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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ArkadyRenko

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    - Written by ManiacMansionFan -
    - Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com -
    *********** IMPORTANT INFO ***********
    Please do not distribute or reproduce the guide anywhere without my
    explicit permission. The ONLY websites allowed to host it are:
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    Please contact me if you see it reproduced anywhere else.
    *********** HISTORY ***********
    “The Adventures of Captain Comic”, better known informally as just “Captain
    Comic”, is a video game created by Michael Denio. It was first released in 1988
    for the PC as a shareware title. Players could thus obtain it and play it
    freely, with the option to send money to the author if they enjoyed the game and
    wished to thank him. Registering the game (which involved a contribution ranging
    from $10 to $20) also gave one access to a hint sheet, and even Denio’s home
    phone number (!) to ask him Captain Comic related questions.
    While the game was not a commercial success for its author, it was still played
    by many, and is still remembered fondly to this day by several gamers. The
    latest update (version 5) was released in 1991.
    A sequel, “Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality” was published in 1990, also for
    the PC. Unlike the original, which was freely available as shareware, it was
    exclusively sold commercially (for $20), making it considerably more obscure
    despite several gameplay improvements and new features.
    A version of Captain Comic was also published on the NES. I have never played
    that version, but I understand it is different, so remember this document solely
    refers to the PC version.
    Michael Denio has not published any other games, and has since then retired from
    creating video games.
    *********** VERSIONS ***********
    You can legally download this game from the internet. Unless you are playing on
    an ancient system, you will need a Dos emulator like DosBox to make it work. The
    latest version, number 5, is the one you will most easily find. There is no
    reason to look for an older version, but here is the version history for the
    sake of completeness. Also keep in mind that this walkthrough was written for
    version 5, so there may be inaccuracies if you are playing one of the older
    Version 1 (May 1988): Original release.
    Version 2 (November 1988): Added the option to define and save keyboard keys;
    Added the possibility to reset the high score table; Several minor bug fixes.
    Version 3 (February 1989): Revised player control; Major bug fixes.
    Version 4 (October 1989): Added joystick feature for some PCs; Minor revisions.
    Version 5 (July 1991): Fixed the joystick feature to work with all PCs; Modified
    the scoring system so that the player doesn’t gain points for falling off the
    screen (which tended to make beginner scores unnaturally high); Different theme
    song; Minor revisions.
    *********** OBJECTIVE ***********
    Captain Comic must recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc (“Cosmo”
    backwards), which have been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi
    (“IBM AT” backwards).
    These three treasures are some rare GEMS, a sack of rare GOLD coins, and a
    jeweled CROWN. The game will end when the player has either recovered the three
    treasures, or run out of lives. You lose a life when your shield meter goes
    below zero, or when you fall down a hole.
    *********** ITEMS ***********
    SHIELD: A relatively common item, found in several places. It restores your
    shield meter in full. If your shield meter was already full, you will gain an
    extra life.
    BLASTOLA COLA: For every can you find, you can shoot one more fireball at the
    same time. You start the game with none, and thus cannot fire anything at first,
    but the first can is obtained immediately, allowing you to shoot one fireball at
    a time. There are five cans to find in the game.
    DOOR KEY: Allows you to open doors and thus access different locations.
    CORKSCREW: Allows you to shoot your fireballs in a wave pattern, rather than in
    a straight line. This allows you to hit enemies that stay low on the ground,
    which is impossible with your normal fire.
    BOOTS: Allows you to jump slightly higher. Certain areas can only be accessed by
    using your improved jump.
    TELEPORT WAND: Allows you to teleport to other parts of the screen. This notably
    allows you to bypass obstacles that would otherwise prevent you from progressing
    further. This powerful item can also help you get through jumping areas more
    LANTERN: Allows you to see in dark areas.
    GEMS, GOLD and CROWN: The three treasures you need to find to finish the game.
    *********** HINTS ***********
    Since there is no option to save your game or to receive a password, you will
    have to start from scratch if you lose all your lives. Therefore, a slow and
    careful approach is advised. Take your time to dispatch the enemies and avoid
    getting hurt as much as possible; rushing through the game and getting hit by
    enemies in order to go faster is generally ineffective in the long run.
    Once you have collected a few Blastola Cola cans and have sufficient fire power,
    try to keep pushing the fire button as often as possible, even when there are
    currently no visible enemies; enemies regularly appear at the corners of the
    screen, and doing so will kill some of them as soon as they appear.
    You gain an extra life by collecting a treasure, by collecting a shield while
    your current shield meter is full, and every time you score 50,000 points. When
    you are starting to run out of extra lives, your best option is usually to stand
    in an area that is not too dangerous and to kill enemies until you score enough
    points to grant you a new life. This may be pretty boring if you have a lot of
    points left to obtain, but surely this is still a better option than having to
    start everything all over.
    The game is not linear, so if you are just here to read the hints and not follow
    my walkthrough, it would be a good idea to take notes so you can remember how
    the different areas are connected and where the different items are hidden.
    *********** WALTHROUGH ***********
    The game is relatively short, but you will probably lose if you are not careful.
    As I explained in the hints section, advance slowly and try to get rid of all
    the onscreen enemies if there is a chance they could hit you. Rushing will most
    likely not work in the long run.
    Captain Comic appears next to a can of BLASTOLA COLA (1). Take it, and you can
    now shoot fireballs. You cannot enter the door since you do not yet have the
    Door Key item, but anyway you will only need to enter it near the end of the
    Go right, avoiding the birds and shooting them whenever possible. At this point,
    you can only shoot one fireball at once, so it is not yet time to be aggressive
    and stock up on points. Just shoot to kill the birds that are in your way and
    avoid the others. Use the ledges to go across a hole. Keep going right to the
    next screen.
    Once again, go right and use the ledges to go across another hole. There is a
    shield there for you to pick up. Be careful of the birds as before, and keep
    going right. At some point, you will have to jump on some branches to go
    further. Keep going right to the next screen.
    Keep going right, facing the same kind of obstacles as before. When you arrive
    near some ledges, climb up and jump across them to find the DOOR KEY. You will
    now be able to open doors and access different locations.
    Ignore the door located under the key, and continue right. You will soon arrive
    at yet another door. Open it.
    Go left and collect another can of BLASTOLA COLA (2). Go left and advance
    carefully, shooting all the bug-eyes that you see; these jumping enemies are
    more aggressive than the birds and will actively go after you, instead of simply
    going their own way. Keep going left to the next screen.
    Keep going left, getting rid of more bug-eyes as well as some fireballs that can
    bounce on the screen edges. Jump across some ledges, where you will find a
    shield at some point. Keep going left to the next screen.
    Immediately use the ledges to climb up to the top of the screen, then go left
    and stay on top, jumping from platform to platform. Make sure to shoot the
    enemies here before you attempt your jumps. Keep the jump button pushed when you
    have to jump over the slightly wider gaps, so that your jump will be long
    Keep going left, facing the same kind of obstacles as before. Grab the third can
    of BLASTOLA COLA (3) and enter the space shuttle.
    While you are in this area, you can jump higher than normal because of the
    moon’s different gravity.
    The fourth can of BLASTOLA COLA (4) will be there right at the start. You now
    have some pretty good fire power, and you should be using that fire button a lot
    in order to clear your path of enemies and stock up on points.
    Go right and destroy the space pollens, which behave similarly to the fireballs
    at the lake. Pay attention to the ground, as there are small holes here that are
    a bit harder to see than usual, due to the ground colour being similar to the
    background colour.
    At some point, you will face a huge hole, with a white galaxy in the background.
    In order to jump across, you must literally jump from edge to edge, and keep the
    jump button pushed until you land. If you start your jump before truly reaching
    the edge of the ground, chances are you will not make it. Keep going right to
    the next screen.
    Keep going right. There are some more small jumps to perform and some more space
    pollens here. At some point you will find a shield and you will see some brown
    platforms. Jump across them and be careful of the flying saucers; they can
    bounce on the borders of the screen and they tend to crash into you a lot if you
    don’t take care of them. Keep going right to the next screen.
    Keep going right, facing the same kind of obstacles as before. There will be a
    lot of flying saucers here, so be careful. After performing several jumps, you
    will find your first treasure, the GEMS.
    Enter the moon base you will reach very shortly afterwards.
    Here you will be attacked by bug-eyes, which you have already met, but also by
    glow globes (the blue balls rolling on the ground), which cannot be hit by your
    normal fireballs as they stay too low on the ground. If you see one and if you
    do not have enough room to jump above it, backtrack until you go over a hole and
    wait for the globe to fall into it so that the path will be cleared.
    Immediately jump up to the top platform, and go left (NB: if you are in need of
    a shield, you can find one by going right first for a little while; after
    picking it up, go back to the left). Go down a stairway and keep going left,
    jumping across several holes. It doesn’t matter here if you stay on ground level
    or if you use the ledges, though jumping across the ledges is probably easier,
    and gives you a chance to regain your footing in case you miss a jump.
    When you reach the edge of the screen, go through either the upper or the middle
    passage (we will access the lower passage later).
    Keep going left, killing bug-eyes and occasionally avoiding glow globes, in the
    same way as before. At some point, you will have to jump over holes that have
    tiny ledges above them. Do not try to jump on the ledges as you cannot jump that
    high: you will have to jump below them instead. Just jump across the holes from
    the ground, keeping in mind that the ledges will restrict your jump and make it
    a tiny bit trickier than usual.
    At the end, you will find the CORKSCREW, which makes you shoot in a wave pattern
    instead of a straight line. It notably allows you to kill enemies that always
    stay on the ground, such as glow globes.
    Now that you have the corkscrew, this part of the screen is a great place to
    gain points and stock up on extra lives if you need any. The enemies spawn
    regularly and you can kill them very easily by simply spamming the fire button.
    Unless you are feeling confident, I suggest you take some time to do this if you
    have lost lives so far.
    When you are ready to go on, you will need to backtrack (you cannot jump high
    enough to reach the two doors above). Go right and go back to the previous
    MOON BASE – SCREEN 1 (2nd visit)
    Immediately drop to ground level and reenter the screen you just left, but
    through the lower passage this time.
    MOON BASE – SCREEN 2 (2nd visit)
    Go left. You will meet a few enemies and have to jump over a few small holes,
    until you eventually reach a door. Open it.
    MOON BASE – SCREEN 1 (3rd visit)
    You will appear just below the door you used to enter the moon base. Go right,
    killing enemies and jumping over small holes, until you reach another door. Open
    Be careful of the damaged ground here: you will actually fall through the blocks
    that are the most damaged (the ones with a hole in the middle), so consider them
    as holes and not as something you can walk on. Go right and carefully jump from
    ledge to ledge. This is a bit tricky, so take your time to do it properly. Keep
    going right, jumping across more ledges and killing a few enemies.
    When you reach the end of the screen, drop down to the lower level and go left,
    where you will find the BOOTS. You can now jump a bit higher, allowing you
    access to new places. Keep going left and go through the door you see there.
    MOON BASE – SCREEN 2 (3rd visit)
    You will appear at the top door you couldn’t access earlier. Go through the door
    on the middle level (you can either fall down and direct your fall to the left,
    or just drop to ground level and jump up; you are now able to jump high enough
    to reach it).
    LAKE – SCREEN 3 (2nd visit)
    You reappear at the lake, left of the space shuttle. You couldn’t come here
    before as the path was blocked by a wall that was too high for you to jump over.
    Go left, and you will shortly reach a new door. Go through it.
    First of all, inspect the door you have just come from: doors are hard to spot
    in this cave, so look at this one to see what doors will look like during this
    part of the game. You will find new enemies here, blind toads and killer bees,
    and they are more dangerous than the ones you have faced so far. The toads are
    quite like the bug-eyes, but they jump farther and faster. The bees are also
    fast, and they systematically go after you in a predictable yet very efficient
    pattern. Part of what makes them difficult to handle is that once they are right
    above you, they will start going down in a straight line, and since you cannot
    shoot upwards you will have to move out of their way so you can jump and shoot
    them before they hit you or place themselves above you again. Kill them as soon
    as you see them or they won’t leave you alone.
    Go right and you will quickly see a spot above you with a door and a shield.
    Unless you are about to die, I advise you to not pick up the shield yet; it will
    probably be more useful later. There is no point going through the door either.
    Just carefully dispatch the enemies and continue going right.
    Shortly afterwards you will see a bunch of ledges on top of the screen. Jump on
    them and keep going right until you reach another door. Open it.
    Go left and be prepared to face several enemies. After going past a statue, you
    will arrive at a series of tricky jumps on narrow platforms. Be careful with
    your jumps, it is quite easy to die here. Rather than jumping on every one of
    the narrow platforms, you have enough room to skip one and land on the next one
    instead, allowing you to perform less jumps and thus have a smaller chance of
    After that you will find the TELEPORT WAND. Take some time to use it and figure
    out how it works. It will help you bypass some obstacles, but is also a useful
    item in general. Keep going left to the next screen.
    (NB: Should you die in this room after picking up the wand, you can save
    yourself some time and effort by leaving the screen through the door as soon as
    you respawn, then going left and entering the first door I initially told you
    not to enter; you will arrive in the same spot in screen 3).
    Drop down to ground level. There is a door there, but do not open it yet. On
    your left, you can see your second treasure, the GOLD. Use your wand to reach it
    and pick it up. Go back down and open the door.
    CAVE – SCREEN 1 (2nd visit)
    You enter through the first door I told you not to enter earlier. If you have
    not picked up the shield yet, it will be there waiting for you, and chances are
    you will need it after facing so many enemies. Backtrack to the left until you
    reach the door you used to enter this cave. Be careful with the first jump you
    have to make once you start backtracking: drop to the small platform below
    before jumping, or you may fall and needlessly lose a life here. Once you reach
    the door, go through it.
    LAKE – SCREEN 3 (3rd visit)
    You are currently at the far left of the lake area, and you now need to go to
    the far right, so prepare for a rather long trip. Go right, through this area
    you have visited before, until you reach the next screen.
    LAKE – SCREEN 2 (2nd visit)
    Keep going right until you reach the next screen. You have been here before so
    there will be no surprises.
    LAKE – SCREEN 1 (2nd visit)
    Again, keep going right. Ignore the first door you see (this is where you
    originally entered the lake area after the forest) and go right until you reach
    another shed with a door. Enter it.
    Here you will face birds, bees, and beach balls, which are aggressive
    jumping/rolling enemies.
    Go right. You will soon reach a series of coloured blocks hanging above a hole,
    which would require you to make some tricky jumps if you didn’t have the
    teleport wand. But you do, so use it: just teleport from one block to the next.
    Right after that, you will see several small holes, surrounded by ledges which
    once again would require some tricky jumping if you didn’t have the wand. Just
    use the wand to go across easily.
    Keep going right and you will face a wall. Once again, use the wand and you will
    bypass it. There will be a shield waiting for you there. Next, there will be a
    series of purple blocks, which you can go past by doing regular jumps. Just be
    careful of the enemies hovering around. Go right to the next screen.
    Keep going right, using a combination of jumps and wand teleportations when you
    reach a bunch of holes. After climbing up a big stairway that takes up most of
    the game screen, you will face two large holes you can bypass with the wand.
    Right after that, it becomes a bit trickier: you have to stay on top of the
    screen by jumping from pillar to pillar, but the wand won’t work here as it will
    teleport you to the ground, and you will not be able to go further unless you
    stay on top. You will thus need to make a series of successful small jumps,
    facing several enemies in the process. At least there is no hole below you so
    the worst that can happen is that you have to start the jumps over. Just be
    careful of the pesky enemies.
    After that, you will see a door above you as well as the fifth and last can of
    BLASTOLA COLA (5). Use your wand to teleport there and pick up the can. If you
    need to score points to obtain some extra lives, this is a good spot as you can
    shoot enemies through the wall here, without any risk of getting hurt. When you
    are ready, enter the door.
    Keep going right. There will be some more coloured blocks here. As before, go
    across them by using a combination of jumps and teleportations. It is not
    particularly difficult. At the end, you will see a door and a shield. Pick up
    the shield and enter the door.
    You will face some new enemies here, but they aren’t particularly dangerous. Go
    right and follow a twisted yet very straight-forward path.
    At some point you will reach a tricky area where you need to jump across a large
    hole, with walls restraining your movements; you can also see a shield there on
    the right side of the hole, on a platform at the top of the screen. Be careful!
    It’s easy to lose lives here. The best thing to do is to go to the top platform,
    then perform a long jump and let yourself fall down while going right, so that
    you land on the other side, ignoring the small platform in the middle (it may
    look as though you need to land there, but that is hard to do and unnecessary).
    When you look at the layout of this zone it may not seem like the safest course
    of action at first glance, but it is. Once you got there, you can easily get the
    shield by teleporting: stand on the left edge of the platform you have just
    landed on, and teleport to that small platform I advised you to avoid earlier.
    Now you can easily jump to the top platform and grab the shield. From there, use
    the wand to teleport yourself back to where you previously were.
    Keep going right to the next screen, jumping and teleporting yourself when the
    jumps seem difficult.
    Keep going right. This room resembles the previous one, and you will again need
    to use a combination of jumps and teleportations. As long as you remember that
    the wand is your friend when a jump looks too difficult, this area is easy.
    Keep going right. This is yet another easy area where you will want to use your
    wand a lot. At the end, you will find the LANTERN, which allows you to see in
    the dark. Once you picked it up, do a long jump and land on the platform to the
    right. Go right and you will soon see a door. Enter it.
    FOREST – SCREEN 3 (2nd visit)
    You are back in the forest, at the door located below where the Door Key was.
    You are now going to backtrack to the area where you began the game. Go left
    until you reach the next screen.
    FOREST – SCREEN 2 (2nd visit)
    Again, keep going left to the next screen.
    FOREST – SCREEN 1 (2nd visit)
    Go left until you reach the area where you first started playing. Enter the
    This area is in the dark, which is why you went through all that trouble to find
    the Lantern. If the Lantern is in your inventory, as it should be, the room will
    however be lit and you will not notice any difference. But without the Lantern,
    everything would be pitch black and you would not manage to survive.
    You can see the Crown right above you, but there is no way to teleport to it, so
    you’ll have to do it the hard way. This is the last and, as can be expected,
    most difficult area in the game. Here you will again face birds, bees, and beach
    Go left. You will see some ledges at the top of the screen, but for this first
    batch there is no point to go there, just jump and teleport your way past the
    holes while staying on the ground floor. After going past the first series of
    holes, however, you will need to climb up to the top in order to go through.
    After that, you will be in a straight-forward area with quite a lot of enemies.
    You will eventually reach a door. Enter it.
    You will need to reach the door you see above you, but again, you cannot
    teleport to it, so go right, killing enemies as they appear. You will face a new
    enemy in this room, the spinner, but it is not too difficult to kill: just jump
    and shoot it.
    When you have reached the right end of the room, you get to climb up to a ledge.
    Do so, and go all the way back to the left while staying at the top. Be careful
    not to fall down as that will mean having to do this all over again. Do not
    teleport either, or you will end up being taken back to the ground floor. Near
    the end, there will be some long jumps you need to perform, so make sure to jump
    from edge to edge, and keep the jump button pushed for as long as it takes.
    Once you make it to the door at the top, enter it.
    Go right, making a big jump to go over the first hole. This is a very straight-
    forward area with a lot of enemies. Hang tight and be careful, you have almost
    beaten the game at this point. At the end, you will reach a door. Enter it.
    CASTLE – SCREEN 1 (2nd visit)
    Pick up the CROWN. Congratulations, you have beaten Captain Comic!
    *********** SHORTCUT/GLITCH ***********
    I have heard a few times about a way to teleport yourself to the Lantern when
    entering the tube room from the door in the forest. If true, this would mean a
    long area of the game can be skipped entirely; it would also make you miss the
    fifth Blastola Cola can, but you have sufficient fire power with four of them
    anyway. So it would be very interesting. However, I have never managed to do
    this, nor have I ever seen it done. There is no way, as far as I can tell, to
    position yourself in a way that allows the wand to teleport you there: the hole
    is just too large.
    Since this does not seem feasible, and since it would also make you skip a long
    portion of the game, I have come to the conclusion that it was a glitch you
    could exploit in an earlier version of the game, which has since then been
    Written by ManiacMansionFan
    Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com
    Please do not distribute or reproduce this walkthrough anywhere without my
    explicit permission. The ONLY websites allowed to host this walkthrough are:
    * http://www.gamefaqs.com
    * http://www.neoseeker.com
    * http://www.supercheats.com
    Please contact me if you see it reproduced anywhere else.

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