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"Quack Quack, little boys and girls, it's Charlie the Duck!"

Charlie the duck is a basic side-scroller that I picked up off the internet one day. I have always been interested in side-scrollers and this one came out not to bad.

Charlie the duck is well... erm... a duck. Cute, fuzzy, he quacks, has a beak, what else can I say about a Duck??? he basically jumps on bad guys to kill them. Not awfully exciting, is it? There is an option to pay for the full version or just the demo (the demo is free).But it is still a decent laugh for a rainy day- read on to find out!

Graphics 8/10: Pretty decent graphics for a game in its class. The backgrounds look very good for game as basic as this. Pixilated: Yes, Bad- no. It is better than many SNES games that I have played.

Gameplay 6/10: Okay, you can't really have brilliant gameplay on a game like this. Especially the health system.
It is very tough to stay alive in even the early levels. It plays just like Mario games but it has more to do- find diamonds in trees etc. Not as good as my mate Mario in some respects though. I really do not like how you can die REALLY easily. In the 2nd level I tried about 10 times to get past this annoying bit with a bouncy box thing. a very frustrating game at times.

Sound 5/10: I could not get the sound to work a lot of the times I played. When I did (finally) I found some chirpy tunes that my school music class could have played. However the quality was good and there were no crackles etc. A big turnoff is the fact that it is so basic- we need a bit more oomf in there.

Lastability 7/10: I got bored and frustrated very quickly- the bosses became IMPOSSIBLE! But still a good laugh for younger ones.

AI 5/10: The enemies just went back and forth - back and forth- just plain boring. Though it is a small game, I think that Weiring software could have done better.

Overall 6/10:
I am not really into these games that you download from the net but this one still had some moments. Being an MS-dos game I think it isn't too bad- easy to install, a decent site to get info on it, and pretty decent graphics for a Dos game. I'd say download it from the site: search Charlie the Duck on a search engine.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/28/04, Updated 10/30/04

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