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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.4 7/1/04
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    Putt-Putt Travels Through Time Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2004
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Characters
    003.  Walkthrough
      003a.  The Age of Dinosaurs
      003b.  The Old West
      003c.  Medieval Times
      003d.  The Future
    004.  Locations
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Windows game called Putt-Putt
    Travels Through Time.  To contact me, e-mail
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank
    if you do.
    Putt-Putt: The lovable purple car that is the star of the
    game.  He's the one that travels through time.
    Pep: Putt-Putt's best friend, Pep.  Pep is a dog who gets
    lost in time, so Putt-Putt has to find and save Pep, among
    other things.
    Mr. Firebird: A red car that is Putt-Putt's friend.  Mr.
    Firebird is nice, but he has weird accidents that seem to
    send Putt-Putt on an adventure (like the time he got Putt-
    Putt sent to the moon).  Let's hope his "time portal"
    doesn't result in Putt-Putt traveling through time.
    Ms. Brachiosaurus: She is the biggest dinosaur in the
    world, but she doesn't mind moving her tail if its in the
    Wheel: Newly invented, Wheel is in the prehistoric times.
    He'll need Putt-Putt's help to make a bridge.
    Apatosaurus: Also known as a brontosaurus, an apatosaurus
    is a really big dinosaur (think Littlefoot in "The Land
    Before Time").  In this game, Apatosaurus has an itch, and
    needs Putt-Putt to scratch it.
    Pterodactyl: She flies around and takes care of her two
    babies.  She might have confused Pep for a Pterodactyl, so
    Putt-Putt will have to rescue Pep when she's not around,
    because she won't like having Pep stolen.
    Triceratops: This dinosaurs eats, and eats, and does not
    stop, not even if it's standing on a history report.
    T. Rex: T. Rex is the most fearsome dinosaur, but in this
    game he's more of a wuss than a predator.  He spends most
    of his time moving rocks with his tiny little arms.
    Virgil Clyde: He's a singing horse from the old west.  If
    he's trapped in the ghost town, you have to find him.
    Lurleen: She runs the general store in the old west.  She's
    the only character who does not instantly accept the
    explanation that that Putt-Putt is from the "future".
    Toby the Train: Toby's in bad shape, for a train.  He needs
    oil, water, and maybe even wood.  If you help him out,
    he'll make you a junior conductor and give you a nickel and
    give you free rides whenever you want.
    Silverado Sam: A prospector in the old west, Sam is short
    of hearing, and is looking for gold.  I'd be more worried
    about coyotes if I was him.
    Princess Chassis: Princess Chassis is a medieval princess.
    She's the character in this game that is most likely to
    become Putt-Putt's girlfriend.  You can tell she likes him.
    Woodward: Woodward is an eager helper for the blacksmith's
    shop in medieval times.  If he was out of the picture, I'm
    sure that Putt-Putt would become Princess Chassis'
    King Chariot: Princess Chassis' father, King Chariot likes
    to spend his time reading jokes to everyone in the kingdom.
    Sir Blaze: A dragon that stays in the blacksmith's shop in
    medieval times.  He might have Putt-Putt's lunchbox.
    Sir Poundalot: The blacksmith in medieval times.  He's
    supposedly the nicest blacksmith in the business.
    Merlin: The famous magician; Merlin can make gold or use an
    abacus.  Find him in medieval times.
    Miss Electra: A pink, floating car who owns a shop in the
    future, Miss Electra is happy to let Putt-Putt do pretty
    much anything he wants to do.
    Arthur "Art" E. Fact: The owner of the museum in the
    future.  He's kind of snotty, but he's happy to trade any
    of his artifacts with Putt-Putt.
    Darian: The librarian in the future.
    The game starts with a catchy theme song (Putt-Putt travels
    through, Putt-Putt travels through ti-ime).  Then we see
    Putt-Putt getting ready to go to Mr. Firebird's lab.  Putt-
    Putt picks up all the stuff he needs: Pep (his dog), his
    lunchbox, his calculator, and his history report.
    Now you can play the game.  Note how the mouse button
    looks: if it is hollow, you can't do anything; if it is
    full, you can click on an item; if it is big, Putt-Putt
    will travel in that direction if you click there.
    Pick up Putt-Putt's nickel by clicking on it (that should
    come in handy).  Go right down the road to reach Mr.
    Firebird's lab (which apparently was a fireworks factory).
    Mr. Firebird is happy to see you.  Click on Mr. Firebird,
    and he tells you about his latest invention: a time portal.
    It's not supposed to let you travel through time; it's sort
    of like a TV and lets you watch anything that happened at
    any time, past and future.  Cool!
    Mr. Firebird starts up the machine.  It doesn't work
    because he forgot to put in a coin.  Put your nickel into
    the washing machine (click the nickel, then click on the
    washing machine) to start the time portal.
    Oh no!  As you might expect, everything goes wrong once Mr.
    Firebird starts the machine!  I guess that's why he's a Mr.
    and not a Dr.
    Putt-Putt's history report, calculator, lunchbox, and Pep
    get sucked into the time portal.  Bad news!  Unless all
    four of those items are brought to the present, the portal
    cannot be closed!
    Don't worry, Putt-Putt will travel through time and save
    the day!  Enter the time portal, choose a destination, and
    you're off!
    The cool thing about this game is that it is versatile.  It
    changes each time you play.  The four things you're looking
    for will be placed randomly throughout the game.
    003a-The Age of Dinosaurs 
    A dinosaur's tail is blocking the road, so you have to go
    left.  There you'll find the rest of the dinosaur, Ms.
    Brachiosaurus.  You can pick up a circle rock here.  Talk
    to Ms. Brachiosaurus to get her to move her tail.
    Go right to the unblocked trail.  You can get a pentagon
    rock here.
    Go down the road.  You meet Wheel, who is trying to make a
    bridge across tar pits.  Talk to Wheel, and then click on
    the bridge.  Uh oh!  A piece is missing.  You'll need a
    rock shaped like the hole to fill the hole.  Grab either a
    pentagon rock (by the unblocked trail), circle rock (by Ms.
    Brachiosaurus), a triangle rock (in the Old West) or a
    rectangular rock (in Medieval Times) and put it in the hole
    to fix the bridge.
    Now that there's a bridge, you can go down the road, taking
    either the left or right fork.
    The left fork leads to an apatosaurus.  Talk to it to learn
    that it's itchy.  Let's help; drive onto its back.  Drive
    in the directions he indicates until you reach the itchy
    Once you've helped Apatosaurus with his itch, you can drive
    across him to reach the Pterodactyl nest.  If Pep is in the
    nest, get Pep when the mother Pterodactyl is to the right
    (because the mother Pterodactyl doesn't want you to have
    The right fork leads to Wheel's home.  He's making
    "primordial" soup.  Click on the soup to get some.  If
    Wheel lets you keep the bowl, you can trade the bowl for
    your lunchbox in the museum in the future.
    From Wheel's home, you can go down three paths.
    The left path leads you to a super-hungry triceratops.  He
    might be standing on the history report.  If so, use some
    hay from the barn in the old west to distract him.  After
    dropping hay three times, the triceratops moves off of the
    history report.
    The middle path leads to brambles.  If the lunchbox is in
    the brambles, you'll need a suit of armor to get to the
    lunchbox and not get harmed.  Buy the suit of armor from
    the blacksmith in medieval times with a nickel, which you
    get from Toby the Train in the old west.
    Also in the brambles, you can go to the bird to play a
    "repeat the order in which the volcanoes erupt" minigame.
    The right path leads to T. Rex.  T. Rex has a rock-moving
    minigame.  There is a picture on the rocks, but it is
    scrambled.  Choose the pieces in the correct order, and T.
    Rex moves them for you (he moves the selected piece into
    the empty space).  You can make ten different pictures.
    The calculator can be here.  If it is, have T. Rex move the
    rocks to build a "ramp" leading to the calculator so Putt-
    Putt can get it.
    003b-The Old West
    Wowie zowie!  It's the old west!  Tire Flats, to be exact.
    A triangular rock is here, which might be needed for
    Wheel's bridge in the past.  Go down the road into town.
    In town, you can go to the barn, general store, or train
    station.  The barn is home to Virgil Clyde, everyone's
    favorite singing horse.  Have him sing you a song or two.
    You can get rope (used to help Toby) and/or hay (which you
    can use to distract the triceratops in the age of the
    dinosaurs) in the barn.
    The general store belongs to Lurleen.  She's friendly
    enough.  She can sell you a newspaper, which you can trade
    for your history report in the museum in the future.  The
    newspaper costs a nickel, which you can earn by helping
    Toby in the train station.
    The general store might also have your history report.  If
    so, it is being used as a sign.  The sign says that Virgil
    Clyde is lost in ghost town!  Oh no!  You'll have to save
    Virgil Clyde, so Lurleen won't need the history report
    anymore, which means you can have it.
    The train station has Toby.  Grab his oil can and oil his
    wheels for a nickel.  You can use the nickel to buy a suit
    of armor in medieval times (to get the lunchbox if it is
    stuck in the brambles in the age of the dinosaurs), or you
    can use it to buy a newspaper in the general store (which
    can be traded for your history report in the museum in the
    future).  The nickel can also buy some candy in the general
    store if you don't need the newspaper or the suit of armor.
    Now Toby needs one more thing to get going around the
    tracks.  If he needs water, use the rope from the barn on
    the water spigot.  If he needs wood, use the wood from the
    blacksmith's shop in medieval times.
    Once you help Toby, he can ride you around the tracks and
    take you to Gold River, Desert, Hubcap Hill (AKA Ghost
    Town), or Rock Mine.
    Gold River has a prospector, Silverado Sam, who can't hear
    well.  Talk to Silverado Sam.  Silverado Sam might be using
    your lunchbox to pan for gold with.  If so, you'll need to
    use Merlin's alchemy machine (in medieval times) to get
    some gold.  Then, use the gold to distract Silverado Sam.
    He'll run off with the gold, forgetting the lunchbox.  Pick
    up the lunchbox when he does.
    Alternately, Silverado Sam could find keys.  Take the keys.
    They unlock the chest in the ghost town, which is good
    because your calculator is in the chest.
    The desert has animal tracks.  You can follow the any of
    the tracks to find the animal that made them.  Sometimes,
    Pep is lost in the desert, so follow his tracks to find
    him.  Escape the desert by pressing the yellow arrow in the
    Hubcap Hill is the ghost town.  A rat might have your
    calculator on the roof.  Click on the rat, and it will,
    agreeably, try to toss down the calculator.  Oh no!  It
    falls, and the calculator gets lost in a chest!  Use the
    keys that Silverado Sam finds (in Gold River) to open the
    chest.  Choose the key that is shaped like the lock, then
    reach in to get the calculator.
    Virgil Clyde might be trapped in the ghost town.  If so,
    use the wire clippers (found in the rock mine) to free him.
    Once Virgil Clyde is free, you can get your history report
    (which was used as a "Virgil Clyde is Missing" sign) from
    Lurleen in the general store.
    Rock Mine is an abandoned mine.  You can get wire clippers
    here, which lets you free Virgil Clyde (see preceding
    paragraph).  You can also find rocks here, as Merlin (in
    medieval times) needs a certain kind of rock to use in his
    alchemy machine to make the gold you need to distract
    Silverado Sam with.
    003c-Medieval Times
    A rectangular rock is here (which can be used to fix the
    hole in Wheel's bridge in the age of the dinosaurs).  Go
    down the road where the Princess Chassis (could she become
    Putt-Putt's girlfriend?) is trying to fix up a broken wheel
    on her friend Woodward (darn, so much for the girlfriend
    Talk to them to learn what happened; Chassis and Woodward
    were going to the castle when Woodward broke his wheel.
    Talk to them again to help fix Woodward.  Woodward's off to
    the blacksmith, and Chassis is off to have storytime with
    her father, King Chariot.
    Go down to the castle.  Hey, we can't get inside!  Use the
    oil can (found in the train station in the old west) to fix
    the rusted gate.  Then you can go into the castle.
    In the castle, you can go down one of four roads (or listen
    to one of the many songs the minstrel player sings).  From
    left to right, the roads lead to the blacksmith's shop, the
    wall, the King's Chambers, and Merlin's Place.
    The blacksmith's shop is run by Sir Poundalot.  He can sell
    you armor for a nickel.  The nickel is earned by helping
    Toby in the old west; the armor is used to get the lunchbox
    out of the brambles in the age of the dinosaurs.
    The dragon in the blacksmith's shop, Sir Blaze, might have
    Putt-Putt's lunchbox.  If so, you'll have to give Sir Blaze
    dragon food (gotten in the pet shop in the future) to trade
    for the lunchbox.
    You can also get wood here, which can be used to help Toby
    in the old west.
    At the wall, you can play a minigame.  You must set off
    balloons at strategic points to they hit the crows at the
    top of the wall.  It's a pretty good game.
    The wall might have Pep on it.  Since Pep is so high up,
    you'll have to use the balloon machine (from Miss Electra's
    shop in the future) to save him.
    In the King's Chambers: King Chariot is reading to the
    people here.  If he has Putt-Putt's history report, he's
    reading that to everyone.  Get a book from the library in
    the future to trade with so you can get the history report
    If he's not reading the history report, he's reading a joke
    book, and will tell good jokes like these:
    Why do bats fly at night?
    Because they are afraid to drive.
    When is a piece of wood just like a king?
    When it is a ruler.
    Who writes nursery rhymes and squeezes oranges?
    Mother juice.
    Why should you never tell a secret to a clock?
    Because time will tell.
    Why was the dragon sitting on the marshmallow?
    So he would not fall into the hot chocolate.
    Why did the queen put roller skates on her rocking chair?
    So she could rock and roll.
    What's black and white and red on the bottom?
    A zebra with a diaper rash.
    Merlin's Place has Merlin inside.  Merlin has an abacus (an
    old mathematical device), which you can trade for your
    calculator in the museum in the future.  To get the abacus,
    you have to get a package for Merlin (the package is by the
    drawbridge), and Merlin gives you the abacus in gratitude.
    If Merlin has your calculator, he'll trade it for a battery
    to work his machine.  Get the battery from Miss Electra's
    shop in the future.
    If you need gold (to distract Silverado Sam in the old west
    so you can get your lunchbox), talk to Merlin, as he has an
    alchemy machine.  All you need to do is get a specific kind
    of rock (found in rock mine in the old west) and Merlin is
    happy to make you some gold.
    003d-The Future
    Press the big red button to make the auto-mover move the
    other way, then go down the auto-mover to the main plaza.
    There are five places you can go to in the future.  From
    left to right, they are Miss Electra's shop, the
    transporters, the museum, the library, and the pet shop.
    Miss Electra's shop has a lot to do.  You can use the
    Paint-o-rama 2000.  To do so, pick a color, press the big
    green button, and Putt-Putt will turn that color.
    You can also use the battery machine to make batteries.
    Choose the correct number of volts (you may have to add; a
    10 volt battery needs a 4 volt, and then a 6 volt to make
    10 altogether) to make the battery.  Use this machine to
    make a battery if Merlin (in medieval times) needs one.
    If Pep is on the wall in medieval times, get the balloon
    maker here (it's free balloon maker day!) and use that to
    save Pep.
    The transporters lead to a minigame, which is a 3D game in
    which you use a paddleball to reveal a picture.  Pretty
    cool.  The transporters might also have Pep in them.
    To get across the transporters, you need to press the
    buttons, in alternating colors (red, then yellow, then red,
    then yellow, etc.).  Alternately, hold shift while pressing
    a button to get to the end of the transporters.  Pressing a
    wrong button takes you back to the entrance.
    The museum is run by Arthur "Art" E. Fact.  He has three
    artifacts encased in glass: an ancient food container, an
    ancient paper, and an ancient mathematical device.
    If the ancient food container is your lunchbox, you need
    to find a different ancient food container.  Get a bowl of
    soup from Wheel (in the age of the dinosaurs) and trade the
    empty bowl for the lunchbox.
    If the ancient paper is your history report, you need to
    find a different ancient paper.  Buy a newspaper from the
    general store in the old west (do this with a nickel,
    earned in the train station in the old west) and trade it
    for your history report.
    If the ancient mathematical device is your calculator, you
    need to find a different ancient mathematical device.  Get
    an abacus from Merlin (in medieval times) and trade it for
    your history report.
    In the library, there are no books, because all of the
    books are digitalized (way to go Project Gutenberg!).
    Darian the Librarian is there to print out a copy of any
    book that you may want.  Among the books available are
    Gone with the Windshield, Moby Pickup, and A Tailgate of
    Two Cities.
    A minigame is here; you can make silly stories.  You take a
    story, and you can replace four words in the story with
    four new words, thus making the story silly.  You can trade
    a silly story for your history report to King Chariot in
    medieval times
    The pet shop has a pet food maker.  Press the three buttons
    until you get a picture of the kind of animal you want,
    then press the make food button to get the food for that
    animal.  You can get food for ducks, bears, lions, dragons,
    black cats, monkeys, penguins, and turtles.
    Get dragon food here so you can give it to Sir Blaze (the
    dragon in medieval times) so he will give you your
    It can be hard finding all of the missing items, due to all
    the cross references I made, so here's a helpful section
    that says where everything can be found.
    Pep is in the pterodactyl nest in the age of the dinosaurs.
    Pep is in the desert in the old west.
    Pep is on the wall in medieval times. 
    Pep is in the transporters in the future.
    It is trapped in brambles in the age of the dinosaurs.
    Silverado Sam is panning for gold with it in the old west.
    Sir Blaze has it in medieval times.
    It is in the museum in the future.
    It is in the rock area in the age of the dinosaurs.
    It is in the ghost town in the old west.
    It is being used by Merlin in medieval times.
    It is in the museum in the future.
    History Report:
    It's under the triceratops in the age of the dinosaurs.
    It's a sign in the general store in the old west.
    King Chariot is reading it in medieval times.
    It is in the museum in the future.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2004.  This game
    is copyright of Humongous Entertainment, 1997.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
    (instructions under general information)

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