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"Pretty fun for kids."

This is obviously a baseball game for kids, by kids (at heart), and most importantly, AS kids. In this game, there are an assortment of kids, hence the "backyard" kids, and there are also 30 kids from a pro team, like Mike Piazza and such.

There isn't much of a story. Actually, there isn't really a story at all. You're a coach and you make a team, try to win the backyard series, bla bla bla. You can talk to some of the kids and listen to their back stories if you want, but those aren't very interesting. That's not the point of the game.

Graphics: 9/10
Hmm. Pretty nice. Everything resembles what it's supposed to be. And it's nice and colorful, too, it's very bright and stuff. Some of the kids actually look like their pro selves. Well, not many, but some do. Of course, they gave Derek Jeter quite large teeth, which is pretty funny to me. But lots of kids have stuff like that on them, too.

Sounds: 10/10
This is where this game can catch you. It's funny. There's a bunch of songs, and each kid has their theme song. The pro kids share some. Most of them fit their personalities. The voices sound good, too. Like Tony Delvecchio, the "gangster" guy, has a pretty convincing Italian accent. He looks it, too.

But the thing that I like most if the humor. The kids are always taunting with immature but funny taunts (We want a batter, not a broken ladder!), and those are funny, until you hear them a lot. And the way the kids talk, too. Like when Achmed the metal head says he's going to "Rock this ball out of the park" and stuff like that, it's funny. Plus, if you hit a ball in a certain place (IE a pool) it makes a splashy sound. Sometimes if you hit it off the screen it makes a sound like smashing glass.

Gameplay: 9/10
It's pretty simple. You can set it to three modes. Easy, Normal, and Hard. In easy mode, all you have to do is click where the ball will end up. You don't have to time it. That's kind of boring, since it's so easy. But still, it's good for kids. I can't really tell the difference between hard and normal mode, but the only difference from easy is that they make errors a lot less frequently, and the enemy team runs faster. Also, you can set it to show where the pitch will actually be, OR where your kid thinks it will be.

There's a lot of ways to get bonuses, too. Some kids get bonuses for doing certain things. Like some pro kids get bonuses when they're on their real team, and the twins get points for being on the same team, Ernie gets points for playing at his house, etc.

One thing that I don't like is that the CPU thinks too much. When they grab the ball, sometimes the kid just stands there for a few seconds before throwing it, like they're thinking about what they should do. It makes it too easy.

This is what I don't like. It's not really that much fun the second time around. It's basically the same thing except your kids have different stats, when you think about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/05

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