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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Walkthroughs by Jack

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 12/25/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          _   _                             ______                         
         | \ | |                            |  _  \                      _ 
         |  \| |  __ _  _ __    ___  _   _  | | | | _ __  ___ __      __(_)
         | . ` | / _` || '_ \  / __|| | | | | | | || '__|/ _ \\ \ /\ / /   
         | |\  || (_| || | | || (__ | |_| | | |_/ || |   | __/ \ V  V /  _ 
         |_| \_| \__,_||_| |_| \___| \__, | |____/ |_|   \___|  \_/\_/  (_)
                                      __/ |                                
       _____ _           ______ _             _   _____                     
      |_   _| |          |  ___(_)           | | /  ___|                    
        | | | |__   ___  | |_   _ _ __   __ _| | \ `--.  ___ ___ _ __   ___ 
        | | | '_ \ / _ \ |  _| | | '_ \ / _` | |  `--. \/ __/ _ \ '_ \ / _ \
        | | | | | |  __/ | |   | | | | | (_| | | /\__/ / (_|  __/ | | |  __/
        |_| |_| |_|\___| |_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| \____/ \___\___|_| |_|\___|
                             Nancy Drew: The Final Scene
                      A walkthrough Co-Authored by Jack and Kate  
                           Copywrited ©Jack+Kate 2008-2009
                                     Version 0.6
                  This walkthrough may ONLY be used on these sites:
                               Gamespot / GameFAQs
                          (gamespot.com) (gamefaqs.com)
                             Welcome to our Walkthrough!
               Table of Contents:
        Walkthrough Information
            -Welcome to our Walkthrough!    [WELOW]
            -Legal / Copywrite Notice       [LEGCN]
            -Walkthrough Information        [WALKI]
            -Table of Contents Note	        [WTOCN]
            -About Us                       [ABTUS]
        Version Guide:
            -Version Update List            [VERUL]
        Welcome to The Final Scene:
            -Game Requirements              [GAMER]
            -Plot                           [NPLOT]
            -Main Menu Help and Guide       [MMGAH]
            -Junior or Senior?              [JROSR]
            -Controls                       [CONTR]
        The Walkthrough Begins...:
            -Note before we begin           [NDNOT]
            -Actual Walkthrough             [AWALK]
            -Easter Eggs                    [EAEGG]
            -Credits                        [CREDS]
            -E-mail Rules                   [ERULE]
            -E-Mail                         [EMAIL]
               |                                                         |
               |                 Walkthrough Information                 |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|WELOW|~       | |------------------ 
    Welcome to our walkthrough. Kate and I are very pleased to give you our "Nancy
    Drew: The Final Scene" Game Walkthrough! My name is Jack, and my sister, Kate,
    both are the makers of this walkthrough. Although I have made one before, my
    sister has never made one (So this will be her first), and this will be our 
    1st one together! We both hope you enjoy! We both really hope you enjoy this
    walkthrough, and also, keep an eye out for more, because we both are going to 
    try and make all of the Nancy Drew games walkthroughs. So, anyways, Enjoy!
    Please note that this version is incomplete.
               -------------| |         ~|LEGCN|~       | |------------------ 
    This walkthrough has been copywrited ©Jack+Kate 2008. No materials can be 
    reproduced without permission of the makers (Jack and Kate), which you can
    gain permission of this guide by e-mailing us (Look at correct area). If you
    copy any materials from us; you are subject to take a trip down to court with
    us. An exception to this rule is for the sites listed above, and, also for
    HerInteracitve Message Boards, which have permission to use this walkthrough,
    along with their Hint and Tip Boards.
    Also, this walkthrough may not be reproduced or sold for money PERIOD. This 
    walkthrough remains FREE, and it WILL stay that way.
               -------------| |         ~|WALKI|~       | |------------------ 
    Well, now that we have the legal stuff out of the way, let me give you some
    information about this walkthrough. Just look at the stuff below:
    Walkthrough Name: Nancy Drew: The Final Scene
    Made By: Jack and Kate
    Date Started: July 3rd, 2008
    Date Finished:
    Memory: 30.7 KB (When you copy and paste onto Notebook)
    Pages: 13 (Note: Number is appx.)
    E-Mail: walkthroughs@rocketmail.com (See E-Mail Rules)
               -------------| |         ~|WTOCN|~       | |------------------ 
    Most likely, you have noticed that this walkthrough keeps having this 5-Digit
    letter and number combo in all cap modes that is located in the table of 
    contents and above every little sub-section. (For example, "WTOCN") Well, 
    these 5-Digit Codes are actually clever navigation tools!
    Here is how this works. First, click "CTRL" and "F" together. A box called
    "Find" should appear. Type in that code in the text box, and click the 2 boxes
    (One says "Match whole word only", and the other one says "Match Case"). Now
    click "Find", "Find Next", or "Next" (You will only have one of those buttons,
    just sometimes, on different computers, they are different) and your off!
               -------------| |         ~|ABTUS|~       | |------------------ 
    Well, my name is Jack, and I like to play not only Nancy Drew, but other
    mystery games series, like Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, etc. I have a GCN,
    PS2, GBA, PC, Super Nintendo, a DS, and hopefully soon a Wii. My interests 
    include swimming, being with my friends, and being on the computer.
    My name is Kate, and I love mystery games! I have played all the Nancy Drew
    games, Agatha Christie, and I can't wait for the Hardy Boy Mysteries to come
    out. Like my brother, my favorite sport is swimming. In my spare time, I like
    to read, be on my computer, and be with friends.
               |                                                         |
               |                      Version Guide                      |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|VERUL|~       | |------------------ 
                   < Version: 0.5                                     >
                   < It Contains: Everything but most of the          >
                   <              game walkthrough.                   >
                   <                                                  >
                   < Version: 0.6                                     >
                   < It Contains: Added First day of gameplay and a    >
                   <              couple more sections. I also am     >
                   <              going to publish this on websites.  >        
                   <                                                  >
               |                                                         |
               |               Welcome to the Final Scene                |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|GAMER|~       | |------------------ 
    PC CD ROM only
    Operating System:
    Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
    Minimum System Requirements: 
    166 MHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU,
    16 MB of RAM,
    150MB or more of hard drive space,
    16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible graphics video card,
    16-Bit DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card,
    8X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers 
               -------------| |         ~|NPLOT|~       | |------------------ 
    NOTE: Plot Taken from HerInteractive Website.
    When one of her high school friends gets kidnapped in an historic theater, our
    favorite detective Nancy Drew® is plunged into a desperate race against the
    clock: with the theater being torn down in just three days, can Nancy outwit
    the kidnapper and rescue her friend before the wrecking ball flies? Or will
    this be Maya's final scene?
    The Case: Nancy travels to St. Louis to visit her old friend Maya and attend
    the premier of a new blockbuster movie, “Vanishing Destiny,” at the Royal
    Palladium Theater. The historic theater is scheduled for demolition in just 3
    days and Maya is covering the controversial story. But when Maya is kidnapped
    just before her big interview with the movie’s leading man, Brady Armstrong,
    Nancy’s night out at the movies turns into a nightmare.
    She’s convinced that the kidnapper is hiding Maya in the mysterious theater in
    a desperate attempt to halt the demolition, but no one believes her! Nancy
    must juggle her efforts between searching for her friend, proving to the
    police that Maya is really in the theater, and finding a way to stop the
    demolition. It’s not long before Nancy begins to unravel the tangled history
    of the theater’s ownership, a web of secret deals and betrayals surrounding
    Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist. Will this information help
    Nancy save the day? Can Nancy afford to gamble with time when her friend’s
    days are numbered? Play the game and find out! Use your best detective skills
    to explore this once- grand theater in a frantic quest for clues, secret 
    passageways, hidden rooms--anything that will help you find your friend. Her 
    life depends on it. Tick-tock!
               -------------| |         ~|MMGAH|~       | |------------------ 
    The Main menu can do a couple of handy things.
    "New Game"         - Well, I think you know it's just how to start a new 
    "Load & Save Game" - Again, you should be able to figure this out. To save,
                         Click on the words, and type in your "Game Name", and
                         then click save. To load, just find that game name and 
                         click the load button.
    "Continue Game"    - When you click menu during game play, it will bring you
                         here. Just click the continue game button to continue.
    "Second Chance"    - Did a crate fall on you? Did the culprit get away? Did
                         you make and fatal mistakes causing you to go back to the
                         menu and can't continue game play? Don't worry! Just
                         click this button to go back right before you made that
                         fatal mistake. Also, if you forgot to save when you exit
                         last time, you can just click this to go somewhere by
                         where you were. Sadly though, this won't work if you
                         weren't the last one to play or you hit New Game 
                         (Remember, that isn't the main purpose of how to use it).
    "Game Setup"       - Using this menu, you can adjust your Voice Volume, Music
                         Volume, and Special Effects Volume, and you can turn on
                         or off the Player Speech, Character Speech, and Closed
    "Credits"          - Click this to see some talented people's name who made
                         this game. This will play when you beat the game, and you
                         can click to get out of it.
    "Help"             - This just explains the menu, something about the game 
                         play, and more.
    "Exit"             - Exiting the game and back to Windows or Mac. Be sure to
                         save before leaving!
               -------------| |         ~|JROSR|~       | |------------------ 
    Q: What is Junior and Senior Detective Mode?
    A: First, the mysteries are exactly the same. For example, if you find a 
       secret passageway in one, it will show up in both. The ONLY difference is
       that Junior Mode has easier puzzles, and you can call up Bess, George, or
       Ned for hints, in which Senior Detective, puzzles are harder, and you do
       not get hints in.
    Q: What Detective mode should I play?
    A: Well, in Junior, as stated above, is easier, while Senior is harder. So, in
       other words, it is more of a "Choose your Difficult". If you are new to the
       Nancy Drew Games, I recommend that you start with Junior. Or, another easy
       way to decide is based on age. I'd say 12 and under play Junior, while 13
       and over play Senior, but, hey, this is just how I feel.
    Q: If I'm stuck, can I get answers on this walkthrough for both Junior and
    A: Yes - But keep in mind, they aren't organized separately. For the stuff that
       is different in Senior mode, it will be right under the Junior puzzle
               -------------| |         ~|CONTR|~       | |------------------ 
    Need help on controls? Well, due to the fact it is a little hard to explain on
    paper, I'll tell you and just click the "Tutorial" button on the New Game
    page, and it will go over that and more.
    Now, you might want to do this now, because the game is about to start.
               |                                                         |
               |               The Walkthrough Begins...                 |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|NDNOT|~       | |------------------ 
    Just a quick note, as stated a little bit above this, is that Senior Detective
    Answers in a puzzle stuff will be located right under the Junior Puzzle stuff.
               -------------| |         ~|AWALK|~       | |------------------ 
    Beginning the Game:
    Click New game, and choose what type of detective you want to be. In Nancy's
    letter, Nancy tells Bess that she is helping her friend, Maya Nguyen, get the
    scoop from Brady Armstrong on the Royal Palladium Theater's last performance, 
    Vanishing Destiny. But when Maya walks into Brady's Dressing Room, Nancy turns 
    around to get snacks, when suddenly she hears Maya scream!  Nancy runs back
    to the dressing room.  She opens the door to find no one there.  All of a
    sudden, she hears the phone ring. She answers it to hear a strange voice on 
    the other line who says "If they knock the theater down, the girl will go down
    with it!" Back up from the phone, and hear it ring again. This time it is 
    someone else. Instead of the kidnapper, it is Joseph, the caretaker. Nancy
    tells him what happens, and continue the conversation, and find out about the
    call from the kidnapper came from inside the building, and also learn about a
    secret passageway somewhere in Brady's Dressing Room. It's time to investigate!
    Talk to Brady:
    As you back up from the phone, Brady enters the room and starts to talk to 
    you. Continue the conversation. After the conversation, Brady exits the room
    to either look for Maya or go talk to Joseph, depending on your conversation
    Investigating Brady's Room:
    When looking at the door, to the left of it you will find a closet. First try
    opening the left door of the closet and find it is locked. Now open the right
    side of the closet. Inside this side of the closet, if you put your cursor on
    the top of the shelf, you will see your cursor change into an arrow. Once you
    have done this, you should see a wand on the top shelf. Take the WAND by 
    clicking it and it will automatically go into your inventory.  Close the 
    closet and back up. 
    Now go toward his dresser, and to the right of it, you should see a sink with
    a portrait above it. Walk over to it and click on the portrait. It should
    reveal a hidden lever. Pull it. Close the portrait, and go back into the
    center of the room. This time, look towards the right of the door, and you
    should see a rack of clothing. Head towards it and pull back the clothes. A
    secret passageway! Let's explore it! Go to the end of the passageway (as there
    is nothing to see in here), and it will lead to Simone's Dressing Room.
    Talk to Simone (Or at least try):
    "Someone just climbed out of my wardrobe"... Nancy tells Simone that there is
    an emergency. Simone supposedly has "her own problems" she says.  She tells 
    ROOM AND BRADY'S ROOM.  Exit the room.
    When you exit Simone's room, turn to your left. You should see a big crate.
    Click on it. Then look down. Notice that there is a trap door below it. Try to
    to lift it and find that it is too heavy. Exit out and keep going straight, 
    toward the ropes. When you zoom in, your magnifying glass turns red on one
    particular rope. Keep clicking on the rope until you hear a "Clunk." Go back
    to the crate and find a hook just above the crate. Click on the hook to 
    connect it to the crate. Now go back to the rope. Then retie the rope until it
    is wound up. Once you have done this right, the rope should be unclickable. If
    you don't go all the way, it will fall on you and you will die and have to do a
    "Second Chance". Head back over to the crate and see that the crate is now way 
    above Nancy's head.  You are now able to go through the trap door and into the
    Go down into the basement (ewwww!!!) and turn left. Go straight and you should
    see a game straight ahead called Amazing Monty. Zoom in.  Press the yellow 
    button labeled "play."  The Amazing Monty will then speak. Press play and wait
    for all three squares to light up. Pick and click on one of the squares. Keep
    playing until you win.  Once you win, collect your winnings. Take the
    DIRECTIONS. Now, back up and turn around. Go to the other side of the room.
    Turn right. Go all the way until you see a gray safe. 
    We recommend saving all of this.
    Safe Puzzle: (Junior and Senior)
    Turn all the squares to spades. Number the boxes 1-5 (left to right). Click 
    the boxes in this order: Box 4(1 time), Box 1(1 time), Box 2(2 times),
    Box 3(3 times), Box 5(1 time). 
    And now, you'll find a box in the safe. This is a picture puzzle with 
    rotation and movement. Now, I (Jack) took the time to make a very weird 
    looking ASCII Answer. The way I made it is the Original Layout is the 
    UNTOUCHED FORMAT of the puzzle. Then, there is the Change to this layout.
    Looking at the Original Format, move the squares until it matches the change to
    this layout. Then, the last box is how many time you need to rotate 
    the image, which you do AFTER getting the right layout. Well, good luck!
                      Original Layout:            Change to this layout:
                     ___________________           ___________________
                    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |         | 20| 9 | 18| 11| 15|
                    | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10|         | 6 | 7 | 8 | 17| 2 |
                    | 11| 12| 13| 14| 15|         | 14| 12| 1 | 5 | 10|
                    | 16| 17| 18| 19| 20|         | 16| 4 | 3 | 19| 13|
                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                      Number of times you need rotate each square:
                                   (Clockwise format)
                                 | 2 | 3 | 0 | 2 | 1 |
                                 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 2 |
                                 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 0 |
                                 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 1 |
    Once you open the box, notice there are two GEARS missing.  Back out and exit
    the basement.  Right as you go out the trap door, go straight towards the door
    with the exit sign above it. (this door doesn't say dressing room and there is
    also another door like this on the other side of the stage)
    Right when you enter the hallway, you should see a double door.  Go in and 
    look around.  You should be able to look down.  Pick the QUARTER.  Exit.
    Also on your way through make sure you look at all the pictures.  Go to the
    end of the hallway.  Go forward and enter a large room.  Look around and you
    should see someone at the concession stand, who doesn't look like he works at
    the concession stand. Talk to him.
    Talking to Nichols Falcane:
    Talk to him, and you will learn that he has a problem with the police. You'll
    also learn his name, and that he is in charge of HAD IT. (Humans Against the
    Destruction of Illustrious Theaters) Continue the conversation until you are
    done asking what you can, and then you will leave him. Then, talk to him again
    about the "411". After that, just talk about his relationship with the police,
    and about HAD IT. He will tell you how HAD IT is working with the theater.
    Then, ask him if he knows what they plan to build on this spot after the 
    theater is gone? He doesn't really know. Leave him, and go out back to the
    center of the room. 
    The Bee's Knees Puzzle: (Junior)
    Turn a little to the right once you are in the center of the room, and you'll
    see a game by the pillar where it looks like a man in a tuxedo and a woman in
    a yellow dress are dancing. Click on it a couple of times tell you are in the
    game. (You'll here jazz music)
    This is how it works. You are the circle eighth note, and you are trying to
    get to the dancers, while avoiding the other notes, which, if they touch you,
    you die. You move with the arrows on the bottom right corner of the screen.
    The middle button is a reset button, which is where you retry the round. Just
    follow the directions I tell you below: (Note, the number in () just mean the
    move number)
    Up         (1)
    Up         (2)
    Right      (3)
    Right      (4)
    Up         (5)
    Up         (6)
    Up         (7)
    Right      (8)
    Down       (9)
    Down       (10)
    Right      (11)
    Right      (12)
    Right      (13)
    Right      (14)
    Up         (15)
    Left       (16)
    Up         (17)
    The Bee's Knees Puzzle: (Senior)
    Turn a little to the right once you are in the center of the room, and you'll
    see a game by the pillar where it looks like a man in a tuxedo and a woman in
    a yellow dress are dancing. Click on it a couple of times tell you are in the
    game. (You'll here jazz music)
    This is how it works. You are the circle eighth note, and you are trying to
    get to the dancers, while avoiding the other notes, which, if they touch you,
    you die. You move with the arrows on the bottom right corner of the screen.
    The middle button is a reset button, which is where you retry the round. Just
    follow the directions I tell you below: (Note, the number in () just mean the
    move number)
    Down        (1)
    Right       (2)
    Right       (3)
    Right       (4)
    Left        (5)
    Down        (6)
    Down        (7)
    Down        (8)
    Down        (9)
    Right      (10)
    Right      (11)
    Up         (12)
    Right      (13)
    Up         (14)
    Right      (15)
    Up         (16)
    Right      (17)
    Up         (18)
    Left       (19)
    Up         (20)
               |                                                         |
               |                         Extras                          |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|EAEGG|~       | |------------------ 
    This isn't exactly an Easter Egg (When HI means Easter Egg... They actually
    mean EASTER EGG... From Easter), but it is cool to do. Call the Library of 
    Congress before you get the number from Eustacia. (1-202-555-5000)
               |                                                         |
               |                         Credits                         |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|CREDS|~       | |------------------ 
                    Jack (Me, Co-Author)            The Main Walkthrough Maker
                    Kate (My Co-Author              The Main Game Player
                    HerInteractive                  Maker of the Game
                    DreamCatcher                    Maker of the Game
                    GameFAQs                        Walkthrough Hoster
                    Gamespot                        Walkthrough Hoster
                    IGN                             Walkthrough Hoster
                    NeoSeeker                       Walkthrough Hoster
                    You                             User of OUR Walkthrough
               |                                                         |
               |                        Contacting                       |
               |                                                         |
               -------------| |         ~|ERULE|~       | |------------------ 
    Kate and I created an e-mail that we will use to receive e-mails from users,
    however, we would like to put these rules in effect about e-mailing us. Please
    read this BEFORE e-mailing us! Not following the rules results as you being 
    marked as Spam, meaning we will never see any mail of yours. NOTE: If you are
    e-mailing about some topic not listed here, use your common sense.
    What you CAN NOT E-Mail us about:
    Negitivity - This means no saying "Your walkthrough was Awful!". An exception
                 to this is if you say how we can improve it. Otherwise, your Spam.
    Swearing   - DO NOT DO THIS! I think you know what Swearing is. No Exceptions.
                 If you do this, you will for sure be marked as Spam.
    Spamming   - Well, you don't talk about this, but this is something we don't
                 want you to do. I Define Spam as "A letter exactly the same that
                 was sent twice". Don't do this. 2 Exceptions to this rule is when
                 (1) You send it by accident 2 times within appx. 2 minutes, and
                 (2) When about 10 Days have passed. I might have not received it,
                 so it is fine to send something again after 10 days. Otherwise, 
                 you will be marked as spam.
    Off Topic - Please only e-mail us about this or any other walkthrough by both
                 of us. Off topic stuff like "Do you like your GameCube?" will be,
                 like everything else, will be marked as spam.
    What you CAN E-mail us about:
    Mistakes   - Grammar, Spelling, anything to make our walkthroughs better, will
                 take it, even if it is tiny.
    Helping us - You can help us that if we made a mistake, or if you know an 
                 easier way of doing things, or if we are missing things, please
                 let us know!
    Admire     - Sure, we will let you tell us your thoughts.
    Questions - Something not answered in here, or is it just not detailed
                 enough? Kate and I will be glad to help you out!
    Permission - Need Permission to post this on your site, or use something in 
                 this walkthrough? Well, do it the smart way by just asking for
                 it, so we don't have to take this to court.
    And now that we got the rules done, let me explain one and the most important
    rule. The Subject. 
    Subject Titles:
    "Permission: The Final Scene" - Use this subject if you are asking for 
                                    permission to use my walkthroughs, or some
                                    parts of the walkthrough. Also, if you do
                                    this, thanks for making us not get a lawyer.
    "Question: The Final Scene"   - Use one or the other subject if you need help
               or                   in the game, or you have a question about the
       "Help: The Final Scene"      game / walkthrough.
    "Mistake: The Final Scene"    - Noticed a grammar or spelling error, or
                                    something that could make our walkthrough
                                    better? Use this subject!
    "The Final Scene"             - Got something else that doesn't fit above, or
                                    are you leaving a comment? Use this subject!
               -------------| |         ~|EMAIL|~       | |------------------ 
    Remember to read the rules just above. Also, I (Jack) will be the one
    answering these e-mails. 
    This concludes the Walkthrough! Again, thanks Kate and myself for taking the
    time to make this, and thanks you for using our walkthrough! We hope you
    enjoyed it, and if you did, keep and eye out for more walkthroughs by us! In
    fact, you can go on my personal walkthrough site and see all of our
    walkthroughs! The website follows below. Chio!

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