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"A very different hentai game, but a hentai game none the less."

If you're familiar and like Hentai games, then this game is a must play. It features an exceptionally emotional and well developed script and there's no sex for the first 2 hours. Instead, you experience the main character's fleshed out childhood and become immersed in his life. The detailed sex scenes were almost surprising when they come as I was fooled into thinking this was a pure drama game up until then. The game features 6 endings so you'll probably find yourself going through a few times to see them. The interface is refined enogh that you are able to skip at fast speeds to the choice nodes of the game. There were only minor problems with the experience as a Hentai game. I thought there's very little say in term of what your character does and often, you find your character saying or doing things in which you don't have any choice. I also found it somewhat difficult to relate to the main character's fairly rigid personality, but other people might have no trouble.

As I briefly alluded to above, the main problem lies in the fact that it's still at its core, a 10-20 choice based, menu driven, slide show Hentai Game, and if you're not familiar with these types of games from the past when gaming was less sophisticated for technological reasons, the experience would probably be unappealing compared to an interactive adventure or role playing game such as Knights of the Old Republic or Beyond Good and Evil. Again, this really is a very good hentai game, but my opinion of it soured after having played much better PC games that had equally good dialogue options AND an actual game that came with the story too. I felt much more engaged by these other games and it felt like achieving the 6 endings that seemed to occur independent of your choices was a waste of time. If you really want a good story, I'd suggest reading a good classic novel like Anna Karenina or Brothers Karamazov. This game will teach a little about Japanese culture but that's about it.

Graphics - 7: It's a slide show, not particularly impressive but functional. It could have used some FMV if you ask me or maybe some sprite based animation.

Gameplay - 2: This game is reduced to navigating a tree with 6 leaf nodes as it tracks your path along about 15 choice nodes. Maybe a high-schooler would find such a reduction of this game instructive as an excercise in basic graph theory, but otherwise it's not very interesting at all. There's lots of hentai games with better to offer, and almost all non-hentai games have better game play. It's also more of a chore to try to find all 6 endings as I see no obvious way to see all of them save trying all choice options which could take you a while. Try the using faq on this site to save time.

Story - 8: The strongest aspect of this game hands down. It's very emotional and tear jerking, but not so strong that I would prefer it over a good book or short story.

Sound - 7: Again, more or less a slide show of sound effects with background music. Functional but hardly exceptional.

Overall, I'd recommend just a single play through this game if you're an otaku for the cute girls and the story but I found it to be a big waste of time in general.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/04/04

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