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    FAQ/Walkthrough by charp

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ys II Eternal: Ancient Ys Vanished Final Chapter
    (c) 1988-2000 Nihon Falcom Corp. (http://www.falcom.co.jp/)
    For Windows 9x (limited support for 2k)
    Walkthrough Version 1.0
    by charp <charp@iname.com>
    Revision History:
    05/26/01 - Completed all necessary FAQ sections
    Okay first off, I'd like to let everyone know that this is my first ever
    FAQ/Walkthrough so kindy overlook any roughness in formatting and whatnot.
    Second of all, I have a very limited grasp of Japanese. I basically discern
    what to do from Katakana and Kanji. That being said I'm very open to
    comments/suggestions/improvements from FAQ and Ys veterans alike
    Oh, and I have to say it up front. I'm going to be using Falcom's romanizations
    in this game to avoid confusion (despite my really wanting to do otherwise. I
    mean come on, Clelia instead of Cleria?!)
    And also, no mailing me asking where to get the game or iso or whatnot. I own
    the original game and so should everyone playing it.
       -Mouse Control
       -Keyboard Control/Hotkeys
       -Battle system
       -Magic system
       -Title screen menu
       -In-game menu
       -Lance Village
       -Ruins of Moondoria
       -Sacred Toal
       -Cavern of Rasteenie
       -Ice ridge of Noltia
       -Moat of Burnedbless
       -Colony of Lava
       -Nest of Loo
       -Lamia Village
       -Shrine of Salmon
       -Subterranian canals
       -Hideout of runaway
       -Palace of Goddess
       -Nucleus of Ancient Ys
       -Silly/pointless things to do
       -Comparing Ys Eternal and Ys II Eternal
       -Character roster
       -Beast roster
       -Items and Equipment
    There are three ways to control Adol-kun in this game, via mouse, keyboard, and
    gamepad (if you have one). I find one is useful in some situations that others.
    Mouse Control:
    Personally, I use this all the time except during boss battles. Best used for
    getting to places and dashing (or slicing) through enemies quickly.
    Left button
       -controls which direction Adol is going, double-click makes you run      in
    that direction.
       -accelerates text speed, goes to next page
       -confirms selection
    Middle button
       -uses inventory item currently equipped
    Right button
       -uses magic that is currently equipped
       -cancels/exits from a submenu
    Dragging mouse pointer to bottom-center of screen
       -accesses popup in-game menu
    Keyboard Control/Hotkeys:
    I use this only during boss battles. Used when precise movements are needed.
    Great for when you need to aim Fireballs right at something in one instant and
    running away the next.
    *note- options will be explained more thoroughly in the Menu/Options section
    Arrow keys/Num Pad
       -controls which direction Adol is going, press twice and hold to run     in
    that direction. You won't lose momentum when changing direction      as long as
    you don't pause when shifting directional keys
       -selects items from a list of options
       -uses inventory item currently equipped
       -uses magic that is currently equipped
    Enter*/Space Bar/Num 0
       -accelerates text speed, goes to next page
       -confirms selection
       *By enter, I mean the main enter key, not the one on the num pad
    Shift + Arrow key (has to be turned on in options)
       -makes Adol run in that direction without double-pressing
       -toggles Load screen
       -toggles Save screen
    F4/E/Num *
       -toggles Equipment screen
    F5/I/Num +
       -toggles Inventory screen
       -toggles Status display
       -toggles Options
    Esc/Num .
       -toggles alternate in-game menu
       -cancels/exits from a submenu
    Q and W
       -cycles through accessories
    R and T
       -cycles through equipment
       -toggles "Fire" magic
       -toggles "Light" magic
       -toggles "Return" magic
       -toggles "Telepathy" magic
       -toggles "Time stop" magic
       -toggles "Shield" magic
    Alt + F4
       -exits game
    Alt + F8
       -toggles Framerate display
    Gamepad Controls
    I only have the keyboard and the mouse so I can't comment on this. but by
    default, the button controls are
    Button 1
       -uses magic that is currently equipped
       -accelerates text speed, goes to next page
       -confirms selection
    Button 2
       -uses inventory item currently equipped
       -cancels/exits from a submenu
    Button 3
       -toggles Status display
    Button 4
       -toggles alternate in-game menu
    Battle system
    Okay, if you've played Ys Eternal (or most any other Ys game for that matter)
    this shouldn't be much news to you.
    Basically you run your enemies through with a physical attack, but at a slight
    angle or a slightly different plane from a full on collision.
    *tip* - try to hit non-boss enemies from a diagonal direction (the mouse
    controls comes in extrememly handy here) and press your attack even if you hit
    a wall, chances are the enemy won't be able to recover to fire a counterattack
    even though it's in a position to do so by then
    Magic system
    In addition to physical attack, you have a magic arsenal, here's a short
    description of what the 6 magics you get in the game does:
    "Fire" magic
       -shoots a Fireball at your enemy, hold down magic attack button to      
    charge up. Gains homing ability with items. Effectiveness increases     as you
    go up in levels (although Falcom doesn't show you your MGC       attribute)
    "Light" magic
       -reveals hidden doorways in the Cavern of Rasteenie
       -reveals Sacred cup
       -reveals enemies in "stealth" mode
    "Return" magic
       -teleports you to towns/special locations you've been to
    "Telepathy" magic
       -transforms you into a 'Loo'
       -enables you to speak to monsters and other Loo
       -monsters will ignore/won't attack you
    "Time stop" magic
       -freezes monsters for a few seconds
    "Shield" magic
       -protects you from physical and magical attacks for the duration        
    that it is active
       -takes off about 1/3 of enemy life (only works on non-boss monsters)
    As I've expressed above, my Japanese is iffy so I can only figure out some, not
    all, of the options, so be warned. All are arranged the way they appear
    on-screen, from top to bottom or left to right
    Title screen menu
    Most are self explanatory (unless you can't understand English, in which case,
    how are you reading this FAQ?!)
    NEW GAME - start a new game. Choose from [Easy], [Normal], or [Hard]
               [Easy] Reduced enemy STR & DEF, change items in boss battles
               [Normal] Recommended for players with previous Ys experience
               [Hard] Increased enemy STR & DEF, for Ys (Eternal) veterans
    LOAD - takes you to the Load screen
    Sound options
       BGM - choose from [none] or [CD] (default) or [SC-88]/[SC-88 PRO]*
           *(only available after installing midi files from YS2E Omake CD)
       Sound effects - choose from on/off
    Exit game
    In-game menu
    There are 2 in-game menus, depending on how you access it. The one you access
    by dragging the pointer to the bottom of the screen I'll call the popup menu.
    The one accessed by pressing Esc I'll call the alternate menu. I'll discuss
    these 2 separately.
    |Popup menu|
    Heh, gotta love how much English text Falcom put into this game.
    Load - brings up the Load screen, the file with the blue diamond is the most
    recently opened or saved file
    Save - brings up the Save screen, the file with the red diamond is the most
    recently opened or saved file
         - when prompted when overwriting a file:
           OK -> overwrites
           Cancel -> does nothing, closes prompt box
           Rename file -> allows you to rename file, needs Japanese OS to          
                  run properly. Will not overwrite file
    Use - uses Inventory item currently equipped
    Equip - toggles the Equipment screen, where you equip swords, shields,         
    armor, magic and accessories. A short english description can           be
    found on the upper-left part of the screen when equipping            magics and
    Invent - toggles the Inventory screen, where you equip various                 
     inventory items
    Status - toggles Status display
    Options - various game options as follows:
    Display options
       Gamma correction
          -move the bar up to make game screen lighter and down to make it
           darker. Pick the option on the bottom to reset it to default.
       Experience display
          -you get to choose from [Experience accumulated] (default) and
           [Points left until next level]
       Console display
          -choose from [Framed] (default) or [Black]
       <something to do with character movement>
          -choose from [<something to do with enemy>] (default) or [normal]
           (I'd be able to properly translate if I knew what it does...)
       Game pacing (i think)
          -Choose from [Real-time] (default) or [Slow down game when
           framerate is under 20fps]
       Color Fade (something) - choose from off/on
       Framerate display toggle - choose from off/on
       Beast stats display toggle - choose from on/off (only effective
                                    after using the Bestiary Portion*)
          *Ugh, I know 2 spelling errors, but that's what's in the game so
           I'm sticking with it...
    Gameplay options
       Gamepad controls - alter default gamepad controls
       Ability to leave boss battles - choose from [Yes] (default) or [No]
          ->I recommend [No] since it's really annoying to be in the middle
            of battle and you accidentally exit while you're in a good run
       Menu bar popup - choose from [Popup] (default) or [Don't popup]
       Dash options - choose from [Double-press] (default), [Shift +
                      direction to run] or [Shift + direction to walk]
       Movement options - choose from [Free] (default) or [8 directions]
       "Fire" magic positioning - choose from [Free] (default) or [8
       Double-click rapid-fire - choose from on/off ->I recommend [Off]
       Joystick options - [none] (bec, no joystick was detected)
    Sound options
       (same as above)
    Other options
       Current time - choose between [Don't display] (default) or [Display]
       Blood/gore toggle - choose between [Present] (default) or [None]
          -get little key-chain size buddy swinging from the from the
           lower-right part of your console. The following are the options:
           Mascot toggle - choose from off/on
           Next - cycles forward through the characters
           Back - cycles backward through the characters
          -you get (from the default starting point forward):
           [space(s) for all the beasts you've completed stats of so far]*
           Safety charm (one of the Priests, Hadal, I think)**
           Fortuneteller Sarah
           Minea Nurse
           Poetess Reah
           Peasant girl Feena
           Dalk Fukt
           Shrine maiden Lilia (my personal favorite)
           Baby Gamo
           Picard (edible food... well, that is what's in parenthesis o_O)
              *activated only after getting and using the Bestiary Portion
              **activated only after speaking to one of the priest statues
                after all the Books of Ys have been surrendered to them
          -you can also move your mascot away from it's default position in
           the lower-right of the console by using your mouse to click and
           drag at the tack that it's suspended from
          -swing it around by drawing your mouse movement in a circle
    Adventure Diary
    Well, the gotta-catch-'em-all syndrome has to pop up in most any game somehow
    Anyway the sections here are self explanatory. You should be able to complete
    everything if you did what I did. But if you didn't, then you can compare it
    with the rosters I put in the appendix section
    Exit game
    |Alternate Menu|
    More Japanese here than the popup menu, but nothing that hasn't already
    been discussed. Please refer to above for explanations
    Adventure Diary
    Title screen (OK I lied, this hasn't been discussed, but do I need to?)
    Exit game
    Well I'm going to follow the headers for the Adventure diary. It makes sense
    To the sky
    The story starts off right where Ys Eternal ends. You've defeated Dalk Fukt and
    hold up the Ys Book Volume Fukt in your hands and all the Ys books begin to
    float around and then with a shimmer of light, you're blasted off toward the
    sky, toward Ancient Ys.
    At the same time, you'll get a glimpse of your new nemesis(s) and a little of
    what they're plotting.
    The girl with the kind eyes
    Adol wakes up in a field and finds that he's not alone. A girl named Lilia saw
    the streak of light that was Adol while he was flying and came to investigate.
    Adol is weak from the journey and thus the game starts right after Adol
    recovers from being bedridden (again ^.^)
    See a short sequence on the two Goddesses here as well (Feena is thinking about
    A chance meeting with Priests
    Items to acquire:
    Letter from Banoa, 300 Gold, Short sword, Wood shield, Apple(s), Mearl
    flower(s), Ancient slate, Roda tree nut
    Okay your adventure begins. Once you try to leave the bedroom, Banoa will want
    to talk to you. Oblige her. Find out about Banoa, Lenore and Lilia. Once you're
    done talking, Banoa will give you a letter to take to the village doctor,
    Lenore, who also happens to be Lilia's foster father.
    Go to the clinic, it's the building on the northeast of town. You can't miss
    it, it's got a sign with a bandaged heart on it. Once you enter, there'll be a
    short (funny) sequence. Then Adol will hand the letter over to Lenore, who
    reads in it in shock. Apparently, Lilia is stricken with a life-threatening
    disease. Lenore asks you to go find his brother Fleah (you'll be asked to
    choose yes or no). Agree to find him and he'll give you 300 gold to buy some
    equipment (wouldn't make sense to refuse anyway, you're the hero!). Go talk to
    the nurse and she'll tell you that Fleah is in the Cavern of Rasteenie.
    |SPTTD (Silly/pointless things to do):				      |
    |Try to go behind the counter in the clinic >:)			      |
    Go to the left door the next house over (Guido's weaponry) and buy a Short
    sword and a Wood shield, equip it.
    Then, go visit the Elder (he's the guy sitting on the porch at the
    northwesternmost house in town). He'll tell you about the Statues of the
    Priests in Sanctuary Toal
    Then go talk to Lilia, she'll be glad to see you up and running. And then
    she'll give you a shiny delicious apple. (Awww... someone seems to have a
    Then talk to the other people in town if you feel like it (The everpresent
    couple is here too.), if not, then exit town.
    Go to the northeast of the Field of Nearby Ruins, harvest some more apples, get
    a Mearl flower as well. Then exit on the northeast to arrive at the Field.
    Get another Mearl flower and head for the edge of the cliff to reveal a
    breathtaking view of Salmon Shrine. Lilia will come along and you guys will
    have a little chitchat.
    |SPTTD: Offer the Mearl flowers you have so far to Lilia, and watch   |
    |the reaction go from ..., to a heart, to 3 hearts (after each flower |
    |offered). Aww, isn't Adol sweet? ^_^				      |
    After the sequence, exit the Field and head towards the northwest exit of the
    Field of Nearby Ruins and head into the Ruins of Moondoria.
    Head north along the western path and you should be able to see the Ancient
    slate stuck on the wall. Go get it, but watch out for the Curksharn
    (pig-lizard) guarding it. Eat an apple when you get hurt. Or, you could just
    stand there. You'll gradually restore HP when you're on any town or open area
    except the Ice ridge of Noltia.
    Now strike back towards the entrance and this time head up through the central
    path, at the end, you'll find a Roda tree nut fallen to the ground. Pick it up.
    Remember these spots, Roda nuts are kinda important as they fully recover your
    MP so they have a significant role even late into the game.
    Now go talk to Astal, the guy guarding the entrance to Sanctuary Toal. He'll
    open the door for you since Lenore sent you. Enter and go into the door on the
    northwest of Sanctuary Toal and talk to the stone image of the Priest Hadal.
    The last of the Priests' powers
    Items to acquire:
    Cane of divinity, Chain mail, Wing
    Now go around Sanctuary Toal and try to level up to 6. Go talk to Hadal again
    if you need to refill your HP.
    Now go back up and *carefully* dispatch the 2 Godargo(the stone golems)
    guarding the treasure chest on the east side of Moondoria. Lv.6 will give you
    the minimum strength to scratch these guys, so get a few more levels if you
    think you need them. And go buy Chain mail if you get enough money.
    After successfully taking care of the Godargo, open the treasure chest and get
    the Cane of divinity. 2 more Godargo should appear so take care of them too.
    Don't hesitate to eat apples if you've taken a few hits from the first 2
    Godargo, apples are plentiful and free.
    Now take strike up northeast and talk to Legth. Then approach the Goddess
    statue, you will then be imbued with powers. Congratulations, you now have MP.
    Now before you journey deep into the Cavern of Rasteenie, you might want to
    consider buying a Wing from Jeid's groceries. Jeid's is the shop right next to
    Guido's. If you haven't figured out yet, here's the list of what Jeid sells
    from top to bottom:
    Mearl flower
    Elixir (only one of these available, can't get another one afterwards)
    Rescuing Fleah Ral
    Items to acquire:
    Now continue onwards through the northwestern door in Sancutary Toal. You've
    now reached the Cavern of Rasteenie. Just continue onward until you reach the
    room with 3 exits and 2 Lyplate (green things with 5 tentacles). Exit to the
    left first and deposit your Ys book to Tovah. Retrace your steps and head for
    the right exit this time.
    Continue onward and reach another room with 3 exits and wooden beams across the
    center. Take the lower right exit. You'll reach another room with 3 doors and 1
    Lyplate. Take the center door this time. You'll get to the room where the
    Mattock can be found, watch out for the Puloyd guarding it.
    Retrace your steps and get back to the room with the beams and take the left
    exit this time. You're now in a room with 3 doors and nothing else. Exit to the
    right to find a tight corridor with a Puloyd. Carefully dispatch the creature
    and go through the exit on the other end. You're now in a room that's seemingly
    a dead end. Go to the right and inspect the north wall, you'll hear some
    scratching noises and you call out to the person on the other side. You find
    out that it's Fleah Ral, the very same guy you're here to fetch.
    Augh, Fleah has caved himself in and he needs your help to get out, so use the
    Mattock on where the wall is caved in. Once the debris is clear, enter and go
    talk to Fleah.
    The mystic herb (quest intro)
    You hand Fleah Banoa's letter and his reaction is as grave as his brother's. He
    needs the a Roda tree nut and a Celceta flower in order to make Lilia's
    medicine. He'll see that you already have the Roda nut and says all that's left
    now is the Celceta flower, which he points, is deeper into the Cavern. Also,
    he'll tell you that the cave-in to the right is too heavy for the Mattock to
    break through (but if you're like me, you'll probably try to prove him wrong
    even if it means failing :P)
    You also get 100 EXP or so by talking to Fleah.
    Items to acquire:
    Clelia ring, "Fire" magic, Herb
    Now retrace your steps back to the empty room with 3 doors (again, watch out
    for the Puloyd), this time, exit left. You'll now be in a room with beams and 1
    Lyplate. Exit top left.
    Go to the north of the Sacred Area and grab the Clelia ring from the chest.
    Equip it. You're going to need this thing equipped most of the time if you're
    an attacker. It parries about 30% of enemy attacks (even projectile ones and
    boss attacks)
    Now go to the other end of the Sacred Area and deposit the Ys book to Dabby and
    get your HP refilled. Exit the Sacred area and head for the bottom right door
    in the room with the beams and 1 Lyplate.
    You'll come to another room with 3 non-parallel exits and nothing else. Exit to
    the lower-right. Dispatch the Puloyd you see and take the lower-left exit in
    the room with 4 doors. You'll come out in another narrow corridor with a Toply
    in your way. Dispatch it and go through the exit on the other end. You'll now
    be in a long corridor going south. On the other end is a mean Puloyd, take it
    out and your reward will be "Fire" magic, which is in the chest it was
    guarding. This will be good news for people who don't like to melee, but you
    probably won't need it much if you're a slash-and-hacker. Equip it and retrace
    your steps back to the empty room with 3 non-parallel exits. Exit left this
    You now come out in a room with 3 exits and a lake/pond on the west. Go and get
    the Herb on the pond's edge and take the center exit.
    Now you're in a room with a Puloyd and 3 exits, take the left exit first. Take
    out the Tolpy in the next room and enter the left exit in that room. You have
    reached another Sacred Area. To the left is Messa's Mausoleum, to the right is
    Gemma's. Deposit the 2 Ys books to both Priests and get your HP/MP refilled
    again. You'll be needing is since you're going to face your first boss soon.
    The terror underground
    Exit the Sacred Area and go back to the room with 3 exits and a Puloyd.
    Your destination is the right exit, but you may want to level up around here
    for a bit and grab a few more Herbs as they regenerate in the room through the
    center exit.
    Now just follow the course (there's only 1 other exit in each of the next
    rooms) till you reach the boss door. You should be at least Lv.12 by now. Make
    sure you have "Fire" magic equipped and Herbs as well. Save and enter the room.
    Boss: Velagunder
    Okay, like I mentioned above. I strongly recommend keyboard controls when it
    comes to boss battles. Belagunder is not too tough, he has only 1 move anyway.
    Okay, your objective to hit him with Fireballs while his arms are open. Try to
    stay in between the gaps between his main photon and his 3 sub-photons on each
    side. You should be able to get off a couple of hits before he closes his arms.
    Then get out of his immediate range, avoiding any photons if possible. This
    will be a good time to charge up "Fire" until you or he gets back into his
    range (note: this is the only way to get him to open his arms again). Fire some
    more shots and get away. Repeat process. Use your Herbs if you need to.
    Once you're done with the fella, you're free to proceed on to the next room.
    The mystic herb (quest continued)
    Items to acquire:
    Celceta flower, "Light" magic
    Okay, you're now in a big cave. It's maze-like but it's not too bad considering
    it's all in one room. You should be able to see the Celceta flowers on the
    other side of the wall to the east. That's where you wanna go.
    Now carefully make your way down the western path and take out the Cully
    (purple, toothed thing), you should encounter a second one by the entrance to
    the center path. Go up and take a left at the fork and then all the way up. You
    should now reach the room with the Celceta flowers and one Cully guarding it.
    Take it out with Fireballs. You can of course take it out physically but be
    careful, chances are that you'll get a brief pause when Adol makes an
    observation, thus putting a hiccup while you press your attack. Get a Celceta
    flower and make your way back south. Also, try to remember how you got here.
    Celceta flowers restore all HP and MP so chances are you're going to come back
    here more than once for more. It's long and out of the way, but well worth the
    Anyway, make your way back to where the 2nd Cully you encountered was. Strike
    east and follow as the corridor twists. Make your way towards the far northeast
    (shouldn't be too many forks that you can't figure out) to reach the chest with
    "Light" magic. Watch out for the Olharos (headless knights) coz they are pretty
    fast and plenty strong. It takes pretty long to dispatch one if you only have
    the Short sword, so go back to town to get a Long sword if you're having
    Once you get "Light" magic, equip it. It will help you see a little better as
    you fight your way back through the Olharos. Once you reach the point where the
    Olharos end and the Cnocks (lizard men) begin, you should be able to see some
    rippling light effects slightly to the east, on the south face of the cave
    wall. Go through it, it's a hidden exit.
    Now once through, go to the southeast and take out the Cnocks guarding the
    chest and open it to find the Evil bell. Work your way back out and to the
    point where the 2nd Cully is. You should see some rippling here too. Enter and
    take out the Cully you see with Fireballs. Like the situation before, you can
    take it out physically, but there may be a slight pause as Adol makes an
    Once the Cully is dealt with. Get the Iron ore from the mine cart and work your
    way back out to the surface (you may use the Wing to get back to Lance if you
    bought one before).
    Adol and Lilia
    Items to acquire:
    Bestiary Portion, Portion for Lilia, Upgraded equipment
    On the way back to Lance, you may want to get the Bestiary Portion. You see
    that chest near the entrance to Moondoria? Well there's a crack on to the south
    face of the wall surrounding it. Use the mattock on it. Once you get the
    Bestiary Portion, you may use it to be able to see stats of enemies. (For more
    information, check the Bestiary Portion section later into the FAQ)
    Get back to Lance and go talk to Fleah. He's inside the clinic with the nurse.
    He'll make Portion for Lilia if you have both the Roda tree nuts and the
    Celceta flower in your possession.
    |SPTTD: Go talk to Lilia and offer her something (apple, flower, etc).|
    |Watch the hearts and see her blush to find that Adol is so concerned |
    Go to Banoa in Lilia's house and talk to her. You will give her the Portion for
    Lilia. Take a rest if you need to restore your HP/MP. Then exit the room.
    Outside, you'll find Lilia. She's overheard everything. She didn't realize that
    her disease was life-threatening and therefore extremely grateful that Adol
    went through the perils of Rasteenie for her (Aww..)
    A semi-long sequence then ensues (haha, look a Lilia go ^_^). Afterwards, Banoa
    will give you "Return" magic in gratitude. It was an item handed down from her
    husband's line of Hadals. (And since Adol's a potential mate for Lilia... What
    better hint is there than a family heirloom, to nudge a guy to the right
    direction? ^^)
    You also get 200 EXP after Lilia drinks the medicine.
    Now you're free to do several things. Buy upgraded equipment, and/or a wing,
    get more Roda tree nuts and get more Celceta flowers. But first, head for
    Guido's weaponry, sell him the Iron ore for a cool 3000 Gold. That should be
    the trigger to set Roodle to work on making some new armors. You can then
    choose to buy a Long sword and a Small shield (which you can easily afford with
    the gold from selling the Iron ore) or the Talwarl or the Large shield only
    (you probably can only afford 1 of the 2). Well it's up to you to decide.
    Next, and this is an optional quest but well worth the trip, go back to
    Moondoria and pick up another Roda tree nut to replace the one used for Lilia's
    medicine. And go back into Rasteenie to pick up another Celceta flower. Also
    since it's on the way, go back to the mine cart and get another Iron ore, (this
    is the last one you'll be able to get here, but the fact that you can get a
    second one even without the sprite of the Iron ore there makes me think that
    this is a bug in itself) so that you can sell it for another cool 3k.
    Head back into town and go behind the counter in Guido's weaponry and talk to
    Roodle, who should now be working on making new armors.
    The last Sacred Area
    Items to acquire:
    Scroll of guidance
    Now head for Zirah's house, it's the westernmost house in town. He'll tell you
    that he's been experiencing some strangeness in his basement. He'll ask you if
    you want to investigate. Say yes and he'll open up the locked door leading to
    the basement.
    Once down there, ring the Evil bell. The exposed part of the brick wall will
    collapse, and along with it a slew of fairly powerful monsters. So be sure to
    have saved first (even a veteran like me die once in a while trying to level
    up/earn money in this place).
    If you're a magician, stay in the basement and draw the enemies to you.
    Dispatch them one-by-one. You should have enough money to get the Large shield
    so it's recommended you have that. And have the Cleria ring equipped, every
    little bit of protection helps. And charge up when you know it's the last
    Fireball you can throw before you have to recharge.
    If you're a fighter, try to keep all of the enemies on one side of you, and not
    letting them surround you. It's best that you have the Talwarl now, coz as most
    fighters' policy should be, the best defense is a good offense. The Cleria ring
    is also your best ally right now.
    The game will regenerate a slew of these guys but they're finite, so make the
    best of it. This is a great place to quicky level up and get money. As always,
    don't hesitate to use healing items, they can all be found free (or cheap) in
    several places (save the Celceta flower)
    But if you don't feel like clearing them all right now, just dash through them
    and exit on the other end. You'll come out in a Sacred Area. It's the room
    beside where you found Fleah that you couldn't go through before because the
    rubble was too heavy for the mattock to cut.
    Go and deposit the last Ys book to Fukt. He'll give you the Scroll of guidance.
    Obviously, as with all the other priests, this is also a good place to recover
    from wounds inflicted from the Zirah basement battles.
    Also you get 400 extra EXP after clearing out Zirah's basement. Just go to the
    area in front of Fukt's door.
    Scroll of guidance - Ruins
    Items to acquire:
    Upgraded equipment
    Now that you've gotten some hard earned money with your experience, go back to
    Guido's and buy yourself some shiny new armor. Breast plate and Plate mail
    should now be available. You should be able to afford Plate mail if you didn't
    by a Large shield or a Talwarl. In any case, get yourself at least 1 piece of
    Lv.3 equipment and head for the Goddess statue in Moondoria.
    With the Scroll of guidance in your possession, you should now be able to
    communicate with the Goddesses. They will tell you to head for the Shrine of
    Salmon (obviously ^^), but first you have to go through a land of ice and fire
    and warn you of thier perils. Well, you're the hero, so obviously you shrug it
    off with your macho-ness (naw, Adol doesn't really do that, but hey, I have to
    improvise to fill in what I *don't* know about the story ^_^)
    Aim for Salmon Shrine
    Items to acquire:
    Bulb of blizzard, Cape of Holy Spilit, Hawk idol
    Now head for Sanctuary Toal. The door that's closed before should now be open.
    Go through it and traverse the looooong corridor and exit at the other end.
    You should see a sequence involving Duless scolding an underling and then later
    a short conversation between Duless and Dahm.
    Now, you've reached the Ice ridge of Noltia. I won't have to give any specific
    directions I hope, but work your way north then east then south, you should be
    able to get to the southwest corner of that map that way. If you see a floating
    crystal, you've gotten to the right place. Grab it, it's the Bulb of blizzard.
    Now work your way back to the starting point (where you came out of from
    Sanctuary Toal) and go northwards this time. Get to the northernmost part of
    that map and turn west to reach a cave.
    Once you enter the cave, have the Bulb of blizzard equipped and head towards
    the chasm towards the southwest. You should be able to see a light, place
    yourself right thereabouts, but MAKE SURE YOU'RE FACING NORTHWEST. Use the
    Bulb, an icy bridge should form to span the chasm.
    Exit, you should see a Gelkald (blue goblin) shortly after. Kill it and enter
    the wall to the west were you see slight footprints. Go in and grab the Cape of
    Holy Spilit. This will allow you to gradually restore HP anywhere, not just in
    open areas or towns (when it's equipped of course). I didn't find this thing
    the first time through the game actually, got through it fine though. Proves
    you don't really need it.
    Anyway, proceed onward towards the west where you'll enter another cave. It's
    right near where a handful of Egnyd(dragon men) are gathered. Enter and exit
    the cave on the other side. Where you come out to I will designate as Noltia
    area 3. Any area divided by a cave I will designate as an area. The place where
    you got the Bulb is area 1. And where you found the Cape is area 2. Makes it
    easier for me to point out where to return to.
    Okay, back to the walkthrough. When you come out of the cave take note of the
    slippery slope to the west, then strike south across the stairs, then east. Go
    to where you see a treasure chest, open it to get the Hawk idol. It adds homing
    to "Fire" magic so it'll be useful for the magicians out there, but fighters,
    stick with the Clelia ring.
    Continue south until you reach a cave. Enter it to find a massive ice barricade
    blocking your way. Take your time pulverizing them with Fireballs. And no,
    there's no incentive for destroying every block of ice, so just destroy what
    you need to get through. Exit through the other side.
    New powers
    Items to acquire:
    "Telepathy" magic, Stone shoes
    You're now in Noltia area 4. Right after exiting, go to the east to find the
    chest containing "Telepathy" magic. Use it if you don't feel like fighting for
    a while. Otherwise, just carry on.
    Go through the Svoff (goat-like creatures) and get to the cave up north. Use
    and/or pick up a Mearl flower if you need it. It's on the way. Also, magicians
    beware. Svoff are one of the few creatures that don't get thrown back or slowed
    down by Fireballs, so keep something between yourselves if possible.
    Now enter the cave. Pick up the herb growing inside of it if you need it, then
    exit on the other side.
    Deal with the Gworder (purple orc) and pick up the Stone shoes from chest. You
    now have to ability to walk up slippery slopes (if you equip it, of course)
    Scroll of Guidance - Ice ridge
    Work your way back out to area 4. See that slippery slope that leads to a boss
    door? Take a note of it, we'll return to that much later.
    Now work your way all the way back to the area 3 entrance, where I told you to
    note the slippery slope before. Climb it and talk to the Goddesses. They'll
    tell you about the illusion that guards the doorway leading to the Noltia boss.
    Duel over frozen ground
    Items to acquire:
    Mirror of Anti-Illusion, Upgraded equipment
    Okay, work your way all the way back to area 1 near where you found the Bulb of
    blizzard. You should be able to find a slippery slope there. Climb it and take
    care of the Egnyd. Open the chest you find and get the Mirror of Anti-Illusion.
    But before you head to the boss go back to Lance (warp or otherwise) and talk
    to Banoa. She'll tell you that Lilia's disappeared for some reason. As you
    puzzle over this, head for Guido's and get yourself another piece of Lv.3
    equipment, which you should have enough money to buy.
    Rest up and head all the way back to the boss door in Noltia area 4. Step up to
    it until it does the ripply thing. Use the Mirror of Anti-Illusion, and it will
    reveal that the real boss door is actually on the other side.
    By now, you should be at least Lv.22 and have 2 Lv.3 equipment. Stock up on
    your healing items if necessary. Equip the "Fire" magic, save and head on in.
    Boss: Tyalmath
    Again, use keyboard controls if possible. Your objective is to throw Fireballs
    at him while he's on the ground. When he jumps, move away from the spot you
    were just at, his crushing you takes off a whole lot of HP. You should be able
    to fire a few shots at him right after he just lands, but move aside a little
    bit once he creates that ice wave, again, those are headed towards the spot
    you've just been. His attack pattern shouldn't be that hard to recognize. And
    things might be easier with the Hawk idol equipped, but personally I choose the
    Clelia ring. I'm not that bad a shot and I usually have less than the best
    armor so any protection is good.
    It shouldn't be too long before he's defeated. Head on to the next room
    Scroll of guidance - Lava
    When you reach the next room, you'll see another Herb plant growing. Grab it if
    you need it. Then proceed on to the next area (the exit is sorta hidden, it's
    in the northwest, you'll see some slight glowing)
    In the next room you'll see a Goddess statue, but before you get to in, Adol
    will pause to make a slight observation. He states that he feels a presence,
    but it disappears a moment later. We'll get to that later, first approach the
    Goddess statue and speak to it.
    The Goddesses will commend you on reaching the Moat of Burnedbless, but at the
    same time warn you that there is a part of Burnedbless that has a barrier on
    it. (more on this later)
    Colony of Lava
    Items to acquire:
    Iron ore, Upgraded equipment
    After talking to the Goddesses, head for the exit to the northwest.
    Your battles in the Moat of Burnedbless start here. Watch out for the 
    Preliguards (Lizardmen with swords) in "Stealth", I suggest you turn on "Light"
    magic here if you can. There are 3 exits in this room. Go up to the
    northernmost exit first. In that room, you shouldn't find any enemies, but
    you'll find the Iron ore to the northwest in a niche. Now go back the the
    previous room and take the middle exit. Follow the path, it's linear
    Watch out for Dilga(Shelled beasts). They're pretty slow, but if you're
    planning to take them on, watch out for thier ultra-high defense. They would
    take more than 10 strokes to down in Lv.26 with Talwarl equipped.
    At the very end of your journey, you reach the Colony of Lava. Stop and take a
    breather if you're hurt. Also, optionally, with the Iron ore, you should easily
    be able to afford the 3rd piece of Lv.3 equipment, so you may want to warp back
    to Lance for it. You'll also notice the Colony of Lava has been added to the
    places you can warp to (where it was only Lance before)
    Beast form required
    Items to acquire:
    Earrings of whisper
    Go talk to everyone in town, the guy next to the north drawbridge, Ruvah, last.
    Once done, transform into a Loo and go talk to Ruvah.
    Return to your human form and talk to Ruvah again. You'll find out why no one's
    willing to talk to you and they keep exclaiming that you have red hair!
    It seems that Duless has been doing his dirty work and spreading lies about
    you. He's also instucted Ruvah not to lower the north drawbridge. And to seal
    the deal for everyone not to talk or help Adol, Duless has captured and
    imprisoned Talf, Ruvah's son beyond the poison barrier.
    Ruvah then asks you to rescue his son (you agree of course), and gives you the
    Earrings of whisper to prove to Talf that Ruvah sent you.
    The Holy Beasts
    Items to acquire:
    Roda tree leaf
    Now return to the Goddess statue near the entrance to Burnedbless. Remember
    that spot where Adol made an observation? Well, ring the Evil bell there. A Loo
    should come out and be drawn to that sound, but return to hiding after not
    being able to figure out it's significance.
    Go to that place where the Loo came out and you'll be in the Nest of Loo.
    Transform if you want to talk to the Loo or you won't be able to understand
    thier speech.
    Get the Roda tree leaf from the tree in the center. Pick up a Roda tree nut on
    the ground if you need it. Speak to the Loo right next to the Tree (TuLoo) to
    replenish your HP/MP
    Young Talf's discovery
    Items to acquire:
    Black pearl
    Okay, now go back to that room where you found the Iron ore. Go on through the
    southwest exit. Be very careful of the Dilga in the next room. Don't press on
    with your attack if the 2nd one is starting to close in on you. Be even more
    careful of the Tops (amphibious creatures) in the next room. They're pretty
    fast and there are plenty of them to gang up on you. I recommend that you
    should have the Talwarl, Large shield and Plate mail by now, coz this only gets
    Equip the Roda tree leaf and exit to the northwest. Go across the land bridge
    through the poison gas (this was the barrier the Goddesses were talking about
    earlier). If you didn't have the Roda leaf you would've died crossing this room
    very quickly.
    okay, now that you're out on the other side, take the southwest exit (the one
    across where you just came out of) of that room. Be careful of the Magnuto
    (Fire golems), they're the first non-boss enemy you'll encounter that fires
    projectiles and have barriers against "Fire" magic (makes sense, since how can
    fire be hurt by fire?). Head up top to the dreaming statue and grab the Black
    pearl (say yes when you're prompted). More Magnuto will pop up so try to get
    past them. (This is a great, but difficult, place to level up, do it at your
    own risk. I died here a few times getting myself pincered between Magnuto).
    There's also an herb plant growing behind a stalactite (or is it a stalagmite?)
    to the northwest of this room.
    Now head back out the the previous room and exit to the northeast. Strike past
    the Magnuto in this room and exit to the northeast
    You're now in a big empty cavern. Wear the Earrings of whisper and inspect the
    crack on the north wall. Adol hears Talf, so he calls out to him. Talf says
    he's seen an important object on the way here and asks if you have the Black
    pearl. There is a beast named Keith with him, who decides to help Talf out
    after hearing that Adol has the Black pearl. He tells Adol to stand back from
    the wall and smashes through it. But just before Adol could approach and thank
    him, Keith exits through the back, where you only see the vanishing traces of a
    lizard-like creature. Talf then asks to take the Black pearl from Adol. You
    give it to him. (I could be *very* wrong in this part coz I didn't understand
    the text very well)
    He asks you if you're going to take him to his father now. When you say yes,
    the rascal Talf (that's what his occupation slot says ^^) joins you as you take
    him back to his father. Your objective is to keep him from harm's way so clear
    enemies before Talf gets there, but also not leaving him too far behind that
    enemies that regenerate from the rear will get at him. But it's not too bad
    though, Talf's not as big an enemy magnet as Feena was in Ys Eternal.
    Okay now, first try to read the writing on the wall. It's something Keith wrote
    (he must have strong claws to carve into rock...) but I can't quite decipher
    it. It says something about being trapped and going to Salmon Shrine... I
    Anyway, move along through the smashed bars and through the exit on the right.
    This scene should be familiar to you because you've been through here before,
    sans the new hole that Kieth made through this area. (You can't go through the
    other way coz of the Magnuto and the poison gas)
    Okay, move towards the northeast killing the creatures to protect Talf, follow
    on through until you reach the Colony of Lava.
    Family reunion
    When you get to the Colony of Lava, Ruvah will be overjoyed to see his boy, and
    Talf likewise with his father. After this little reunion head up to the
    northern drawbridge and talk to Ruvah. He will lower the it to let you through.
    He also states that he's letting you keep the Earrings of whisper, thinking
    that it might help you again in the future. Talk to Talf and he'll tell you
    that the Beast (Keith) said something about heading for Lamia Village, which
    happens to be beyond that drawbridge a ways.
    You also recieve 900 EXP for rescuing Talf.
    The fruit of your adventures in Lava land
    Items to acquire:
    2000 Gold
    Exit to the right after crossing the drawbridge. Head south through the
    Zelvenorce (minotaurs) to get the the chest with 2000 Gold. Kill more as you
    follow the path against the cave wall and meet a Jyn (fire spirit) near the
    end. Both of these shouldn't be a problem after having dealt with the more
    difficult Magnuto.
    The path is linear afterwards, just follow it until you reach the very end...
    Yeap, the fruit of your adventures in Lava land is a boss -_-
    By now you should definitely have all of the Lv.3 equipment. Get yourself up to
    at least Lv.29. Equip "Fire" magic and head on in.
    Boss: Gelaldy
    Well, keyboard is a little more optional this time, coz it depends on which
    accessory you equip. If you go with the Cleria ring, I suggest keyboard; the
    Hawk idol, mouse will do.
    Okay, this guy has only 2 moves. one, chasing you around the screen, or letting
    that aweful thing from it's mouth do it for him.
    Okay, the only way to hurt him is to throw Fireballs at his mouth while he's
    swallowing that gross thing. The rest of the time, you should be running around
    and avoid getting hit. Actually you can hit him when he's spitting the thing
    out, but frankly, it's not worth it, it's too short a time frame and you won't
    be able to hurt him that much (although his thing can hurt you since you're
    directly in it's path at this point). He'll also spit out a Jyn when he's near
    death, but more likely than not, it won't even be blocking Gelaldy's mouth to
    give him some protection, much less be there to do anything to hurt you.
    It shouldn't be too long before you blow this guy away though. May take you a
    few tries since that thing can trap you in a lot of ways. After Gelaldy is in
    pieces, head to the back and you're on the home stretch, no more enemies.
    Arriving at Lamia Village
    Items to acquire:
    Cruberry(s), Hyper cutter, Reflex
    First, go to Karen's house and speak to her. She's the old woman in the
    southeasternmost house in Lamia. She'll tell you about her daughter Maria who
    was taken to be a sacrifice. You'll also hear a chilling bell toll, a preview
    of things to come.
    Next go to the house north of Karen's and buy Hyper cutter and Reflex from
    Zalem. You might be a few thousand bucks off so buy whichever one you think is
    your priority and head back into Burnedbless and earn enough to get the other
    one (or of course you can wait until you get into Salmon to earn it). Don't
    worry, this is the last of the equipment you'll need to buy.
    Next head over to the north side of Lamia and talk to Goat, the guy guarding
    the gate. He hesitates to let you through because his friend, Sadah, has gone
    in and never came out.
    A cutscene then takes place, illustrating Sadah's determination to get Maria,
    his wife (of fiancee?), back.
    Goat then tells you to find Hadat and get his permission to cross if ever. Go
    to Hadat. He's the guy in the southwesternmost house. You'll find out that he
    won't hinder you and in fact will aid you in your quest. He'll give you the
    Shell of lila so that you may be able to communicate with him when you get in
    trouble in Salmon Shrine. Oh, and don't bother trying to open the treasure
    chest in Hadat's house. You won't get what's inside until much much later.
    Go back to Goat and talk to him. He'll open the doors for you so you can freely
    go through it from now on.
    Before you go in, you may want to pick up a few Cruberry, there are 2 places to
    get them in Lamia village, the fence south of Hadat's house and the fence near
    the sheep. And they regenerate quicky. Just enter a house and go out and
    they'll be back (way faster regeneration than Herbs or Mearl flowers). You're
    going to need it I think because you're going to use the "Telepathy" spell a
    lot in Salmon.
    The Shrine of Salmon
    Items to acquire:
    Go through the doors and transform onto a Loo before the Xaerot (golden knights
    with halberds) see you. They'll tell you that you have to get a Pass from Amo
    the Zavaaz. They're only letting you off the hook this time because you're a
    newbie. They'll tell you that he's to the east of the Palace*. This is the
    *only* way to get in. But if you're curious to see if you can kill them, don't.
    You won't be able to scratch them until you get the Clelia sword and are at lv.
    40+. They, can kill you in 2 blows at your current state.
    *Palace=Shrine for now. Falcom didn't seem to have been able to decide which
    one to consistently use as the english equivalent for "shinden"
    |SPTTD: Try letting the Xaerot see you, when the start to chase you,  |
    |transform and watch as the "?" bubble comes out. You can do this with|
    |any monster I think, but I just expected guards to know better ^^    |
    Okay, first place you enter in Salmon is designated as Hadal's sphare. Go to
    the east like the Xaerot suggested. You'll come out at Messa's sphare. As you
    head a little farther south it will change to become Gemma's sphare. Just hug
    the south wall through and through, Fireball enemies that are below to get
    extra EXP. You should come to a dead end where you have no choice but to enter
    a door. Go in follow the corridor and come out the other side.
    When back outside, head south, then west until you reach another door. Enter
    and transform into a Loo. At the very end of the room is Amo. Talk to him and
    he'll give you the Pass.
    To the north of Salmon Shrine
    Items to acquire:
    2000 Gold
    Retrace yourself back to a point where 2 Ashverl (blue goblins with spears) are
    below and archway. Head north through it and transform. You should arrive at a
    gate with a Nashzal (purple knight) guarding it. He'll let you through now that
    you have the Pass (no need to equip)
    If you're in immediate need of money (which you probably aren't by now) head
    west from where the Gemma gate is and pass under an archway. Go south,
    southeast a bit until you see doors. Enter them and through the stairs at the
    back. Follow the path until you get outside again. Once outside, go east until
    you see another door. Inside is a chest with 2000 Gold.
    Items to acquire:
    Ring of ease
    When you are back at Gemma's gate, head north through the now-open gate to
    reach Fukt's sphare. Head north until you hit a building. There will be 2
    doors, taking either one is fine. Work your way to the middle of the room and
    get that Ring of ease.
    Go back out, head south and take the stairs beside the fountain. Get past the
    Baerot (golden knights) either transformed or not. Go inside, transform and
    equip the Earrings of whisper. Step in front of the door.
    You'll eavsdrop on a meeting taking place. You find out that the Palace key
    seems to be missing, someone has stolen it. They're also deciding on the new
    password to use for the Tovah gate, note the text in english
    |SPTTD: Go in front of the door, untransformed. Nothing will happen   |
    |really because supposedly, Adol can't understand monster speech at   |
    |this point. That's why there's a need to transform                   |
    The Black curse
    Items to acquire:
    3000 Gold
    Head back to Hadal's sphare, this time go to the west. You'll arrive at Tovah's
    sphare. Transform and talk to the Godoleb (red knight). He'll ask you for the
    password. The answer is "tierra" (but just in case this is random, input
    whatever is said at the meeting you eavsdropped)
    Head slightly to the west until you reach the steps. Magic users should watch
    out for Allomod (blue centaur-like things), because they don't get fazed by
    Fireballs and can take a lot of heat. You can decide to go after the gold
    first, but it's really not pressing since you don't need the money anymore. To
    get to the moolah, from your present position, head southeast until you can't
    go further and then head west where you see 2 more Godoleb. Enter the building
    they were guarding.
    Head back to the steps earlier and walk down it. Go into the building you see
    down there. You'll meet Duless. Don't try to attack him, and there's no way of
    stopping what he's going to do. Try to go towards the back, and he'll transform
    you into a black Loo (it doesn't matter if you're transformed or not when you
    meet Duless or head for the back, he'll still see you for who you truely are).
    Basically you're a Loo, enemies won't attack you, but you not longer can talk
    to them, instead, you'll attack them as you would in your human form. (Thus,
    this is why monsters are pissed when you attack them, because monsters don't
    attack fellow monsters without cause. They'll retaliate once you hurt them)
    Anyway, continue on back go through the door and you'll reach the Subterranian
    canals. Cross the 2nd grate and go south until you reach another grate and head
    east there. I won't give you detailed directions after that since it shouldn't
    be too hard to find where you need to go through trial and error. Basically,
    you're supposed to get yourself to the southwest corner of that Canal.
    When you reach the southwest corner, head north and you'll see a man, but he'll
    quickly close the door because he sees that you're a monster. You try to
    explain to him, but to no avail. This is the Hideoout of runaway. By just
    getting to the door, you've just added this place to your warp points, so the
    journey wasn't pointless. ^^
    The Sacred cup
    Items to acquire:
    Sacred cup
    Work your way back to the north end of the canals. Go to the northeast and take
    a note of the door. Oh, and this area, I will designate as Subterranian canals
    area 1. It's the canals that have Delpass (octopus things) as the enemies.
    Now go back up to the surface. Go up the stairs to the northwest and up the
    stairs to the southwest and down another one due northwest. Once on the lower
    level, cross under the archway, and head east. Go up the stairs and strike west
    and enter the room. Use "Light" magic and get the Sacred cup from the pedestal.
    Warp back to Lamia (or you can fight your way back for levels) and enter the
    northeasternmost house. That's old Rheg's house. Talk to him and he'll help you
    return to your true from by filling the Sacred cup with Sacred water, and
    letting you drink it. Get your HP/MP filled too.
    The runaways
    Items to aquire:
    Palace key
    Now that you're back to your normal self, warp back to the Hideout of runaway
    (or fight, if you prefer). They'll let you in now. Go to the back and through
    the door. You'll see Lilia and you get a lovey-dovey sequence, then Duless
    comes along and breaks it by stoning everyone in the Canals (except you for
    some reason). You can do nothing about them right now. Lilia should've given
    you the Palace key. With it, you can enter all the locked doors in Salmon
    except the one to the meeting room
    |SPTTD: Go see Lilia. Aww, isn't her stone image exquisite?	      |
    |SPTTD2: Hang Lilia's mascot right over her stone likeness. it almost |
    |would seem like her spirit lifting out of her body. -_- yah I know...|
    Stone statue of the Swordsman
    Items to acquire:
    "Time stop" magic, Iron shield, Roda seed, Silver pendant
    Well, since you're in the west of the palace right now, it's only logical to
    start with the locked rooms there and work your way east, then north right?
    Okay, go back out to the surface and go up and down the 3 stairs you crossed
    before. Past the archway are several doors. They lead to the same room so take
    your pick. Get to the northwest of the room and go through the door with the
    crest. Inside is the chest with "Time stop" magic.
    Now go back out and head for the building with the 3000 Gold, take it if you
    haven't yet and head for the stairs to the west of it. Go through the door just
    beside it and transform. Talk to the Zavaaz and he'll tell you about the secret
    of the Silver pendant and that it's hidden in the Subterranian canals. Replay
    his kindness by returning to your true form and killing him for his high EXP
    (Hey, Zavaaz are responsible for all those human sacrifices, they deserve it
    Now go back out and head west, either up the stairs or just the narrow pathway
    beside the door. At the far west, you should see a door. Enter it. Go north and
    through the crested door to get the chest containing the Iron shield.
    Now the 2 other corridors lead to places where there's really no point of going
    to anyway. The middle one takes you back to the place near where you found the
    "Time stop" magic if you follow the path through to the end. And the lower one
    takes you to a chest with a Roda tree nut, which I personally think is not
    worth the trouble since it's so much easier to get one from the Nest of Loo
    and/or Moondoria. Still, Godoleb give out pretty good EXP so I guess there is
    still some merit of going through the lower path.
    Okay, you're done with the Dabby/Tovah sphare of the Palace. Aside from
    leveling, you don't need to return to this part of Salmon shrine anymore. Head
    for the Fukt shpare and enter the northeasternmost door.
    Go down and around to get to the crested door and go through the door in the
    end to get into Subterranian canals area 2, you have Diptheloyd (leviathans) as
    enemies here. You really want to watch out when they start flashing coz their
    fire-breathing attacks can *really* hurt you.
    Work your way to the northwest corner of area 2 (pretty straightforward to get
    here) to get the Silver pendant from the chest. Now go back to area 2's
    entrance and take the exit on the far west. Follow it through to the end,
    you're headed for the southwest corner this time. Touch the statue that is
    there. You can't do anything right now but you'll return to it later. (you may
    recognize the guy...)
    The dread that stands in your way
    Go back to Dabby's sphare and enter the main building. Through the middle door
    is the boss. You should be at Lv. 38 or so by now. Equip your best equipment,
    "Fire" magic, and Clelia ring (coz homing "Fire" magic is kinda useless since
    you have to accurately hit a single spot, and you need all the help you can get
    to dodge those projectiles). Save and head in.
    Boss: Druegar
    Well, this is one of the tougher ones if you're the impatient type. Again, use
    keyboard controls. Your objective is to nail Druegar right in the eyes, as in
    dead center, with Fireballs. Hey approaches you pretty quickly so fire a few
    and run to the side, then behind him. Never be greedy, I can't stress this
    enough. You'll die very quickly if you get trapped at the bottom of the screen
    between Druegar's front legs. But, if you do, you'll still have a chance to get
    out if you have the Clelia ring equipped. You can get lucky and have a short
    amount of invincibility time for you to get out. The rest of the time, you
    should be dodging his homing photons and the beams coming from the exploding
    shells. Also, you'll want to lead him as far to the top before circling around
    him and firing at his eyes, as to maximize how many you can get off. Oh, while
    running around, charge "Fire" so you get at least a nice chunk out of him for
    the first hit, rapid-fire afterwards though. Also, this is one of the bosses
    where I really recommend having the boss exit turned off. It's really annoying
    to be accidentally kicked out in the middle of the battle when you got him
    Head for the back when you have him defeated.
    Scroll of guidance - Palace
    You'll see a Goddess statue at the back. Talk to it and the Goddesses will tell
    you that they can guide you to other places in the shrine with this statue if
    you possess the pendants. They tell you that there are 2 of them. One made of
    silver and the other of gold.
    Okay, now equip the Silver pendant and approach the statue again. You'll be
    warped to Palace Residence "West wing".
    A small client
    Items to acquire:
    Go through the door, south through the corridor, then towards the west. Go
    through the north exit. And then go south until you get outside.
    Hadat will then contact your through the Shell of lila and tell you that a
    kid's at his house looking for you.
    Now this is completely optional as it really won't matter to the game except to
    add to the story. Warp back to Lamia and you'll find out that the "kid" is
    Talf. He makes this big deal about the Black cloaked man coming to the village
    again and says some other stuff I don't quite get
    Now, as long as you're already out. Warp back to Lance and talk to Banoa and
    let her know of her daughter's news, get a rest. And since you probably have
    the 60k g's by now, head over to Jeid's groceries and buy the Elixir. You have
    no other use for the money anyway. Warp back to Lamia, fill up on Cruberrys and
    head back into Salmon, all the way back to the "West wing".
    Items to acquire:
    Battle shield, Canal key
    Follow the path I showed you earlier if you decided to warp out. From that
    point, go due northeast until you reach a door. Enter it.
    As you go towards the exit on the other side, Adol will make an observation,
    noting there are some people talking outside. You can to or not you talk to
    those people. If you do, transform and talk to the Gearot (Bearot with better
    stats, but same sprite) outside. They'll tell you about Keith. Once you learn
    about him, you can feel free to whack the Gearot for some EXP. But be careful,
    these guys are pretty strong, don't let them gang up on you. From where you are
    right now, you should be able to see stairs and doors to each side. Take the
    western door. Go through the crested door to get the Battle shield.
    Exit and go back up the stairs and head west. Enter when you see the door.
    You'll see another Gearot inside. Past him is the door to Subterranian canals
    area 3, where your enemies are Carebiss (gator men)
    Be careful of these guys, they can go into stealth mode and have pretty high
    def. Have "Light" magic on if you think you need it, but it's less of a
    necessity than in Burnedbless, coz you can see the outlines of the Carebiss a
    little more clearly against the canal floor, as opposed to Burnedbless' dark
    cave floor.
    Anyway, from where you are, go south and get past the Carebiss, go around the
    small gulf and walk the grates south to get to a small platform. Go west
    through the grates and north immediately. Get past another Carebiss and reach
    another grate bridge. Cross it and go east on the next grate you see. The path
    is pretty straightforward after this. You have to reach the northeast corner of
    area 3 to talk to Keith
    Keith is aware that you have to get to the Palace of Goddess and tells you that
    you have to drain the canals in order to get there. He gives you the Canal key
    in order to do so.
    Water control room
    Head for Subterranian canals area 1 (just to refresh your memory, area 1 is in
    the squat building near the Tovah gate) and go to the strange door that I told
    you to note. You can now go in with the Canal key.
    Go to the back of the room, to the lever. When prompted, pick yes and the
    waters in the Canal will drain.
    You'll get some EXP from doing this. I forgot to note how much. It's around
    1200, I think.
    Items to acquire:
    Battle armor, Celceta flower, Battle sword, Falcon idol
    Now go the path toward the Hideout of runaway, but instead of crossing the
    bridge where a Delipass is guarding, go north and down the ladder that you see.
    Go north along the drained canals and you'll see a chest.
    Go get it, it has the Battle armor inside.
    Go down into the drained canals again and head northeast. Go up the ladder when
    you see it. Work your way around the walkway until you reach another ladder, go
    down it and head up the narrow canal and through the exit.
    Congrats, you've found a shortcut to area 3. If you need a Celceta flower, head
    south until you can't, then west past the small platform, then north, and just
    going a general northwestern direction. You should make it to another exit that
    will take you to area 2. It's in a chest here on the west wall, try to figure
    out how to find it because exact directions to this place take a lot of space.
    Chances are, you'd be better off getting it from Rasteenie.
    Okie, for those that didn't go to area 2. From the area 1 to 3 passage, head
    south until you can go south no more, and head to the far west. Go up the
    ladder and work your way around the path to reach a door on the south wall,
    indicated by a notch. Preferably, have your "Light" magic on because the
    Carebiss in there is almost always cloaked already. Go in, dispatch the beast
    and then open the chest to get the Battle sword.
    Now go back out and down to the drained canals and go back towards the center,
    you should see a ladder to the south. Go up and go east. There are 2 Carebiss
    here so be careful, as they may be cloaked. Open the chest at the very east to
    get the Falcon idol. Go south and up through the door you see.
    Walk down the corridor until you see Keith. Talk to him, he'll tell you that
    there's not much time left for Maria. 5 tolls of the bell and she's history.
    Head out through the exit.
    Pinch strike
    Have all of your best equipment equipped, along with the Clelia ring. You've
    arrived at the Passage to Palace. You're going to have to spend some time
    leveling here. Short of the Xaerot guarding the entrance into Salmon shrine
    (which you still can't touch at your current state, by the way), the Charlont
    (purple wizards) and Balkilea (golden knights that have what looks like Battle
    equipment) give out the highest EXP out of the non-boss units in the game.
    Just a short outline, the Campanile is the building north, and the Goddess
    palace is the building to the west. When you get too hurt while leveling, visit
    the Goddess palace to talk to the Goddesses (who can make thier images appear
    faintly now), they'll fill your HP/MP.
    The first floor of the Campanile contains what I believe is the hardest boss in
    the game. I'd say that going in there at Lv.45 is suicide, but it's possible to
    beat it at that level (albeit having to use a Celceta flower in all
    likeliness). Have Battle raiment equipped, the Falcon idol as the accessory and
    the Celceta flower as the inventory item. This is the only boss I'd favor an
    accessory other than the Clelia ring, because I'm pretty sure you'll never beat
    the thing without the Falcon. SAVE before entering. I can guarantee you it will
    take you a lot of tries to beat this guy, even for a veteran at a high 40's
    Have the boss exit turned off here too. This is one battle where you don't want
    any flukes to happen. Use keyboard here as well.
    Boss: Zava
    As indicated by the quest title, this boss uses pincer tactics. Zava has 2
    Zavaaz that turn into ravens (well birds of some sort) that fly around the
    screen. Your objective for the first half of this battle is to destroy those
    Zavaaz. Rapid-fire at them if the Fireballs are hitting. If you're not quite
    getting them or have run out of available mana, charge and fire charged shots,
    they home in on targets more accurately. After a certain amount of time, the
    Zavaaz will each fire a barrage of photons at you. It's not homing, but it does
    fire at your current position and there's enough of them for you to have a hard
    time to find a place of safety. Avoid touching the Zavaaz too, coz they take
    off a LOT of HP if you bump into them.
    After killing the first 2, Zava will send out 3 more at ya. And if by some
    miracle you make it past those 3, he'll send his third wave at you, 4 of them
    this time. If you manage to get through those guys, you'll still have Zava
    (still with 1 full bar of life left) and 1 Zavaaz to deal with. Zava sends out
    a constant spread of fireballs, but with gaps decently large enough for you to
    be able to maneuver yourself from getting hit most of the time. This time
    ignore the Zavaaz and concentrate all your attacks on Zava. Hopefully, you
    manage to beat him before he beats you. Use that Celceta flower when necessary.
    Once you've beaten Zava. Head towards the back. There might be a slight bug in
    this part of the game. It takes a little time to load the Campanile map I
    think. Anyway just try to walk ahead a little bit, even though the screen is
    still black.
    The living offering's sacrifice
    Pass through the door and you've reached the Campanile proper. You'll see Maria
    there. You really are helpless to do anything to save her here, so leave her
    and race up to the top floor. You'll notice a chest behind a barrier on the way
    up. Take a note of it and proceed on. When you reach the top floor, the bell
    would have already rung 4 times. Go up the spire to see Duless at the bell, you
    try to stop him but it's too late. Duless rings the bell for the last time. Ys
    at the same time plunges back toward Esterior. Duless warps away laughing.
    The Goddesses' revelation
    Items to acquire:
    Dreaming statue
    Go back down through the Campanile. Get the Dreaming statue from the chest, the
    barrier is down now.
    When you get to the first floor, you'll find Maria toppled, unmoving. There's
    nothing more you can do here.
    Head for the Goddess palace and talk to the Goddesses. They'll tell you that
    they're being held in the heart of the Palace. And that the only way to get
    there is with the Golden pendant, which is in the possesion of one of the
    people that are stoned. They'll tell you that the Dreaming statue has the
    ability to restore people to thier original states (I think), but first, it
    needs to be imbued with the power of the Black pearl...
    Black pearl, where art thou?
    Items to acquire:
    the Black pearl
    Head back to Lamia and talk to Talf, who is still at Hadat's house. He'll tell
    you that he's got it right... there? It seems that he's lost the thing, coz of
    a hole in his pocket (entrusted, huh?).
    I'm sure someone will give you a clue where it is, but I don't know who. I only
    know from the TurboCD walkthrough that you can find the Black pearl sitting
    inside the pedestal in the meeting room. Yes, you can go in there now. If you
    need a refresher, the meeting room is in Fukt's sphare, on ground level, where
    3 Bearot are guarding it.
    The sea of light
    With the Black pearl in hand, warp back to the Goddess palace. Talk to the
    Goddesses again and they'll imbue the Dreaming statue with the power of the
    Black pearl.
    With the imbued Dreaming statue equipped, head for the top of the Campanile.
    (You might notice that Maria's body is gone...)
    Stand on the crest on top of the spire and use the Dreaming statue. A bright
    light should envelop the screen for a moment.
    You should get EXP here too, but I forgot to note how much again. Around 2000.
    Acquiring the Golden guide
    Items to acquire:
    Golden pendant
    Everyone stoned should be fine now. Warp to the Hideout of runaway. Talk to all
    of the runaways. A cutscene ensues. Keith will come along and drop a Wing so
    that the runaways can safely warp back to town. Before they leave, Boats will
    leave you the Golden pendant.
    Afterwards, another cutscene follows. Lilia meets with the Goddesses'
    apparitions in the Subterranian canals near the exit from where the Golden
    pendant guides you to.
    The object entrusted over to you
    Items to acquire:
    Clelia sword
    Now that the runaways are safely away, head back to Subterranian canals area 2
    where you saw the statue of the swordsman (you may want to use the canal
    shortcuts). He's unstoned now, you should recognize him as the guy that Goat
    tried to stop in the recollection sequence. He's Sadah, Maria's husband/fiance,
    and Hadat's son.
    You tell him of Maria's fate to his obvious grief. He entrusts his sword over
    to you, knowing you'd have more use for it than he will now.
    Congrats, you got the Clelia sword, the best sword in the game.
    The shine of Clelia
    Items to acquire:
    Clelia armor
    Leave Sadah alone in his grief. Warp back to Lamia. Talk to Karen to both
    confirm what she already knows about Maria's fate (she's heard the bell toll 5
    times) and to console her.
    Afterwards, head for Hadat's house. Talk to him about Sadah. He'll understand.
    And as a gift for your courage and to help you fight your coming battle with
    Duless, he gives you the treasure in that locked chest in his home. It's the
    Clelia armor.
    Now that you have the Clelia sword and armor, you now have enough strength go
    head to head with the Xaerot guards, so kill them just for fun if you want. But
    the best place to finish up your leveling is really at the Passage to Palace.
    You can elect to level up until 55, but I think up to 54 is adequate as Duless
    can fill in the rest.
    |SPTTD: Everytime you kill the Xaerot on the right, his name changes  |
    |according to which generation he is. The first one you encounter is  |
    |Monvaan's son. If you kill him, he gets replaced by his son, Monvaan |
    |III. If you kill him, he gets replaced by -his- son, Monvaan IV, etc.|
    The wizard Duless
    Okay, head back to the Goddess statue at Hadal's sphare, this time equipped
    with the Golden pendant. You'll be warped to another area that leads to a
    previously inaccessible section of Subterranian canals area 2. Just follow the
    path south and take the ladder up and through the door when you see them.
    You'll come out at the Palace underpass. Go to the other end of the corridor to
    see a boss door. Enter to face Duless
    Boss: Duless
    Hahahaha, this is one of the only bosses I'd confidently go through without
    even saving *or* using the keyboard. I swear, even if you fight this guy
    sloppily, you'll still come out with 3/4 of your life intact in the end. So I'm
    not gonna post any techniques anymore. Figure out something for yourself. Just
    have the Clelia sword, armor and ring equipped, you attack him physically
    instead of with magic, unlike the previous bosses. He may be a challenge at
    lower levels, but I never got a chance to find out because Zava is just plain
    too hard to beat at a low level. Show no mercy.
    When you're done with the guy, go to the golden oval orb at the center of the
    north wall to get yourself warped to the Nucleus of Ancient Ys.
    The two Goddesses
    Items to acquire:
    "Shield" magic, Goddess' ring, Silver harmonica, Clelia shield
    Right beside where you get warped to is the chest containing "Shield" magic.
    Proceed downwards to the elevator. In the next room is Talf, chat with him for
    a while, then go up the to exit right beside him.
    In the next room, you get sort of a surprise. You'll see Maria, apparently
    alive and well. The Godesses seem to have had enough power to revive her via
    the Dreaming statue. After you're done talking, go to the next room.
    Head west and you'll end up in a seeming dead end. Head back to the center and
    see Keith blast another hole through the wall (that makes what, 4 already, I
    think). Go through the newly-made doorway and talk to Keith. He'll tell you to
    hurry along to the Goddesses When you're done, go on to the next room where
    you'll meet Goat. Humor with him for a while and go past him to meet up with
    Lilia at the end of the hall.
    Well, here goes the love-sick maiden again. She'll give you the Goddess' ring
    so that you can take down the barrier beside Goat.
    When the barrier is down, proceed to the warp in the far northwest.
    You'll arrive at a place that should be familiar to you if you've played Ys
    Eternal (or any other Ys 1 game, I think)
    Go to the upper-left room and meet the Goddesses physically. They're held in
    place by Dahm's power and unable to free themselves. Try to go through the door
    in the middle. You'll be driven back and you'll be personally introduced to
    Dahm for the first time. Later in the sequence, Goban and Luther Gemma will
    arrive (still remember them from Ys 1?). Goban will give you the Silver
    harmonica. After you're free to move again, talk to Luther Gemma and get the
    Clelia shield from him. When you're ready, play the Silver harmonica. You'll
    hear a familiar tune, Dahm's apparition will disappear and then the seal on the
    Goddesses will also be broken.
    Talk with the Goddesses after they are free. They'll of course express thier
    gratitude. After a pretty impressive sequence, (I'm not sure what it does) the
    door to Dahm's room opens.
    The demon king
    Go through the gate only when you're ready, there's no turning back after this.
    You'll see a pretty awesome sequence here. Keith will be fighting enemies to
    defend Maria and Talf, when the enemies multiply, reinforcements in the form of
    Goat, then later Goban, come along.
    Walk the long hallway where it ends at a warp point. Before entering, get
    yourself ready. Have the Clelia raiment equipped, along with the Goddess' ring
    and the Celceta flower or Elixir just in case (but you can beat Dahm without
    them). And right before you step in, press 6 to equip "Shield" magic, just to
    give you that extra edge.
    Boss: Dahm
    Okay, pretty simple I guess. Your objective is just to hit him physically while
    avoiding whatever he's throwing at ya. His first form fires out these homing
    grenades. They take some time to home in on you.
    The second form fires a beam cannon type attack as well as a stream of lasers
    that are almost like whips. The beam cannon can easily be avoided since you'll
    have ample warning from his flashing. The whips are a little more tricky, but
    just try to stay between them.
    It shouldn't be too long before you beat Dahm. Your HP/MP will be refilled, but
    your MP will dissapate slowly later on.
    Now relax and watch the ending sequence. (I can't translate everything anyway,
    so just try to understand it from thier movements)
    Here's where I put whatever I can't categorize anywhere else
    Bestiary Portion
    Well I think this some significance since it took me quite a while to figure
    out how to get all the stats. These are all from less than thorough
    experimentation so I could be wrong
    To get enemy stats, first obtain the Bestiary Portion (read into the
    walkthrough if you haven't found it) and use it. Next, make sure Beast stats
    display is [On] in options (it's [On] by default, look into the in-game menu
    section of the FAQ to find the toggle), and the Status display is on as well
    (also explained in the in-game menu section)
    Okay, to get enemy stats, you have to hit/beat them in a specific way. Here's
    what you do:
    Beast stat		How to get it
    Name			You get it the first time you hit it (even
    			without the Bestiary Portion, just check the
    			Adventure Diary)
    HP			Enemy gets hit/killed with a phyiscal attack
    STR			Enemy gets hit/killed by "Shield" magic
    DEF			Enemy gets hit/killed by "Fire" magic
    EXP			\
    GOLD			 } Get it randomly by killing more enemies
    LV			/
    All the stats except Name takes quite a few hits/kills before you can aquire
    them. Hit/kill count is recorded internally by the game, so you still get your
    hits and kills counted even before you find/use the Bestiary Portion
    You get all the stats of boss enemies after you beat them so you don't have to
    earn them like you do with finding non-boss enemy stats.
    Okay, this doesn't really deserve a section of it's own coz I really know next
    to squat about the deeper plot of Ys, but I have put down the one things I
    can't figure out somewhere (hoping someone can help me solve it)
    What does the red pepper do? Talf has it equipped together with the Black pearl
    (makes it look like a fairy IMO). Also, anyone know if it's possible to level
    up Talf like Feena could be in Ys Eternal?
    Silly/pointless things to do
    Well, not much here yet since I've only run the game through once (twice, as I
    am writing the walkthrough part, and yet here I am, daring to write a FAQ ^_^)
    Fireballing allies
    Yeap, you can fry villagers. Try and see what thier reactions will be.
    Offering flowers/fruit
    Try to see how people react if you approach them holding (as in inventory
    equipped) a flower or a fruit and see thier reaction bubble.
    If you've got them to spare, take it one step further and give them the
    flower/fruit and read thier reaction (if you can)
    Talk to monsters
    You can talk to every single monster (except boss ones of course) in the game
    while you're a Loo. Read what they have to say. Most are just chitchat
    (monsters gripe about thier jobs too!) but some add to the story (from what
    little I can tell anyway)
    But what you'll find out soon enough... surprisingly... EVERY SINGLE MONSTER IN
    THE GAME HAS IT'S OWN UNIQUE NAME! That's Falcom for ya ^_^
    Comparing Ys Eternal and Ys II Eternal
    Well, I've played both so comparisons should be expected
    Well, the 2 are really similar but I felt that Ys Eternal was more challenging
    in more ways than one.
    Enemy recovery rate is slower. In Ys II Eternal, the diagonal attacking system
    is just too damn effective, you only really get hurt if you make a human error
    (you stall instead of pressing on). In Ys Eternal, the Dahm Tower enemies could
    still nick you on the side if press forward with your attack too far.
    And with the advent of Magic, it just takes the player advantage up a notch.
    Most enemies can be blasted backwards with Fire, and since it consumes so
    little MP, it can last you forever. And what you can't beat with Fire, you do
    with Time stop or Shield. They consume a little more MP but you should have the
    Ring of ease by then and they should last you fairly long too.
    And the biggest edge that the players get is that THEY CAN USE ITEMS IN BOSS
    BATTLES. Well, 1 type of item at least. But that's all you need. One Celceta
    flower and even a novice is set for most boss battles.
    But I guess in the end, difficulty is set by the player. Ys is replayable like
    that anyway.
    EXP system:
    Falcom employed the use of 2 very different Experience systems for Ys and Ys II
    Ys Eternal used the original Sega Master System EXP system, where there were
    only 10 levels and enemies give out the same amout of EXP no matter what level
    you were. In this system, 1 level gained could mean the difference between
    death and near-invinciblity.
    Ys II Eternal used the TurboCD EXP system (or sort of like it, I dunno, I never
    played the TG console, I'm basing this from observations I've read) where you
    have 55 levels and you gain less EXP from enemies as you go up in levels and
    thus having a more gradual (and traditional) RPG level-up
    Still trying to figure out the exact formula Falcom used. Give me time.
    Well, I can't say much since they're direct sequels of each other. Ys I and II
    are just classics, although by themselves they were short (hey, how can you
    blame them when they were still counting megabytes on one hand when Ys I & II
    were originally made?), they made a fulfilling story together.
    Gawd, I really can't compare. Both are excellent as with every Ys soundtrack
    there is, even back to the Midi days. JDK sound rulez!
    Ys II Eternal, I can fairly say, wins hands down on this department. Oh, it's
    not that much better than Ys Eternal, but it's all the little extras that
    count. For one, you get *more than* just a text ending. The opening sequence is
    a hell of a lot more exciting. The drawings are a little better drawn (the
    goddesses really look like thier part, they're young but have a certain ageless
    quality to them).
    Okay, I know I just focused on the illustrations, but there are little
    improvements in the game too. A generous helping of 3d effects here and there,
    but still peserving the 2d aspect of the game (as all hardcore gaming should
    be). And who wouldn't want a little gore in thier fights? :)
    Here's where I put game bugs. Personally, I've only encountered one myself
    so... (It should also be noted that I'm running the game on Jwin98 so it's
    unsurprising that I'm getting next to no bugs)
    Refer to Kouryuu's Troubleshooting FAQ, Ys II Eternal may have some
    compatiblity problems similar to ones found in Ys Eternal.
    Q. Game crashes right before entering the corridor that leads to the warp to
    face Dahm, what do I do
    A. Get the Ys II Eternal v1.10 patch. That fixed it for me.
    As always, there are people to thank with any endeavour
    - for writing the Ys Eternal FAQ (thus allowing me to emulate his FAQ template
    more or less)
    - for writing the TurboCD YS II FAQ, without which I couldn't have possibly
    figured out how to get unstuck in some parts
    - for writing the TurboCD YS I & II FAQs, helped me defeat Gelaldy (aka
    And of course, who can forget the Falcom staff? The Ys series has had its
    limitations since it almost always came out on niche platforms. But now that
    it's on windows, that platform barrier should be almost non-existent. And they
    upped it further by sweetening the graphics, game engine, sounds, and bonuses
    (unlike Square and it's FF4-6 re-releases...)
    Character roster
    Game characters as categorized and ordered in the Adventure Diary.
    1. Feena        10. Priest Dabby
    2. Reah         11. Priest Hadal
    3. Goban        12. Priest Messa
    4. Luther Gemma 13. Priest Gemma
    5. Jebah Tovah  14. Priest Fukt
    6. Sarah
    7. Dogi
    8. Dalk Fukt
    9. Priest Tovah
    |Lance Village|
    15. Lilia       24. Jeid        33. Chris       42. Lucir
    16. Banoa       25. Zirah       34. Ceras       43. Mecentreti
    17. Astal       26. Legth       35. Brody       44. Colt
    18. Lenore Ral  27. Roodle      36. Marina      45. Tita
    19. Fleah Ral   28. Tess        37. Beth        46. Esca
    20. Sarina      29. Tran        38. Cezaria     47. Lucy
    21. Kernel      30. Rasen       39. Andy        48. Theo
    22. Natasia     31. Boats       40. Ohzam       49. Polo
    23. Guido       32. Seela       41. Kate        50. Saffron
    |Colony of Lava|
    51. Ruvah       60. El          69. Bruce
    52. Talf        61. Melil       70. TareLoo
    53. Fred        62. Carson      71. TuLoo
    54. Natalie     63. Ishto       72. Plute
    55. Noight      64. Kasim       73. Luke
    56. Rafa        65. Flone       74. LuLoo
    57. Rex         66. Darier      75. NeLoo
    58. Chelnie     67. Nash
    59. Fabre       68. BaeLoo
    |Lamia Village|
    76. Keith       85. Frau        94. Lese
    77. Goat        86. Fris        95. Rimr
    78. Lloyd       87. Britz       96. Kyle
    79. Hadat       88. Poley       97. Boris
    80. Sadah       89. Tania       98. Ed
    81. Maria       90. Neil
    82. Karen       91. Fye
    83. Rheg        92. Muto
    84. Zalem       93. Jil
    Beast roster
    The monsters of the game plus thier stats. Categorized and ordered the same way
    as found in the Adventure Diary.
    Name		Lv.	HP	STR	DEF	EXP	Gold
    1. Crase        2       20      20      6       5       8
    2. Curksharn    4       30      32      10      5       10
    3. Godargo      8       50      56      28      6       12
    4. Wolizoul     6       40      36      20      7       12
    5. Nomess       6       50      44      20      7       12
    6. Zolgel       8       72      80      22      8       14
    7. Lyplate      8       70      50      24      8       16
    8. Tolpy        10      70      70      25      9       16
    9. Puloyd       12      84      90      26      10      16
    10. Cnocks      12      80      84      32      12      20
    11. Cully       12      80      96      40      13      20
    12. Olharos     14      108     108     50      15      25
    13. Velagunder  11      160     100     40      400     600
    |Ice ridge of Noltia|
    14. Nieli       18      100     112     52      15      30
    15. Gelkald     18      100     120     54      16      35
    16. Egnyd       20      120     136     56      17      48
    17. Gulgata     20      110     116     64      18      50
    18. Gworder     22      120     128     58      18      60
    19. Svoff       22      132     148     70      20      65
    20. Tyalmath    20      280     121     74      600     1200
    |Moat of Burnedbless|
    21. Preliguard  24      120     150     80      22      70
    22. Onuman      24      120     160     84      24      75
    23. Scorlun     24      144     172     86      26      72
    24. Zelvenorce  26      150     184     90      32      88
    25. Jyn         28      180     200     96      34      100
    26. Dilga       24      130     152     94      28      78
    27. Tops        24      130     168     88      30      82
    28. Magnuto     26      156     188     92      34      90
    29. Gelaldy     27      360     163     99      1000    2000
    |Shrine of Salmon|
    30. Xaerot      46      250     370     230     130     270
    31. Ashverl     30      180     192     84      35      110
    32. Baochar     30      185     196     80      38      100
    33. Nashzal     30      190     196     96      44      115
    34. Maloquios   34      200     204     106     65      160
    35. Allomod     34      205     212     108     72      180
    36. Torober     34      205     220     112     78      200
    37. Godoleb     36      210     224     125     88      220
    38. Elendeath   32      190     200     90      52      120
    39. Nustarl     32      195     196     96      56      130
    40. Bearot      32      198     204     100     62      150
    41. Delpass     36      208     236     114     82      200
    42. Diphtheloyd 38      205     240     116     96      210
    43. Carebiss    42      240     272     140     116     255
    44. Rewillvan   40      220     252     126     108     240
    45. Forcless    40      220     244     122     104     240
    46. Gearot      42      230     260     135     112     250
    47. Charlont    44      240     280     150     122     260
    48. Balkilea    44      245     300     170     126     260
    49. Zavaaz      42      250     280     134     110     270
    50. Druegar     36      420     192     144     1500    2200
    51. Zava        44      480     225     191     2500    2400
    52. Duless      49      510     238     219     3500    2500
    53. Dahm        51      510     278     240     5000    2550
    Items and Equipment
    List of all the items in the game plus comments
    Item name               Location found          Comments
    Short sword             Lance village           STR+5   200 Gold
    Long sword              Lance/Lamia village     STR+10  1000 Gold
    Talwarl                 Lance/Lamia village     STR+20  5000 Gold
    Hyper cutter            Lamia village           STR+40  10000 Gold
    Battle sword            Subterranian canals     STR+60
    Clelia sword            Subterranian canals     STR+83
    Wood shield             Lance/Lamia village     DEF+3   100 Gold
    Small shield            Lance/Lamia village     DEF+7   1500 Gold
    Large shield            Lance/Lamia village     DEF+12  6000 Gold
    Iron shield             Shrine of Salmon        DEF+18
    Battle shield           Shrine of Salmon        DEF+26
    Clelia shield           Nucleus of Ancient Ys   DEF+38
    Chain mail              Lance village           DEF+5   500 Gold
    Breast plate            Lance/Lamia village     DEF+10  2000 Gold
    Plate mail              Lance/Lamia village     DEF+15  8000 Gold
    Reflex                  Lamia village           DEF+22  16000 Gold
    Battle armor            Subterranian canals     DEF+32
    Clelia armor            Lamia village           DEF+45
    MAGICS                                          ->refer to Magic system
    "Fire" magic            Cavern of Rasteenie       section of FAQ
    "Light" magic           Cavern of Rasteenie
    "Return" magic          Lance village
    "Telepathy" magic       Ice ridge of Noltia
    "Time stop" magic       Shrine of Salmon
    "Shield" magic          Shrine of Salmon
    Cape of Holy Spilit     Ice ridge of Noltia     gradually restores HP
    Hawk idol               Ice ridge of Noltia     adds homing to "Fire"
    Falcon idol             Shrine of Salmon        multi homing for "Fire"
    Clelia ring             Cavern of Rasteenie     randomly parries attack
    Ring of ease            Shrine of Salmon        halves MP consumption
    Goddess' ring           Nucleus of Ancient Ys   STR & DEF+2, slows Dahm
    Ys book "Hadal"         \
    Ys book "Tovah"          |
    Ys book "Dabby"          } Esterior, start off
    Ys book "Messa"          | the game with them
    Ys book "Gemma"          |
    Ys book "Fukt"          /
    Ancient slate           Ruins of Moondoria      ancient message
    Cane of divinity        Ruins of Moondoria      imbues you with magic
    Iron ore                Rasteenie/Burnedbless   sell for 3000 Gold
    Bulb of blizzard        Ice ridge of Noltia     forms ice bridge
    Palace key              Hideout of runaway      for locked palace doors
    Canal key               Subterranian canals     for Water control room
    Earring of whisper      Colony of Lava          to enhance hearing
    Shell of lila           Lamia village           Hadat's walkie-talkie
    Pass                    Shrine of Salmon        gain entry to N. Salmon
    Silver pendant          Subterranian canals     guide to Palace W. wing
    Golden pendant          Hideout of runaway      guide to Palace Undrpss
    Silver harmonica        Nucleus of Ancient Ys   break seal to Dahm room
    Evil bell               Cavern of Rasteenie     stir monsters
    Scroll of guidance      Sanctuary Toal          communicate to Goddess
    Mirror of Anti-Illusion Ice ridge of Noltia     <- see what it's called
    the Black pearl         Moat of Burnedbless     has restorative powers
    Sacred cup              Shrine of Salmon        cures curses
    Dreaming statue         Campanile               unstones people
    Mattock                 Cavern of Rasteenie     break through walls
    Letter from Banoa       Lance village           a note for the Rals
    Portion for Lilia       Lance village           cures Lilia's ailment
    Stone shoes             Ice ridge of Noltia     walk up slippery slopes
    Roda tree leaf          Nest of Loo             resist against poison
    Elixir  (60000 Gold)    Lance village           full HP/MP after death
    Wing    (100 Gold)      Lance village           same as "Return" magic
    Herb (capacity 3)       too many places to name restores 50 HP  30 Gold
    Apple (capacity 3)      Lamia/Field of N. Ruins restores 15 HP  10 Gold
    Roda tree nut           Moondoria/Nest/Salmon   restores all MP
    Mearl flower (cap. 3)   Field/Fld of NR/Noltia  restores 15 MP  10 Gold
    Celceta flower          Cavern of Rasteenie     restores all HP and MP
    Cruberry (capacity 3)   Lamia Village           restores 40 MP
    Bestiary Portion        Ruins of Moondoria      to obtain beast stats
    Copyright notice:
    Well, this is the first time I've written a FAQ so I'm not really sure what to
    put here. But here goes.
    *This document is copyright of Charles Cheung aka "charp". No part or whole of
    this document may be reproduced or edited without my permission. Not for sale
    or any sort profitable distirbution. This FAQ was written to aid gamers, not to
    infringe on copyright owners of the original game, its stories or characters.
    If it does and I was asked to take it down, I will comply without further

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