Anyone who has ever played the Bubble Bobble/Rainbow Island series will know and recognize the arcade-styled play.
In Flicky, you play as a small blue bird (the one from Sonic 3D Blast! Yes, you heard right, this is a Sonic spin-off) trying to rescue numerous smaller birds from a bunch of crazy cats and a lizard.
The game play in Flicky, takes ideas from those little kid toys where the screen spins and and you must fly a plane over obstacles (I always wanted one of those). Except in Flicky, you must revolve around a track picking up the birds and dropping them in a door.

Shining Force-4/10
I have always had a soft spot for strategy games, unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. Shining Force may have a story, but the battle mechanics are quite lacking and obsolete by today’s standards. Some people may protect the system and say it is just some kind of old-school cliché, I say it stinks.

Sonic 2-9/10
Sonic 2 is, without a doubt, the best game on the SSP2, unfortunately, everyone and their mothers have played this game to death (It was a pack in with the Genesis, after all). But for those two of you who have never played a Sonic game before, let me tell you:
This game is a blast.
The level design is fairly good, the bosses are great, the graphics are great, the game play is great, the sound effects, you guessed it, are great, and the music…the music is incredible.
This game has no weak link, I should complain and tell you the music is off a bit (on my PC settings, anyway) but you shouldn’t care.

Super Hang On-6/10
I have always liked motorcycles, they just seem neat, but Super Hang On is nothing more than an obvious port to a mediocre arcade game. The graphics are fairly good, but I can’t see any reason to spend more than an afternoon on this game.

The original Vectorman was pretty fun, but this…this is a very appalling sequel. Sure it is not bad, it’s just too dark for it’s own good. The makers attempted to make the game funny, but it turned out to be not funny and not fun. Now I know why no one has ever played the sequel.

(Please note an included version of the game Sega Swirl was also released with some versions of SSP2)
The verdict?
Buy it. While there are some losers on the team, you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/18/03, Updated 03/29/03

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