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    Event List by seannachie

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    Cosmology of Kyoto event list  V1.1
    This document is an attempt to list all the events in this 
    game, plus miscellaneous notes.  The events listed are not 
    intended to be any special order, they're just listed in the 
    order I encountered them.  If any players reading this know 
    of any events not listed here, or run across any while they 
    are playing the game, please contact me & let me know how to 
    get to it.  studmeowAThotmailDOTcom (sorry , I forgot to put
    that in...I've lost the game anyway, because I had to refor-
    mat my drive. Also, the site where I downloaded from no longer 
    supports download managers. So it may be a while before I can
    play it again.)
    Creation of this document and/or use of game elements there-
    in is not intended to imply ownership of said elements (in-
    cluding programs & hardware), or intent to profit from them.  
    Cosmology of Kyoto is the intellectual property of its copy-
    right owners, which to the best of my knowledge, is SOFTEDGE, 
    Inc.  No attempt at financial gain has been or will be attemp-
    ted with this document.
    Read the scrolling intro, then choose your appearance.  
    After the four guardians present themselves, click on the 
    map.  The Heiankyo tab will bring you into the game.
    Get mirror
    Retrieve Tsuna's amulet from Tsukumogami (I think it's him)
    Get clothing from corpse, I think taking the money affects 
    your karma - Go left & there is a patch of grass here that 
    shakes when you click on it, but nothing comes out
    If you click on the door before talking with Tsuna, a demon-
    ic voice says, 'Go back' 
    Encounter with Wantanabe no Tsuna, trade amulet for sword
    Either go thru door OR follow cat thru crack in wall
    Receive info about Jizo statue
    Get money from corpse, may affect your karma
    The house on the right has an 'eerie music theme' when you 
    pass in front of it, but nothing else happens, & you can't 
    go in.  I think something does happen later on, though
    LATER ON - I came back here after using the cart & still 
    nothing happened.  Go figure
    Meet ghosts of P'ohai ambassadorial entourage
    Two long-winded old farts - don't bother
    Dog eating corpse - you may come here more than once 
     Click on the dog the & another dog will come & kill him & 
    start eating him
    Group of beggars; if you give money, the bearded one will 
    tell you to look for Nichizo
    Player is mistaken for High Steward Okimi, manuvered to 
    lady's house, girl's employer is killed by demon
    Outside, player is warned by elderly Jizo worshipper about 
    sleeping in abandoned buildings
    The Gitcho incident
    Kanzan Stone arrives
    Another group of beggars outside market door; one warns you 
    about Madame Moneylender
    Encounter with Nichizo, go on temple tour
    Tease the demon at the wrecked cart with the sutra scroll
    Investigate yin-yang altar for an encounter with Kamo no 
    View the three demons nearby crafting a person from a corpse, 
    they will confront you
    Tadayuki shows up and the demons will run off, he will give 
    a speech about the recent events 
    To the best of my knowledge, at this point you have complet-
    ed all the encounters for this stage of the game.  In order 
    to continue, go to the market.
    Weapons (Bow only)
    Madame Moneylender 
    Sushi & dried fish
    Seafood (carp, sardines, clams)
    Rice cakes, potatoes & vegetables
    Rice & salt
    'horned basin'?
    The Five Beggars (for some reason, you can't give them any 
    money, I don't know if this affects your karma)
    There is a frequent event of a guy coming out & puking up 
    his guts.  If he wasn't drinking, makes you wonder if you 
    can trust the food there, huh?
    There's also someone seen ducking into an alley, but I 
    couldn't follow him.  (Later, on closer inspection, it 
    looks like a demon)
    Kuya, sage of the marketplace, preaching to the choir
    The Cockfighting ring
    The turning point in this area is the Kawaranoin event.  
    Help the captive girl (use the sword, not the money) & 
    follow thru to where she is killed.
    If you go back in thru the Kawaranoin gate, you'll meet the 
    ghost of the house who will give you info about the mansion 
    & the grounds (if you answer Yes to his question).  If you 
    answer No, he'll kick you out.  You can't enter the house 
    again on your own.
    Avoid talking to thieves, there's a good chance they'll kill 
    you. They appear in groups of one to three.
    One of the thieves actually ran from me (is he really a 
    There are a few houses in this stage with guards, if you 
    approach they'll tell you to get lost, because you appear 
    to be a commoner
    Misc. crowd, with carts behind them, no info available
    The Yugao encounter
    Meet Yugao at Kawaranoin as she requests & a ghost will kill 
    Funeral procession: follow & you'll witness the following 
     a murder of crows pecking on a body (approach & they'll 
      fly away) 
     a corpse decomposing before your eyes
     the well of Chinkoji, which will give you a glimpse into 
    One of the events here involves a snake.  Not very remarkable 
     by itself, but click on the rock at the left side of the 
     screen, and a woman jumps out.  She says she collects snake 
     meat & sells it as fish meat.  Go Figure...
    The flying kimono: if you have a bow, shoot an arrow at it 
    & it will kill you; if not, the guys will say, 'Too bad', 
    & continue watching the kimono
    Ghost of the Demon Hall: this is an event with continual 
    rain, thunder & lightning.  Some players may become frustrat-
    ed & reset. There is a point where an exit cursor comes up, 
    but I don't know how to activate it.  Just click around & 
    it'll come up - once I right clicked & got it. But I think 
    it appears randomly, though
    Dr. Yasutane's defense of a horse
    The Gion Festival
    The Zennyo sighting
    The Devil challenges the player to a backgammon match: If 
    you lose, he kills you.  I've never been able to win (I'm 
    not very good at backgammon anyway), so I don't know what 
    the alternate scene is
    The Pandemonium event: If you only have the sword, prepare 
    to die.  I hope you got the sutra from Nichizo - it's a 
    better outcome.
    The Kettle Fairy
    The Water Fairy - look for the broken gate
    Demon of the Suzaku Villa - you'll see a man lying asleep 
    at one of the houses.  You can take his bow & bag (may 
    affect your karma).  He'll wake up screaming that a demon 
    stole the items.
    Nue the Chimera - appears like the Zennyo, in a cloud pass-
    ing overhead
    Another version of the Pandemonium event, with different demons
    Ghost of the Glowing House
    Encounter with Genshin
    The Demon Plank - on the 2nd encounter, he ran from me.  
    But the third time I wasn't quick enough with my sword, 
    & it killed me.
    2nd encounter with Wantanabe no Tsuna
    Tsuchigumo - the spider demon with the skeletons of 1990 
    victims inside him
    The Demonic Oil Jug
    Higashino Toin Oji - ghostly figures run across the street
    Sometimes you may encounter a single demon - show him the 
    sutra & he'll flee, of course
    The Buried Curse
    Abe no Seimei and the Puppet Demons
    The Ghost-in-Life from Omi
    God of Epidemics - a ghost which identifies himself as High 
    Counselor Tomo no Yoshio, says you'll meet him later
    Encounter with Miyoshi no Kiyotsura
    The Shinsen'en Garden - after this event, you find yourself 
    outside the gate.  You once again meet the elderly Jizo 
    worshipper who gives you her insight on the temple.
    I think that's it for this section.
    TSUCHIMIKADO - at the palace gates
    Somewhere in here you'll see a carriage with no driver.  
    Get in & you'll be dropped off near the point where the 
    Gitcho incident occured.  Get back in & you'll return to 
    where you started from. (Once the carriage is underway, 
    click right when the arrow shows up & you can open the 
    view panel.  You can watch the scenery, but there's not 
    much to see, & the trip will not end until you close the 
    panel & face front).
    To reach the Utage Pine Forest, return to the point where 
    you are facing north just inside the gate.  Go North 6x, 
    West 2x, North 2x.
    A Woman eaten near the palace
    Fox of Utage 
    The Blue Light at Oten Gate
    Oten Gate Conspiracy - High Counselor Tomo no Yoshio: Hmmm, 
    we meet again
    A Palace Official Eaten - when the demon confronts you, 
    flash the sutra, then take his victim's clothes.
    Go to the Kenrei Gate & thru the Shomei Gate 
    This is why you need to change clothes.  Approach the gate 
    beforehand, it will be blocked by guards 
    WARNING: Once you go thru the Kenrei Gate, you cannot 
    Enter the Shishinden
    Speak to Emperor Kammu
    Follow thru to the Thunderbolt event
    Follow the Pale Figure (Emperor Diago)
    Answer 'No' to both questions
    View the tortures in Hell
    Click on the hooded figure
    Nichizo comes & takes him away
    Nichizo recognizes you & converses with you
    Answer 'Yes' to both his questions
    Keep scrolling left or right until you see the light he 
    Enter & go left or right until you see Kuya performing a 
    funeral ritual over a body
    Listen to his speech & repeat his mantra
    Credits roll THE END
       It is possible to complete the game without the sword & 
    money, but there is one point when possession of the sutra 
    is essential. At the 'A Palace Official Eaten' event, you 
    need to change clothes.  It is possible to avoid the demon 
    in the event 'Woman eaten near the palace', just don't go 
    to that screen. If you get killed by either of these two 
    demons, you wind up back at the palace gates. But since 
    you need the clothes, you need to get rid of the demon. 
    If you haven't gotten the sutra by this point, you can 
    still go back & get it from Nichizo. I used the cart, 
    jumped out, moved up a couple of screens, & there he was 
    (I don't know if it'll work if you met him before & re-
    fused his offer).  In my opinion this is the only point 
    in the game where the sutra is needed - that is, if you 
    don't mind dying & being reincarnated when you encounter 
    the other demons.  I also think it's possible to make it 
    to the endgame section without dying (you need to die & 
    be reincarnated here in order to advance), but you defin-
    itely need the sutra (I haven't tested this theory tho).  
    Avoiding the thieves will also increase your chances.
      Another interesting scene occurs near the end of the 
    game.  Simply answer 'No' to either of Nichizo's questions 
    when you meet him in Hell.  He will make a statement about 
    leaving you to suffer the tortures.  This is your opportu-
    nity to view most, if not all, of the tortures in the game.  
    When you have seen them all, the hotspots will show up blank 
    when you click on them, just the same way it happens if & 
    when you've been here before. Now keep clicking right or 
    left, & the blue light that is your exit will appear.  Go 
    thru & chat with Kuya as usual - despite your choice, he 
    doesn't act any different (if he knew of it).

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