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Reviewed: 03/29/03 | Updated: 03/29/03

A great game for free!

Introduction beginning overall paragraph: I'd say this game is pretty good. you play as a barney, but a special barney. This mod is almost as good as OppF!

Gameplay: Not much to say here, the usual HL type of gameplay. Shoot some bad guys, solve some puzzles, shoot some more bad guys, etc. I have gotten pretty far in the game, but I haven't beaten it yet. The hardest puzzle so far? I had to get into a vent, but I couldn't find it. not really a puzzle, but I have trouble with those things. Not too hard. There are plenty of little easter eggs, too. some require cheats, usually the 'noclip' code, and some are if you just look hard enough you will spot them. I think gameplay is great, for a mod. 10/10

graphics: It's the usual HL-type graphics. Some new skins, ex. a gun that is very similar to the SMG/GL. I have yet to get Blue Shift, so I'm not sure how well it looks with the HiDef pak is on. 9/10

sound: It uses the same FX from HL, but the music is from OppF. They are all pretty nice, some guns sound very realistic, while the GL on the SMG could sound better. Sometimes, the music is loud and obnoxious, and comes in at the wrong time. ie. I have to listen to what a scientist says, but the music is blaring, so I miss a whole line of important info. 8/10

storyline: You follow the trials of Just Barney. The storyline so far has been pretty interesting, including some spots that you may notice from HL, and OppF. I'm trying my hardest not to include any spoilers here, so I can't get too detailed. From what I've learned, Barney was planning to get out after the incident takes place, and then the love of his life becomes the Damsel In Distress. It's more of a search and rescue mission than a get the heck out of here mission. I'm fine with it. THe storyline is great, especially since it crosses with OppF and HL. 9/10

Learning Curve: If you've veer played any HL game, EVER, you can learn this instantly. For the newbies, try going for a walk. the only problem with going for a walk is that you must walk around the first, upper-most section of Black Mesa complex and find the training facility. It's the same as HL, but the hologram is blue. Very easy to learn how to play. Even if you have 1 hr. of exp with a FPS game, you could learn this easily. 9/10, easy curve, 30 min. learn time.

Overall: This game is fun and easy to play. It is one of the fun mods out there. since its free, just go out and DL it. don't know of any sites? I suggest getting a profile from fileplanet. ( The only thing I don't like to a small extend is the sound, I can't stand the BGM sometimes. I'd suggest this game to everyone who liked HL. 9/10

BUY or RENT: I feel sorry for you if you buy it. go DL it from some place where you can DL mods and stuff. Like i said before, is a good place for getting stuff of that nature. now go play it, and enjoy the fun!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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