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    Walkthrough by arthur1042

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    Test 1: Neuroanalysis Test 
    Go to barbers roof via stairs, move dish, quickly get down, enter 
    barber shop, move Lazy Susan in front of barbers chair, enter 
    back room, barber will come back, ask haircut, ask for hairwax, 
    regular hairwax.  Ask to put amount due on tab. Choose  sentence 
    with good. Exit shop. Now collect Puz Dispenser in Wilburs room, 
    in Aunt Pollys  home., Go to Vera Diner (left bottom in front of 
    aunt Pollys house. Take mouse trap, connect spring to Puz 
    Dispenser. Go to old bridge give Puz Dispenser to Odie. Go to 
    Vera Diner, outside open ice box get ice, get fanbelt from motor 
    of car.  Test 1 done. 
    Test 2: Survival test 
    Go down center tube, get Kibble use gun on ice. Go up, go up, 
    move Wood Chippings, quickly  go down left tube. Go down , stand 
    in rightmost corner. Wait. Go up shoot Waterdish. Go down. Use 
    pantyhose on motor.  Drop kibble on floor, move motor. Exit. Test 
    2 done. 
    Test 3: Sensory Perception Test 
    Go to Old Bridge, go left,  move sign, wait till you see the 
    trucker. Go to Town Hall, enter Town Hall. Knock on Town Records. 
    Buy property. Sign contract. Go to Aunt Pollys house, outside 
    open mailbox. Go to Kitchen (Door to the right). Talk with Aunt 
    Polly about phone bill. Take Carrot Juice (its under the juicer) 
    . Go to Vera Diner outside, go left, use rowboat. Use Teleporter 
    (just above control-box), take Burger Morsel. (The spit you spit 
    out) Go into Cabin, get matches (on the table next to the bed) 
    exit cabin. Give Burger Morsel to Truffels: the pig. Go to 
    Backyard, put Carrot Juice in boiler, turn on fueltank, use 
    matches on burner, Take jug,  put jug on stool. Go to frontyard. 
    Go to cellar (mine) use jug on Wilbur. Enter mine. Use dog 
    whistle to find out if you are getting closer or further away 
    from Truffels. When you find Truffels use dog whistle and  she 
    will go away.  Use probe to get burger, Test 3 done. 
    Test 4: Language Test 
    First fail test, go to Aunt Polly House, go to bathroom, take 
    laxative (looks like chocolate). Go to Vera Diner, if  there is a 
    touring bus standing, go to parking lot, if not wander around 
    till it is there. When you are in the parking lot give laxative 
    to Drumz. Take amplifier (above Drumz). Use transporter. When 
    test begins use these things to exterminate Borks: Bork in the 
    bathroom, take rubberduck, put rubberduck in toilet, flush, 
    flush. Bork in the kitchen, wait till he jumps to the microwave 
    quickly take rollerpin and use on Bork, turn on microwave. Bork 
    sliding on the stairs.  Go bathroom and fill bottle that first 
    contained carrot juice with soapy water,  put soapy water on 
    railing. Bork in basement. Take dirty sock, put in wringer, turn 
    on outside breaker. Bork who is playing with the computer, use 
    amplifier on television. Go down, get kindling (wood), use on 
    television fire upstairs. Get back to Wilburs room exit by 
    window. Get christmas lights use lights on hole, go to kitchen 
    get rubber gloves ( hanging on cupboard) put on gloves go to Aunt 
    Polly room get lights use lights on phone cord. Test done. 
    Test 5: Logic Test 
    Fail test, go to Old Bridge, go left, go down, go to sheriffs 
    window, get keys, exit. Open trunk with keys, get Jaws o life, 
    get keys, go to sheriffs window, put keys in ignition. Use 
    transporter, give deed to Elmo, exit by rightmost disc, use fish 
    on tire (jus in front of the hole) use jawz on lock, pull lever, 
    use hook on barred window, get dog collar go into jail get 
    quarter. Exit, and exit by rightmost disc, give dog collar to 
    Vipe, ask for records, use records on jukebox, use quarter on 
    jukebox. Exit by topmost disc. Test done. 
    Ship. Watch movie when ready talk to Flumix until you can ask him 
    where the meatlocker is. 

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