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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Orlanth

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    Version 1.01 (10/25/2003)
    This is my attempt at a partial walkthrough for Floor 13; listing each of the
    scenarios I've encountered along with the solution I used. I haven't finished
    the game and I almost certainly haven't found the best answer for all the
    scenarios I've listed. I won't be updating this FAQ, so if you have anything
    at all to contribute, definitely please feel free to add to, edit, or complete
    the walkthrough in any way you see fit. This walkthrough is in the public
    domain, can be posted anywhere, and will self destruct after five seconds.
    The most updated version can be found on gamefaqs.com.
    Version 1.02 (updated 6/21/2004)
    Added comments, solutions, and new scenarios by Teemu, Xayde, and Raunch
    Hands. Keep it comin and the Eye of Thoth is surely ours!
    -- Orlanth (spampit@lycos.com)
    General Tips
    Put pursuit and surveillance teams on virtually everyone, and attempt at least
    a discreet search of almost every home and location. When interrogating, use
    Procedures One or Two as long as the suspect is "still healthy", otherwise use
    Procedure Zero. There are two ways you can lose: being dismissed by the P.M.
    if the government's approval rating falls below 50% on an election day, or
    getting "flying lessons" from Mr. Garcia if you are involved in too many
    suspicious acts at one time (kidnappings, removals, assaults, and ransack-
    level searches, especially involving high-profile individuals). If your
    approval rating is high and the P.M. is warning you to keep a low profile,
    consider letting a mission or two slide while things quiet down. Keep an eye
    out for prominent groups and individuals which oppose the govenment, and smear
    and discredit them even when this is not necessary for the mission; this will
    generate quick political capital and please the P.M. (though they never do
    seem to come through with that knighthood..)
    Regular Scenarios
    The Santiago Suicide
    A noted defence journalist is found hanged in his hotel room. A relative later
    claims he was murdered to suppress his knowledge of dealings between MI5 and
    Iraqi intelligence, and is seen to make contact with the Mossad.
    Ransack the dead journalist's hotel room to remove evidence of the Iraqi plot.
    Discredit the relative and the agent, who hold anti-government views.
    Blackfriar's Bridge
    Rear Admiral Sir _____ is found hanging from Blackfriar's Bridge.
    Search the dead admiral's home to find a note with the name of a contact, who
    is also deceased. Search this man's house and discover an unidentified
    headless corpse. A search of the bridge reveals the engraved letters "P2".
    Wonder what that means.. Actually you don't appear to need to do anything at
    Raunch Hands writes: Maybe i can help you with the trivia for that one. the
    plot seems to be inspired by the "suicide" of Italian banker G.Calvi, found
    hanging from the Black Monks' Bridge in London in the early '80s. he was
    implied in a massive money laundry scandal which involved, among the others,
    various international banks (some of which went bankrupt in the process), the
    Mafia, the Vatican, the CIA, and an Italian illuminati group called, you
    guessed it, P2, whose objective was to silenty monopolize democratic life in
    Italy through total media control and other such methods. (and yes, current
    italian media mogul / Prime Minister S. Berlusconi was a P2 member. Creepy
    The Aluminium Metoxide
    Traces of a noxious chemical are discovered in the municipal water supply,
    causing a Greenpeace activist to criticize the government health spokesman.
    Discredit Greenpeace and the activist, and ransack her home to seize the
    evidence. Surveillance of the activist reveals her communication with an
    "environmental consultant" employed by the Disciples of Pramod. Keep a watch
    on the consultant and tail the spaced-out hippies who come to see him. If you
    discover the location of their laboratory in time, ransack it to remove the
    source of the contaminant.
    The Peace Dividend
    A retired General doesn't seem too thrilled about defence budget cutbacks..
    Surveillance of the General reveals he is involved in a plot to make the
    nation appear vulnerable, and the conspirators will meet shortly at Bignall
    Air Base.
    Unknown. Assaulting Bignall at the time of the meeting may kill the General
    and prevent him revealing the plan, but this apparently still doesn't prevent
    fake Soviet jets from strafing a Nottingham suburb.
    The President's Son
    A complex and difficult scenario. The US President's son is attending
    Cambridge, bizarre precautions requested by the Secret Service are about to
    force the security officer to resign, and the presidential kid is being
    targeted for abduction by the German Red Army Faction.
    Ransack the officer's house to secure the resignation letter, and immediately
    kidnap the European terrorist before he's caught in a drug bust. Interrogate
    him until he reveals his contact, then tail the contact to an abandoned
    warehouse and ransack it to abort the plot. I think the guy hiding the kilo of
    cocaine is a red herring.
    The South African Shipment
    Boerclay's Bank (ha ha) is involved with the South African arms trade.
    Surveillance of the arms dealer reveals the shipment will soon be left at a
    local dock. Ransack the docks shortly after it arrives.
    The Tie Rack
    A government supporter owns an international chain of tie shops implicated in
    a Columbian drug smuggling ring. Searching the shop reveals an invoice for
    some suspicious pharmaceutically-named neckwear.
    Ransack the shop on the date of the invoice (I think?)
    The Nuclear Train
    An opposition councillor objects to the "nuclear train" passing through his
    Unknown. The councillor can be discredited, but the government will still
    eventually drop its case against him.
    The Vivisectionist
    A university professor is criticized by an animal rights group; he later
    admits to torturing ferrets and blames the government funding system.
    Immediately infiltrate the animal activist group; you'll discover the
    professor is actually a member. If the infiltration goes deep enough, the
    group will be neutralized and drop their allegations.
    The ICCB Affair
    The Columbians are embezzling millions from ICCB and several people close to
    the government have gotten involved.
    Ransack the suspect's home to remove evidence of fraud, then keep him under
    surveillance. Find the time and place of his meeting and send in an assault
    team 15 minutes later.
    The Food Mixer
    A prototype "food mixer" has been stolen from an advanced defense laboratory
    several weeks before an important by-election.
    Follow the supiciously lax security officer until he meets with a contact.
    Monitoring this contact reveals that the food mixer emits mind-altering rays
    and will be used by the Blue Nun to interfere with the election. The contact
    will meet with another operative; follow this man to a local garage and
    ransack it to recover the "mixer".
    The Loony Lawmaker
    An eccentric local councillor defects to the governing party but soon becomes
    a severe embarassment.
    I think she needs to be abducted or removed.
    El Sendero Luminoso
    The Shining Path has embarked on a massive wave of terrorism targeted at the
    interests of several South American countries.
    Infiltrate with a very large number of agents to neutralize the group -- you
    often can't do this in time to prevent some very damaging attacks.
    The William of Orange Figurine
    The police are ordered to protect a prominent Unionist on an IRA hit list.
    Phone tap reveals his continuing involvement in assassinations of IRA leaders.
    He must be abducted ASAP to prevent a series of embarrassing deaths.
    The Holiday Homes
    The Sons of Glendowr target holiday residences in Wales while a Welsh
    nationalist MP denounces the government.
    Immediately smear the MP to reduce the impacts of his attacks. Attempt to
    infiltrate and discredit the Sons of Glendowr.
    The Missing Royal
    The Sons of Glendowr have kidnapped Prince Harry! You have two weeks.
    Often this can't be done in time. Quickly infiltrate the Sons to find which of
    the three suspects is involved (generally the "known government supporter"),
    interrogate this person to locate the kidnapper, then question the kidnapper
    to recover the Prince.
    The War Crimes Tribunal
    A new war crimes bill is about to pass the House of Lords but is opposed by an
    influential MP.
    Surveillance of the opposing MP reveals his neo-fascist group is about to meet
    at the Bunker Club; target this meeting with a heavy assault team, delaying by
    15 minutes to ensure all the members have arrived.
    The Corn Cirles
    A professional hoaxer admits his involvement in the recent rash of crop
    circles, and mocks the credulity of the media. He soon vanishes abruptly.
    Ransack his flat and remove the immense, glowing pyramid found there.
    Actually, this doesn't appear to be necessary.
    The Duke and the Docks
    Apparently the Duke of Avon is committing a series of grisly and
    politically costly murders; yet he's far too prominent to abduct or
    assassinate. Search of the docks yields a champagne cork. Hmm?
    Teemu writes :
    Duke of Avon is "The Docks Ripper". Probably the most frustrating scenario in
    its simplicity: the only solution is still to "remove" him. Try this:
    1. Save the game (press 'S') when the scenario activates
    2. Order Duke of Avon to be terminated within 10 days.
    3. If you got lucky, his death was taken as an accident, "tributes are already
    flooding in". If not, restart the game (press 'S').
    As I said, anyone in the game can be terminated without Mr. Garcia's
    interference, it just takes luck.
    The Personal Problem
    A member of government wants to resign due to unspecified "personal problems".
    Watch and follow him to discover he has put a "hit" out on his mistress.
    Immediately kidnap her and ransack her home for their love letters.
    The Naughty Novelist
    A writer of obscene literature is criticized by the public prosecutor. Search
    of the writer's home reveals a message from the Illuminati, who plan to
    publicize the prosecutor's "nocturnal habits".
    Indeed the prosecutor makes frequent trips to King's Cross station, and
    embarrassment apparently can't be avoided without his abduction or removal.
    The Prurient Playwright
    A writer of slightly less obscene plays is targeted by a prudish government
    Ransack the writer's home to remove evidence of the censor's complaints.
    The Satanic Scribbler
    A subversive (but non-obscene) novelist pens a manuscript that apparently
    describes a member of the establishment.
    You don't appear to need to do anything.
    The Win Chen
    A local Chinese restaurant is a center of violent activity by the Tongs.
    Search the restaurant to find an invoice with the name of their "supplier".
    Put him under surveillance until he's asked to make an arms delivery, then
    ransack the restaurant to seize the weapons.
    The Witch Trial
    A suspected Satanist on trial is surprisingly exonerated by the presiding
    judge. Wiretapping the judge reveals an intrepid reporter is investigating the
    Unknown. By following the judge and reporter, we see them each visit the
    Church of Old St. Nicholas; ransacking the church removes the corpse hidden
    there but not before it's seen by the reporter. The reporter can be
    discredited but this doesn't seem to affect her story, and she's a bit too
    prominent to be "removed"..
    Xayde writes: Well, this was the only thing that worked for me:
    A quick and dirty assault (late at night) on the journalist will abort the
    scenario at no publicity cost, but Mr. Garcia will not be amused..
    The North Sea Papers
    A civil servant's report highlights critically low North Sea reserves, causing
    rising oil prices and criticism of the Secretary for Energy.
    Searches reveal both men have apparently been paid off by the chairman of an
    oil firm, but a phone call to the Secretary's home later suggests he was
    framed. Discredit the civil servant and he will admit to the fraud.
    The Voyage of the Maggy
    The professor in charge of an impressive manned spaceflight project is
    reluctant about covering up the fact that it's really all a fraud..
    He must be abducted or otherwise "removed".
    By Teemu:
    The Canine Controversy
    A 60-year-old jogger has been attacked by a pit bull terrier and a member of
    Vigilante Inc. swears revenge on all dog owners. However, a search on his home
    reveals a document, that proves their real targets are actually two left wing
    party workers who walk their dogs. Removing the Vigilante member will prevent
    the attack, but the attack will on the other hand cause only minor political
    The Leaked Document
    An unfinished think tank document has been leaked (the document describes
    Britain being run like the KGB). Follow the suspected leak, and he'll lead you
    to a popular opposition MP. Ransack the MP's home to get the document. This
    will embarrass the MP and bring good news.
    The Problematic Playwright
    Playwright researches if the Britons are being covertly controlled like South
    American police states do. Search on his home reveals a play "The secret
    police". It seems smearing the writer is enough, the play will be performed
    Outgoing Minister of Defence
    Minister of Defence resigns. The outgoing minister didn't agree to buy
    strategic nuclear weapons from a defence contractor of Zell Industries.
    Incoming minister is actually a majority share holder of Zell. I believe you
    have to ransack Zell to retrieve the stock certificates, and possibly remove
    the incoming minister.
    Operation vs. INLA
    Two SAS gunmen have ambushed INLA members causing bad press. Next, a civil
    servant is mentioned as a possible republican target. He is actually a head of
    an operation to shoot Irish terrorists. Abduct or remove him ASAP. A heavy
    assault is the quickest way, and will prevent even their first strike.
    Covert Chemical Plant
    Shining Path threats to attack a chemical laboratory, which officially doesn't
    exist. A professor compiles a list of suspected inside agents. Do a discreet
    search on his home to get the names. Infiltrate Shining Path to learn the name
    of the agent. Abduct the agent and interrogate him to find out his contact.
    His home has a collection of grenades. I didn't have enough time to stop the
    operation however.
    By Xayde:
    The Instrument of God:
    A loony police official thinks of himself as the Chief of the God Squad. Later
    he is seen entering an Evangelist church and visiting a preacher. Finally, the
    chief will reveal his controversial ideas at a public hall, which will result
    in a "major" scandal.
    Ransacking/searching the preacher will show an diary entry for the meeting,
    but this action will always come too late. Ransacking/searching the chief will
    also not prevent his revelations. Assaulting him will show results, but this
    will lead to a "mounting" incident. And Mr. Garcia might not like this
    Teemu writes : You can get away with any removal with a bit of luck. If the
    report says "tributes are already flooding in", you got lucky: no political
    damage and minimal suspiciousness. This applies to the 'God squad' scenario as
    Anti-Parking Guy:
    Smear him. Nothing else to do here.
    Security Leak in Think Tank:
    Someone has leaked some classified information from a government think tank.
    Following the leak leads to an opposition MP. Ransack his house and smear him
    before his deranged KGB accusations will be taken seriously.
    Coup in Nigeria:
    After bloody coup in Nigeria an intercepted voice transcript points to a
    hostage situation at the British Nigerian embassy. Ransack the place as soon
    as possible, or else the SAS will resolve the situation (bad press).
    Albanian Trouble:
    There is a Albanian troublemaker. Later there is an incident that points to an
    "Albanian World Domination" terrorist group. The prominent troublemaker is not
    connected to them, though (I think). Probably the only thing to do is smearing
    the terrorist group and trying to infiltrate them with all you have. Very
    damaging scenario...
    Teemu adds: You can benefit from the scenario by eliminating the troublemaker.
    This will give good press later on, as a 1000-page book of his will remain
    unfinished, saving a lot of forest.
    The Classified Chemical Research Laboratory:
    A secret governmen lab is under a threat by terrorists, who are about to draw
    attention to it. First search the directors house, this results in two
    suspects. Both are terrorists(Shining Path and Eco Guerrillas!), abduct and
    interrogate them hard. The Shining Path member reveals another terrorist
    contact. The other one blames the director to be a fellow Eco Guerrilla (I
    guess this is false). Smear the terrorist groups and assassinate or abduct the
    Shining Path contact to prevent a terrorist attack on the lab.
    Popular Opposition MP:
    A popular MP is embarrassing the government. He has a civil servant friend and
    a friend who is executive of Mega Corp. At the CEOs house a note can be found
    ("thanks for info"). Later there is a contact to a government researcher who
    has written a report about radioactivity and sheep(hot stuff!). Best to smear
    the MPs organisation and him to lessen his accusations.
    Hinkley Point:
    Former German terrorist meets with other former terrorist. Searches reveal
    their interest in a nuclear power plant (Hinkley Point). At least one of the
    Germans is still active in the Red Army Faction. You have to abduct and
    interrogate the second terrorist to prevent the attack on Hinkley Point
    Protocols of the Secret Masters of Thoth
    The Pod People
    The Masters direct you to curb the growing influence of the Body Snatchers.
    Soon after, a high official in military intelligence is replaced by a relative
    unknown with a bizarre psychiatric history (yep he's the Pod Person).
    Follow the General until he visits Hyde Park, search it to find the Pod he has
    hidden there, then immediately abduct him.
    The Pod People, Part II
    A local industrialist suddenly shuts down his automobile plant and shows other
    signs of irrational and paranoid behavior.
    Yes the Pods have him as well. Tail him to the factory, which you'll find he's
    converting to Pod production, then have him abducted. Discredit the union
    leader before he makes trouble.
    The Home Secretary
    There are three candidates for this vacant post. The Secret Master must be the
    one selected.
    Immediately slander the Minister Without Portfolio as he is not a government
    supporter. The right-wing Minister for Education is more difficult. Keep her
    under surveillance and you'll find she's planning to stage the release of a
    serial killer for some extra "tough on crime" appeal. You can't stop the
    jailbreak but can immediately remove the criminal after it occurs, foiling her
    The Assassin's Bullet
    The Masters require that you protect one of their number from assassination.
    The Secret Master in question publicly denounces a local crime boss, earning
    his severe displeasure.
    The accused criminal must be abducted or killed.
    The Church of the Subgenius
    The Masters want to shield the Church of the Subgenius from prosecution. They
    appear to be involved in a complex murder/inheritance scheme.
    Unknown. I abducted the man who had recently willed all his money to the
    Church, but this didn't seem to do it.
    The Hypocritical Forces
    One of the Secret Masters is targeted by the morality police for frequent
    nighttime "trips" to Kings Cross Station.
    Solution by Teemu: Eliminate all members of The Moral Righteous, and Sports
    Minister's nocturnal visitations to King's Cross won't be exposed. (I'm not
    sure how many The Moral Righteous were, I think two).
    The Graphic Arts School
    The Masters ask you to curb the growing power of the Bavarian Illuminati.
    Follow the small-time crook and kidnap the forger he leads you to. Interrogate
    him to find a connection to the "graphic arts" philanthropist. Abduct him and
    infiltrate the Illuminati.

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