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    Shareware FAQ/Walkthrough by King Kool

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Teen Agent Shareware FAQ
    By King Kool
    Table of Contents
       1.  Legal Notice
          1:1 - Important FAQ Note
       2.  Version Information
       3.  Gameplay Overview
       4.  The Three Tests
          4:1 - The First Test
          4:2 - The Second Test
          4:3 - The Third Test
       5. Epilogue
       6. Special Thanks
                         CHAPTER 1: LEGAL NOTICE
    This FAQ was written by and is the property of Jeff Hibbert, also
    known as, and hereinafter called "King Kool." It is written solely
    for use at GameFAQs.com. With the exception of private and
    nondistributive use, it is not meant to be reprinted, copied, stolen,
    or published, either in part or as a whole, with the author credited
    or not, whether for profit or not, under any circumstance whatsoever.
    Not reading this notice is not an excuse, either.
    This FAQ is not up for sale, and the exclusivity is not up for
    debate. I do not accept email offers from websites offering to host
    my FAQs. I've observed many other websites, and none have compared
    favorably to GameFAQs. I am not interested in any other websites at
    this time, and bribes do not convince me of the reverse.
    Should the time come that I want my FAQ on a website other than
    GameFAQs.com, I'll be the one to offer it, should they want it. This
    means no other website will be getting my FAQs unless I want the
    site to host them. Therefore, writing me asking for them is useless,
    and wastes my time. If a website possesses the disrespect to disavow
    this plea, it will be immediately disqualified from EVER being
    allowed to host my FAQs.
    In less words: don't call me, I'll call you.
    All other correspondence IS more than welcome. Believe it or not, I'm
    a nice guy, but the actions of certain Internet denizens requires me
    to be Draconian at times. For reports of misuse, questions,
    corrections, comments, concerns, fanmail, hatemail, please contact
    King Kool at:
    1:1 - Important FAQ Note
    Why is this a Shareware FAQ? Well, I had every intention of writing
    a Full FAQ/Walkthrough for this game. I do enjoy enough of this game,
    as it has a very distinctive charm. However, I've proven to be too
    stupid to get through this game. Too many of the puzzles don't have
    any hints to what you should do, or even vague suggestions. This
    brings me into a daunting game of "try-everything-till-something-
    works," which I do not enjoy.
    I got the shareware about 5 or 6 years ago, and I somehow managed
    to get to the end with no assistance whatsoever. I typed this up
    before I got lost in the full version of Teen Agent, and I figured
    a partial FAQ/walkthrough is better than nothing.
                     CHAPTER 2: VERSION INFORMATION
    Version 1.00: Probably the first and last update. 3/18/03
    Version 1.01: Small update. 8/11/03
    Version 1.02: Email change, and a few small changes. 1/11/07
                     CHAPTER 3: GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW
    Teen Agent is a game very similar to Monkey Island in it's adventure-
    game qualities. You roam a few maps looking for more inventory to do
    funny things with. Unfortunately, this game is not quite as well made
    as Monkey Island. Most of the puzzles have no hint to their
    solutions, which makes getting lost easy for a dope like me.
    The game, like most adventure games, is mouse-driven. Bring the
    pointer over something, and if a name appears in the bottom of the
    screen, it's something you can look or do something with. Left-click
    on something to have Mark look at it. Right-click on something to
    have Mark manipulate it. This may include pushing, picking it up,
    turning it on, etc.
    To use the inventory, bring the mouse to the top of the screen. The
    inventory should appear above the rest of the screen. Again, left-
    click looks and right-click uses. Using something in the inventory
    gives the item an "&" after it. Click on something else, either in
    the inventory or on the screen, to try to use the item with
    something else.
    F1 brings up the menu. Save, Load, Quit... the whole nine. Yawn.
                      CHAPTER 4: THE THREE TESTS
    You arrive at the training center with little more than your recently
    -cemented dream of becoming a secret agent. You stand next to a guard
    tower, a path leading into the camp. You can attempt to walk down the
    path, but the guard in the tower halts you. You need to have the
    proper papers to go into the camp.
    Of course, the RGB chief has given you the pass, so all you need to
    do is present him with it. If you are not familiar with the inventory
    and are stuck at this point (as I was for a WHILE, before I knew how
    to access it), bring your mouse to the top of the screen, and the
    menu will appear. The only item in it should be the pass, so right-
    click on it and then click on the guard. He'll let you though and go
    back to his magazine. Seems he works just hard enough to not get
    court martialed... oh, well.
    Now that you have access to the whole camp, let's take a small trip
    around. On the screen you should be on after walking away from the
    guard tower, there are three doors. The door on the far left,
    beneath the neon "Cantine" sign, is the "Canteenagent," a small bar
    or sorts. The door in the center leads to the Captain's office. The
    third door is locked, but it looks like a jail door.
    If you walk on the left path, you'll come across a brick wall with
    some plants growing near it. Continuing clockwise, you'll run into
    a hand-over-hand rope training facility over a pool of mud. A bird
    occasionally lands on the right-hand post. Continue clockwise, and
    you'll find a camouflaged tent sitting near the barb-wire fence.
    The path then returns to the three doors.
    All you really can do at this point is go say hello to the captain.
    He's waiting for you.
    4:1 - The First Test
    The captain will hurriedly explain that there are three tests every
    potential agent must pass. The first test has you locked up in the
    jail and you must escape. The door slams shut, and Mark begins to
    have second-thoughts...
    The room is about as minimal as you can get. There's an out-of-order
    light bulb at the top of the room, and a bed that's all springs.
    There's one spring in the center of the bed that you can pull out of
    it, so grab it. You can grab the light bulb, too. Mark will hop on
    the bed and swing off it. It will quickly break under your weight and
    the live wire will fall to the floor. Hitting the light switch now
    eludes a small spark between the wires.
    Other than that, there's very little to do in there. Unless you like
    the atmosphere, you'd better ask that captain to let you out. Talk to
    the "crates," the window in the door. Your pleas fall on deaf ears as
    the captain ignores you, but when you finally plead, "I'm getting
    hungry!" the captain presents you with a noxious soup served in an
    aluminum bowl.
    Now that you've lost your appetite, let's see what we can do with
    that bowl. If aluminum works how I figure it does, it conducts
    electricity. So, manipulate the live wire on the ground, and Mark
    will know to hook the wires onto the bowl. Test it by hitting the
    switch again. Electricity crackles throughout the bowl. "I think
    it's time to call the captain..." chuckles Mark.
    Talk through the window again, and Mark will say he's finished the
    food. The captain will grab it and Mark will turn on the juice.
    The captain is fried, "welded to the bowl," as the game described it.
    Manipulate the "body" of the toasted captain and Mark will pilfer the
    jail key. Use the jail key in the jail door (duh) and you've passed
    the first test.
    4:2 - The Second Test
    The captain and you return to his office. He is now tied to a chair.
    The second trial is an interrogation: The captain is your prisoner
    and you have to get him to tell you a password that he knows. You're
    not limited to what you can do to him, so feel free to let your mind
    roam. Of course, the game only has one solution.
    You can't get him to talk with anything you're armed with right now,
    so don't even bother. Leave the office and head to the red brick
    wall. Off to the right of the red brick wall is a delicate plant,
    probably a thistle or something. The inventory description is "That
    tickles!" You know what to do...
    Return to the captain's office and use the thistle on him. He'll
    eventually laugh, but it doesn't work like in the movies. He's fine
    with getting tickled. However, his Swiss Army knife fell off his
    person while he was laughing, so go ahead and snag that. NO, you
    can't torture him with the knife, so don't even bother.
    Head to the camouflaged tent. In the upper-right corner of the screen
    is some barbed wire. This may not be too shocking, but the wire is
    right in front of a "mysterious object." You can't see it or reach
    it, but the Swiss army knife can cut the barbed wire to get at it.
    Unfortunately, whatever it is, it's buried in the ground pretty
    good, so you can't get it out with just your hands.
    Return to the brick wall. You can see there's a bit of ground in
    front of the brick wall that is called "solid ground." Mark figured
    he'll somehow need that ground. He's right as rain. Put the spring
    you lifted from the jail bed on the "solid ground." If you didn't
    get it, you can return to the jail and pull it out. Using the spring
    on the ground has Mark make a Herculean jump over the wall. He grabs
    what was behind the wall, a shovel.
    Head back to the tent and use the shovel to dig up the mysterious
    object. It turns out to be... a kaleidoscope? Geez, I haven't seen
    one of these things in ages. But what good is a kaleidoscope going
    to do you HERE?
    Return to the entrance with the guard tower. The guard is still
    reading away at that magazine. If you ask him about it, he'll tell
    you it's a Soldier's Weekly, a magazine something like Cosmopolitan
    for soldiers. The guard's not complex enough to grasp all of it; he
    just likes the pictures of babes, crosswords, jokes, etc.
    It may not be entirely evident, but the guard is a meathead. He
    probably just graduated to Soldier Weekly after an extended stay
    with Highlights. Present him with the kaleidoscope and he'll tell
    you how he used to have one, but the captain took it away. Since
    the captain's tied to the chair, he has nothing to fear right now.
    You trade the kaleidoscope for the magazine, and the guard is lost
    in the colors...
    Return to the captain, who, predictably, has not moved from his
    position. Present him with the Soldier's Weekly, and he'll BEG you
    to give it to him. Mark gently suggests for the captain to give up
    the password, and he does. Say "Coffee" to the bartender, and he'll
    give you something, and tell you about the third test. The captain
    roars for you to free him, but you mock him. "I'll think about it..."
    4:3 - The Third Test
    You are immediately taken to the Canteenagent. Mark presents the
    password, and the bartender presents him with a mug of coffee, not
    unlike the one he's sipping from. The bartender will explain that the
    final test is hide-and-seek. The captain has hidden somewhere on the
    base, and you need to find out where. He IS somewhere on the base,
    and you have access to everywhere except the door beyond the bar.
    Before you leave the Canteenagent, walk to the table on the right-
    hand side. There are some bread crumbs on the table. Go ahead and
    scoop them up. When you leave the Canteenagent, look in the trash
    bucket sitting between the door for the bar and the door to the
    captain's office. There's a length of rope in the garbage. Mark
    will pick it up.
    Head back to the now-hypnotized guard. He's completely lost in the
    colors, so have no fear. You can see the grenade on his belt. He
    won't be needing it, so you can relieve him of it. Mark is a bit
    nervous about putting that thing in his pocket, but he still does.
    In the captain's office, there is a locked locker and a locked drawer
    in the desk. It's unlikely that he's hiding in the closet, and less
    likely anything in there is going to come in handy, so let's focus
    on the drawer. It's locked, but you could theoretically "undo" the
    lock with a little heavy firepower.
    Of course, this requires a bit of strategy. Take the rope and grenade
    and combine them in your inventory. Mark will tie the rope to the
    pin. Now, put the rope and grenade onto the drawer. Mark will take
    cover and pull the pin. After a hilarious sequence, which I will let
    you see for yourself, the contents of the drawer are open. Reach in
    and grab the medicine. In the inventory, Mark says they look like
    sleeping pills.
    Head to the hand-over-hand training and mud pool. You can see the
    bird on the right-hand post. You got the bread crumbs, but just
    giving the bird the bread isn't going to help anything. The bird
    will be full; what good will THAT do? Instead, combine the medicine
    and bread crumbs in your inventory. "Let's make it spicy..." sez
    Now. try offering the bird the drugged food. Use the food with the
    post, and mark will climb up to it and drop the food on the top.
    The bird will eat it, wobble a bit, and pass out. He's not dead,
    but he's down for the count. Go ahead and pick him up.
    Use the post to try the hand-over-hand course. Mark will get about
    half-way and fall in the mud. While you're in the mud, use the empty
    mug you got from the bartender with the mud. Mark will fill the mug
    with mud. "Why did I fill the mug with mud?" He wonders. And, surely
    so do you, as did I.
    I'm sure you gathered by now that the captain is, more likely than
    not, behind that door the bartender won't let you go through. You
    need to distract him sufficiently to get by. Return to the
    Canteenagent. You have that bird, which will no doubt cause some
    panic indoors. The trick is finding just the right place to release
    him. Use the bird with the radio above the forbidden door. The
    bartender will walk to it, trying to shoo the bird away.
    But.. how did that help? Now, he's just closer to the door. Well,
    he's left his drink unattended. It's in the same kind of mug you
    got. So, while he's distracted, switch his tea with Folger's
    Crystals... I mean, mud. Let's see if he notices. Talk to the
    bartender, and Mark will urge the bartender back to his drink. The
    bartender takes one sip... and BAM. He's out.
    With no further guard, head through the formerly-forbidden door.
    It leads to a fairly ordinary stock room. There are barrels, file
    cabinets, etc. This may not be too noticeable, but the captain is
    clearly visible in this room. Look at the hole in the right-hand
    barrel on the top of the stack. The hole is "blinking" at you. Try
    to use it, and the captain will leap out from the barrel. You have
                           CHAPTER 5: EPILOGUE
    This is, or course, only a fraction of this game, which is why this
    is shareware. I would like to write a Full FAQ for this someday, if
    for no other reason that then GameFAQs will have a true
    FAQ/Walkthrough for this game, rather than bare-bones walkthroughs.
    Will it happen? Maybe. But not right now.
                         CHAPTER 6: SPECIAL THANKS
    CJayC - Administrator of GameFAQs. Hardest working man in showbiz.
    Alexander Davidson of LiquidNinja - He programmed Metapad,
    an awesome pure text editor of extraordinary utility that I used in
    the making of this FAQ. Visit him at liquidninja.com/metapad/
    Metropolis - For making this charming game.
    My other real-life friends - You know who you are.
    And of course, the society of GameFAQs, and the GameFAQs
    Message Board.
    This FAQ copyright Jeff "King Kool" Hibbert, 2003-2007.
    See Chapter 1 for details.
    Hakanai omoi zutto
    donna toki demo negau yo
    anata ni todoku you ni to...

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