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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (AKA Michael Gray)
    Videogame Humor: Gamecola.net
    Copyright 2008
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Guide
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
    Treasure in the Royal Tower.  It's the fourth game in the
    Nancy Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go
    around and solve mysteries.
    If you want to contact me, e-mail
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank
    if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
    fashion, you should contact me before doing so.
    002-Video Guide
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
    see it at...
    The video guide comes with my humorous commentary. It's
    more fun than a barell of monkeys.
    Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, but
    she's taking a break from mysteries in order to go skiing
    in Wisconsin.  Like most of Nancy's vacations, this one
    soon turns into a mystery.
    Ezra Wickford: The person who designed Wickford Castle in
    1920.  He's dead by now.
    Christi Lane: The owner of Wickford Castle.
    Dexter Egan: The caretaker of Wickford Castle.  Since
    Christi is away on business, Dexter is taking care of the
    castle.  You can usually find him at the front desk.
    Jacques Brunais: The ski instructor, who represented France
    in the last Winter Olympics.
    Professor Hotchkiss: She's a somewhat crazy professor who
    hides in her room all day writing about Marie Antoinette.
    Lisa Ostrum: A photojournalist who spends most of her time
    reading a magazine in the longue of the castle/hotel.
    George Fayne: Nancy's friend.  You can call George to get
    advice during this game.
    Bess Marvin: George's cousin.  Bess will always be at
    George's when Nancy calls.
    Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend.  You can call him during
    this game, too.
    To start the game, select "New Game".  You can take a
    tutorial to learn how to move around in the game, and then
    you can play the game at either junior or senior detective
    level.  The difference between the levels is the difficulty
    of the puzzles, but luckily for you, I'm a logic puzzle
    fiend, so I cover the puzzles in both of the levels.
    "Dear George,
    So much for my Wisconsin ski vacation!  I arrived here at
    Wickford Castle last night just before a blizzard swept in!
    The mountain is completely shut down, and all the
    surrounding roads are closed.
    I think I'm one of the few guests who made it to the castle
    at all.  This place is huge, and old--and slightly creepy
    under the circumstances.  You should hear this wind!
    What's more, the caretaker, Christi Lane, my father's
    friend, is away on business!  I tried to ask the caretaker,
    Dexter Egan, how I could contact her, but he said he didn't
    know.  Doesn't that seem odd?  I couldn't help feeling like
    there was something he wasn't telling me.
    All this makes me a little nervous, but I'm determined to
    enjoy myself.  After all, this is a vacation, right?  I
    have big plans to explore the castle.
    That Ezra Wickford, the original owner, must have been
    quite a character to have built such an extraordinary
    place!  It's filled with strange dead end corridors for one
    thing, and I noticed one of the towers is totally different
    from the other ones.
    Of course I'll have to save some time to meet Jacques
    Brunais, the French ski instructor.  Tell Bess she'll be
    the first to know if he's half as gorgeous in person as he
    looks on his website!
    So, George, I guess things never quite go according to
    plan.  But at least this time, the culprit is just a
    snowstorm!  Talk to you soon!
    Boy, Nancy sure is sending a lot of photos to George, isn't
    she?  Nancy says she has to mail the letter, but let's
    examine her room before we do so.
    First off, take the card that's on the desk in front of
    you.  That's your room passkey, which lets you get in and
    out of your room (Room 205).  Then open the drawer and
    look at the card in there.  It gives you your locker
    information: You have Locker 310, with the combination 517.
    Head the dresser, and pull out the top drawer.  Take the
    menu from inside (you'll need it later).  You can look
    inside your suitcase to find a pamphlet on the castle.  It
    appears that the strange tower Nancy saw was imported from
    France, which is why it doesn't look like the other ones.
    Read the Sassy Detective magazine that Nancy has on the
    round table there for information on dusting for
    fingerprints.  Apparently, fingerprints become less clear
    over time, as the oil in fingers are used up.  You need to
    read this because (surprise), you're going to work with
    fingerprints later on in the game.
    Okay, leave the room and start exploring.  You're on the
    second floor, where there's not much that's important,
    except for the elevator, Nancy's room, Professor
    Hotchkiss' room (room 214, you can hear her typing if you
    get close enough), and the stairs that lead to all levels
    of the building.
    There is also a big set of stairs that lead from the second
    floor to the lobby of the building (Nancy can't take the
    other set of stairs because it's too dark).  Go to the
    lobby, and head to the lounge, which is left of the lobby.
    Inside in Lisa Ostrum.  Start talking to her.
    Lisa is a friendly person, and she tells you that someone
    has vandalized the library.  Dexter locked the library so
    no one can get in, but he probably has an extra key at the
    front desk (hint, hint).
    Lisa also brings you up to speed on the other people in the
    hotel.  Jacques Brunais is a ski instructor who completely
    screwed up in the last Winter Olympics, which is probably
    why he's not in France anymore.  Professor Hotchkiss is a
    nutty old woman who was recently robbed, but never said
    what got stolen.
    Lisa also lets you know that she's a photojournalist who's
    studying weird mansions, and that she doesn't know any
    foreign languages.  She mentions that the original owner of
    the castle, Ezra Wickford, locked himself inside the castle
    for about fifty years.  Weird.
    Hmmmm...it looks like Nancy has stumbled upon another
    mystery, namely, the mystery of the vandalized library!
    There's a bookshelf in the lounge with two books on the
    French Revolution that you can read, but there's not much
    point in doing it now, so instead you should go to the
    front desk of the lobby and talk to Dexter Egan, who's
    running the hotel.
    Boy, Dexter's not going to win any friendliness awards
    anytime soon, is he?  Give him your letter for George, and
    he says he'll mail it, but with all the snow, it's unlikely
    the mailman will pick it up soon.
    Dexter tells you the library is off-limits, due to the
    vandalism.  He also confirms the fact that Professor
    Hotchkiss is a nut, and gives you the job of delivering her
    ski boots.
    Hmmm...you know, right now I have to ideas about who could
    have vandalized the library.  It could have been Professor
    Hotchkiss, just because she's extremely strange according
    to everyone's accounts.  Then again, maybe the library was
    never vandalized, and Dexter is lying about it, because he
    locked the library and knows no one can prove him wrong.
    Why would he want to do that, though?
    It's time to head downstairs, so go to the lounge.  Go left
    down the hallway leading off of the lounge to reach the
    stairs.  Go down the stairs, and head through the halls of
    the basement.  At the "SKI RENTAL" sign, turn left and head
    to the ski rental area, where you'll find Jacques Brunais.
    Unless, of course, Jacques isn't there (he's there from 9
    to 12 and 2 to 5).  In which case, go to the ski rental
    door and take the paintbrush that's there.  Also, go to
    your locker (310) and open it (the combination is 5-1-7).
    Hey, it doesn't open!  Lame.  Then go to the elevator, and
    hide inside until it's time for Jacques to return (use the
    clock in the lower-left of the screen to tell what time it
    is, and if it'll take way too long to wait, go to your room
    (205) and set the alarm for a time when Jacques will be
    Jacques tells you that the strange tower is called the
    queen's tower, which came from France, near the town where
    he grew up.  It's called the queen's tower because Marie
    Antoinette, the queen of France, used to spend time in
    there before she got her head cut off in the French
    Talk to Jacques about how your locker combination doesn't
    work (you have to try to open your locker before you can
    talk to Jacques about it), and he tells you that is the
    combination for locker 311.  Make sure to get Professor
    Hotchkiss' boots from Jacques, then check locker 311.
    Whoops!  Somebody else is using the locker.  It's not
    polite to snoop but...let's open the bag and see what's
    Hmmm...cameras.  Oh, this must be Lisa's bag (she's a
    photojournalist, remember?).  Check out her fake IDs and
    passports, and a letter in Spanish (I thought she said she
    didn't know Spanish...the LIAR!).  Boy, Lisa has just
    jumped up ten points on the suspicious characters list,
    hasn't she?
    Go to the elevator and ride to the second floor.  Go to
    Professor Hotchkiss' room (214 - you can hear her typing
    as you approach it) and knock on the door.  She's glad to
    have the boots back, but doesn't open the door any more
    than a crack.  Leave the boots by the bottom of her door,
    then go to the lobby and talk to Dexter.
    Tell Dexter about your broken radiator, and he sends you
    off on a mission to fix the lights on the stairs.  Boy,
    some vacation!  Head to the lounge and talk to Lisa, who
    claims that the fake IDs are necessary for any savvy
    photojournalist.  Yeah, well, breaking the law is NOT savvy
    with Nancy Drew!
    Go down to the basement like you did last time, using the
    stairs that are by the lounge.  This time, turn right at
    the ski rental sign to find the circuit breaker and the
    elevator reset lever.  Open the circuit breaker.  Move all
    the switches on the right-hand side so that they're on the
    right, and move all the switches on the left-hand side so
    they're on the left (the exception are the two switches on
    the very bottom; don't move those at all).  Go back up the
    stairs to see that you've solved the problem, then go see
    Dexter gives you another mission: find out what Professor
    Hotchkiss wants for dinner.  Go to the Professor's room and
    ask her.  She wants couscous, and she promises to leave you
    a tip for next time.
    Go to Dexter and tell him that the Professor wants
    couscous.  He's never heard of it; tell her to order
    something OFF THE MENU.  Go back to the Professor and tell
    her that.  She doesn't have a menu, so she sends you to get
    You should have the menu from the drawer of Nancy's
    dresser, so knock on the Professor's door and give her the
    menu.  She orders fifty chicken wings.  Hey, where's the
    tip?  Go to Dexter and give him the order.  He tells you to
    go to Jacques and tell him to defrost the chicken.
    Oh boy.  Go downstairs to the basement and talk to Jacques. 
    If he's not there, go upstairs and set your alarm for a
    time where he is there, then go downstairs and talk to him.
    He doesn't seem happy about being treated like a chef, but
    too bad for him.
    Go to the elevator and ride it up to the second floor.  Oh
    no!  It gets stuck!  There's a little opening in the
    ceiling (if your back is to the door).  Climb through the
    opening.  Look up to see that there's a broken grate near
    the ladder thing.
    On top of the elevator is a box.  Stand on the box, and
    from there, open the door that leads to the second floor.
    Go downstairs and tell Dexter what went wrong.  He says to
    try the elevator reset lever, so go to the basement and
    pull the lever (it's to the left of the circuit breaker) to
    fix the elevator.
    Note: If you didn't get the paintbrush from Jacques'
    station in the basement when he wasn't around, make sure to
    do so now.
    Let's go explore that broken grate thing.  Go to the
    elevator (in the basement) and climb through the ceiling.
    You're at the bottom of the elevator shaft now.  There's a
    grate in the floor, but you can't climb through it (the
    lever is stuck), so instead climb up the ladder and go
    through the broken grate.
    The grate leads to a ventilation system.  Crawl through it
    all the way to reach the library that's been locked by
    Dexter.  Score!  Climb out into the library.
    Whoops!  Someone's jiggling the doorknob!  Climb back into
    the grate and hide while Dexter comes in.  He shuts off the
    security system and looks for something for a while.
    Hmmmm...I bet whoever trashed the library was looking for
    the same thing Dexter is!  But what could that be...?
    When Dexter's gone, climb down to the floor of the library.
    There's a small table underneath the hole in the wall.
    Read the book in the drawer, which is an atlas of the
    United States which places Wisconsin at 90 degrees west and
    45 degrees north.
    This table is dusty, so dip the paintbrush into the dust.
    Now we're going to try the "dusting for fingerprints" trick
    in Sassy Detective.  Go to the security system by the door
    and brush all of the buttons.  Now...using our knowledge
    from the Sassy Detective magazine, we know that the less
    clear fingerprints were made later, which means that the
    security code must be 3*72.
    You can pick up the diary of some French person to the left
    of the security system, and you can pick up Professor
    Hotchkiss' book to the right of the security system (on the
    floor).  Read both of them, as well as the book on the
    table directly opposite of the door to this room.
    From these books, you learn that Marie Antoinette, the
    Queen of France, had a fabulous tiara that went missing.
    When she had her portrait drawn, she purposely did not wear
    this tiara for some unknown reason.  This is important
    because Marie liked hanging around the queen's tower, and
    in case you can't tell from the name of this game
    ("treasure in the royal tower"), we're going to find some
    treasure there later on in this game.
    Head to the globe in the corner.  Remember how Wisconsin is
    at 90 degrees west?  Set the pointer at the top of the
    globe to 90 degrees, then click on the knob at the top of
    the globe to open up the globe.  Inside is a strange
    drawing with the numbers -15, 10 and -5 on it.
    Now go to the mantle of this room.  Click on the sign about
    rabbits having three openings to their dens, and you see
    the device from the strange drawing.  Set it to -15 and
    click the green button, then to 10 and click the green
    button, and then to -5 and click the green button. 
    A secret door opens.  Head up the stairs to find that it's
    next to the grate.  Head into the secret room, and pick up
    the lighter on the table.  Light the candle of the room to
    find a key hidden in the candle.
    Read the poem that's on the table.  It's from Dexter's dad,
    who has apparently hidden something behind his head in his
    thinking spot in the garden.  Weird...blow out the candle
    and leave through the front doors of the library.
    Head to your room.  Hey, Dexter fixed the radiator!  Grab
    the oil can he left behind, then call George and Ned on the
    telephone.  You talk to them about all the various people
    in the hotel.  Set the alarm to 10 PM or so, then go to the
    front desk and steal Dexter's key to the library (it's in
    the lower-left drawer in his desk).
    Head to the library (it's opposite of the elevator door on
    the first floor).  Make sure to call the elevator to the
    first floor, too.  Then open the library door with the key
    you stole from Dexter, and go inside.
    Once inside the library, turn to the keypad and type in the
    security code, 3*72.  Then go up the stairs and crawl
    through the grate to the elevator shaft.
    Climb down to the bottom of the shaft.  Remember how
    there's a grate on the floor that you couldn't open?  Use
    the oil can on the lever, which fixes things.  Pull the
    lever and head down the stairs that appear.
    You reach two doors (unless the elevator is on bottom
    floor, in which case it is in the way and you can't get
    to the doors).  The door on the right leads to the ski
    rental place, where you've already been, so don't go
    through it.
    Instead, go through the left door.  There are seven locks
    to the door, which you must depress in the correct order
    (the order changes whenever you approach the door).  Open
    the door and go through.  Head left at the end of the
    hallway (away from the stairs).
    Hey, it's the hidden entrance to the royal tower!  And...
    Jacques trying to break into it!  Talk to him to learn that
    his great-grandfather worked on the tower in France, and he
    found a medallion and diary in the tower.  He didn't get a
    chance to see what the rest of the tower was like, and now,
    about eighty years later, Jacques is trying to have a
    look-see himself.
    For some reason, Jacques sends you to his locker to get his
    medallion.  The combination to his locker is 2-6-6-7.  Take
    the tip of the spear from the suit of armor by the door to
    the queen's tower, then head to Jacques' locker.
    Open the locker, and check out the letter on the bottom
    shelf.  Hmmm...US Immigration is onto Jacques, whose stay
    in the US is soon coming to an end...check out the letter
    from his fiancee (pasted on the backside of the door), and
    then look at the medallion on the top shelf.
    THWAP!  Someone knocks Nancy unconscious!  Holy crap!  The
    phone is ringing, so answer the phone and talk to Jacques.
    He can't believe you lost his medallion, and hangs up on
    you.  Yeah, thanks for making sure Nancy is okay after she
    got attacked by someone getting YOUR stupid medallion,
    Call Bess and George, and they figure out that you getting
    stuck in the elevator was sabotage, and that you should go
    up the elevator shaft and through the broken grate.  Um,
    yeah, we probably should have called them sooner.  Call
    them back again to talk about how Dexter is apparently
    looking for something in the library (could it be what the
    vandal was looking for?) and about Marie Antoinette's tiara
    that was worth a frooglepoopillion dollars.
    So, to sum up the mystery so far: someone trashed the
    library, stole something from Professor Hotchkiss, and is
    being hostile to Nancy.  It could be Dexter, who's looking
    for something, Jacques, who's trying to break into the
    queen's tower, Professor Hotchkiss, who's weird, and Lisa,
    who's the shady type with multiple identities.
    Hey, you have call waiting!  See what the message is, and
    it's from Dexter, who took you up to your room and wants to
    talk to you now.  Go see Dexter, and fess up about how you
    found your way to the queen's tower.
    Dexter isn't angry, because he remembers doing the same
    thing when he was a kid and Ezra Wickford ran the castle.
    Dexter agrees to help you out, and tells Nancy that the key
    to the door blocking the tower is in the shed out back.
    Talk to him about Ezra Wickford's thinking place, and he'll
    tell you how to get there.
    Head to the basement.  Talk to Jacques if he's there.  He's
    upset that you lost his medallion.  Nancy accuses him of
    knocking her out and being an overall jerk.  Jacques then
    refuses to talk to you anymore.
    The exit to the building is by the lockers.  Go outside and
    head to the shed.  Go down the stairs to the right, and go
    to the shelves along the left wall.  On the left part is a
    diagram for the ski lift (which operates on the numbers 3 2
    4), in the middle is a newspaper clipping proving Dexter is
    an ex-con (suspicious), and on the right is the key you're
    looking for.
    Head back inside the building (so you don't freeze to
    death), then leave the building again.  Instead of going to
    the shed, turn left and head down the path there.  You
    reach a wall covered in vines.  Push the vines away, then
    rotate the circle on the door into place (I don't know why
    this was put in the game), then push the door handle-thing
    (on the left) and go inside the garden.
    Well, this place sure doesn't look very garden-like now
    that everything is covered in snow.  Find the bust of Ezra
    Wickford near the corner of the garden (remember how Ezra's
    note said to look behind his head?)  Step back twice from
    the bust, then rotate the bow-and-arrow statue twice.
    Go back to the bust, which has turned around.  Pull the
    lever, and a hidden door at the bottom of the pillar opens.
    Check what's inside, which is a box.  Use the key you got
    from the candle in the library to open the box.  You get a
    medallion, sort of like Jacques' medallion, except it's red
    instead of blue.
    Go inside, and see what Lisa is up to.  EVIL???  No, wait,
    she's just reading her magazine.  She tells you that she
    saw Dexter outside with a green thing, which you should
    check out.  Lisa's going to stay inside instead of helping
    you investigate, though.
    Go outside, and then, hey, someone locks you outside!  Not
    cool!  Go to the shed.  Now, there are two machines in this
    room.  The one on the left is the ski lift machine, and the
    one on the right is for some unknown purpose.  Zoom in on
    the unknown machine and take the green thing, which is a
    poorly-hidden green medallion.
    Then go to the ski lift machine.  Remember how it operates
    on the numbers 3 2 4?  Well, you can move each lever down
    four times, so that refers to which position the levers are
    in, assuming the position the levers start in is position
    Here's how the levers work:
    Lever 1: Moves levers 1, 2 and 3.
    Lever 2: Moves levers 2 and 3.
    Lever 3: Moves levers 1 and 3.
    Because the first lever moves all three levers, all we have
    to do is get the levers into a position where the first
    lever is one below the second and one above the third, and
    we can just rotate things into place from there.  So we
    don't have to take rotating lever one into consideration,
    which helps us out some.
    Now, let's ignore the position of lever three for a second.
    To get the levers in place, lever two has to be above
    lever one.  Since we can move the levers only once per
    pull, this means we have to pull the lever that runs lever
    two (which is lever two) one time less than the lever that
    runs lever one (which is lever three).  In case you don't
    follow the logic, it means you pull lever three one more
    time than lever two.
    Let's see if this works.  Pull lever three twice, and lever
    two once.  Yes!  It works!  The ski lift starts going, and
    Dexter comes to find out what's going on.  He lets you back
    on, and compliments you on your quick thinking.
    Okay, now we have the key to the queen's tower and two
    medallions (not Jacques' though), let's head to the tower.
    Go through the route you used last time (which starts out
    at the library), then use the key on the door to get inside
    the tower.
    The way is blocked, because the steps are in the wrong
    position.  Look right, and you'll see movable chains.  Look
    left to see the positions the chains should be in, which
    form two diagonal lines.  Okay, logic time again.
    Chain 1: Moves chains 1 and 4.
    Chain 2: Moves chains 2 and 1.
    Chain 3: Moves chains 2 and 3.
    Chain 4: Moves chain 4.
    Chain 5: Moves chains 5 and 1.
    Luckily, this is easier than the puzzle with the levers
    because chain four moves by itself, meaning that you'll
    move chain four last, so displacing that chain doesn't
    Now, since chains three and five can only be moved by
    themselves (ie. you won't move them by pulling on another
    chain), you can start off by getting those chains in the
    right position and leaving them there.
    Now we have to get chains two, one and four into the
    correct position.  Displacing chain four doesn't matter,
    which means displacing chain one doesn't matter (because it
    moves itself and chain four).  So set chain two into
    position by pulling on it, then set chain one into
    position by pulling on it, and set chain four into
    position by pulling on it, and the path opens up for you. 
    Head to the tower, and you find a prison, right under where
    the stairs to the tower stop.  I bet the stairs are
    controlled by the game on the chess-like board.  It's a
    moving-piece puzzles, where you click on the side of a coin
    to move it in that direction (it moves all the way in that
    direction).  I guess it's logic time again.
    Junior Detectives:
    The only way to get the green piece to where it's supposed
    to be is to get it in the square that's left of where it
    needs to go.  In order to stop the green piece at that
    spot, we need to put the other two pieces in the way.
    To do this, move the red piece left and up.  Move the blue
    piece down, left and up.  Then move the green piece down,
    left, up and left to get it where it's supposed to go.
    Now we just need to get the other pieces in place.  Move
    the blue piece right and down.  Move the red piece right,
    down, and left.  Ta-da!  Puzzle solved!
    Senior Detectives:
    The only way to get the blue piece where it's supposed to
    go is to be on the square above it.  Let's call this square
    the desired square.  The way to reach the desired square is
    to move the blue piece up and left, meaning we need a piece
    one up and one right of the desired square (that takes care
    of moving the blue piece "up" to the correct level), and a
    piece left of the desired square (which takes care of the
    moving the blue piece "left" to the correct column.  We'll
    need to have a piece above the piece left of the desired
    square to secure it, as well.
    So...move the red, then gray pieces left, then up.  Move the
    green piece up, left, and up.  Now all those pieces are in
    place.  Move the blue piece up, left, up, left and down to
    get it into the desired position.
    Now we have to move the green piece into position.  We have
    to do this by moving the green piece up, left, then down
    into position, meaning we have to have to place the two
    remaining pieces one left of the new desired square, and
    one up and right of the desired square.
    Let's get the gray piece in the spot left of the new
    desired square.  To do this, we'll have to get the gray
    piece on this level, and there's only one wall that can do
    that, so you need to get it on the level with the wall,
    then to the wall, then to its spot.
    To do this, move the gray and green pieces right.  Move the
    red piece down to get it out of the way for now, then move
    the gray piece into position by moving it up, right, down
    and left.
    Now to get the red piece into position, which can be easily
    done by moving the red piece right, up and left.  But the
    green piece has to be on the bottom and not on the top of
    the board for the strategy we're going with to work.  So
    move the red piece right, then the green piece left and
    down, getting it at the bottom of the board.  Then move the
    red piece up and left to its desired position, then move
    the green piece up, left and down to get it into position.
    Okay, now there's just the gray and red pieces left.  The
    gray square is easily accessible, so we must have to get
    the red one done first, by getting it into the appropriate
    row, then moving it left into position.  This is easy; move
    the gray piece right and up, then move the red piece right,
    up, and left into position.
    Now there's just the gray piece left.  Move it down, left,
    and up to beat the puzzle.
    Red left, red up, gray left, gray up, green up, green left,
    green up, blue up, blue left, blue up, blue left, blue
    down (blue in position), gray right, green right, red down,
    gray up, gray right, gray down, gray left, red right, green
    left, green down, red up, red left, green up, green left,
    green down (green in position), gray right, gray up, red
    right, red up, red left (red in position), gray down, gray
    left, gray up.
    Go up the stairs to reach the tower, which is glitzy, but
    kind of boring.  On the other side of the room is a puzzle
    you can zoom in on.
    DAMN, not one of these puzzles!  You can rotate a piece by
    click on its top-left corner, and you can switch pieces by
    clicking on them one after the other.  If you're a junior 
    detective, all the middle pieces are in the right place for
    you, which is nice.
    Okay...so I can't help you completely with this puzzle, but
    here are some hints.  The top row of the puzzle has thick
    frayed ends, while the bottom row has thinner frayed ends
    (you can only see the tips of the ends on the bottom row
    pieces).  The circular designs in the corners are larger on
    the top corners, and there are lines running down the left
    and right hand sides.  That's about as much help as I can
    give you; you'll just have to work out the rest for
    Once you solve the puzzle, a hidden compartment opens up,
    which contains a French diary.  But...Nancy can't read
    French.  Shoot.  Who can translate it for is?  Lisa
    probably can, but she's pretending she doesn't know foreign
    languages, and Jacques mad at Nancy, so he won't translate
    it.  I guess that leaves Professor Hotchkiss.  Let's go see
    Note the box on the wall at the top of the stairs.  Hitting
    it makes the stairs disappear behind you, which is a neat
    security device.  We need the stairs, though, so don't hit
    the box just yet.
    Professor Hotchkiss wants you to find some information for
    here.  The answer is in one of the two books on the French
    Revolution in the lounge area.  Look up the answer, then
    give it to Professor Hotchkiss.  If you can't figure out
    the answer, ask her what you're looking for and she gives
    you a new question to answer.
    Professor Hotchkiss tells you that she holds office hours
    in the lounge from 3 AM to 6 AM.  Go to your room and set
    the alarm for 3 AM, then go down to the lounge and talk to
    Professor Hotchkiss.  It turns out she's a French History
    professor, whose specialty is Marie Antoinette (no surprise
    Don't tell her about the diary yet.  She gives you a key to
    her room, so go up to her room.  Hidden behind the pillow
    on the couch is Jacques' medallion (did the professor steal
    it, or is she being framed?).
    On her desk near her bed is a video recorder.  Watch the
    video, then take the battery out and put it in the charger.
    Go see Professor Hotchkiss and give her the diary.  She
    promises to give you a translation of the diary tomorrow.
    Go to your room and set the alarm for 3 AM again.  Go see
    Hotchkiss to learn that she translated the diary like she
    said she would.  Go to Hotchkiss' room, but before reading
    the translation, put the battery in the video recorder and
    watch the rest of Hotchkiss' video.
    Hotchkiss examines a peep hole which her medallion fits
    over.  Leave Hotchkiss' room and head right to reach the
    area Hotchkiss was visited in the video.  Look through the
    peep hole with the three medallions to see French phrases
    and symbols.
    Go to Hotchkiss' room and check the typewriter.  On the
    right is the translation of Marie's journal, and on the
    left is Marie's symbol guide.  Nancy uses this to translate
    the symbols she saw on the wall, which read "purple rose
    hold diamond key of queen".  Where have we seen a purple
    Well, duh, there was a big stink made about the purple rose
    in the book in the library about famous paintings.  And, of
    course, the painting is in the queen's tower.  Go all the
    way back to the queen's tower, and examine the purple rose.
    Use the tip of the sword that you took from the knight's
    armor by the locked entrance to the queen's tower, and
    scrape away the tiles.  Inside is a key thing, which fits
    the hole in the floor.
    There are three other holes in the floor, for the
    medallions.  Put the green one in the bottom hole, the blue
    one in the right hole, and the red one in the left hole.
    Then stick the key in the middle hole and the diamond pops
    up.  All right, Drew!
    Lisa shows up!  Please let her be there just to grab a
    photo opportunity, please let her be there just to grab a
    photo opportunity...Dang!  She's the evil bad guy, and she
    was using the time-honored evil villain technique of
    letting the good guy do all the work and then robbing the
    good guy at the last second.  I really HATE that technique!
    Lisa pepper-sprays Nancy, and confesses to a few things,
    like knocking Nancy unconscious, locking her outside,
    hiding Jacques' medallion in Hotchkiss' room to frame
    Hotchkiss, and stopping the elevator when Nancy was in it.
    She then takes the diamond and runs off.
    Luckily, we know there's a security device!  Open the door
    and press the box on the wall to make the stairs retract.
    Because Lisa is too busy running to slow down, she falls in
    the prison and starts cursing you.  All right!  Mystery
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
    under general information)

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