Review by ina300

Reviewed: 01/18/06

Its a game about incest; do I really need to say anything else?

Kana: Little Sister is an H-game. The point of an H-game is to tell a story that revolves around sex, and to show pictures of those sex scenes. Kana: Little Sister is no different except for the fact that it also has “life lessons” in twined into the story. These stories are normally boring and are dragged out.

I didn't like this game at all. Your younger sister, Kana, complained about every little thing, and was boring. She has no redeeming value. The story portrays Kana as a wimp who is scared of everything; the reasoning is because she’s sick. The story tries to make you feel sorry for Kana. The point of the game is that Kana is trying to overcome her fears of everything. While this may sound interesting and dynamic the problem is that Kana never gets over her fears. This makes the entire story of the game seam pointless and unsatisfying.

People claim the incest factor is barley noticeable and you can even have the option not to have sex. Unfortunately this is all lies. In the first thirty minutes the story had no incest and was interesting. However, once you reach the point where Kana reaches high school it takes a turn for the worst. Even if you take one of the routes where you don't have sex with Kana (and there are only two out of six) almost every single scene in this game is filled with incest. The main character is constantly thinking "what would my sister look like naked." It wouldn't be so bad if I actually liked Kana but she had the most annoying personality ever.

The only good part about the game was Yumi. She was fun, sexy, and always stood by you no matter what. Even when she’s learns you have been fooling around with your sister she still wants to be your girlfriend. Of the six ending one is claimed to be the Yumi ending. I decided to take this path thinking I may actually like it. But unfortunately it was the worst of all. The main character becomes more obsessed with Kana in the Yumi ending then he does in any other ending.

It can take hours before the next scene were you can chose what to do. Even when you do get to these points there are usually only a few options, and what you chose may not even affect the story. Another disappointment is that even though there are six endings, there are really only two paths, and three ending to each path. This makes the few choices you have in the game even less important. Because in the big scheme of things you don't have any control over your character. This game really isn’t a game at all.

Finally the hentai was less then outstanding. You would think that even if I didn't like the story I could at least enjoy the game at its most primitive level. Wrong again, there are only a few five sex scenes in the entire game, and you are only able to have sex with two woman (one being your sister). Even though there is a really hot nurse you never get it on with her. When I first played the game I said I would play until the first sex scene. I started playing around 10:00 pm and I didn't get to bed until 2:30 am. Yea it took over four hours to get the first sex scene. This doesn’t mean however that the first four hours of the game where clean. Even though there wasn't any sex there was a lot of panty shots and the main character thinking "wow my sisters breast are growing."

I do have one positive comment about the hentai though. When their where sex scenes it was some of the best I've scene. No weird fetish that you normally see in hentai, just soft-core, consensual sex.

Overall Kana: Little Sister has a very bland story, with bad characters, and no gameplay.

Score: 1/10

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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